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13 November 2014

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Energy Experiment poster

You did it!

Hundreds of buildings switched off for our Energy Experiment on Wednesday 18 February 2009.

With your help, we wanted to see how much electricity Nottinghamshire could save overnight from 21:00 on Wednesday 18 February to 06:00 the following morning.

We asked you to avoid using anything electrical between those times, switching off appliances at the plug and turning off lights. 

We didn't want you to sit in the dark, just try not to use anything electrical that you didn't actually need. 

Did you take part?

Hundreds of buildings got involved ranging from ordinary homes up to large council offices.

And here's the best bit - Central Networks monitored what difference was made in power consumption during our experiment. 

The company will produce the full statistics in March but already it's been revealed that in the first 3 hours, 1600 KWH of electricity was saved.

That's equivalent to 800 kettles boiling simultaneously for 1 hour!

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created: 26/01/2009

You are in: Nottingham > Local Radio > General Information > You did it!

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