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13 November 2014

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Local history

You are in: Nottingham > History > Local history > A saucy tribute

A saucy tribute

Should HP Sauce, which was invented at a house in Nottingham, be commemorated with a plaque?

An early HP sauce bottle

An early HP sauce bottle

HP Brown Sauce was invented by Frederick Gibson Garton in his pickling factory at the back of 47 Sandon Street in Basford.

He was living at the Royal Oak at the bottom of the street when he came up with the recipe.

The original HP Sauce factory

The original HP Sauce factory

In 1896, Garton patented the sauce but had to sell it to the Midland Vinegar Company in Birmingham for £150, due to unpaid bills to its owner Edwin Samson Moore.

The original bottles, which had Garton's name embossed on the side, are worth around £100.

Nottingham Castle Museums and Galleries have one of the bottles, carefully preserved, in their possession.

However, Mr Singh, the current owner of the house, admitted that when he moved in to the house 25 years ago he got rid of a skip-full of original HP Sauce bottles.

They could have been worth a small fortune!

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Have Your Say

Should this famous sauce invented in Nottingham have a plaque?

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Nick Straw
As he was a great great grandfather of mine i think its a great idea !

Yes, I think a plaque is a good idea, but where is the sauce made now?

Bill of the yard!
Yes! I think that anything Discovered or invented in this wonderful city should claim it's rightful place in our history, I have worked in and around Basford for 36 Years and only learned about it's origin 5 years ago.

Nottingham born and bred and go's well with any spread!

Peter Wright
Yes, without a doubt.HP is to sauces what Coca-Cola is to soft drinks - the best and available to all. It adds a little touch of quality to our everyday lives and on that basis deserves recognition.

Matthew Rolfe
Absolutely 100% YES!! I've been telling people for years the whole story that it was invented in the great city of Nottingham, so definately! We need to preserve our local culture and unearth and celebrate our hidden gems of history such as this!

Paul Garton
A plaque is a good idea, there should certainly be some sort of recognition that the sauce was invented in our great city!!!

I think a plaque would be great, we should celebrate Nottingham for a change instead of being known as a city with a gun culture. Lets be positive for a change.

Captain ot the Chip.
Wonderful sauce, will start using it again when its made in England again.

You are in: Nottingham > History > Local history > A saucy tribute

HP Sauce

Some people believe Garton called the sauce HP because he'd heard that a restaurant in the Houses of Parliament had begun serving it.

Some stories suggest that the name HP was derived from the name Harry Palmer.

HP Sauce became known as 'Wilson's Gravy' after Harold Wilson, the Prime Minister in the 1960/70s.

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