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13 November 2014

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You are in: Nottingham > Faith > Dawn's call to dance

Dawn Benjamin and the Sacred Dancers

Dawn's call to dance

Dawn Benjamin and the Sacred Dancers at the Pilgrim Church in the Meadows administer the word of God through dance.

A group of women led by Dawn Benjamin have started a dance ministry in the Meadows.

Aged in their 30s and 40s the Sacred Dancers interpret the bible during services.

"It's really about letting go... letting God work through you as you're administering the word and bringing people over to worship."


It all started when Dawn witnessed Praise Dancers in America.

"I was just so overwhelmed by it. I thought it was such a powerful experience. I felt that if I could take a fraction of that back to my home church I would be happy.

"I started praying straight away."

Dawn says the moves just started coming to her.

"When I went to bed that night I got up and went to the mirror... I had no peace until I'd worked it through."

There were a lot of nerves before the Sacred Dancers' first live performance.

"None of us are dancers. We're all mature women. For us to go up and say 'we're going to do this dance', I thought they'd laugh but I thought we're going to do it anyway."

God's word

The five women have to prepare for a performance with prayer and ask God for help.

"It isn't our work. You have to prepare yourself physically and spiritually as well.

Dawn, Sharon, Yvette, Marcia and Lillieth

Dawn, Sharon, Yvette, Marcia and Lillieth

"We believe that it is really important and so we have to take it seriously. It can't just be something you do... 'I feel like dancing today'."

As far as they know the Sacred Dancers are the only ones of their kind in Nottinghamshire but after performances at both the Sandfield Theatre and the Bonington Theatre there has been interest from other churches.

"One thing that we always say is that trying to evangelise is becoming more and more difficult and we feel that this is one way that we can spread the word because those that refuse to hear the words... they can see it.

"You get new things out of the song that you wouldn't even think of. You'd sing it and it is a blessing but you dance it and you become part of that song. The reality of it just hits you and it can be very, very powerful."


The Reverend Andrew Miller, a Minister at the Pilgrim Church, says the dancers have really had an impact at the church.

"Dawn has many crazy ideas but this one topped the bill really.

"But it was amazing the first time they actually did a dance during one of the worship services - the impact it had on the congregation. Everyone just went quiet and stunned really. There was such a blessing."

You can hear more 'Turning Point' stories on BBC Radio Nottingham's Sunday Breakfast Show (6:00 - 10:00).

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You are in: Nottingham > Faith > Dawn's call to dance

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