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24 July 2014
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Eight Legged Freaks

Eight Legged Freaks
Film in a "B" movie style of the 1950s where toxic waste causes spiders to grow to giant size - and eat humans.

Men In Black II

Men In Black II
Agents J and K return to rid the earth of yet more aliens intent on destoying our lovely planet.


Austin Powers in Goldmember
More of the same as Austin returns for the third time and a trip to the 70s to rescue dad Michael Caine.

Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile Hunter - Collision Course
Steve Irwin comes to the big screen in a film which is closer to his Animal Planet programme than Crocodile Dundee.

other movies

Stuart Little 2
The adopted mouse Stuart Little returns, and this time he's got a few growing pains, typical teenager.

Jason X
The Friday the 13th series comes back again to haunt us, but this time it's not that bad, but it's still scary.

The cartoon hero makes it to the big screen in computer generated form. Not great but enough laughs for the kids.

Resident Evil
Movie based on the computer game in which lots of zombies are shot, then shot again, then shot again.

Bad Company
Run of the mill thriller/comedy in which Chris Rock tries to stop a nuclear bomb falling into the wrong hands.

Minority Report
Steven Spielberg proves once again that he's the movie master, with this excellent sci-fi thriller.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
From the producers of Shrek but nothing like that film. For a start, the horses don't talk, just neigh.

Murder By Numbers
Sandra Bullock dispenses with the dizzy beauty roles and plays a hard nosed detective with a dark past.

Birthday Girl
Nicole Kidman fails to capitalise on her recent success in a film which doesn't know if it's a comedy or thriller.

Disappointing remake of the James Caan 1975 original. Plenty of fast editing, not enough cohesive plot.

Big Fat Liar
Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz must fight to stop his story idea being stolen by a nasty film producer.

The Musketeer
Familiar story using every cliché in the book, especially the villains. Somehow it all works. Top fight sequences.

Killing Me Softly
A disaster movie - the disaster being it was made in the first place. Fine if you want to see naked bums.

Keanu Reeves takes charge of a group of young baseball players but tragedy is just around the corner.

Whilst on a field trip the school geek gets bitten by a genetically modified spider. Comic caper comes good.

Monster's Ball
Brilliant performances and plot in a near faultless film which deserves all the accolades heaped upon it.

Tedious film in which Richard Gere discovers his wife is having an affair with a Frenchman.

Three women meet every week to discuss who has the saddest life - then one gets a toy-boy boyfriend.

The Time Machine
Insipid remake with little soul, good special effects and monsters which veer from scary to Dr Who rejects.

Snow Dogs

Disney delivers family film that fails to even make you smile (except the dogs - and only mechanically).

Forty Days and Forty Nights
Josh Hartnett takes a vow of celibacy after being dumped, only to fall in love again almost immediately.

Hart's War
An understated Bruce Willis in a Prisoner of War film with a racial twist which almost comes off.

A one-joke film about the art of letting off wind / trumping / farting which somehow manages to hold your attention.

Star Wars: Episode II
George Lucas makes up for the Phantom Menace, and returns with the excellent 'Attack of the Clones'.

Dog Soldiers
Cracking re-telling of the werewolf tale as a bunch of squaddies fall victim to the monsters in the Scottish Highlands.

Teen comedy which doesn't quite deliver what it could have. Slushy romance spoils a promising start.

Waking Life
I don't think so. You'll be hard pressed to keep your eyes open in this dreadful film investigating what a dream is.

Panic Room
A classic edge of the seat rollercoaster headed by Jodie Foster. Don't panic, you won't be disappointed.


De Niro and Murphy team up for a comedy about reality TV. It should have been a lot better.

About A Boy
Hugh Grant gets a hair-cut and puts in a stylish performance in this great adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel.

Road Kill
Don't mess with the nutter in the truck who doesn't like having jokes played on him and consequently seeks revenge.

The Scorpion King
Arnie, Sly, the Belgian muscles... and now the Rock! This 'big and beefy' action adventure looks good but lacks the lines.

The Count of Monte Cristo
The ultimate tale of betrayal and revenge gets a makeover for the 21st century, starring Guy Pearce.

Kevin Spacey plays an alien visiting Earth from the planet K-PAX. Or is he? He could just be a nutter.

Bend It Like Beckham
Disappointing follow up to Bhaji on the Beach which tackles now familiar cultural differences in an all too familiar way.

Queen of the Damned
The vampire story returns again this time with a blood sucker who comes out and becomes a mega rock star.

The One

Jet Li fights himself more than a hundred times in a daft science fiction film only for true fans of the martial arts.

24 Hour Party People

This is not a film about Tony Wilson. Nor is it meant to be a documentary about the music scene in Manchester.

Kate and Leopold
James Mangold tries, unsuccessfully, to add an extra twist to this over used romanatic comedy formula.

E.T - The Extra Terrestial
The galaxy's cuddliest and friendliest alien, returns to the screen to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary.

Teen chick flick about three girls coming together for a roadtrip across America - not a movie for the chaps.

Ali G Indahouse
London's ruffest rude boy, Ali G of the West Staines massive, hits the big screen lewder and cruder than ever.

Ice Age

A simple tale that just fails to live up to the heights of Shrek/Monsters Inc. but kids will love it nonetheless.

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius

Very funny kids/adult movie about a bunch of kids who head to outer space to free their kidnapped parents.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Highly watchable comedy about a family of dysfunctional geniuses with an all-star cast including Gene Hackman.

Thir13en Ghosts

Run of the mill scare fest as a family's inheritance of a house suddenly turns into a nightmare.

We Were Soldiers
We're back in Vietnam as Mel Gibson tries to maintain the confidence of his men despite being heavily outnumbered.

In The Bedroom
Tipped for Oscar success this is a tale of an ideal marriage and family life brought to the brink of collapse.

The Shipping News
Kevin Spacey's world collapses around him but Dame Judi Dench is on have to whisk him to a better life.

The Mothman Prophecies
Not a man dressed in a giant moth costume to be seen, but plenty of tension as Richard Gere seeks the truth.

Will Smith has the task of becoming possibly the most recognised man on earth - Muhammad Ali.

A Beautiful Mind
Oscar nominated film about mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr., staring Mr Gladiator Russell Crowe.

Don't Say A Word
Craggy Michael Douglas must stop nasty Sean Bean from killing his daughter in a, you guessed it, race against time.

Charlotte Gray
War time drama about a timid Scottish woman who finds hidden courage when she joins the French Resistance.

Flicks in the Sticks
A weekend of films based on books is coming to a village hall, with talks, a writing session, quiz and ice-cream too.

Ocean's Eleven
Big star cast and a wonderful film as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and co. try to rob three casinos in one night.

Monsters Inc.
The makers of Toy Story return with another winner telling the tale of a little girl who finds herself in a monster world.

From Hell
Another take on that old chestnut Jack the Ripper, this time with Johnny Depp providing a dodgy London accent.

Just Visiting
Crocodile Dundee meets Blackadder in this unfunny tale of a medieval knight and his squire transported to modern times.

Shallow Hal
Don't be fooled by the trailer which shows all the best bits of the film. Cherish those five minutes and forget the rest.

Gosford Park
Possible Oscar contender as a host of British film stars become embroiled in a murder whodunnit.

Training Day
A classic account of how too much power can corrupt, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.

Last Orders
Caine, Hoskins, Mirren and co. star in a British movie about a dead man's wishes to have his ashes scattered in the sea.

Vanilla Sky
Much talked about but ultimately disappointing film which sees handsome Tom Cruise lose his good looks.

Black Hawk Down
Fact based war story, starring Ewan McGregor, with plenty of gore but a sense of having all been done before.

Touching tale of novelist Iris Murdoch's final years as she fights against Alzheimer's disease.

Long Time Dead

A teen horror movie guaranteed to have your heart pounding. If you enjoyed the Scream films then this is one for you.

Domestic Disturbance
Run of the mill thriller starring John Travolta. A few nice touches, but little to have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Soul Survivors
Scary teen fodder which has few surprises but gives you the excuse to hold someone tight on the back row.

Top 10 movies of 2001
So which films has our critic deemed worthy of chart inclusion. Harry Potter fans, don't hold your breath!

Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter's greatest challenge has arrived. Can Frodo Baggins see off the challenge of the boy wizard?


Perfect Christmas slush as two strangers fall in love over a pair of gloves and take seven years to find each other again.

Mean Machine
Vinnie Jones takes a lead role for the first time as a hard footballer! Don't worry, it's actually better than it sounds.

Riding In Cars With Boys

Drew Barrymore grows up before our very eyes in a film which starts promisingly but outstays its welcome.

The 51st State

As Colin Welland once said, "the British are coming" and this action movie proves we're as good as the Americans.

John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars
Cops join forces with thieves to overcome a Martian spirit trying to force all humans off its planet.

The world of Fashion is a world of assassins. Will clueless model Derek Zoolander save the day?

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Kevin Smith's fifth and final instalment of his New Jersey Chronicles relies heavily on low-grade humour and spoof material.

Harry Potter
The waiting is over. Harry is released. Read the reviews which matter by the children then try the grumpy adult view.

Ghost World
Nothing supernatural about this film, more a case of living on the periphery and not being able to relate to society.

The Others
Creepy psychological thriller in which every character has a secret which leads to a terrific conclusion.

Osmosis Jones
Clever mix of live action and animation in which white blood cells are police officers chasing an evil virus.

The Animal
Wouldbe cop has a car crash. He's put back together using animal parts. Cue lots of butt smelling .Year's worst film.

Legally Blonde

Top escapist film to bring a smile to your face even if life around you is crumbling. Nothing radical just good clean fun.

The Man Who Wasn't There
Deeply dark yet visually stunning film from the Coen Brothers with excellent performances but very few laughs.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Harry Potter lookalike hero discovers the lost city, finds love but is then betrayed in this half term winner.

Jeepers Creepers
It's fright night again as our intrepid heroes stumble across something they shouldn't have. Cue many dead bodies.

America's Sweethearts
Hollywood's (fictional) golden couple break-up. It's bad for business so the spin doctors go for reconciliation.

American Pie 2
More of the same from the entire team which brought you the original Pie and none the worse for that.

Wonderful French movie following the exploits of a woman trying to bring happiness to everyone she meets.

The Score
Big name cast, average film as Robert De Niro breaks all his own rules and tries to crack a safe in his backyard.

Mike Bassett: England Manager
Fly-on-the-wall spoof on the job no one wants - that of the England manager. Ricky Tomlinson stars.


World War Two drama about the going's on at Bletchley Park as the Brits try to decipher German codes.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Spielberg's ambitious film about a robot boy who loves too much. A rival to Moulin Rouge in film of the year stakes.

Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Life in LA can make it difficult for love to blossom between rich and poor.

The Fast and the Furious
A thriller on wheels. Not great but there are some fuel injected quality moments which put you in the drivers seat.

The Martins
Oh dear. Here we go again, another duff British movie staring the usual acting suspects. Oh for the joys of Carry On.

Moulin Rouge
The film of the year has arrived. This is a two hour visual rollercoaster which will alienate as many people as it pleases.

Scary Movie 2
If the first one made money let's make a quick follow-up. Expect nothing out of the ordinary in this horror ham.

A Knights Tale
This medieval tale has all the makings of a hit. Good guys, a bad guys, a love interest, and loads of pop music.

Lucky Break

From the director of The Full Monty comes the latest big British movie staring the guy from Cold Feet.

Josie and the Pussycats
Seventies cartoon series comes to the big screen. We have two reviews - good and bad - make up your own mind.
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Third time unlucky for Paul Hogan in this stinker of a film which is a pale imitation of the original.

Planet Of The Apes
What's the new version like. This time Charlton Heston sees what it's like from an apes point of view.

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
A touring film festival from the British Film Institute featuring films from Australia, Spain, France and the US.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Can computer generated actors act? Well yes they can but make sure you give them the right script.

The Parole Officer
Steve Coogan stars in the latest British comedy to hit the cinema - it's just unfortunate it's not that good.

Cats and Dogs
Another big children's film with talking secret agent dogs trying to stop cats from taking over the world.

Dr Dolittle 2
Disappointing sequel which often repeats what happened first time around without adding anything original.

Recess: School's Out

TV series makes a successful move to the big screen as TJ and the gang fight to save summer holidays.

Big bangs and big chases in this hi-tec computer heist thriller with an overly complicated plot.

Human Rights film season
Part of a British Film Institute touring programme. Six films showing at the Broadway throughout July.

Jurassic Park III
Surprisingly enjoyable third visit to the land of the dinosaurs with the usual fight for survival against all the odds.

High Heels and Low Lifes
Disappointing British version of Thelma and Louise which fails to deliver much tension or many laughs.

Jazz, Reggae and Salsa season
Music and movies for a hot summer's day featuring Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Buena Vista Social Club and jazz greats.

Dr T And The Women
Satire of an upper-class elitist Dallas community starring Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett and Laura Dern.

Ginger Snaps
Superb horror combining the best elements of dark humour, gore and plenty of frights. Be very afraid.

Lara Croft : Tomb Raider
The famous computer game makes the transition to the big screen with predictable results.

Meet the star of the summer - a giant green ogre with a Scottish accent. A fairy tale with street cred.

Cute, cuddly monsters quickly transform into nasty man-eating creatures and the race is on to save the earth.

Dracula 2001
The count returns in a film which, apart from a very glossy look, could easily pass for a Hammer Horror.

Down To Earth
Chris Rock stars as the man removed from earth before his time and sent back in a new guise.

The In Crowd
A flat script full of holes, a lot of lip gloss and some annoying college brats - But it wasn't that bad.

Pearl Harbor
An epic action adventure, stunning special effects, and an intriguing love triangle - but does it measure up.

All The Pretty Horses
Beautifully photographed but less than riveting story of cowboy friends who seek adventure over the Mexican border.

See Spot Run
Disappointing and predictable film involving a dog, a boy and a dim hero chased by a villain. Plus a love interest!

The Mummy Returns
You can't keep a good mummy down, especially one that's a box office success, so here's yet another sequel.

The Dish
The true story of how those historic pictures of Neil Armstrong's first moon walk got back to earth.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Top film which is likely to receive equal measures of praise and criticism.
See also: the real Cephallonia

Along Came A Spider

Tense, psychological thriller as Morgan Freeman hunts the kidnapper of a congressman's young daughter.

The Mexican
Even Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts can't save a film which can at best be described as ordinary.

One Night At McCool's
Michael Douglas sports a dodgy hairpiece, John Goodman dresses as a cop and Liv Tyler bursts out all over.

The Contender
The fight to have a woman vice-president of the USA as Hollywood goes behind the scenes at the White House.

Bridget Jones's Diary
The wait is over and it's been worth it. Laughter and romance and the chance to see Hugh Grant act a different role.

Out of Sight - archive film festival
The only archive film festival in Britain is on our doorstep. It is devoted to showing films that have been locked up for years.
Read about what you missed.

Spy Kids
Another movie for the younger generation as a brother and sister try to rescue their top spy parents.

Rugrats In Paris
Tommy and the gang are back and creating mayhem in Paris in a film which will keep the kids happy this Easter.

You Can Count On Me
Family life takes a turn when a wayward brother returns home and alters everyones way of thinking.

Men of Honour
True story of a man's fight to be accepted as a US naval deep sea diver. Features a loud Robert De Niro.

Save The Last Dance
Yet another dance movie with the same plot as countless dance movies before it. Think Fame.

Miss Congeniality
Absolutely awful film in which FBI agent Sandra Bullock goes undercover to stop death at a beauty pageant.

15 Minutes
Two killers decide to film their murders in the belief US TV stations will buy the footage. They're not wrong.

Enemy At The Gates
Below par Second World War story which promises much but ultimately fails to deliver.

Thirteen Days
Kevin Costner returns for a retelling of the Cuban Missile crisis as seen from behind Whitehouse doors.

Born Romantic
The BBC's next big film venture after the overwhelming success of Billy Elliot. Sadly not as good.

Best In Show
From the people who brought you This Is Spinal Tap comes a "mockumentary" on the world of professional dog shows.

Soft story with a hardish edge as Juliette Binoche dares to open a chocolate shop at the start of Lent.

Proof of Life
Lack lustre action thriller about a kidnapped businessman and the prolonged attempts to free him.

Finding Forrester
Sean Connery plays a hermit novelist forced to consider leaving his home when his protege runs into trouble.

A sure-fire smash as Anthony Hopkins recreates his role as Hannibal Lecter ten years after Silence of the Lambs.

The Emperor's New Groove
Disney's back for half term with a film which should satisfy the kids, the adults and fans of Sting.

Remember The Titans
The anti-racism message is clear as a newly integrated US college team try to overcome prejudice in the deep south.

What Women Want
Mel Gibson pops up in time for Valentine's day in a slushy movie where he can hear women's thoughts.

Old Channel 4 series makes a winning move to the big screen and secures more plaudits for Catherine Zeta Jones.

Vertical Limit
High jinx high up K2 as a rescue party races against time to save some mountaineers trapped by an avalanche.

Cast Away
Tom Hanks has a bad hair day as he fights for survival on a remote South Pacific island.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Visually beautiful martial arts film from Ang Lee, the director of Sense and Sensibility.

A voyage of self discovery for two men with little in common but who ultimately discover why they were put on earth.

The Family Man
High flyer Nicolas Cage finds himself living another life in this "what if..." Christmas feel good movie.

102 Dalmatians
Glenn Close returns as Cruella De Vil in a sequel that will keep the children quiet over the holidays.

Hamlet is transported from Denmark to New York and recites "To Be of Not To Be" in a Blockbuster video store.

The Grinch
The first of the family Christmas releases features Jim Carey as a bitter outcast out for revenge.

Urban Legend : Final Cut
Yet another predictable slasher movie this time involving film students who evoke to wrath of the ultimate critic.

Charlie's Angels
They look good, they fight tough but the big screen version doesn't really improve on what was an average 70's TV series.

Liz Hurley proves she's just as wooden an actor as Hugh Grant in this remake which sparkles only briefly.

Six strangers meet to create sweet music on the karaoke stage. The movie results are sadly off key.

Pitch Black
Spaceship crashes on a planet plunged into darkness by a solar eclipse. That's just the start of their troubles.

Wonder Boys
Author Michael Douglas suffers writer's block, a midlife crisis and marital problems in a comedy. Honest.

Purely Belter
What would you do to get a season ticket for Newcastle United ? Two fans go to exteme lengths to see Alan Shearer.

The Little Vampire
A kiddie vampire sets off to find the secret for turning himself back into a human being in this family feature.

Disney use their animation skills to bring us dinosaurs as we never knew them before - cute and cuddly.

Road Trip
It's a race across America to grab back a tape before anyone sees it. College comedy in the "National Lampoon" vein.

Billy Elliot
Billy is a talented boy who is torn between his love of dance and the deterioration of his family.

Nutty Professor II : The Klumps
Eddie Murphy returns as Sherman Klump and the rest of his family in a sequel to his first nutty outing.

Hollow Man
Special effects heaven in a film which mixes the Invisible Man with Alien to produce a top class thriller.

Me, Myself and Irene
Jim Carrey stars as a cop with a split personality. Double Carrey for your money but not double the laughs.

Space Cowboys
Four veteran actors with a combined age of 262, finally get to become astronauts. It could only happen in Hollywood.

Welcome the nephew of the original John Shaft. Can Samuel L. Jackson eclipse Richard Rowntree?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Must see movie from the Coen brothers. Great cinematography, great story, great performances, great music.

Dancer In The Dark
Big movie project for singer Bjork. Experimental, depressing, in your face. You'll either love it or hate it.

The Cell
Another pop singer shows she's more than a three minute wonder. Jennifer Lopez enters the mind of a serial killer.

Scary Movie
It's not scary and it's not funny. It's awful. But the Americans love it and we can expect Scary Movie 2 all too soon.


Can anything Guy Ritchie directs ever match up to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Here's the answer

Jimmy Grimble
He is unhappy and bullied, a schoolboy discovers the joys of winning through a pair of magic football-boots.

Shanghai Noon
Jackie Chan finds himself battling his way through the wild west in this high action comedy romp.

Three media studies undergraduates investigate the power of gossip. This results in events which they cannot control.

Cherry Falls
Gory serial killer tale that aims for horror and humour but falls into a middle ground and becomes silly.

A movie with characters called Wolverine and Magneto can't fail - can it? Summer fun from the world of Marvel comics.

Gone In 60 Seconds
Vinnie Jones is back but he does not say a word. Car theft is taken to the extreme as Nicolas Cage tries to save his brother.

Mission Impossible 2
Can Tom Cruise save the day? Probably. Fast paced and full of action. Who needs a decent story line.

The Road to El Dorado
Cartoon capers as two Spanish castaways happen to stumble across the legendary City of Gold.

The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas
Go back in time and find out just how Fred and Barney first met up with Wilma and Betty.

High Fidelity
Nick Hornby's tale of records and relationships moves to America for the big screen treatment.

Chicken Run
Move over Wallace and Gromit, Ginger and Rocky are here. Will the hens escape the clutches of the evil Tweedy's?

Stuart Little
School's out and the kids are bored. Stuart Little could be the answer, even if he is just a cute, cuddly mouse.


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