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13 November 2014

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You are in: Nottingham > Entertainment > Music > Introducing... Liam O'kane

Liam O'Kane

Liam O'Kane

Introducing... Liam O'kane

Liam O'kane is a Radford based ska artist who also plays with the band Jimmy the Squirrel.

Where are you based?

Radford, Nottingham

Who are your influences?

Solo artists like Babar Luck, Ed Roam and Chris Murray, bands such as The Slackers, The King Blues and Jimmy the Squirrel who I sing and play guitar for.

I sound a bit like...

The King Blues with more ska and less punk.

Who would be a dream band member and why?

I think I have the dream band with Jimmy the Squirrel, but if I had to choose an individual I'd go with Babar Luck for the constant wisdom and advice. 

Does the city offer you enough opportunities?

I moved to Notts from London about five years ago and I think there are some amazing people and venues promoting new and interesting music in Nottingham. I have Gaz and Steph from the Maze particularly in mind here. I just think people need to go to more gigs!

What was your best gig and why?

I'd say my best gig so far was last month at the speakeasy supporting American ska punk legend Bomb the Music Industry, the place was packed we (Liam O'kane and the Stabilisers) played the best we have done and there were loads of people dancing!

What would you give up to get signed?

To get signed to a major label I'd give up being signed to the best independent ska label in the UK (Do the Dog Music).

How did the band get together?

I was writing a lot of songs and not all of them suited Jimmy the Squirrel so I decided to start a solo project. I play a lot of shows with the bass player and drummer from Jimmy the Squirrel but we go out as Liam O'Kane and the Stabilisers.

Who are the most influential figures in your life?

My wife (yes 24 and Married), the other guys in Jimmy the Squirrel, family and friends.

Best band in Notts and why?

Royal Gala because they have two members of Jimmy the Squirrel, they're all wicked people and they're the best dance band around, check 'em out.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Pressure drop soundcast Episode 134, excellent ska, reggae podcast from the US, very supportive of the UK ska scene including Jimmy the Squirrel, of course.

In a fire, which album would you rescue?

I couldn't choose one so I'd have to burn with them.

What's the perfect night-out in Nottingham?

Four bands at the Maze followed by a slow staggered walk across the Forest at about three in the morning.

Give us a short description of your best tracks?

Not sure if it's my best track, but the title track to my album "Happy Days Sad Songs" is an upbeat acoustic ska track with soulful vocal harmonies and an ironic play on words.

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You are in: Nottingham > Entertainment > Music > Introducing... Liam O'kane

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