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13 November 2014

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Memory champion Ben Pridmore

The world's best memory

Ben Pridmore has the finest memory on the planet. He tells us how it's done.

In August 2009 Beeston's Ben Pridmore was crowned, once again, as UK Open Memory Champion.

He's also the World Memory Champion and is currently top of the world rankings list for Memory Sports. Ben says he just stumbled across his talent in 2000.

 "I went along to the World Memory Championship just to see what it was like. I got chatting to some of the competitors and I've been hooked ever since."

As World Memory Champion, Ben's prizes this year amount to about £6600 and admits it is more of a 'weird hobby' rather than something you could turn to for a living.

Memory champion Ben Pridmore

Becoming top dog

To win the World Memory Championships the Boots accountant had to endure ten stunningly difficult memory tasks to prove he has the most powerful mind on Earth.

In one of them he had to remember the random order of a deck of cards in the fastest time possible... Ben managed it in only 24.68 seconds!

Other events included memorising a long row of binary digits - Ben managed 3,750 in 30 minutes. He had to memorize a long list of random words - Ben managed 170 in 15 minutes. And he had just five minutes to commit a list of fictional, historical dates to memory - and managed 100 of them.

Memory champion Ben Pridmore

Anyone can do it

Ben says he uses various systems to help him swiftly memorise masses of information. He says:

"Every three-digit number between 000 and 999 has a person or an object associated with it. For example I use my brother to remember 994 and for the number 759 I see a cup."

He then mentally turns his series of pictures into an easy-to-remember story. He believes anyone can do it with practice.

Ben's next test is the Welsh Memory Championships later this month (Saturday 28 March) before the UK Championships (July/August) before attempting to retain his No.1 status at the World Championships in November.

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created: 02/10/2008

You are in: Nottingham > People > Your stories > The world's best memory

About Ben

Ben world has won the World Memory Championships in both 2004 and 2008.

He has broken numerous world records.

He can remember 930 binary digits in 5 minutes.

He can remember 4140 binary digits in 30 minutes.

He can remember 364 playing cards in 10 minutes.

He can remember 1404 playing cards in an hour.

Ben wears the 'lucky t-shirt' when he competes.

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