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29 October 2014

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June 2003
What's next for Harry? - the adult view
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

It's not just kids who are getting excited about the new Harry Potter novel.

The adults are keenly counting the days as well.

Read the book? Send us a review.

Children's Harry Potter predictions
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JK Rowling
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JK Rowling got the idea for Harry Potter while on a train journey from Manchester to London.

The Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in what is planned to be a seven book series.

In America the title of the first Potter book - The Philosopher's Stone, had to be changed to The Sorcerer's Stone.
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We've been talking to the people who should know - employees of Waterstones in Nottingham - about what they think will happen in The Order of the Phoenix.

Tanya Brown
The fourth Harry Potter ended with Dumbledore trying to raise support against Voldemort so the scene is set for an epic battle involving giants and wizards from all over the world against the Dark Lord and the dementors. Dumbledore could lead the troops and there is bound to be a place for Harry, Ron and Hermione in the army. Perhaps it could end on a cliffhanger, maybe with Dumbledore or Harry’s death?

Nigel Ecclestone
The fifth book needs to be quite dark; with seven in the series, Voldemort can’t be defeated yet because there’d be no story for the last two books. Someone might betray Harry he trusts – there was a hint that Dumbledore might not be all he seems so it might be him. Harry would have to unite with Snape in order to defeat the dark forces.

Angie Werther
As the fifth novel is called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, one possible storyline is that one character dies and is risen again. This could be Dumbledore (although this smacks of Gandalf from LOTR) or more likely, it could be Harry himself. There is also room in this book to develop the love interest angle, involving Harry and Cho Chang or Ron and Hermione.

George Miles
There is a possibility that JK Rowling might cop out and go for a Star Wars-type scenario. Therefore, it could turn out that Voldemort is Harry’s father, Hermione is Harry’s long lost sister, Dumbledore is a Jedi master and Dobby is Yoda.

Sam Harrison
After seeing JK Rowling appear on a documentary at the weekend, perhaps the fifth novel could have a guest appearance by Morrissey. He could be a fey wizard sent to guide Harry along a dangerous path, bestowing small nuggets of wisdom and, through the power of his magic, he makes every day like Sunday.

Read what children think will happen.

Tell us what you think will happen.

Your predictions
I think Voldemort is Harry's ancestor and he wants to kill Harry because of a grudge. Or I think Harry is the decendent of Godric Griffyndor so Voldemort wants to kill him, or I think Dumbeldore is not excatly Dumbeldore and is someone else!!!!!!(like Voldemort's close friend!)
Spoorthi Kumar

I think that the Order of the Phoenix is an elite squad of aurors and Harry is asked to join. It will be Ron or Hermione as it factors in the love interest between the two and will make a gut wrenching scene. There should be as duel between Dumblemore and Voldemort and Dumbledore will narrowly escape and will be saved by Harry then the reader will think it's Dumbledore to be killed off but he will be saved somehow.
Aidan Clarke  

If you've read the book give us your review

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