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10 July 2014
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October 2002
Nottingham lingo : your suggestions
Charming Nottinghamshire couple
A charming Nottinghamshire couple

It's been so popular that with your help we've done some more.

Guide to Nottingham lingo:

Part one : The guide

Part two : Your suggestions

Part three : More lingo


This is my city : language of Nottingham

Accents and dialogue

Ye Olde English Sayings

The Dialectizer

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.


John Beeton has labelled the local language as 'Nottinghamese'.

John Beeton believes Nottinghamese is a complete language, containing many unique words, it also observes a strict grammatical pattern.
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It's been so popular that we have added another page. Let us know below what we should include in our phrase book:

NottinghamEnglishSent in by...
It reight me duck offI was bitterly disappointed by itNigel Simmons
Ahmoff omnawI've decided to go home nowNigel Simmons
GheeowerExhortation to desistNigel Simmons
Letseysum snapShall we go for something to eat? Nigel Simmons
Ismissus isanosHis wife is a nurseNigel Simmons
Ahveot messenI seem to have injured myself. Nigel Simmons
Izzit brokIs this thing broken? Nigel Simmons
E waint wokHe is reluctant to undertake any form of gainful employmentNigel Simmons
Gerron we it then!
Please proceed with your activity!
J. Farrel, Nottingham
Ha ya harking?Are you listening?Tom Brookes, Nottingham
Gerrup on kawsi or ahll bat yer tab!Please step up on to the pavement or I'll have to repremand you by striking you on the side of your head!Steve,Raleigh, North Carolina
Aya gorrah weya?Is your wife/girlfriend accompanying you tonight?Steve, Raleigh, North Carolina
Iv ot me sen                                I seem to be in some discomfortScott Birch-Horn, Nottingham
Owdyertite!Instructions from bus conductor  Hold on tight. Dave Stimpson, Vancouver Island, Canada
Mardy arse!Miserable personDave Stimpson, Vancouver Island, Canada
Its koad aat, well cover it up then!No translation needed...Dave Stimpson, Vancouver Island, Canada
Iffiwacummin iddabinair banahIf he was planning to be present he would have been here by nowDave Wood, Spain
Tintintin It isn't in the tinDave Wood, Spain
Ilbatyertabole I will smack your at the side of the earIrene Griffis Leesburg Ga, USA
Wasamater?What is wrong?Irene Griffis Leesburg Ga, USA
Yermukyboger You are dirtyIrene Griffis Leesburg Ga, USA
Purasokinit Shut up/close mouthIrene Griffis Leesburg Ga, USA
Yer sucky boggerYou are being rather daftPhil Davis, Nottingham, UK
Didjagodarn? Did you go to the Forest match?John Bamber, Australia
Ennyonya-ennyonya?Does anyone have a cigarette?Robert Morley, Ottawa, Canada
TarathenGoodbyeTom Brookes, Nottingham.
Towdya towdya enybody ot ya? Told you to hold on tightly, has ayone sustained an injury?Derek Beeston, Nottingham
GEROFFONIT! Leave it alone!Tom Brookes, Nottingham
Yowl koppittYou will get into troubleJohn Mugridge 
Its black ovver Bill's MuthuzIt looks like rainJohn Mugridge 
Am gooin wi missenI'm going aloneJohn Mugridge
Gerrofmeshed yermankygitNext-door's cat's eyeing up me pigeonsHowling whippet

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