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24 September 2014

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Robin Hood

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Lucy Griffiths (Maid Marian)

They've killed Maid Marian

The legend of Robin Hood is re-written as the BBC kills off the heroine in the Holy Land.

It should have been the culmination of an exciting second series of the BBC's re-vamped legend of Robin Hood.

A double Christmas episode would see Robin finally meet up with King Richard and warn him of the Sheriff of Nottingham's dastardly plans.

And even though fans had been warned a major character would be killed off, few were expecting those closing minutes would be filled with Lady Marian being stabbed by Guy of Gisborne and subsequently dying.

If that wasn't enough to upset the traditionalists apple cart, salt was rubbed into the wound when Will Scarlet announced he was staying in the Holy Land with Djaq.

Lucy Griffiths as Marian

Lucy Griffiths as Marian

What's going on

This re-visioning by the BBC hasn't gone down well with fans of the original legend.

"I'm devastated," said one contributor to the BBC's messageboard. "So is my 7 year old daughter who has avidly watched every episode. You should have seen her face when Marian was killed. How can the BBC change the ending of such a well known story?"

Another wrote: "I'm sorry but what on earth is the BBC thinking??????? You can not change a legend so why kill Marian? I think the writers should buck up their ideas and bring Marian back somehow because otherwise I'm not going to watch it next season."

Series 3

The word is that actor Lucy Griffiths wanted to quit her role to further a career in Hollywood. But with a third series of the show commissioned, should she have been allowed to die?

After all, back in the 1980s with Robin of Sherwood, they switched the actor playing Robin Hood from Michael Praed to Jason Connery.

So will a new Marian be waiting when Robin returns to Sherwood Forest?

BBC statement

This is what the BBC has to say on the matter.

"Lucy Griffiths has been on a fantastic journey with the show and is now exploring other opportunities. Her portrayal was romantic and feisty at the same time. She is certainly the Marian for this generation.

"In the future Robin may find a different love but no one will ever directly replace Marian."

Your views

We've had a lively debate on the matter. Here's a sample of the comments that came through to us.

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created: 31/12/2007

Have Your Say

i know how she can come back
Look nobody wanted her to die and the series really needs marian even if it is not lucy griffiths they still need marian. (even though she did a terriffic job)Here is how she could come back:It was not marrians body that they burried, but a randon dead crussader. Djac swapped the bodies but didn't tell anyone in case she couldn't save marrian. So djac manages to close up the wound and fix the damage inside then she does the resurection thing where you hit their chest to get their heart beating again but then they have to wait a long time until she is properly healled and then they come back to nottingham just before Robin gets himself killed trying to kill guy.Cum on, it's about as believable as then getting to the holy land overnight with no money and with none of their ships going down.

To Bethany Age 15
I'd say that was uncalled for. If people have the chance to let their voices be heard, who are you to tell them to shut up? You don't have to get nasty about it. And if the actress wanted to leave, then they could've replaced her instead of killing the character. While I wouldn't have liked it that Lucy wasn't doing the role and she did it so well, it's better than having the woman in Robin's life 6 feet under. And by the way, anyone can say whatever they want and it doesn't have to be true. Maybe she did want to leave and maybe she didn't.

I have a theory as to why Marian was killed off. Obviously Lucy Griffiths wanted to leave the show, and her character dying was the most dramatic way for her to do this. We all know that Marian loved England, and in the final episode just before Guy threatens to kill the king she tells him "you'll have to kill me first". So, its obvious that she wanted Guy to kill her so that the king, and England, could be saved. Although I was (and still am) gutted that Lucy decided to leave the show, I can't help thinking it will all be resolved somehow. After all, why hasn't the BBC (or even Lucy herself) made some sort of statement? Are they keeping the viewers in suspense for a reason? Lets hope so.

Bethany Age 15
oh my god will people just stop complaining about marions death for gods sake she wanted to LEAVE the show. it was not the writters fault How else would she have left if the writers did'nt kill her off. and yes it was sad and yes i cryed for days after it, but come on people marion is not going to come back!!!! so get a grip!!!P.S everyone will watch the next series because they will want to know whats going to happen to robin.

What a shambles.
God, i cried for hours. I know it's a TV show but how can something so dramatic become even more dramatic. Lucy griffiths getting killed of is a huge deal and I was actually depressed for weeks on end. And the worst thing is, they can't bring her back to life because they did that at the end of series 1! I say BBC should bring her back anyway because it's not going to be the same at all without the romance. Adding a new romantic for Robin Hood will spoil his loyalty and trust. I don't even think I will watch it anymore if she does not return.

really big fan of RH
What is going on? They killed Marian and now Robin may fall in love with someone else? It was the biggest nonsense to kill Marian. I really like Jonas Armstrong and his character in Robun Hood, but I can not watch Robin without Marian. She is like a force what made him to do things. The reason why Robin stayed in Sherwood was Marian. He was ready to leave when Marian almost married with Guy of Gisbourne. And how they plan to make the third reason? There are only four men in the forest and there is no Marian who help them in the castle. Robin as good as he is can not fight with the sherif like that. It would be a suicide. I just relly hope taht Marian will come back in the third series. I will watch it but I never can enjoy it without Marian.

I have an idea. Will and Djaq retern from the holy with a message. Will says to robin thers some one here to see you and he jesturies behind Robin And in slow motion Marian comes round the corner. Robin crumples to his knees and Marian kneels down beside Robin and pulls her into a worm kiss. And all the gang look astonished But happy Marian tells them that it was plan buy Gisbane to protect her from the shereif and robin gets a bit angry becouse he did't tell her. Please i don't care how you do it but get her back or me and my next door neighbor won't watch the next series.

i am the biggest fan of Lucy Griffiths and her character Lady Marian ever. i believe the BBC has made a huge mistake killing off Marian. what is Robin Hood without his Maid Marian? besides the obvious injustice to the much-loved legend, the show will definitely suffer after loosing its love/sex/drama interest. Marian kept Robin going, flirted dangerously with Guy and was a source of inspiration for modern teenage girls everywhere. i hope the BBC realizes their mistake and beg Lucy to come back or else the third season will die as painfully as Marian did, just like they deserve!

Norwegie fan
I'm a big fan of RH, but I have to say like many others that the ending of season 2 was not good! If it was the last episode ever, it would've made some sort of sense (really bad ending anyway, though!) but I can't see a third season of RH be any good without Marian. Maybe it was a trick to fool the sheriff and save Marian? The funeral/grave all closed up is a bit tricky though... I think Will and Djaq will return from the Holy Land, either with the king or with some important news. You have to hand it to BBC though, it was a great PR-gimmick. A lot of people will probably watch the first episode to see what happens, but many (including me!) will not continue to watch if Marian does not return... I don't mind if the return is cheesy as h...! Bring her back!

Rose from Australia
I am outraged and I don't think I have actually spent as much time crying about a fictional programme as I did when I saw the death of Marian. As "Soz" said, the show is a different take on the story but this is too far. It seems like a plot twist to get viewers interested for the next season, but I don't know if I want to watch it without Marian. And it wouldn't be the same if he fell in love with someone else. If there was a different Marian it would be strange at first but that doesn't matter, WE WANT MARIAN!

Umm...ok...I'm over here in the states. Watched season two online. So here's my take on the "death": Anyone here watch Battlestar Galactica? Well, if not...the death of Marian is EXACTLY what happend to a major character in BSG (Starbuck). They killed her off. They even had interviews with the actress who "supposedly" was pursuing "other things." Umm...guess what? Yeah, Starbuck returned on the season finale...all alive. So, have hope, Marian fans. This will probably all turn out to be a publicity stunt. If they want you to think she's dead, then they have to make you think the actress is done.

To To Starbuck a dale
Well said. I agree with you on every level of that.I hope the BBC listens to this. There's one thing I don't get though. If it's set in stone than the character is not coming back, why are there pages like this? Why would the BBC even provide a means to express our opinions if their minds were made up already? Either way, was it showing good sense to kill off a character as important as Marian? A clue: NO!!!

It's been almost 3 months since the series finale and me and i'm sure many other robin and marian fans are still feeling betrayed.I think that Marian's death wouldn't be bothering people as much if the BBC weren't trying to make up for it by saying robin will find a new love interest. No matter what they say that is an insult to Marian's memory. I realise that the series was a new take on Robin Hood but I think it has twisted the legend too much.

G.J. of USA
How refreshing it was to have women (Marion and Djaq) be beautiful, strong & courageous. If the principles of theatre are to teach and to please, I cannot imagine what BBC was trying to teach and they definitely did NOT please by killing off Marion. In a time when life is filled with horror, (and yes, as a therapist I understand reality), we could do with a little "happily every after." It mystifies me why the writers would feel it appropriate to disappoint their viewers. It was all so unnecessary. Were the writers so unimaginative that they could not find a way to keep the story going with Marion in it or provide some hope for the viewers that she lived on? I was looking forward to season 3 but now, without Marion, it will be just another 'good old boy's club' without the richness of Marion's character. I am sad and disappointed in the BBC.

Ree Ree
NOOOOO bring in a new marian, do you want to lose views, no so PLEASE brng in a new marian, some how because he CAN NOT fall in love again because he said he would see marian in heaven and he believes that they are married no matter where she is. NEW MARIAN, just think about it?!?!?!?

To Starbuck a dale
You're remark is extremely insensive and cruel. It's one thing to disagree with the comments made here. But belittling that woman and her child is low! I suggest that you refrain from personal attacks in the future. You think everyone here is making a fool of themselves? If you ask me, the only one making a fool of himself is you! Yes, death is inevitable. True, characters die. However, if you bothered to read the legends of Robin Hood, Robin and Marion have always had each other! She was an essential character who is not expendable. Her death was unnecessary! If you don't agree with me, fine. Don't agree with me. But you need learn not to behave like some grade school bully! I suggest you start showing some maturity!

Michelle, NC
I will miss the Marian element, it is why people watched the show in the first place. I loved the show until the last 8 minutes of episode 13. The creators of the show have just cost themselves a lot of viewers, not only in the UK and Australia but in the US as well. I wish that the writers would reconsider, but they never listen to the fans. I do not blame the actors for the idiocy of the writing staff.

Let's face it, was there much room in the script for Will and Djaq? They weren't getting the attention they deserve, so I think that they should be left in the Holy Land for now. And if you think about it, I bet most people post a comment here hoping that someone important will see what the fans are saying and then make better decisions from there. Writer's can't ignore their fan base, especially since they're writing for television. So I don't think that we should "get over it", if we have an opportunity to express ourselves or to make change then we should. I post here to express my opinion that Lucy Griffiths shouldn't have left. She was a strong figure in the series and I am really sad to see her go. I think the show should've have ended with series 2 if she's gone for good. It was such a disappointment. Living with the writer's strike in America has been awful. There hasn't been new episodes of the TV shows that I love in months. So when I went on Youtube and turned to a show that isn't in danger of being taken off the air, I was expecting a better ending. It was a repeat of the end of series 1. If someone sees this at BBC and takes it into consideration then awesome. I'm done with terrible television. Some aspects of Robin Hood shouldn't change. Lucy must come back, otherwise, what's the point?

Give season 3 a chance
If anyone heard a Keith Allen interview on Radio, he said every actor was returning...apart from in my mind...that means will and Djaq will be back. As for Lucy leaveing..yes im dissapointed as she and jonas worked so well together, but if they brought in a new actress to play Marian, the two would be compared...and i think they would unlikely have the same chemistry. Ive got know doubt Lucy will be in a major star, and RH will just be the start of a glittering and Oscar winning career

I'm really sad about her leaving, but come on. if you've all actually WATCHED the legends like you say you did, then you'll think twice about what you're actually writing. the whole point is for BBC to turn it around to the modern world. no one complained when Djaq came or Guy of Gisbourne was invented. they could have got another actress,but Lucy was so good it would have been weird and then people would have rioted about THAT. I want Djaq back, with Will. they're my favourite, BBC. bring them back Djaq is such an inspiration and oyu;ve already taken one away, don't take her too. and for goodness sake this is JUST A TV PROGRAMME GET OVER IT. All the best for Lucy-You're such a good actress.

I was surprised that the second series ended Marion´s death. But never mind me it. In this show is Guy of Gisborne the best. He is a charismatic and sexy man with a charming look. I hope that he will play more and more in the third series and he will never to die. Is anybody here who has the same opinion as I???

Everyone on this board is making fools of themselves with their bad spelling and grammar and temper-tantrums.Got a kid? Well boo hoo, Bambi's mum dies; Mufasa dies in the Lion king...need I go on? Death is a fact and you can't shelter children from it.Don't like it? Don't watch it. Write a fanfic where everyone lives happily every after and there's no narrative tension.

Virginia Cardenas
Marion should be played by another actress. No actress is bigger than the role she plays. Marion is a legend!

ex fan
The damage is done. Robin hood might as well be cancelled. If Lucy Griffiths wants to leave the show, why not recast the character? Dick york left bewitched, so they cast Dick Sergeant to play Darren Stevens. Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince was recast as well. Why the hell don't they do that? As far as having "Another Marrion waiting," just like they did Robin in "Robin of Sherwood," just won't cut it! It won't be the same. I also will not accept another love interest for Robin. It's Robin and Marrion PERIOD!!!BBC, it's time to pull the plug on this show, you betrayed your fans!

Belinda from Australia
The second series has just started screening here, and knowing how it ends I have absolutely no doubt that there will be similar outcry about Marian's demise coming forth from the other side of the globe. C'mon BBC - give the fans a fair-dinkum go!!

I found it absolutely heart-breaking that Marian was killed off, especially by Guy because I was really beginning to see a change in him and they suddenly did a 360 with his character.Anyways, I hope the third season focuses more on the outlaws kicking the bad guy's ass and avenging Marian. I will, however, REFUSE to continue watching if they suddenly bring a new female lead who Robin will suddenly fall in love with. I think its the worst thing that could happen in the series.

I thought people here were going a bit over the top, but then I remembered that I still can't watch Michael Praed's Robin's death on that hill top without sniffling....I am willing to believe that the writers didn't pick that particular way out for the character without at least having some decent storylines in mind for season 3 as a result. It might not work- Jason Connery wasn't a hundred percent success- but I'm looking forward to seeing what does come up. It might well turn out to be a huge mistake but it seems only fair to let them try before people announce that it's going to be a disaster. However to be fair I would probably have been less sanguine about it had it been my beloved Guy who expired....

Absolutely no, the show won't survive. Robin Hood is a classic story that every child and adult knows well. It's not only that you've killed a beloved character but you're attempting to change a classic story! Change the actress if she wants to leave but goodness, stop rewriting the story already

I think it says alot about peoples views about the departure of Marian that people are still posting on this, and hundreds of other forums and videos acroos the net....and guess what.....most of them all want the same thing.....

Gemma Regan-Mochrie
They could have ended at the second season. It could have ended with the king returning, will and djaq being left in the holy land and robin and marian "riding off into the sunset" I was devistated when I saw Marian die, and unless marian comes back I don't think i'll be watching the third season

i dont think that the show will be as good because when you think of robin hood you think of marian and dont tell me i am wrong i dont know about will leaving but i hope lucy changes her mind and comes back somehow because she was a fabulous marian and the show will not be as good with out her !!!

If the scripts for season 3 are as good as they were for season 1 & 2.....then i think the show will still be watchable without Marain (Though i still dont agree with her departure)But the thing i think will be hardest is for them to decided in which direction to take the show....Surely the whole series will be focussed on Robin looking to kill Gisbourne???

Sara from milton keynes
i was really upset when that nasty gisborne killed marian, i hope in series 3 will and djaq come back and help the rest of the gang to plot revenge on the sheriff and gisborne.But i am still going to watch it has a i love joe, harry and anjail jay they are fantastic.

What people need to realise is that this almost certainly WAS planned. There was no alternate ending, no last-minute departure by Lucy, it was planned from the start. In an RT interview at the beginning of Series 2, it was mentioned that Gisbourne, at the end of the series, "does something which will push him over the edge onto the dark side", and frankly him killing Marian is all that could apply to that statement.

Wendy from Washington, USA
I hesitate now to let my two young children, who have loved and adored the program, to see the second season when it airs here in America in April. The death of Marian would be devastating to my daughter. There is already so much sadness and love lost in the world. Why could you not let us keep our happy endings and dreams?

Kiki from Lexington, NC (USA)
It was a real shock watching this last episode. I love period drama and I love the Robin Hood story. And it has just been destroyed. I love all of the actors and will support their endeavors in the states, but to end a show like that was WRONG. Even Richard Armitage disagreed with the writers in the Radio Times article. If Lucy was leaving they should have wrapped the show up, because all the writers have done is tick people off. I teach high school social studies and I have used this series in my World History class because they just love seeing a visual of Robin Hood. The boys like the fights and the girls love the eye candy, but I have already cautioned them about the second series. One girl watched both series on youtube in a weekend and the first thing she said to me on Monday was What Were they thinking of? I am venting I know but it feels good to vent. I will still watch because I love Jonas and Richard, BUT I FEEL ROBBED!

My two young daughters were devastated by the death of Marian. Clearly the writers were heading toward a brick wall with their portrayal of the Marian character, regardless of whether the actress stayed on for a third season, and regardless of the familiar Robin and Marian legend, but killing her off like that was a cheap copout.

I was as shocked as everyone else when Marian died...but isn't this somewhat like the way series 1 ended? The only difference is Marian didn't magically wake up this time. I agree with the other postings, because I to watched the show solely for the Robin/Marian chemistry. However, I am looking forward to series 3, because I think it will be interesting to see what the writers will do. I think that Lucy should come back...being an American...Hollywood isn't what it is cracked up to be (look at Britany). I would think it would be interesting if they bring Marian back as a "Lady of the Forest" which would be like another twist on one of the Robin Hood interpretations. It would kinda be more interesting...she is still they for Robin but more in spirit, coming when he needs her. We shall see...and all you people they say you wouldn't watch are will!

I'm sorry I understand and all but really, come on. This is one of my favorite stories ever and I know for a fact in the original it is actually Robin who dies before Marian because he was bled to death by a doctor when they thought it would cure infections. I'm not even sure if I want to continue watching I might just for the few characters that I like that are left. But the majority of the story that I know and love is gone. It has been stomped and spat on really. When I look back on it I sometimes think I could have handled it better if the death didn't seem so wishy washy. I'm sorry to say but really it was one of the most disappointing things I have ever seen in my entire life and I've seen quite a bit.

That, I'm afraid, was a pathetic ending. How on earth do you manage Robin without Marian? It's just not something that you can have. BBC will never pull this off. If Lucy was leaving, they should have stopped the show and tied it up with a nice happy ending. They just made everybody absolutely miserable after christmas! I for one will not be returning to watch the full series three.

It is not the job of the BBC to instruct us about the original versions of the legend of Robin Hood. It's job is purely to entertain, and in a way in which that keeps the fans happy and gives them plenty of artistic license. Having said this, if Marian is going to stay dead, then series 2 should be the end of the show. No series 3 at all. Although the more original versions of the story are entertaining, I don't believe that when people sit down to watch the show they want to see the truth. Take a look at Disney- none of those stories are the originals, yet people love them. It was a mistake to kill of Marian so early if you want to make a series 3. Lucy Griffiths is young, if she really wants to stretch her wings a little I think she should learn to multi-task. She was great in the role, and I am really sad to see her go. It was a mistake to take so much artistic license and eliminate her character from the show. After establishing such a strong connection between Robin and Marian it's just down right wrong and disappointing to bring in another love interest. Go back to the scene where Guy is having a bad dream (and thinks Marian and I think Robin and the Sheriff are rubbing his back), and rewrite the end of series 2 from there. And then make that the beginning of series 3. You know, turn it into a big dream sequence. Talk to Lucy, bring her back, please! If it really were modern I don't think you would want to kill off the popular love interest. It wouldn't be Robin Hood without Marian.

Jac Kennedy
I think that she should come back, she is a major character and one that I look up too as a female in a "male dominated place" Lucy potrays the character as I always thought that she should be.. I know the feeling of wanting to move on to bigger and better but in the field of acting you must also remember the responsibility to your fans, I think that she should see it through, she is young and will have a lot of oppurtunity ahead of her... as for will and Djaq I loved there characters and Hope that they return, you will find that you will lose alot of audience if you change too much too fast.

How can you even consider killing Marian. Fans have been waiting for two series for Robin and Marian to be together only to be absolutely devasted when Marian dies. This is not right.

Being from the states, I have only viewed parts on youtube, but will get the season 1 soon. I thought this was a dream sequence--not real, BUT, it would be cool to bring in a strong almost Guy Gisborne female character to compete w/ the men & give them all a run for their money. Still thought it was a cliff hanger dream sequence though. We shall see........

marian can't died!! she with robin are the essence of the show!!And i don't see anything wrong with Lucy exploring other probabilities, but I mean... all the fans love her because of the show, is she going to do the same with all her jobs??, left a movie at the middle because of the fame?? come on!! if you started something you have to finished!!I do not understand why is all the third series a mistery (they don't want to tell any information about it), the differents papers said different things!!come on!! are they kidding us???

I can honestly say I will not be watching the third season, I have no desire to see Robin fall in love with someone else, or mope around for the rest of his life! What a terrible choice!

Katherine Ralph
I was very shocked when Marian was killed by Guy. However i see no harm in it - afterall, the BBC had a version of its own and rightfully so. I really am looking forward to the 3rd series!

This is completely suicidal. Why on earth kill off Marian...Why not any of Robin's men...What a complete and utter daft thing to do...When i watched the double episode at christmas i was screaming at the telly for about half an hour...I doubt that the show, will have excellent ratings now... Ohhhh!

I'm just disappointed in the ending of series 2. When I started watching the first series, I thought that the show was great, something different from all of the other tv shows. Finally there was something that wasn't too heavy, too dramatic, but was entertaining and of course, had a great romance. I'll admit that the primary reason I watched the show was for the Robin/Marian romance. Since it was largely based on the legend of Robin Hood, I just assumed that eventually Robin and Marian would win and live happily ever after. This assumption was what made the show great for me, because I knew that no matter what they went through and how long it took them to get there, that in the end Robin and Marian would be together. I didn't imagine that she would die and that would be the end of Robin/Marian. For me the show lost its appeal when Marian died. If it's at all possible, find some way to bring Marian back.

Amused Canadian
I'm a big fan of myth and folklore, and let me say this to the shocked "traditionnalists": in the oldest versions, Marian was actually quite promiscuous, not Robin's One True Love. She was also something of quasi-supernatural being, a reminiscence of celtic fae and pagan fertility goddesses, just as Robin himself is simply a reinterpretation of the green man. Maypole dancing is actually believed by some experts to be tied to lady Marian in some way. So, since the version of the legend we're all used to is also a retool, it's a bit foolish to be angry at them for pulling off another twist. Besides, I remember a previous version (mid-90's I think) where Marian becomes a nun after she is convinced Robin has been killed, and remains one even after she realises that he hasn't. Anyways, the sheer upheaval caused by this proves that they were right to do it in the first place; this one will be remembered because it was strikingly different, because the creators, when faced by an unavoidable situation, chose to rock the boat instead of conforming to every old cliché of the legend and television. It' a shock, but it's also fiction, and as such should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Marian is the driving force in Robin Hood. As Robin said in the last episode, she gives him hope that they'll be together in the end. Without her, Robin has lost this hope. while fighting for England is a worthy cause, Robin needs to have Marian as she is the person he fights for. Marian needs to return...I hope this is all a dream or she somehow survived. Please bring Marian back!

luv robin hood
i think killing marian was outragous she is one of the key characters i think if there is anyway she could surive she should. if she is truely dead forever robin will never be able to find love again as if he did it would cause uproar but i don't think there should ever be another marian if she is truely dead. i think taking away marian would be like taking away the sheriff if there is going to be another series and i hope by some miricle she comes back. i think leaving will and djaq was a an ok idea as it is different but i don't think they should be gone forever, they should come back. i also think that if marian is dead there should be more hatred between guy and robin then ever before and something should happen between them. marian should live !!!

This is in response to some of the comments that the BBC don't have to follow the legend. While this is true, then why did they call the show Robin Hood, call it the Outlaws instead. The show is Robin Hood because the characters remain the same (Robin, Marian, Guy of Gisborne, Sheriff) and they have the same purpose (save England for the King). I mean people watch it because they know the Robin Hood legend and are interested in seeing a new version. While some aspects can change... the stories and costumes are different which is great, but if the show is called Robin Hood it is essentially based on the legend. Taking Marian away would be like taking away Robin himself or the Sheriff. There are certain key elements to the legend that must remain true. While Marian may not have been in some of the original stories, she became part of the popular legend. If you're going to kill Marian, a key part to the show, why not then just end the show with the Sheriff winning and Robin losing. Marian needs to survive and somehow return as the legend is and will always remain Robin and Marian, not Robin and some other girl.

i think that just because its a legend that Robin and Marian are supposed to get married and live together, does not mean BBC have to do it. Let's face it, NONE of us thought she would die because we were expecting a fairy-tale ending. so the BBC killed her off and it did cause a massive uproar, but i don't think it;s a dream. That's stupid. i love them together, but if Lucy wanted to leave, what else could they have done? they could have got another actress, but then THAT would have caused an uproar. sorry, i' babbling on! DON'T GET ME WRONG I LOVE THEM!!! but i want Will/Djaq to come back. you can't take two talents to the gang away. bring them back, BBC, or no one will watch it! you've already taken away a female inspiration, don;t take away the other one!!

Marianne (I swear!)
I recently discovered the show (in France you don't get adverts for the BBC programs!) and got so addicted I watched both seasons in two nights!I had a great time, I really did, but the last episode, Jesus!What were the writers thinking??!!I've never been convinced by Lucy Griffiths (she and Robin/jonas just don't click, there's no magic), but still, killing her was a big, big mistake, specially if you were planning a third season..I mean, look at the "gang" we've got at the end of season2!Four exhausted, miserable lads, who've not only lost Marian, but also 2 of their key-members, Djaq and Will!Much is fun and he always means well but he's no fighter, Alan is a shameless opportunist and Little John is not getting any younger..I'm not being funny, but is that supposed to save England??!Hey writers, you're having a laugh!Anyway, whatever you decide for next season, please, do not bring Marian back, you already used the trick at the end of season1 and I think people would get tired of it..Last thing : is it really worth writing and shooting a third season everyone is already disappointed in??A clue : no...

Have just returned from an extended holiday and watched the Season 2 finale of Robin Hood. What on earth is going on?!! I wasn't sure if I'd missed a something so re-wound the tape and still couldn't believe it. I've loved this series since it began. I felt the modern take on the story worked very well but this really is taking it too far away from the orignal legend. Lucy Griffiths is an extremely talented actress and is obviously destined for great things in her career. What a pity she just couldn't even make a couple guest appearances in series 3 to keep the Robin/Marian story alive. It seems that many programmes these days have to need a 'shock' element to keep their viewing figures up - I think this may have miss-fired slightly. I certainly won't be looking forward as eagerly to the next series as I did before. Although people don't like actors being replaced, I think in this case it would have been more acceptable. It's worked for the BBC many times before (in the original Robin Hood TV series of the 1950's Marian was played by two different actresses and in the ITV series in the 1980's they even replaced the main character)! Please BBC, could the writers have a bit of a re-think and adjust the storyline for 2008 to include Marian - any other romance would really be 'pushing it' a bit too far.

i was devastated at the death of marian and personally believe if lucy griffiths wanted to leave the role or marian should be recast. marian has become a vital to the myths (although she wasn't an orginal character) she is a also a vital part to this series, and therefore should somehow return in series three.

The last episode of the this season was absolute rubbish! There was NO BLOOD when she got stabbed, and she was lying there for about an hour with a sword in her stomach, talking to robin. AND they got married about 3 times in that one episode! Seriously, marian and Robin repeated their vows 2 times! Also, near the end, robin was stood talking to the king like nothing happened, and no-one even mentioned anything at all, nothing like "Sorry robin for your loss, are you ok?"! HELLOOOO ROBIN HOOD, YOUR WIFE JUST DIED, YEH YOU KNOW, THE ONE CALLED MARIAN!Lucy is a brilliant actress, and beautiful, the least you could have done was given her the best ending to her character! It was as if you had given up or something and just simply said "yeh, we will kill you, leave will etc, yeh so what i dont care about the fans" HOW COULD YOU?? LUCY WE LOVE YOU COME BACK!! Lucy, if it is true you left for hollywood, then im sorry but your not gonna get into Hollywood just like that are you? You might as well stay and do just one more season! PLEASE LUCY!!!! Even if it means just doing half a season, or a quater! We want you in season 3!! The show is a pile of dirty dishes without you!! The show without you would make your fans around the whole world CRY LIKE A BABY!! PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE DO SOMETHING! Fans worldwide are going red with anger, crying ther lungs out, petitions are flying everywhere!!! LUCY GRIFFITHS IS THE BEST! If indeed you did leave, then I would just like to say Lucy, that I hope you have the best acting career EVER, and ALL your dreams come true, and although it is ashame you have left, I will support you in everyway, as a dedicated fan should. Thanks you, if you should post this....

Big D
Jeez. Give it a rest folks. It's a TV show. It's a legend with zillions of versions. Marian only appears in the 16th century. Why not play with it and create something new?

I have to say that the ending of series 2 was not at ALL what I expected. I must say I was impressed by the writers' bravery, but also confess that I was pretty gleeful about Marian's death, because she has been the flattest and least believable character in the show (frankly I don't know what Robin sees in her). I sincerely hope that she is not brought back to life with some horrible cliché! Now that she is dead, series 3 should have some interesting conflict for once, and I think I will watch it.

first things, i must say that the writers did a fantastic job on the way that Marian was killed off, and the acting was superb, however it still doesnt change the fact that it was a big mistake for Lucy to leave.....Recently i've heard whispers on the internet of an alternate ending where Marian survives.....Perhaps this means that Lucy Originally was meant to stay for a third series (hence the interviews she gave saying she was staying), but later decided to leave.....or maybe this alternate ending (if it does exist) could form the start of series 3??? As much as i dont agree with Lucy for leaveing (If she did leave) She will no doubt be a big star oneday....

It's been weeks now since I watched Marian die. And I'm still angry. I like twists and turns and surprise endings as much as the next person but not when they butcher my favorite show. Lucy herself said she was coming back for a 3rd season. TA, BBC, I hope you make some sort of statement soon lest you lose valuable viewers. Why is everyone so quiet? Why hasn't Lucy made a statement? If this is some sort of trick, give the viewers a little clue that things may turn around...we would spend months talking about it, believe me! As it is, I have no desire to watch the 3rd season. Robin deserves better than this; your AUDIENCE deserves better. I have loved all the ways you've tinkered with the's what has made the show original, fun and interesting to watch. But without half the cast it will be a shadow of what it once was. And don't mess with Robin's love life. I'd rather him pine away than see him happy with another girl. You might think that this is YOUR show. No, no, no. This is MY show. And I decide whether or not I buy the DVD's. I feel like it's me that been stabbed in the back, not Marian.

And there was me thinking I was being soft :).. Glad to hear that many people are having a hard time accepting this, its is a very silly thing to do. I can't see why the writers did it to be honest. But, ont he other hand, if Lucy wanted to pursue other things then good luck to her. it was the best way to take her out.Saying this, i don't believe she is dead, the little smirk of Robin could show that. We don't see her buried, she has no blood on her, and the comment "she HAS to live" says it all. I think it was a plan of Robins to take her out of the Gisborn loop and make him think he killed her, eradicating all ties. Then, Will stays behind to stay with her for a time and she returns, with will. This theory is ofcourse riddled with bias'ness as I want it to be true hehe. If writers are reading it, and this is not true then as Picard says 'make it so'.Bring her back and not some other actress, Lucy can surley be tempted if you offer her more cash, of maybe a new horse. Finally, it is a family show as the many replies state, you are bending the legend a lot and it simpley won't do, and think of all the people NOT buying the dvd's because they don't want to re-live Marian dying in dolby.Fix it, you have the power.

1. I emailed Tiger Aspect.....they confirmed that she is 'leaveing to pursue other oppurtunities'....also they said pretty much the exact same as the BBC Statement on this page......coincidense???...our something more interesting?????2. Lucy deciding to leave has created the exact show the writers did not want.....having watched the extras on the first series DVD,it seems that writers/producers wanted a show that the whole family could watch together....with marians death that ideas gone.....3.As much as i like Lucy, and wish her the best of luck with her career (so talented) if rumours are true that she had originally signed on for the third series, I wish she honoured this!!! With Jonas Armstrong likley to leave at the end of this series, it would be so fitting if they were to leave together.....4.She is only 20.....couldnt Hollywood wait another year..and with the writers strike, is she really gonna land a part in a big film/TV series???

For me the only heartbreak I had at he end of the final episode was not the loss of Marion, but rather the thought that Richard Armitage's role may be reduced in series 3. That would be catastrophic to the Guy of Gisbon fans like myself!!!

Although it didn't go with the script and the story I grew up with I think it was the best way to take Marain out of the programme, it was obvious that when the truth came out Sir Guy wasn't going to take too kindly to finding out that the woman he loved, loved his worst enemy. Personally I am looking forward to how the story unfolds next series, how Robin and Sir Guy cope with what happened and how her death will be avvenged, although I hope Richard Armitage completes at least one more series as Sir Guy as the acting and look is superb.

I did leave a comment over a week ago, but it was never posted so I thought I'd try again! I was shocked and disappointed by Marian's death on a number of different levels. Firstly because to me Marian IS a huge part of the Robin Hood legend, yes I know she apparently wasn't in the original legend, but who cares, the bbc put her in their one and so you can't just get rid of her. How can the bbc expect people to buy into a new love interest for Robin when they have spent 2 years waiting and hoping to see Robin and Marian together just to see her killed off! Secondly, the ending of season 2 has totally changed the character of Robin that the bbc have spent the last 2 years creating. Throughout both series, one of, if not the main theme was about Robin's feelings for Marian. We as an audience were led to believe that the only reason Robin was staying in Nottingham as an outlaw was for Marian (S1E8).When Robin thought Marian was dead, he went beserk killing everyone in sight, then when he thought she was marrying Gisborne he was going to leave and turn his back on everyone and everything. Then in season 2 this character trait again was made a main theme. Robin needed Marian to be Robin Hood, in S2E10 Robin again emphasizes that even if everyone in Nottingham is killed, Marian HAS TO live. Yet the bbc,who have created this character now expect us to believe that Robin who has now lost the love of his life, also now his wife, is quite calmly heading back to Nottingham to carry on and fall in love again. I'm sorry but I can't buy that, the bbc have totally gone against the character they created. Thirdly because I thought this was meant to be a family show? If you can't find a happy ending in a "family" bbc show based on a well known and loved legend then where can you find one? Ok if I was watching Spooks I know I would have to entertain the idea that a main character might be killed off, they are after all dealing with real life issues. I'm sorry but I feel the bbc has mislead it's audience and deprived us of our happy ever after, and to me Robin finding love again is not a happy ending. I understand the bbc might have been under pressure if Lucy Griffith wanted to leave, but surely that was why the cast were made to sign contracts anyway to stop this sort of thing from happening. But even if they couldn't stop her from leaving they surely could have dealt with the issue in a different way. Even though it would have killed me to see someone else replace Lucy, I think she is an amazing young actress and was a real plus to the show, I would much rather see someone else play Marian and have the legend live on than have to watch Robin fall in love with someone else! Whatever way I look at it I can't see myself being able to watch season 3, definitely not if they bring in a new love interest for Robin and even if the bbc have the common sense not to do that how can I watch the show knowing there is not going to be a happy ending. To many that may sound pathetic but for me tv is about escapism, finding the adventure and happiness that can't be found in everyday life. I really loved the bbc version of Robin Hood, but sadly that has been taken away. The only hope I have left is that when the bbc release season 2 on dvd they include the alternate ending that they were meant to of filmed, hopefully that one ends better and those of us that won't be able to watch season 3 will find some closure in that.

Horrible! My children and I watch the show and to see the looks on their faces when Marian died....I will NEVER watch this show again. A "family" show to do this to children who watched that program. Shame on you!

After an unusually tragic year for my family and so many I know and care for, I was looking forward to coming home from the holidays and enjoying a brief escape in Sherwood. Instead, I was shocked and devastated by Marian's death. Isn't real life sad enough without making popular family shows depressing as well? I would prefer a recast of the actress to the death of the character. The best scenario would be the "Robin is just having a nightmare" idea. It's not like this show hasn't had characters cheat death in all kinds of convoluted ways before. I see no reason to watch another season (or buy anymore of the DVDs) if it's only going to make me sad. Please bring Marian back to Robin and end the show happily.

The decision to kill Marian was gratuitous sensationalism - designed for headlines not for the (young) audience. Surely it would have been better for Marian - perhaps believing Robin dead - to have been sent to a nunnery (As was the case with Audrey Hepburn in "Robin and Marian"). She could still have made cameo appearances, but be more appropriately disposed of. I think to disappoint the children watching and to show such emotional and violent distortions to a family story is irresponsible.

it was definitely an unexpected ending, and im still hoping that marian isnt really dead, but if its true i dont think they should replace lucy with another girl, i hate it when shows do that, they cant change her,not after two seasons.

I think it's perfectly reasonable that Marian shoulod die. It was one of the most poignant and moving pieces of television i've seen in a very long time. Better than killing Robin isn't it?

Fellow RH fans around the world - Robin has left us - A clue: YES! Marian isn't dead! In the last minutes of the show after Will holds up his RH tag, Robin turns around, nods, and smiles. It's his little mischevious smerky, smile that we've seen before and it's telling us that he has a plan! And it can't be just half a plan because Will is in on it too! It is a little smile, but it is most certainly there! He's the good guy afterall so let's have some faith in him!I would like to thank the BBC for financially backing the production of Robin Hood. The BBC did what it does best and that is produce excellent drama. These characters were brought to life by such a talented cast that that's why we all felt so sad with the ending. But that is what excellent drama is all about. If any of the cast happens to read this, I would like to thank them for all of their hard work! Your efforts are truly appreciated by this fan!

I must reveal my strong emotions about the end of season 2. I have always loved old-fashioned love stories and Marian & Robin presented it on the show. I'm ashtonished!Where can I now find romance when the best couple ever has been killed?! I'm not going to beg you to bring back Marian if Griffiths isn't playing the role in season 3. I don't want another love intrest for Robin if Griffiths isn't coming back. Let him grieve for whole season 3 and desire revenge than kill Gisborne and live alone until death bring them together again in heaven. Please don't destroy MY illusion!

Aren't legends legends for a reason, cos they're amazing stories that people love to hear. I don't think anyone wants to hear about Robin Hood and some bird he met after the love of his life died. I really think the BBC have made a mistake killing off Marian, as much as having another actress play Marian would be weird, i think we'd get over it in time. Without Marian we lose seeing the other side to Guy that we never get to see. And as much as I wish Lucy good luck, 2 season's of a BBC show do not a star make, so many british actresses go to Hollywood thinking they can make it and so many come crawling back. Can't say I'm awaiting the new season with anyway near as much anticipation as I did the previous one.

D. Flynn
Well... The only love interest given to the earliest form of Robin Hood (before his association with Richard the Lionheart or his depiction as a deposed noble) was a shepherdess named Cleolinda.Still, this is a serious problem for the series. My hope is that Ms. Griffiths will change her mind.

Becky Somerville
The BBC has thought of a great new story, why is everyone dissing it so much? They should bring in a new female character who catches Robin's eye, someone either a princess or a young independent woman. It could be a fantastic new series but the BBC still needs that aspect of love.xoxox

Anita Byrne
While I was shocked to see Marian die, i was absolutely delighted to see her die as was my whole family, she had to be the most painful character on television i was slowly but surely going off the programme now i cant wait for series three. I do hope BBC bring back Will and Djaq.

By far the best thing that could happen to the series, her character was weak, pretty as she is, it's not enough.

The name says it all! Its was so sad, but I gotta admit that scene was so beautiful and well-done!I cant believe they killed off Marian, but it is pretty logic. I mean, Marian should be dead 10 times over by now, shes survived a little too much.And Will and Djaq!!!!!! :O I cant believe they've gone, I was so upset! I have heard they will come back, but why has Djaq hardly been mentioned in that paragraph at the top? I find she is pretty ignored, even though shes one of the main charecters. Stop ignoring her bbc!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING MARION BACK! I loved her in Robin Hood and I'm heart-broken she has left! Somehow PLEASE bring her back. Robin Hood is brilliant and mainly because Lucy Griffiths is in it! I was in floods of tears when she died!If in the next series Marion doesn't come back I think Robin should make a shrine for Marion and then kill Guy!! I can't bear to watch Robin Hood without Lucy Griffiths in it!!

Dulce Annabel (Mexico)
Sorry my english is not good at all but i really want to say it "What you lot were thinking, how can you possible kill Marian" I have folowed the series 2 on internet and already got in dvd's series 1. I am totally disapointed now. I was waiting for a happy ending, but this was, no is awful.

No. 1 lucy Griffiths fan
I am still in shock over marians death and have been since the series ended, i can't beleive lucy Griffiths will not be in the third series of robin hood as she is the best actress on T.V. i cried for 4 days when i watched the last episode it was horrible i loved marian and robin's relationship and it was the main reason i watched the show. what is robin going to do now? he is going to be heartbroken like many fans the last scenes were very emotionl and well played by lucy but she shouldn't have left the show. the next series isn't going to be popular t all due to marians death the veiwings will go down loads so please bring lucy and marian back! the show will be useless without her as she was the second most important character in the programme please bring her back! the third series could start with robin waking up from a dream so that marian is still alive please bring her back and will and djaq staying over in the holy land was a mistake but not as much as killing marian off, me and all the robin hood fans out there are begging you to bring lucy back by any means necessary pay her loads of more money or do anything just bring her back please and i can guarantee that the veiwings will soar if you bring back lucy griffiths and marian.

Well I for one am excited about season 3. This could make for some interesting character development with Robin. To be honest I don't want a happy ending for Robin. I want him to keep fighting for the poor and then die a heroic death fighting for something or other. Oooh what would be good is if Robin meets Prince John and they fight and Prince John kills Robin and then gang screams "We are Robin Hood!" and they all kill Prince John. I'm way sadder about Carter dying (why kill the best guest character ever?!) and Will leaving. Bring back Will!

Even before the writers strike, I have followed this series over the internet here in New Jersey. If it is true that Lucy Griffiths wanted to leave the series to focus on a Hollywood career, my question is why couldn't she do both? I mean, aren't most British series' a 13-episode committment as opposed to the US counterpart of 22-26 episodes. Wouldn't this be a shorter shooting schedule? I would also caution her to look to others to see how well this strategy works out. For example, Billy Piper has not exactly become a big star and is returning to Dr. Who (though I did see her and Sam T. in a bad direct to video movie). And for an example over here, look at David Caruso who bombed in the movies after leaving NYPD Blue and finally many years later had a career resurgence after returning to tv.On a personal note, I hated the producers/writers killing the character. They could have replaced her with another actress. I could live with Will and Djaq in the holy land (especially since I saw previews of a movie starring Anjuli Jay) as long as new characters are introduced - i.e. Friar Tuck.

I share the same sentiments as the people on this board, but I have one other thing to emphasize. Please don't introduce a new love interest. It would make no sense whatsoever. Let Robin grieve, fight, carry out his mission and die delivering a great line like, "Marian, my love, I'm coming." echoing the things he's said in the past. Give us some semblance of character continuity please!

My family and I absolutely adored this show. We watched it through the Internet because we are from Argentina, but it has recently started on TV here, and we were watching it all over again and recommending it to everyone we met. Now we are taking it back! We loved it because the story is beautifully portrayed, the acting is excellent and plots are exciting (series 2 did a wonderful job with Guy, especially), and mainly because it is romantic and fun!!! But never, never, we thought it was realistic or remotely accurate- and we were ok with it. It was not the idea. But if that is what the show is about, the tragedy that takes place in chapter 13 makes no sense at all! Realism was long lost in the series!! Why the sad realistic twist at this point? Happy endings, even if they are far-fetched -actually, several chapter endings were so- bring the smile that we are hoping to put on when we finish seeing a chapter.Furthermore, Marian is key to the plot. She is Robin's true-love, and she saved him several times, which helped portraying a more human (instead of superhuman) hero. Also, her part allowed that beautiful transformation in Guy's character. Now it is lost, and the killing, and especially his refusal to kill the Sheriff in order to marry her, were not in line with what we had been watching.And finally, Marian was such a wonderful character herself!!!! Please, please, please bring her back!!!!!!!!!!

My hat is off to you, BBC. Best. Ending. Ever. =D

Judy Nash - JAF
The writers claimed they had created an ideal show for all the "Family" to watch together, so why on earth did they betray those Families to bring about such a shocking end to a beloved character in Lady Marian? And how are they going to clean up their mess and restore her to the legend? Robin in the final series 3 without his Marian is totally unacceptable and will turn fans off in droves unless they can convince show's followers that this is a mirage/ hallucination on Robin's part having been tied up in the Desert. Children everywhere were absolutely devastated, adults no less so and parents all over the world had to do their level best to console the kids over the loss of one of their beloved role models. How do I want to see the Series end? As the legend has always been, R&M restored to life and Happy ever after, their Wedding, Sheriff & Gisborne properly tried and convicted at the end, King returning to give Robin his land & titles back and most certainly bring Will & Djaq back to Sherwood. Nothing less. The writers must undo the awful damage they have created in destroying what has always been one of the most enduring love stories of all time.

I honestly don't know if I should be saying this here but, pleeeeeeaaaaase you have to bring Will and Djaq back!!!!!!!!If Lucy Griffiths wanted to quit the show she should have been by another actress, the role of Lady Marian is just too important to kill it off....Pleeeaseeee do something!!!! Bring them back!!!!Will and Djaq!!!!! and Maria n too, even if it is played by another actress

sara baker
hi, i was really sad to see that nasty gisborne kill marian, I was really horrified when that happened.It would be nice to see will and djaq come back into it has mr and mrs scarlet that would be so cool! They have to come back!!!

a loyal and distressed fan
BBC - be warned, you have made a grave mistake! You are going to lose many viewers! This show will be nothing without Marian and season 3 will be the biggest let down of the year!You must find a way to bring her back! i have been reading all the other comments and practically everyone has said that Marian shouldn't die!You have destroyed the legend! in the stories, even though so many bad things were happening to the people of Nottingham Robin was there to help them and Marian was there for Robin and they are supposed to be together and happy in the end! This was my favourite show and many people watched this show for Robin and Marian because they resembled hope and love in the midst of so much cruelty and you have destroyed that. If we wanted to watch something where dreams are crushed and good people are killed for loving and all the happiness is sucked out of life then we would watch Romeo and Juliet. But this isn't Romeo and Juliet, this is Robin Hood and Robin and Marians love is much greater than theirs and they deserve to be happy in the end.At the start of season 3, you should make it so that Robin passed out when they were tied up in the desert and everything after that was a dream.Please don't replace Lucy, find a way to bring her back, and if you can't then whatever you do don't give Robin a new love interest! let us keep our wonderful memories of Robin and Marian safe in our hearts without another woman spoiling them!!You've ruined a perfectly good show now i suggest that you find a way to fix it!

It literally killed me to see Marian killed. I LOVE the series and live my week for it. I will watch series 3 because I love Jonas Armstrong but if he has a new love interest than I WON'T be happy!! I still holding onto hope that Marian will be back.

i am absolutley devastated!!! ive never cried so much in my whole life! that scene was so emotional! This is an absolute outrage!! you can't kill marian off from robin hood! you just can't!!i dont mind too much about Will and Djaq being left behind coz they will come back, although there is a serious lack of marry men at the moment!Robin can't have a new love because Robin and Marian are supposed to be togther! That is how the story goes! you can't just go around changing history as you please!i seriously suggest that you find a way to bring her back or the ratings for season 3 will be nothing compared to the previous seasons!!!

Major R H fan
I have read all comments so far ( my first comment not included) which makes me wonder how many people have made a comment which has not been acknowledged? what more can i add other than saying this whole business with marian dying(whether this is legend or not) completely destroys any chance of satisfaction for many of us. If Robin is going around broken hearted of what use would that be to England in thier Hour of need, ALL HE IS GOING TO DO IS WANT REVENGE ON GUY, AND TO BE KILLED TO BE WITH HER AT THE END.(PLEASE PLEASE DONT DO THAT)- come on mr M. sort the storyline out. This is entertainment if i want to see death,dissappointment,frustration i could look at the news.Did Lucy not like acting with Jonas? or did she like it too much? now theres a thought. PLEASE GIVE US OLD ROMANTICS A HAPPY ENDING . lET IT ALL HAVE BEEN AN HALLUCINATION OF ROBINS IN THE DESERT............

I know a lot of people are wishing Lucy well with her new career, but honestly, she should have considered how important her role was and not left until the series was finished. There are more important things than running off to "further your career" like staying with something that is important. To me that just shows she is young and didn't think about others before she made that selfish decision. The BBC should have contracted her for longer to ensure this didn't happen, because that was a horrible way to end a family show, and a horrible thing to do to the fans who are very dedicated. We have all been in mourning since the last show--it really isn't just a tv program for us!

annoyed fan
Wow! I just read someone's comment below saying how two strong female characters have been removed and i just realised - the ONLY (ongoing) female characters in the entire show have both been cut!! That's insane! How are they going to have proper character interractions now??? It's going to be very one sided. Although I do think Will and Djaq will come back. I don't think their consciences would allow them to live a happy life in the Holy Land, knowing what their friends and Nottingham is going through. I'm very annoyed about Marian being killed off. I realise BBC wants to try new angles on the legend, but there's re-shaping, and then there's destroying. To kill Maid Marian in a Robin Hood show is tv suicide. Unless they really redeem themselves, I think Season 3 will be the last of the show

I can't imagine a show without Will and Djac. Nor can I imagine the series continuing without Marian. She was the heart of the show, and the Marian/Robin/Guy dynamic was fascinating. Though I wouldn't be pleased to learn I was getting jerked around by some stunt (i.e. Marian is still somehow alive), I can't imagine watching the series any longer unless Marian (and Will and Djac) return.

It's a real shame is all that I can say it may have been a brave move but there is no sense in re-writing history the whole attraction to the robin hood story is knowing that good prevails and that they ride off into the sunset at the end. I have loved this series from the start but if there is no Marian then the show is heading in a direction that I don't like and thus will not watch. Good luck to Lucy and all but I think the show might need the luck more if this carries on.

Thats ridiculous. Coming from Hollywood and an acting family she should have for her career stayed with Robin Hood if it was her choice to leave such a sweet deal. She is soooo young and has the rest of her life for Hollywood to eat her alive. You don't leave a good thing. PERIOD Sounds like bad blood if they removed any possibility of a return unless this was all a dream PLEASE LET IT BE A DREAM. I am okay with the historical inaccuracies and sometimes lame story lines but this is where I draw the line.

i can understand that the actress wanted to leave but you sould have just had a happy ending to series 2 and left it instead of trying to drag it out without three main characters. people are saying lucy griffiths ruined the show ad stuff but i dont think thats fair i mean all we see is 45 minutes but she is out there for 7 months ina foreign country without her family with a load of boys learning scripts and doing rigorous training. if i was offered the chance to do glamourous films in hollywood over that i would probably take it! i think bbc you have ruined your show! It was a really good show with ratings so you didnt want to lose that so you are just going to drag it out! you will spend lots of money on the series and no one will watch it! lots of people will watch the first one in the hope that she will some back and then after that boycott it! if it is just going to be little john pining for his wife, much complaining of hunger and alan talking about the sheriff and gisborne i dont want to watch it! please dont bring in someone else for robin to love that will just be awful!!

I'm from Spain and I can't believe that Marian dies. I think the writers should find the way to comes Marian to life, I think this is imperative to Robin Hood's legend.Please, we need Marian!!!!

The whole famliy have enjoyed the series until that fateful encounter with Guy. My 6 year old is devistated, how am I supposed to explain that the BBC just decided to re-write the legend. Surely they could have replaced Lucy if need be. I think this realy is a pretty poor idea on the part of the writers, and what about all the money the BBC has made from mechandise over Christmas more expensive than any other character toys, which are now not being played with as half the children are grieving for Marian....BAD SHOW ON YOU BBC

BBC has got to be nuts for pulling this stunt.....I don't care if the acctress had better things to explore......My friends and I have have been avid fewers since it started airing here in America and we stuck with it even after Allen betrayed Robin but there is no way we're going to watch season 3 without Marian there. She is Robin's stone, the one person he would listen to. The story of Robin Hood and his Lady Marian is keep them apart now is like letting the bad guys win!!!!!!

I'm forom Canada and have been watching Robin Hood on youtube.....I was devastated when Marion died, i cried for so long....Marion needs to be back, Robin needs her. It's so sad, BRING MARION BACK

I think that it was absolutly so, so wrong to do, it's not robin hood without maid marian!! i just sat and cried FOR AGES after that i mean she was my favourite character and she was really pretty too! :-(HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DO THIS TO MILLIONS OF VIEWERS THAT REALLY LIKED HER!!I'm only 13 but who cares, i was really enspired by her and i needed some sort of that surport that things do come through in the end, with whats going on in my life!!!!!! I will still watch series 3 though :-) x

Actually I thought Allan would be killed in the end ... I am glad, he is not, because he and Will are my favourite characters ... but Marian??Big shock!When I first watched the last episode, I thought, there not should be af third series, because then it would have been an very good ending. But now ... well, I belive and hope, that the BBC-guys are smart enough to let Marian appear in Robins dreams and somehow bring Will and Djaq back. We need them, and the show need a Marian to give Robin some hope. I like the ending at the series. I had expected some bether, but it is an acceptable ending. And I also loved the rest of series 2. I really look forward to series 3.

The ending was certainly a good twist but I was so disappointed that Marian was killed off. It would be completely implausible to bring her back to life now - but I think they should still do it!!I, like many other fans, am not sure if I will watch it without Marian. Robin looks nice but his character is pretty bland to be honest and without the will-marian-reform-him element Guy could go the same way, and a constantly guilt ridden Guy would be even worse! Marian was what made the series interesting. Without a bit of karate kicking feminism the show is nothing!! Frankly, a third series without Marian would ruin it so maybe it would be best to quit on a high

It was a shame that Maid Marian died but i dont think it has ruined the show. I think that her death will only make robin hood want to get revenge on Guy of gisboure and that would make a good new story line for the third series, But i do think that it was wrong to leave will and Djaq in the Holy Land.They could have got married in the Holy Land but the gang is not the same with out them in it. They should come back to sherwood in the third series i think.

Ro, Oxfordshire
I too hate that Marian has been killed off. However I believe that where there's a will there's a way!!! I am sure the writers will have a way of pulling this off - one way or another. In series 3 I would like to see; while Robin and his men and the Sheriff and Guy were off in the Holy Lands, they all come back to find that the Poor and Nottingham have not been left defenceless. A new outlaw / defender of the people has appeared and this person is just as good a bow bearer and swordsperson as Robin or anyone in Nottingham or Sherwood. Perhaps this person could be from a neighbouring area, or perhaps related to the sheriff or maybe even sent by King Richard himself. And perhaps this person could take over the mantle of Marian - not necessarily a replacement but someone who could help mend Robin's heart and help him fulfil his promise to Marian - to continue fighting in her name. I for one will be watching and can't wait for series 3.

RH Fan
I have watched Robin Hood from the begining and think it all round good family entertainment. Robin Hood is only a legend and BBC are free to dramatise it as they think fit. Personally I think the best actors are Richard Armitage and Keith Allan; together what a team - priceless. Robin lacks charisma and his men are like a band of little boys running around the woods. But Marian was the go between holding it all together. I think it was a mistake to kill the character off and the 3rd series will have to be good to make up for it. I hope you can do it BBC....

Fan from the Midwest
I live over in America, but I've been keeping track of Robin Hood's 2nd season via YouTube. First off, cheers on a good 1st season. My sister introduced me to Robin Hood, and I've been eagerly awaiting the 2nd season's release here in the states...until now. I'm sorry, but when I first read about Marian's death, I was speechless and not in a good way, then I watched the episode, or at least the ending. I think this will ruin the show. Jonas doesn't want to do another season after this, so this 3rd one will probably be it. After killing Marian, I don't think it should go on. We had something to look forward to, Robin and Marian's eventual marriage (true they got married here, but it ruins it by her dying)Every actor in the show fit in perfectly, especially Jonas and Lucy. Chemistry like that is rare, and it's a fool's gamble to do something like this. Either bring Marian back, or let the show die here along with her.

I get the whole "in real life people die" thing, i do. I have lost many people in my life. But that is why we WATCH a show like this!!! We don't want reality! We enjoy the angst b/c somewhere deep down we know it will all work out in the end, and we'll get our happy ending. It's just a matter of how and when. The show was billed as a more light-hearted, family oriented show. They started puting a lot more drama in place of cheek this season, which was great to see, but it still had that same type of "almost a fairy tale" type of feeling. Where realism was subverted for plot quite often, and we all laughed it off and lapped it up. But this... totally against the grain of the show. I feel almost tricked! We were told we were watching one type of show, and in the last 5 minutes the whole series became something else!! It feels almost ruined for me. I will tune in next season, I'm sure, just to see what they do, and to see if htey "have something up their sleeve" like I keep hearing. But it will be so completely different from what it was, that it will seem almost like a spin off of the original. I'll give it a try, but I'm not sure I'll stick with it. It feels almost like my favorite show was suddenly cancelled. *sigh* When season 1 ended, I was pumped! I was so excited and anxious, and felt like I couldnt POSSIBLY wait until the start of the next season. Now I don't feel that AT ALL. I'll watch it, but I won't be counting down the days, or feel the anticipation of it coming, or anything. And I feel kind of robbed and cheated of that. It really sucks!! I don't WANT a replacement Marian, I want LG to come back!! But for ME, this version of RH needs a Marian. And I'd rather see a replacement Marian than a dead one. Perhaps they just should have ended the show this season. As much as I wanted a 3rd season, I'd rather it end on a high note then continue as something unrecognizable.

Arianna (please put this up)
Where to start? It was a bad move ripping the perfect gang apart by keepin Will and Djaq in the Holy Land. What were you thinking? Did you suddenly wake up one moring BBC writers, and say "I know! Let's throw an extremley fascinating tv drama away and let it fall apart in the cruelest way possible!" You killed Marian, how could you? Lucy could have at least had the patience to wait another series so that it ended happily. Then myself and hundreds others would be content! And also, replace her? Never! Neither the actress or character could be replaced. Lucy Griffiths is the only Marian I could ever support, and what is Robin without her? Don't try and change this into Doctor Who, sure he has lots of different companions, but RONBIN DOESN'T!!!! Thirdly (hear me out) it wasn't out of character with both Marian and Gisborne. I've been desperately waiting for her to speak her mind to Gisborne and it finally happened!!! It's obvious she's been waiting to say it, she's been close many times before. And Gisborne may have been slowly melting soft, but it would never happen. It would just ruin it completely (not that there's anything left to this show now). He's a bad guy with a dangerous obssession, all he really wants is power, although I do believe he loved her as he couldn'e bear to hear her say she was in love his enemy/rival. It wasn't out of character, that's the cruel and unforgiving character he is! The marriage vows between Robin and Marian on her death bed weren't corny or soppy. It was beautifully romantic and the only part of the episode I could ever bear to watch again (except for when the sword is pulled out). A small part of me said WOW when she died. It was brave, heroic, romantic and deeply shocking. And yet it should'nt have happened. I thought I would be let down with this series when I heard it would be darker. I enjoyed how wonderful and light-hearted it was in the first series. But I loved the second series despite my earlier feelings, it was worth watching, and I liked how the BBC kept daring to take it further, and further. But I'm sorry that you took it two steps too far, I deeply regret your actions and I believe the drama will suffer for it! I won't watch the next series, there's no point. To me it's just another rubbish take on a brilliant legend! At least she will live in my mind, LONG LIVE MARIAN!!!

As a viewer in US during the WGA strike the show gave me something brilliant to watch- but now like so many others I am livid!!!! Ruining a happy ending is absolutely idiotic! I don't understand how shows these days can't simply show a married couple, there are so few of them. It may be more challenging for the writers, but if anything writing for a married couple brings new ways to make the show remain interesting. If the actress wanted to leave, you could simply replace her- not as good- but you wouldn't lose as many ratings- I ask the producer's to think wisely and look back on other shows where a major character dies and the show's rating dive before writing series 3 and destroying the most legendary couple forever.

The next season could bring Marian this way : as there was no closeup shots of Marian when they buried her and they just showed her body, Marian could be brought back without it seems weird. The whole "Marian's death" could have been a plan to protect her from the revenge of the sheriff, for him not kill her for her betrayal. Besides we didn't see blood on her dress, so they could have faked her death.Well anyway, bring her back please, or the show does not have anymore interest

Hannah Richards
I think it is terrible that the bbc has killed off the second most important character in the best show on television! after marian was stabbed by guy of gisbourne i cried for 3 days i couldn't beleive it! i think marian should be brought back to life like she was at the end the first series, lucy griffiths is my favourite actress ever and robin hood will not be the same without her also robin willl be devastated by her death which wil make the veiwers especcially me very depressed and upset. So please can the bbc bring back the best actress on t.v into the best show on t.v.

I am sure you did this just to maintain viewers for the THIRD series when two had already been more than enough. You should keep slightly along the lines of the legend, whereas if Robin had been half a man, the first thing he would have done when he saw Marian, would have been to kill Gisborne, which he had more than enough time to do and maybe the gay sheriff as well,(oh yes he is!) I'm sorry Beeb, your story is now as dead as celebrity big brother as far as I'm concerned.

I am so sick of Television these days thinking they have to kill main characters to shock people these days. Newsflash: Killing main characters is so old now it is no longer a shock and just makes watching TV not fun or entertaining anymore. Good people get killed in real life. Why would we want to watch TV to see it?Besides all that...this story is legend. We all know it's Robin and Marian. Why would we want to watch one without the other? It's their story together that makes it interesting.I agree with others. If the actress wanted to walk away from the part, cast a replacement. That's her loss. Why should we have to suffer for it?

Luana in US
My whole family was devastated when we watched the last episode. This is not Dumbledore dying, this is a rewrite of a legend. Even my kids understand this. You can't just go and make up a different version of a classic story. We would have preferred a new actress to this version. We would also rather have this "all a bad dream" at the beginning of next season, than continue with this story line. We are huge fans of this show and can't wait for the new episode here in the US, but now we can't get too excited about watching the next season. Really too bad. Somebody made a really bad judgement call on this one. Hope they can find a way to fix this but we can't imagine how....

Marian dying was a real shock to me too, but I'm surprised at how badly so many people seem to have taken it!The stories of Robin Hood are just that, stories. Marian didn't feature in a lot of them, especially some of the earliest legends.Although I don't personally agree with the writers' decision to kill her off, I am interested to see how they'll work with it in series three. It won't be the same, but then the legends of Robin Hood differ widely over the years. It'll just be different and I think people need to give it a chance.And I'd hate for the next series to start with it all having been a terrible nightmare. It's not Dallas or Days of our Lives!

My word, is it not just a TV programme?? I was sad to see Marion die, but I love the show and trust the writers to produce a good 3rd series. Show a little respect for the abilities and skill of the writers and actors of a show you appreciate. Or if you really only watched for Marion, don't watch, but you must have watched it in a very different way to me.

She wasn't even in the original legend people, she was added later because the church found the idea of a cabal of young men living together in the woods a bit "iffy" for their standards. I don't mind her dying, Lucy Griffiths played her in a really bland manner and there was no chemistry between her and Robin, he has more chemistry with Much. I'm more bugged about the effect this has on Guy.

I've had time to recover from the shock.. What a Brilliant episode! i was so sad to see Marian die but i don't think the BBC are to blame if an actor or actress doesn't want to be in the series any more. I am very Sad to see Lucy Leave the series, she played Marian so well!!I don't think Robin should have another lover, because he is now married to Marian and their love should be forever. i would like to see some comedy to lift to mood of this doom and gloom from this last episode.

Watching RH season 2 episode 12/13 was as gutting as watching the end of Blake's 7. For THIS I invested hours of my time and lots of cash for season one on DVD?! Shame on you, BBC. As another poster said, if Lucy Griffith wanted to try Hollywood, she should have been replaced. Both my daughter and I feel angry and cheated. For us, the triangle of Robin, Guy and Marian is compulsive watching. This ending seemed like it was done for shock value, with the result being that two strong females are gone and only the twelve year old boys will be happy because there won't be any of that yucky love stuff going on. Shock might get lots of buzz, but it alienates loyal viewers who feel cheated and, frankly, taken advantage of.

I am probably one of the oldest fans of the Robin Hood Series. Initially, I did not think I would enjoy a show designed for the "Playstation Generation" however, it is now my favorite program, far superior to most US shows. My 14 year old grsndson and I watch it on BBCA. I was devastated to learn (over the internet) that Marian had been killed off. This was probably the most assinine plotline the writers could have come up with. I cannot repeat what my grandson said when he heard. Suffice to say, he was not pleased, at all. It has been rumored that there is an alternate ending for series 2; if it does not involve killing any of the main characters, I am sure fans would be willing to accept that. A few shots of favorite scenes was a shoddy goodbye for someone who played a major role in 26 episodes. Lucy will be missed!

Bringing in a new actress would be much more acceptable than killing off the character. Although we all loved Lucy, we love the relationship between Robin and Marian more. They are one of the couples that you can't think of one without thinking of the other. I don't know what the BBC has up their sleeve, but as for now, I am extremely shocked and disappointed and am hoping for a miracle.

I am looking forward to seeing how the writers deal with the Guy / Robin relationship in series 3.Very brave to have killed off Marion but just look at the reaction to the killing. So many have said they will not watch, but I bet you do.

I think that the last episode was amazing, it was well written and emotional. This is a new Robin Hood a new take on the story no one said that it had to stay the same. Season 3 could be brilliant and dark with Robin seeking revenge for Marion. But please bring Will back, he was a great character. All I can say is that as long as Allan A Dale stays I will be watching. Great Actor and has played his role really well. Thumbs Up BBC!

We don't watch this show for reality, we watch knowing that no matter how bad things get, we'll always get our happy ending!!! Seriously, are we to have a Robin Hood where the hero FAILS to save the maiden? WHere there are no longer ANY female role models on the show?? They either need to fix the ending through a dream sequence or whatever and bring Lucy back, or even bring in another actress. As dreadful as a replacement is, it's far less dreadful than a DEAD MARIAN! Unbelievable.

It seems to me that there are a couple basic and necessary details to the Robin Hood story - hero, forest, sheriff, some merry men and Marian. Other things can come and go, but I don't see how the story works without her. I won't be so keen to watch the next season. I really liked the actress, but they should have just replaced her.

how dare the bbc do that?! if she wanted to do other stuff than marian, u can easily say that marion is abroad for some of the series and then later come back, it is a well known trick. To be honnest, killing her is so stupid!! i dont even know if i want to watch the next season now. how can you change the ending to such a well known legend?! the good guys always survive! c'monm this is a family show!

So she's dead, writers can't help that if Lucy wanted to go.Just a note thought to the writers of the show, BRILLIANT, the final ending was written excellently and I enjoyed it greatly.

In Little John's words...this I do not like! No, Marian should not have been allowed to die. The romance between Robin and Marian is half of the equation that makes the Robin Hood legend so well loved. Yes, there is swashbuckling, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, good over evil, and whole ensemble of people helping Robin. But, in the end, there was always the "happy ending" for them. The reward for doing the good. Theses days, we need a good, old fashioned, the good guys win show. We all have enough of the tragedies of the every day existance. Bring Marian, Will and Djaq back for Season 3 PLEASE!!!!If not, Robin Hood has been turned into a tragedy the likes of Romeo and Juliet. Just too sad to continue.And as far a s another love for Robin.............. should not even be a consideration.

Charlotte Watkins
I think if someone's going to stop watching the show just because Marian was killed off then they can't really have liked the show, just Lucy Griffiths (who was great by the way). It was a brave decision and it paid off well because no-one in the Robin Hood forums will shut up about it! It was SO exciting, if Marian gets brought back now, as a lot of people want, it's be Dallas all over again - not good. I'm so excited to see what's going to happen in Season three!!!!PS thank you so much for not killing off Guy!!! Make him more evil now please!!

Nott's Lady
As a person who comes from the very area that Robin and Marian are famous in, I am mortified. It's like the BBC have taken our legend, torn it to pieces and left it in the gutter. If Marian really is dead then I'm lost for words. Who gave them the right to do this ?

I actually enjoyed the emotional impact of Marian´s death. Having said that however, I do think this move hurts the show more than was anticipated and on different levels. Just to name some: First, we now lack an important main female character on a show that already hasn´t many of them. Secondly is the Robin/Marian tradition messed up and one can only hope there is something in the writers mind to replace this popular part of the story. Although I´d assume it will be hard to convince the audience of a new romantic arc that doesn´t involve Marian. Thirdly, I am dreading the impact her death will have on the other characters: Robin grieving and probably hardened by that experience and out for vengeance now. Gisborne whose well-loved glimpses of ambiguity now are trampled out, being again where he started: a villain. As a result we probably have these two hating each other even more. Well, surely they disliked each other enough before? If the actresses wants to leave there is not much the producers or writers can do. Storywise I don´t think killing her off was a necessary step. Yeah, the drama and acting was fine, but other than turning two already enemies into even bigger enemies and harming a beloved legend, I don´t see what this turn of the story achieved. Maybe the writers surprise me, but I am not holding my breath.

hi, I'm from sweden and i have watch the serie from the start from youtube...and it was sad that marian die! AAAH!! but I wonder if Will and Djaq comes back? they is my favorites in the serie especially Will, it is no Robin hood gang whitout Will and Djaq! they must come back!!

dinah williams
I cannot understand, if actors have a contract how they can just walk away.Did Lucy have a 3 year contract?As all other comments so far have said that it is like trying to change the course of history . Just remember what happened to The O.C. when they killed off Marissa, the show died the next season. BBC take good note of this. Is it not possible to bring in another look alike actress to play the part of Marian.


This is wrong. Just so, so wrong. That is all.

Dear BBC, This is how Episode 1 of season 3 should start off: Marian escapes from the castle to meet Robin in the forest to wish him a Happy Birthday and he says "I'm so glad to see you, I had a terrible nightmare last night! Robin is prone to these post-war nightmares as referenced to in other episodes. He is the only character who could have actually dreamt the entire 90 minute show! Anyway, just an idea that the public might like! It has been a pleasure watching such great, young talent grow in their acting skills. I hope someday in the future, Jonas A. and Sam T. do some other show together as I think they are the best actors on the show. Please consider casting them together again in some period drama. Very talented cast all around. Excellent show! But I must add, very sad ending!

Kelly C
I don't think it was good to have Marian killed. It does not do anything good for the series. There will be a loss viewers and I will be one of them. It is sad that the two strong female characters left. This was a wonderful series and now... it probably won't be worth it.

I was so upset when Marian died. obviously. its just wrong. She and Robin were like the eternal lovers and to kill that would be like to kill hope. Unless they bring in a new girl that is quite different and he doesnt like straight away and clashes with then respaect and attraction grows and a sense of sexy playfulness returns... i also would like to see a bit of a love triangle between djac, will, and allan.

season three should start with it all being a hallucination, i want her back!!

I really hate that they killed off Marian. I don't know if I'll watch the show next series (maybe for Richard Armitage...) But I feel killing Marian really ruined the show for a lot of people. I think the BBC should rethink this one and do whatever they can to get Lucy/Marian back somehow...

If the actress wanted to leave the show and wasn't under contract to stay then the show should have publicly stated that and vowed to find a suitable replacement----I loved Lucy as Marian, but I would rather keep the Robin/Marian legend alive than be destroyed because an actress decides to leave. Bring her back whether different actress or not--don't destroy Robin/Marian

If the actress wanted to leave the show and wasn't under contract to stay then the show should have publicly stated that and vowed to find a suitable replacement----I loved Lucy as Marian, but I would rather keep the Robin/Marian legend alive than be destroyed because an actress decides to leave.

This is the same discussion happening all over the internet. Most people are NOT for Marion dying. If she is out, I am out. She is a major reason for watching the show. If she really dies, so will the show. Any twist, dream theory storyline is better than Marion dying.

I will NOT watch the show if they don't bring Marian back. A love interest is paramount to the story, and she did not need to die!!!! Please please please bring Marian back! I have been reading below, and I agree with the others. Bring Will and Djacq (sp?) back from the Holy Land and make Marion dying a NIGHTMARE OF ROBIN'S because he was so close to losing her before. I am an avid watcher. I bought BBC America for this show, if they don't bring Marian back I will cancel it. It could be a nightmare of Robin's!!!!!

I will NOT watch the show if they don't bring Marian back. A love interest is paramount to the story, and she did not need to die!!!! Please please please bring Marian back!

every tv series i watch when a main person dies the whole show gets awful!!!i just dont want that to happen to robin hood but i am afraid it will

Killing Marian is wrong! Robin and Marian belong together, their story is the main attraction of the show! I understand Lucy might have some commitments but you can not ruin a show like that. If you are still in time to undo this i would advice you, as a fan and regular viewer, to do so. For many of us her death is not certain and if there's only one season left is not right risking the show, you should try to get Lucy for one last time!

I ran across Robin Hood while looking for something new during the U.S. writer's strike. And I absolutely loved it until this last episode. This was a decent ending of the series, but to continue the series with Marion dead, and Djaq and Will in the Holy Land... Better to have the Sheriff wake up from this Dream episode...

Big mistake. What a disappointment. The main female character who had shown such strength, but had been struggling to actually speak her mind throughout, finally does and is killed for it. Well done - great message. Not to mention how it absolutely ruins an otherwise fun show and destroys an enduringly loved legend. If Lucy wanted to leave, they should have recast the role. I watch shows to be entertained. If I wanted to see something that drove home how horrid life can be, and that happy endings rarely ever come to fruition, I'd watch the news.

I was really disappointed that they killed Marian. I can't imagine how Robin could go on without her. The show lost it's softer side w/o the main female lead. Now it's just all these male testosterones slugging it out w/ each other. I'm still hoping they'ld somehow bring her back. If not, I don't plan on watching anymore, it's too disappointing.

Kerry Swicegood, NC
I feel that they should have given us a happy ending if they knew she was leaving. I love Jonas and the gang, especially Jonas, but most people including myself watched the program for the hope of seeing them married and happy, not married and her dead. I still love Jonas!

I think that Will and Djaq should definitely be brought back.It was dissapointing to have Marian killed off ESPECIALLY by Guy of Gisborn, but I think Robin should have other love interests(but i know they will never replace Marian).

Marian is absolutely can not be dead,otherwise this is not robin hood story any more!Lucy please stay and complete the show and make viewers love it again.

To say I am not pleased with the series two finale would be a grave understatement. I am livid. It feels like a complete betrayal to the show and the legend. Whether Marian was in the original myths about Robin Hood or not, her character is as crucial to the legends as Robin Hood himself. It's what fans expect. I could understand killing off a lesser main character, or if it were another show entirely, killing off the main female lead might have been acceptable, if heartbreaking. But whatever emotional impact the BBC was striving for, they handled it poorly. This will likely cripple their ratings for this show if they don't manage to repair the damage before the third series airs.

"In the future Robin may find a different love but no one will ever directly replace Marian."There is no way I am going to support series 3 if Marian/Lucy is not in it. It was so stupid of them to kill her character in the first place when they could have just made Marian go someplace else away from all the danger/dramas of Nottingham. Then in the end she and Robin still get their happy ending, together alive. I am boiling mad at BBC for doing such a thing. I will never forgive them. Thank goodness Marian will always be ALIVE for me. I don't even want to see the final episode where Marian dies! It's the most preposterous scene ever.

That's it? That's all BBC is going to say to the fans about the "departure" of Lucy Griffiths? What about the FHM article saying she was back for a third season? And I agree, there's no Robin Hood without Marian. I know at the beginning, there was no Marian in the legend but now there IS a Marian in the story. And it IS supposed to be a happy ending. Come on, if we wanted important characters to be killed, we would watch Lost or 24. There are plenty of characters dying over there!!! PLEASE bring her back (even if it's not Lucy Griffiths in the role)!

How could they? I loved the relationship between Robin and Marian. It was the driving force of the series, and now I see no point in watching the series. Congratulations on killing a perfectly good show.

Why did they have to kill her off???? She was a valuable chracter and was loved by all.

I feel that it is like the BBC said, we will only do 2 seasons and the way the end of season 2, it did feel that way to me. I feel that IF there is a season 3 and I think there should be - why not make another season if the show is so popular?As for Marian, I feel that if Lucy wanted to leave the role, then she should have be replaced with another actress and not killed off. As for Will, I adore his character and will be sorry for his departure, but I think it would be nice if him and Djaq come back to help Robin in his time of need.

The ending was very tramatic--but for me it was tramatic because of it did mean that the final episode of Series 3 would have to be tragic because there could be no happy ending now. I don't want BBC to do some magical unbelievable re-animation of the dead Marian. She is dead and now the final chapters will have to deal with it. Everyone is talking about how tramatized the children are--but I think it is more the grown ups than the children that were tramatized. I will watch the next series because I love the characters of Robin and the gang.

I think the series will be okay without Marian, but if they try and introduce a new love interest it won't work. I wish Lucy Griffths had stayed (One more season won't end her career) but her death scene was beautifully done.

Nothing anyone comments on this site will change Lucy's decision, the BBC's decision or rewrite the story. All I have to say is, I have loved so many characters and read so many books, but Marian is/was my favorite character of ALL TIME. Marian is/was the one character I looked up to the most, out of everything I have read, or seen, or heard of. Every characteristic of Marian is who I want to be. Though I ramble on and on---and I might say, sound completely cheesy, that's how I feel. Please don't destroy that for me. The story of Marian and Robin is my fantasy---even though life may not end happily. I won't watch Robin Hood without Marian

I was definately throw for a loop. I can't imagine what's next. I am very curious to see what other limits will be reached and breached by this series. I have always enjoyed the acting that has been the biggest draw for me. I can't wait to see the manic depressive (or not!!) state that Guy will sink into (or not!!!). I am quite sure that Richard is up for the task. Keep me guess BBC, if you're up to the challenge!

Christine in California
I wish I had waited to purchase the first series on DVD until after seeing how the second series would end! I am now regretting my purchase becuase I believe in the legend and the happily-ever-after of this show. If Marian does not come back in series 3, I will not watch it. Her death, though surprising and traumatic, was unnecessary and dissapointing. I understand Will's decision to stay behind and do not think it will hurt the show overall, although I will miss both his charachter as well as Djac. The chemistry between Marian and Robin is what keeps me counting down the days until the next epsiode... without it, what do I have to look forward to?

Being in America, I have been following S2 on the internet in great anticipation until March. Now that they killed off Marian, I don't think I'll even bother! This show was the best show on TV! It had great action, adventure, and romance. I'm completely devestated! The story of Robin and Marian has been my favorite and I was so excited when BBC created a new show about it and was hooked after the first episode. I was going to buy the series on DVD, but I don't even care any more now that Marian is gone. What's the point of watching it any more?

I really felt let down by the finale of Robin Hood! The show was such an amazing piece of drama and Lucy Griffith's performance made the show. All the intensity and romance in the show was from her two relationships and that was such an interesting love triangle and great to watch. I think if you were going top kill off Marian you shouldn't really have spent all series building her and her realtionship with guy up only for it to be ended badly with things that were totally out of character. You should've don something to make her death more plausible. Don't introduce another love interest it is pointless. I understand why Lucy Griffiths is leaving really because it can't be nice being the only woman in a foreign country for six months. I'm not surprised she wants to turn to moe glamorous work but the ending was absolutely unsatisfactory! The achieved nothign in the holy land, marian died, will and djac left, the sheriff lived, guy had a personality change, the king didnt do anything about the black knights or come home etc.

she should be at home in the shower at the start of the new series! worked for me!

I just don't know what do you mean by "original legend" because in the begginingd of the legend Robin Hood seemd to be more villain than hero. So, there's no original legend. The legend moves and changes all the time. I'd still like to say that in this BBC series Marian's love for Robin didn't convince me at all! I'm attonished because Guy killed her! I feel myself betrayed by the writers. Guy's character was going into a direction and went off on a new tack in the last two episodes.I couldn't understand what happend in Guy's mind. I'm not interested in the series 3 any more. Series two ended with so many incomprehensible, inconceivable and changes, at my point of view.

Cyn Edwards
IF Lucy is smart, she'll stick with RH AND do Hollywood stuff. I really hope she's not shooting herself in the foot. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Lucy and think she's phenomenally talented, but sadly she isn't all that well known in the US so it will no doubt be hard for her to break into Hollywood. Considering that the US writers are still on Strike...not a smart move to try now, imho. As for bringing in another Marian for the show? I think not. For me it's Lucy or no more BBC Robin Hood.

I'm going against the grain here, but I personally have no quarrel with the writers' decision to kill Marian. Yes, I was upset - but I rather think that's what the writers might have been going for. After all, she was a major character. In the end, the prerogative for decision-making should lie with the writers and only the writers - not the fans. They can choose to take fans' views into account, but to have things demanded of them is us forgetting our place.I think that in killing Marian and, as some say, 're-writing the legend', the writers made a brave and drastic choice - something that needs to be done in any creative process if the end result isn't to become nothing but a stagnant, unchallenging affirmation. For the writers to make a safe, comfortable programme that challenges no one's mental limits would be pandering to the audience's fear of change for the sake of ratings, and that would be unforgiveable. I'm glad the BBC writers had the guts and the integrity not to do this, and if they twist the story somehow to bring Marian back and appease the masses in series three, I will be VERY disappointed.

HOW COULD YOU KILL MARIAN?? that's NOT the original version!! GOD!! how could you?? that's nonsense! I mean another love interest for Robin? NO WAY!! I mean Robin and Marian have to be together!! there is no other way!! i just hate the series now! i'm not watching the series if there is no Marian and no Will and no Djaq!! Marian is just amazing!. Robin and Marian are supposed to be together!!

if maria wont come back i will not watching rh AGAIN!lusy please come back!

i cant understand bbc.They must wont to lose very many fans.Marian cant die!I hope they can fix it because ,if not i will stop watching RH and i'm sure that many people will do the same.Lusy the best!i hate the ending what was that???kill MARIAN??i cant stand the thought that she died!!we all seem to agree there is no RH without Marion(Lusy)!

I am extremely upset about Marian's death and can't believe they would consider finding another love interest for Robin! I wish that Lucy would come back for at least one more season so it wasn't such a shock. It was especially upsetting because I had read articles about her being signed for a 3rd season. I definitely will NOT be watching next season.

I dont think Marian should of died! i was devistated!! i was told by a friend that Guy was going to die so when Marian did i was so shocked!! Also i think Will and Djaq should come back, Robin Hood would be strange to watch without them being there. But i am glad that Alan came back onto the good side. Does anyone know when season 2 is comeing out on dvd??

I won't be watching season 3 without Marian. You can't change a well known story like this. It was perhaps the most idiotic thing the writers could have done without killing Robin himself.

I think robin hood would not be the same without Marian. Marian is a main part and everybody knows Robin and Marian.

I was shocked by Marian's death as I'd been expecting the traditional marriage at the end of series 2 or a future series. I'm especially disappointed that Guy was the killer, although I can see his reasons after Marian's consistent betrayals of their friendship, because I'd grown fond of him and expected him to "do the right thing" in the end. I'll be watching series 3 but I'm dreading the part where Robin kills Guy in revenge for Marian's death.

I am really upset that marian died.I read that Lucy had signed for a 3rd series could the BBC just tell us what is happening so we are not left guessing until it comes back.

After I have had a couple days to calm down about Marian's death, something has entered my mind that I hope does not happen in the 3rd series. Please, please, please do not bring in another love interest for Robin! I would rather have him fighting for her than any other girl. That would just be erasing all of the years and love that Robin and Marian have shared this whole time. So, I beg and plead with you, please do not bring in another love interest for Robin! We would all like to keep our wonderful memories of Robin and Marian close to our hearts without another girl getting in the way. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best of luck with filming the 3rd series. We'll be waiting.

I think killing off Marian was a big mistake and I think she, Will and Djaq should come back for series three but I think the idea of the episode being a dream or hallucination is ridiculus. Its just a really bad way of fixing a mistake and the person having the dream would have to have a very good imagination. I think if Lucy wanted to leave they should have thought of another way to take Marain away. A close brush with death causing Robin to send her away for her own safety. But if Marian is dead shes dead and unless the writers can think of an imaginative way to bring her back i think she should stay that way. I also think the idea of bringing in another love interest for Robin is stupid as Marian was his true love, but I am interested in how they will fill the role of the missing women in the series. The series will need another strong independant women perhaps the daughter of the sherifs sister come to avenge her mothers death. Though I am disappointed by the final episode I will be watching series three and i think the writers will find a way to fill the gap the characters will leave.

I loved Marian but she was bratty, deceitful and pig headed. How is that a good role model for girls? Becuase she could shoot a bow and weild a sword?Anyway, I didn't think that there was much chemistry between Robin and Marian. In the first season when they were always sparring, they were cute together. But when they were "in love" I was rather disappointed that there were not more sparks. I actually thought there was more chemistry between Guy and Marian in a wicked sort of way.Keep up the good work. The show keeps getting better and better. Oh, and bring Will back.

Are they kidding? So Lucy wanted to leave the series. Here's a thought, be smart and come up with a way for her to leave the show and NOT DIE! The whole point of Robin and Marian is that they're safe, they get their happy ending and they go and pull this. I understand the actress may have wanted to pursue other interests and that is completely her choice to do so but to betray the fans with such a cutting and unexpected way of having the character leave the show is completely disappointing. Its not original, its not entertaining, its not even angsty. Its simply depressing and embittering. The BBC has been faced with actors and actresses desiring to leave a popular series before and could have done so much more with this show. I'm extremely disappointed with this choice and will probably not be continuing to watch which is sad for me considering how much I truly enjoyed it in the past.

I'm from the US and I have to say, when it come on BBC America, this is one girl who WON'T be rewatching. Or season 3.You could have replaced Lucy. It happens all the time on soap operas, and on prime time. I would have easily gotten over her being gone if Robin and Marian could have been together.

Kathy Okerman - Canada
I believe that if Lucy wanted to leave the show, it would have been better for the fans if she was killed off early in the next season so that we at least have a few episodes of Robin & Marian leading a married life.

Sarah G
Personally, I think that Marian's death, while sad and unexpected, was an interesting twist. People need to remember that it isnt real! And unfortunatly there are some people who are taking this waaay too seriously. However, I do think that Will and Djaq should come back because otherwise too many familiar and popular characters will have gone, leaving the series pretty empty really.

Robin of Sherwood only survived one more season after replacing Michael Praed and personally, I believe killing off Marian's character is a death sentence for this show. With Djaq in the Holy Land, they've completely wiped the show of any strong, inspiring women...which Lucy herself stated was one of the great things about this modern adaption. And it wasn't just the killing of a major, most beloved character but the final episode was very poorly written. There were plot holes and there were several moments where the characters acted...well, out of character. And don't even get me started on overuse and subsequent corny-ness of the "WE ARE ROBIN HOOD" line. Please bring back the show we know and love.

Very Loyal and Concerned viewer....
Forgot to state. THERE BETTER NOT BE A NEW LOVE INTEREST FOR ROBIN!!!!!! I'd freak. it is Robin+Marian NOT Robin+"any woman" ever since ive known the legend. dont ruin it anymore than that PLEASE!!

Maddie Vale
The whole reason I watch the show is because of Marian and Robin. There relationship is so much fun to follow. But, Marian is now gone and I am very upset. I am also afaid that the third season will not be as good without her. Marian was a great character and I am very upset to see her go.

Absolutely devastated with the finale! A lot of things didn't make sense...... Guy is now irredeemable, there is no Marian, and the visit to the Holy Land seemed too short and pointless, considering 3 main characters are gone and it's business as usual in Nottingham, the show has lost it's appeal! The point of the legend was that despite all of the evils and hardship in the world (or Nottingham) there was always the guarantee that Robin and Marian would be together.....thus giving the audience hope because the just were rewarded!I think it's necessary that they bring back Marian. I know it won't be the same without Lucy, but it's better to have a new Marion rather than none at all!!!!!BBC LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS!

I think the whole tradition of Robin Hood has been spoilt. There can't be a Robin Hood without a Maid Marian !!!

Pay her !!!!! What r u thinking !!!!!

The show cannot survive without Marian!!! Without Marian there is no point in Robin Hood. The stories were always Robin robbing from the rich to give to the poor, fighting against he Sheriff and him fighting for his love of Marian. And the show cannot end altogether with death of Marian, and the two bad guys getting away scot free! And another thing, in the original stories, Will never left England, in fact he was the last person to see Robin alive before Robin was killed by his cousin!! You cannot change a legend so deeply instilled in so many people!!!!

Jane Novack
Oh My God!How could she even wánt to leave this series!I really am upset with that! I would die for such a role in Robin Hood, and she wants to 'explore her other opportunities'? Well, I hope she doesn't get any! Come back Lucy Griffiths! Please!

The first 12 episodes of the second series were all wonderful! I don’t understand why this last episode should be such a dramatic disaster. Killing Marian makes only sense if Robin dies too. I still hope she isn’t dead, but that seems very unrealistic. The BBC disappoints many viewers of the show. If the writers wanted Marian out of the series they should have come up with a better idea to send her packing. Series 3 can never be much fun. It will only show us a sad Robin looking for revenge. I hope something can be done about it! Greetings from Holland.

BBC - you have made a bad move. This is Marian, she is basically Robin's true love! You do realise that by killing her off you have meddled with a classic story that's been around for years?Say...this all sounds familiar to Billie Piper's departure from Doctor Who. 'Actress of revived TV show's main female character quits show. Fans go bezerk. New girl okay but fails to hold torch. Over year later actress returns.' Hear that last part guys!

bethan jones
i think that Maid Marian should still be the same character and should not have been written out of the programme

For me the show had a lovely light-hearted, positive vibe that I enjoyed watching every saturday night. It stood apart from other tv because it had a joyful sense to it. And I felt it was good to present such a show for kids growing up in todays angst ridden society, and the show presented a strong female character with it. However, that vibe was killed at the end of series 2. How is seeing the most dynamic female character young girls and women have on tv, be brutally murdered by a man who claimed to love her, any good? A maidan sacrifice for media attention perhaps? The BBC statement states she was a Marian of this generation - so this generation's Marian is murdered - what does that say?It was a brave move yes, but possibly a fatal one in regards to viewer loyalty. How can series 3 be anything but depressing and full of angst now? It is a shame. I will wait and see how series 3 turns out, but I feel the writers have let down the standard at which they began this modern tale.

although i feel like i should say "you shouldn't replace lucy" i also want to say "you can't KILL marian". Marian is a huge part of the Robin Hood legend, getting rid of her doesn't make sense. So i say no to series three or replace her by ANOTHER Marian. there are plenty of talented actress out there and replacing lucy is much better than butchering a legendary story.

catherine baker
I don't Marian should have died as the relatiohship between robin/marian is ine of the reasons why so many ppl watch the show cause its hardly for the storylines is it!!!

Big mistake - HUGE!Won't bother with series 3. The BBC upset both of my children, not to mention my feelings. There is not enough left in the cast to bother watching again. Sorry Richard! Even you alone can't bring this dodo back from the dead. RIP Robin Hood!

I'm sorry that Lucy has planned to move on to Hollywood though I wish her the best of luck! (Please don't let Hollywood change you Lucy, you are perfect the way you are!)As far as the series, it is very sad that Marian has passed. She was strong and independent and a great role model for today's girls. Lucy played her brilliantly and beautifully and I will miss seeing her on the show. I am concerned about Anjali Jay's character. I really don't think it's a good idea for Djaq to be away from the gang. She was an integral part of the dynamics of the outlaws and they need her! Not to mention Anjali's presence is breathtaking. She's a beautiful woman and great actor. Please bring Will and Djaq back to Sherwood Forest!~From a loyal RH fan in Los Angeles

I adore the show. I loved every episode in the first series and the second, except for the last two. They not only seemed forced and unbelievable but you can't kill Marian. Lucy and Jonas have a wonderful chemistry. This has to be a mistake. It would have been better if he had to search for her all through next series then kill her off. This has been an amazing series and without Marian and Will it just can't be the same and I will have trouble watching it. I probably wont watch it much :(.

what happened to the will who had a whole episode to realise that his place was helping the poor. what about Djak's talk with Queen Eleanor. they should recast Marion or it will be too upsetting to watch the next series

i really hope that marian (lucy) hasnt lefted robin hood for good it wont be the same without her but if she has lefted then i wish her luck for the furture x

Bad enough she is dead, but what is worse is the thought of Robin finding another love. He surely is going to fight and seek revenge for the love of his life, his wife?It would be wrong to bring in another female love interest for Robin for the final series just to fill the romance gap. Think of something refreshing, BBC.

They've taken enough liberties, and Lucy doesn't want to come back. Let her leave, let Marian go. She's not coming back, and if she were, I'd feel cheated. Let Robin fall for Much. He deserves it.

Laura G.
So, you're telling me that Marian is really dead, and they're gonna introduce a new love interest for Robin? Wow, best way of ruining a show/Legend altogether EVER! I feel betrayed and cheated. They've been selling us a show where the good wins over the evil, with a true love story that made Robin survive in the Holy Land. They told us they wanted this new Robin to be "a man of peace" I don't think he's gonna be very peaceful now. So, what, he's gonna be fighting now for England, for a King who believed an emissary of his enemy immediately, over the word of his most loyal soldier, the soldier who saved his life? This last episode made no sense at all. Everyone was absolutely out of character. Guy, who saved Marian when he found out she was the Night Watchman, now suddenly is again totally loyal to the Sheriff. Allan comes back to the Gang, and everyone accepts him instantly (how many times this season has he tried the same without any success?). Marian doesn't even pout when she's told a few times that Robin is dead (have the writers watched the first episode of this season? Have they seen Marian's reaction to that same situation?) And the silliest scene ever made on television: Marian running happily in front of Guy, unarmed!, telling him that he loves Robin Hood, while Guy waves a sword in front of her. Right! Marian has proved all the previous episodes that she was a smart girl, why have you screwed her character this way? That's an insult to her character and to us. And then, while she's dying, nobody tries to save her, she's smiling (with a sword stick in her gut), and everyone else is there as in: "Well, yes, you're dying, yes, yes, what a shame, see you in the next life." This is not the show I fell in love with, and I can't believe the way they've ruined it. People say that the whole "hallucination" theory is lame to bring Marian back, but I think that killing Marian AGAIN by Guy AGAIN was already pretty lame, and honestly, if that means that I'll have my Marian back, and the happy-ending that we all, loyal viewers, deserve, I don't really care if it's lame or not. I WANT MARIAN BACK! Robin Hood without Marian is like Clark without Lois: Possible? Of course. Appealing? Hell no! No Marian, no me watching season 3.

We are Robin Hood
I don't think that Marian should have died and i don't think that Robin should find a new love. But i think that will and djaq should come back to the gang. We need a happy ending!! Long live marian's memory! No new love for robin!

Robin loves Marion and vice versa. She is his reason for living and fighting. The whole point of the show for me was both of them fighting for a better future together. PLEASE stop my crying- say Lucy and Marian will be back... stay true to your fans and the legend itself. You can't rewrite history. The are many options: bring her back from the dead, make it a dream, make it an illusion (sunstroke???) make it UNTRUE. The fan number will be halved because of this,A faithful fan

i can not believe marian was killed off. im really upset that it has happened and which left the ending of a brilliant series on a really low note. I believe that marian was one of the characters that had the most story lines and developed alot of other characters into what they are today. Would love it if she were to come back!!

DEAR BBC PLEASE BRING MARION BACK. We love watching Robin Hood but we just can't watch it without Marion. If Lucy can't play the part then another Marion would be better than a dead one please please make it a dream or something, we are really upset by the ending. WE NEED MARION!!.

Come on BBC you haven't answered anyone's questions or taken into account people's views. It's not necessarily the actress people want back (although Lucy was brilliant and it would be ofcourse the preferred choice) people can except that actors need to move on - it's the chara cter Marian. You can not change the legend. She ought to be brought back into the series. A different love interest for Robin would be ridiculous. Accept you've made a mistake by killing off Marian and bring the character back! Actually could you persuade Lucy Griffiths?!!!

In seires 3 I would like to see that Will and Djaq comming back after a while...I DON'T want to see Robin with another girl than Marian!!!I would like to see...well, that Gisbourne really want to punish Allan must be carefull in what he's doing......and will be a happy ENDING...well ome sorrow in the middle is perhaps ok but NOT in THE END!Thanks for me!ps sorry for my bad english!

I would rather see a heartbreakingly tragic movie or read the bleakest of novels than have watched Robin Hood, Season 2, end this way. The final episode had many lovely, humorous, moving moments. It was finely acted by all the cast regulars. But for the person(s) who came up with this storyline and saw it through, I have only one word: WRONG.Like the little boy said to his grandfather in “The Princess Bride”: “You got it wrong - you're messing up the story! Now get it RIGHT!” And of course, in “The Princess Bride,” they DID get it right. We all have an innate sense of how stories should go. We know if a story is a tragedy or a comedy or something in between. Robin Hood - this show, anyway - was NOT a tragedy. Marian should NOT have been killed off. If Lucy Griffith didn't want to continue with the show, then you should have found a replacement. There are many fine young British actresses who would have jumped at the chance to play Marian, I’m sure, and done a splendid job of it. Lucy Griffith we could do without; Marian – no.I’ve heard some say that killing off Marian was a “brave” choice. It was NOT the brave choice. It is much braver, and much harder to write, an ending in which there is true joy and happiness - albeit happiness that genuinely costs something, that requires sacrifice and compromise - than a death like Marian's. Sure, it's tear-jerking and might spike up the ratings and create a lot of controversy - it HAS in fact - but in the end, it will drive a lot of people away. Because in this version of Robin Hood, people were looking for hope, for true romance, for a little happiness and respite from the world. Robin and Marian should have had a chance to be together. To have them marry and then kill off Marian? Yeah - brilliant. And Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after. Come on Shakespeare, you got it WRONG, mate - you'd better rewrite your ending there.With Marian’s death, I predict that Robin Hood will lose a large chunk of its audience, both in the U.K. and the U.S. Because a lot of us out here loved the Marian and Robin relationship (and waited patiently for two seasons to see it come to fruition), and we do NOT want to watch without it.I will not be upgrading my cable to get BBC America, as I had planned, in order to watch Robin Hood. Sorry. Don't need a show that builds up our investment in a character and a relationship, only to kill off the heroine in the end. There's enough tragedy and bloodshed on the front page of the paper every day.Oh, and Lucy: Good luck in Hollywood. But a word of caution: they eat their own out there. You should have stuck with the sure thing.

Ariel Kirst
Honestly, I don't even know if there SHOULD be a season 3. Robin and Marian are an epic love, and you can't just replace that. I respect Lucy's decision to pursue her own thing, but her character is one that can't be replaced. As for Will, he should come back if Djaq comes with him. Without them, and without Marian, there is no romantic tension and that plays a big factor in why people love this show so much.

Marians death is quite sad but i think it was a good twist to the modern tale, which without good twists it will very easily jsut become one of the endless robin hood re-dos. Something like this will make it much more memorable. Though i dont think Robin should have a new love interest and Marians death will then make it difficult to bring out the nice side of Guy which is lurking there somewhere.

i can't believe they killed her. I think it was the wrong decision. she was an iconic character when it comes to robin hood!

I think that the next series is very predictable now Marian is dead (which by the way was a MISTAKE!) Robin will now just be dead gloomy and out for revenge... how do we get 13 eps out of that?Also, why Marian? Just why? Lucy G as Marian was fantastic and worked well in the show- you have taken one of (the other bit being Jonas as Robin Hood) the best bits out of Robin hood in my opinion.

To be honest, I'm not really that fussed. Unpopular opinion it may be, but frankly Marian was an utterly horrific character in the second series and I'm not so sure I'm sad to see her go. Lucy Griffiths is a wonderful actress, don't get me wrong because I do admire her talents, but the character herself was completely ridiculous and horrendous and generally made me want to slap her silly. First series Marian? Wonderful. Fantastic. A real modern twist on the legend. Second series Marian? Just... no.I think my only really strong feeling is the WAY they dispatched her. Surely it would have made more sense to either have a) replaced her with another actress (which, while not exactly desirable, is still better than commiting the equivalent of television suicide), or at least killing her in a... different way? It all felt very rushed and her marriage to Robin, rather than a sweet final gesture, leaves a terrible taste in one's mouth when you think that they never got to actually be together as husband and wife. Will and Djaq certainly shouldn't be left abroad. My opinions on that are far stronger than those regarding Marian. For starters, sorry BBC, but the entire Will/Djaq relationship, while sweet, still feels a little rushed. Make Will homesick and drag 'em back to us, yeah? Else you've just gotten rid of three of the most popular characters in the series instead of just offing ONE.I want to see how the BBC can carry this on, now. After such an outcry amongst so many fans, and a definite loss in viewers for the next series (and sorry, guys, but I can name at least twenty people off the top of my head who WILL NOT be watching a series 3 due to the Marian thing), it'll be interesting to see how they can dig themselves out of it. :D

Please bring Lucy back. It just wouldn't be the same without her.

You cannot have Robin without Marian...what are you thinking? You have robbed yourselves of many, many fans of the show, because on so many more message boards...they won't watch it now, how do they expect to go on with series 3?? They just shot theirselves in the foot...

Happy endings are overrated anyway. I think it's pretty cool they had the guts to kill off Marian. (I do love her though) But I can't wait to see how Robin acts next season. Bring on Dark!Robin. And please bring back Will! And don't kill Allan! EVER.

As its been said before i shall say it again- you can't change a legend- and Marian is part of the legend of Robin Hood

After Prison Break brutally killed off my favorite female character on TV, I thought well, I'll just watch shows where I know the female lead is safe and respected. And then Robin Hood does it to me again! Why do all the strong, smart, independent female lead characters have to die? If the actress leaves the show, does that mean the character has to be brutally killed, especially in her one moment of really taking a stand and saying how she feels? And I think it is sadly male writers who then turn around and say, well, we can just give the guy another love interest. No Marian means no more watching the show for me. I think I am down to reality shows; at least there, I know everyone can be cut.

I was not too attached to Marian, but the issue I have is the way in which she died. It was so out of character and melodramatic. Marian should have gone down fighting with a sword in hand, not teasing a jealous suitor. And then the whole marriage vows thing was sooooo corny!! not to mention how anti-feminist it all is. It's like someone cloned Dostoevsky and spliced him with Shakespeare and then sucked out all the writing talent and hired him to write the finale. It is a complete shame.

I find is very sad that the character to die was Marion.Not because of the romantic plot between her and Robin, but because of the silly implications it leaves the third series in.All the 'plots' are going to do is repeat themselves, as the past two series have been about going to the Holy Land and stopping the Sheriff.. and they've done that. And killed off a main character around whom the story arced. And what kind of 'role model' shouts at a mad man waving a sword about that she never loved him?Series three can only be amusing in an unwitting way!

It was definitly an interesting episode but I was really disappointed when Marian died. It broke a tradition. Robin hood aint robin hood without marian

Emma Greenfield
I appreciate Lucy's career developments. Marions death was beautiful and certainly made me cry, but i cannot help but feel the series has been ruined. Yes the legend is not about marion, but this was such a fairytale of which marion was a part. If Lucy was leaving, could they not have had a happy ending to the series, and just changed the actress for marion in the next series. I thought one of the gang was going to be killed but certainly not marion, it was such a dramatic change to the original story.

i am totally in shock that they decided to kill of marian. it has totally messed up the legend and lucys portrayal of marian will be sadly missed. i think she should be allowed to die.

I happened to like the ending, Guy finally realising that Marian didn't love him and doing something about it. Though it did digress from the actual legend, most of the episodes already have so what does it matter? I can see the third series simply being a tidying up of loose ends rather than anything spectacular. The scene when Marian was dying was pathetic though, who the hell gets married when they have a sword hanging out of them? And there's no way Guy would have left his sword behind.

I think it is a shame that Marion died. She was one of my favorite characters, and I do not think that the show will be the same without her. I am not sure for definate how she died in the legend, but I heard that she and Robin died together. What are they going to do in another series without her?

why can't robin's gang be at peace for ONCE ?!? can't marian, robin, djack, john, will, much AND even allan be together in the forest in peace. why is she dead ?!? ?!? ?!? BIG MISTAKE BBC !!!

Andrea Edmond
This was definately the wrong move. They are so many rumours about Lucy leaving and Lucy staying on that we the fans deserves to know the truth. I was shocked when this happened, I can't think if ever this sort of plot twist has happened especially with a character so intergal to the entire story as Marian is. I really hope this turns out to be a dream or faked or something, Robin Hood and Lady Marian are supposed to end up together, good is supposed to triumph evil. And I really hope that the rumours of Lucy leaving are not true, she's so perfect in this role. I can't imagine someone else playing her, please let this work out!!!!

RH fan
I have to say I certainly did not see Marian's death coming. However, I commend the writers for such a bold move. I can understand how upset other RH fans are about this, but I also think that this doesn't mean it should be the end of the TV show. The legend of Robin Hood was that of a brave man and his outlaws taking from the rich and giving to the poor in the time of a troubled England. Marian didn't even come into the legend until centuries later. I am more upset about Will Scarlett supposedly leaving the series. He was an integral part to the legend, and I hope he returns. The point is Marian was part of the show for 2 series, and she died for her cause.

patricia peskett
I loved this show and Robin and Marion's love. I am sooo disappointed with the ending.

Penny Blakemore
I was really upset seeing Marian die, but i do feel the team did it really well, showing Lucy's abilities to the end. The show has now lost the two strong female role models - and while I'd like to see a return of Djaq, or another Female Role-Model, i would not like to see Robin with a new love interest. His heart belongs to Marian, and always will.

Dissapointed in the cast and crew and BBC
I realise she is a late addition to the story. I realise its all fictional. But non the less it seems to have worked because the story SURVIVED the centuries has become a timeless love story, played by an ample of actors and actresses through the years. I mean its Robin and Marian. How can you have one without the other? It is just unthinkable. I was watching this show because it was different than your average show on TV. It was light and happy and had a sort of fairy tale feel to it. There are tons of shows on TV and most of them seem to be full of sarcasm and violence and women who can not seem to juggle being a woman and having a personality at the same time without the latter being butch, sarcastic, etc. In addition it had all the pop cultural references witch made it so fun to watch. It was a show just for children and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes one needs a break from ....

Shame on you BBC for killing off Marian.

Wills hould definatley come back, he has too many fans and how are they going to complete missions without the trusty carpenter there. And what if someone gets hurt? As for Marian, people are devastated everywhere and i am also one of the ones who will not watch Robin Hood next series if Will or Marian do not return.

Well as everybody says this is a legend but there is no proof that this legend is accurate anyway - there could have been more than one Marian in Robin's life, after all there appear to be differing opinions on to who actually was Robin Hood (if he ever existed at all). Personally I will miss Will more than Marian, and I think Richard Armitage is a fantastic actor and is playing a wonderful Guy of Gisborne.

I think Marian's death brings up a lot of interesting developments and creates some opportunities worth looking into, but I think Will and Djaq should definitely be brought back. Otherwise, you're looking at a new season with half the cast replaced.

I think that the next series could be a bit boring but I do trust the BBC at making it more action filled and fun to watch I have watched all the robin hoods and I have to admit that I did cry on the last one because Carter died and I loved him so much and Marian died aswell but I can't wait until next series 3.

i think lucy should decide to leave, AFTER the VERY last series of Robin Hood, because she is just THE best !!! i know that in other movies, the main character was changed, but at least they still have that person, but with marian dead ... BBC you better expect a huge loss of viewers !!! BRING MARIAN BACK SOMEHOW !!!

If you have to kill Marian DO NOT replace her with another female love interest. What is the point of killing off the heroine only to replace her!!!I for one shall not bother turning on Series 3 ... Robin Hood is ruined for me.

Brilliant. Just brilliant BBC. You've angered all the fans on the show by not only killing off a much loved main character that is centeral to the legend but also leaving two other adored characters abroad. And worse than that, if you haven't noticed, Djaq and Marian were the only two regular females in the show. Both of them were strong, daring and kind, giving good role models to young girls, and both were lost in the space of one episode. Another complaint is the way all of the characters were completely out of character in the last episode. I couldn't imagine Marian being so rude and cruel as she was in the scene where she got stabbed, taunting Guy when that's not at all in her nature. The same happened with the other characters, such as Will at the end - even if he loved Djaq to bits, I couldn't ever imagine him leaving Sherwood, where he still has a little brother that he seems to have forgotten about, and leaving the place where he grew him and lived for most of his life.So what would I like to see happen in series 3? Well for starters, for Will & Djaq to come back and stay, still together. What I wouldn't like to see is the same as what you've done to Doctor Who - Rose, the girl he loved left, and then the next series he was snogging someone else. And then when she leaves he moves onto someone else, Astrid, and by the looks of it the same is about to happen with Donna. Please, Please don't start introducing new love interests for Robin. Just leave him to mourn Marian, or else it will simply ruin the relationship that exsisted between Robin and Marian as it has done in Doctor Who.

Robin Hood with out Lady Marian is like Pride and Prejudice with no Mr Darcy, like Romeo and Juilet with out Juliet (and we all know what happened there!), like Superman with no Lois Lane!Romance makes everyone happy. So I hope to God the BBC are cleverer than this and bring her back somehow. I don't care how they do it - they could show her coming back by fairys sprinkling fairy dust over her and her heart suddenly beating.

Siobhan C
Will (and Djaq!) need to come back, period! I'm sad about Marian but not to the extent of Will.

im a huge fan of robin hood. but a robin hood without marian? that would be a huge mistake. marian is just as an important part to the legend as robin is & loads of people will stop watching the show if marian does not come back. please consider bringing marian back, even if it is just as a ghost or in a dream.

I think that the next series could be a bit boring but I do trust the BBC at making it more action filled and fun to watch I have watched all the robin hoods and I have to admit that I did cry on the last one because Carter died and so did Marian but I can't wait until series 3.


sorry for my bad english) I love this serie but I am too sad... Marian dead? impossible! they can't kill her! it's the legend... at the end Marian and Robin are together! I would have prefer there is no season 3 and that Marian be with Robin... because I will not see a season 3 without Marian.The romance was the link to the story so without marian there is no Robin Hood....I hope you understand what I try to explain...

beth galloway
I don't think marian should of allowed to die because how will robin cope without marian in the next series. I think Will should come back in the next series with Djaq to help Robin as an outlaw for one last time and for King Richard.

With Marian gone I certainly feel a loss when it comes to Robin Hood, especially since her role in this version is so prominent and acts as a good role model girls. I understand if Lucy wanted to leave, though I am upset she decided to do so with only one definite series left. That being the case, however, I thought her death scene was portrayed very well, and it just proves how good Lucy was at her role. I will be even more disappointed with the show, however, if Robin gets a new love interest. Marian was his true love, so a romance with anyone else would just cheapen his love for Marian, and I don't see Robin doing that. In his mind, he and Marian are married, and he is just biding his time until they can be together in Heaven.

I can't see another woman replacing Marian. Through Lucy's wonderful portrayal she's made such an impact on viewers and has been a positive role model for many young girls.With Djaq in the Holy Land, without a strong independent female lead in the cast, I seriously doubt this gap will be achieved by bringing in 'Wench of the Week' for Series 3. The series has the attraction (for me anyway!) of Joe Armstrong's Allan and Richard Armitage's Gisborne and I just hope that the writers don't go and ruin my viewing pleasure by killing either of those two off! In fact myself and others would love to see the relationship between Guy and Allan continue and develop even though Allan appears to have defected back to the outlaws. I don't buy Allan return to the outlaws completely. It was all a bit too hasty for my liking and they were prepared to forgive him all too easily considering. He knows he's better off being Guy's man. Plus, he's already been offered the chance of a title, money and lands and judging by his reaction, he wasn't exactly refusing all this...! Why oh why were we given 12 brilliantly written episodes and then get handed a lame duck of No.13? Despite the cast's best efforts and it was obvious that they clearly put their hearts and souls into it, the Holy Land episode was poorly written, badly directed and too bitty. It felt contrived and trite and it was like watching the rushes of a first take or a filmed dress rehearsal. There were too many supporting characters vying for screentime, and with the exception of Nadim Sawalha (who was shamefully underused!), these supporting roles could have been easily amalgamated into about 2 or 3 decently written ones.But I digress, good luck to Lucy, she's a very talented young woman and I hope she goes on to do bigger and better things. She appears to be lovely, down to earth girl in interviews and a real credit to the show.

The season ending was a complete betrayal. Marian's words and actions at the end were cruel and vindictive, not at all as she had been all season. Guy was not the same Guy we have seen recently. The ending was a huge disappointment to all the fans. I won't watch next year.

Killing Lady Marion is completely ruining the fairytale for young girls who watch the show who are hoping that Lady Marion and Robin would live happily ever after. There is no incentive to watch it now that there will never be a FULLY HAPPY ENDING. All through series 1 and 2 there was never a proper Robin and Marion happy climax and now shes dead - killing all hope of viewers finally see them 'PROPERLY' together.

how can marian die ?!? ?!? ?!? robin hood is nothing without her !!! they HAVE TO BE TOGTHER SIDE BY SIDE !!!

i think they should bring back marian because if she isn't there robin has no one to love so he won't be himself.They writers need to bring will,djaq and marian back from the Holy Land because me and all of mi friends have said that we aren't going to watch series 3 if marian isn't there and think a lot of people are thinking that!!!So if you want people to watch BRING BACK MARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!

i do not think i will watch another series of robin hood you can not have the show with out marion .to have another love interest for robin would be an outrage as no one could replace marion.if lucy has gone to other thinks then the bbc should say so on the robin hood web sit and put fans in the picture

Dear BBC, I've gone this long without Friar Tuck. Marian? Easy come - easy go. That said, take note and please send Allan back to Gisbourne and the Sheriff, as that has been the most compelling character dynamic this series.

The series will NOT survive without three of the characters. Marian especially, and if she is replaced or Robin finds a new love interest so soon after losing the woman he loved--in my opinion the show would be ruined. PLEASE, BBC, make the last two episodes have been a nightmare of Robin's or something!

how can marian die!!!cant the bbc bring her back or somethingwhen she died there was no blood and even when she pulled out sword there was no blood when she was wearing white dress

I ordered BBC America channel last year exclusively for this show. I told many of my friends here about the show and we all became addicted to it because of the chemistry between Jonas and Lucy. We haven't even watched any of season 2 yet, and we are SICK TO OUR STOMACHS over here. Lucy is so young, one more year wouldn't hurt her career. If Lucy isn't back for season 3 as an alive and well Marian, we are all canceling our BBCA cable subscriptions!!!!!!!!!

I'm not so bothered by Marian's death as I am by Will and Djaq's departure. I think Marian's death was beautifully filmed and it was a brave thing for her to do and a very good twist to the story.However, I think that Will and Djaq's decision to remain in the Holy Land was rather out of character and I think it would be excellent if these two could return to the series. I would also be eager for them to have more screen time, as Harry Lloyd and Anjali Jay are both excellent actors and have been rather underused so far (especially Anjali Jay).

I love Robin Hood so very much. I'm such a fan that I, as an American, have been obtaining the shows online in order not to wait until BBC America starts to air them. I feel that the end of Series Two did a great disservice to Guy of Gisbourne who was progressing so nicely into turning into a human this time round. That said, my favorite character is Will and I am dissapointed, not only that he is in the Holy Land, but especially because he left his little brother behind in Sheriff Vaysey's England seemingly without a thought. That does not seem like the Will I know and have grown to deeply love and I sincerly hope that will be fixed somehow next series. I will say that Marian is not in every Robin Hood Ballad, but to start out with one and then take her away seems cruel. At any rate, it was a gutsy move and I'll look forward to seeing what comes of it.

Also guys? They didn't mess up a legend. The legend is about Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Not about Robin + Marian getting married and having babies. Marian wasn't even in the original legend.

robin hood will never be the same. without marian there is no way they can still be as popular as the past series. you cannot recover from losing marian. and you can definately not get a new love interest for robin hood.

Killing off marian was such a massive mistake. if Lucy wants to leave why not have another actress play the part? You cannot have Robin Hood without Maid Marian. And giving Robin a new love interest will only make me even determined to boycot the series, and Im certain this view will be taken by others aswel. It's ridiculous and irresponsible to kill a ledgend such as this.I am disapointed in the writers.

I really love Marian and all but I think it'd be ridiculous to bring her back after she has died. She did get a great death scene and I'll always remember how awesome she was but I'll move on and continue watching. Mostly because I'm so glad Allan is still around. Oh and bring back Will ASAP.

To contribute to the debate i would just like to ask,how can there be another series if marian has been killed? The whole through-line of the show was the love triangle between Robin Marian and Guy, also by the looks of things will and Dijack are living in the holy land,so what can the third series possible be about? It sounds like lucy griffiths has quite the show going by the BBCs comments but sources have stated that Lucy has already signed up for series three! I think it would be a huge loss to the show and would make it strange to watch as Lucy made such a fantastic Marian and really symbolised girl power!To be honest it would be nice to get a difinate answer to wether she is coming back or not because us Lucy fans cannot hold on until series 3!!!!!

I'm heartbroken by Marian's death. She was such a great role model for girls and to end up being brutally killed was horrifying to watch. I'm sure that a lot of young children will have been very upset by this. I'm so disappointed by this dreadful decision. Robin and Marian are part of the legend - bringing in a new love interest sounds horrible. If Marian really is not returning I will not be watching series three or buying the series two dvd set.

I'm seriously tramatized...I could not believe was terrible...WHY BBC???? WHY LUCY???? Please come back!

Lucy was great in the role. I'm really sorry to see Marian go, but was not sure where her storyline would have gone if she'd stayed. I also feel sorry for the many people genuinely upset by her death. I will be very interested to see how S3 develops, and am sure Will - with or without Djaq - will be back at some point. He's hanging onto that gang tag! I'll be watching to see what happens.

No the series can't survive and what I would like to see in Series 3 is this whole mess sorted out but obviously since Lucy Griffiths has left that's not going happen now is it. I'm sorry but having Marian killed off in the manner in which it happened is both disgusting, disappointing and a complete and utter cop out. It ultimately taints how her character will be remembered and the show in general. Marian was feisty and she was strong and brave, a very moden woman. So what happens? She stands up for herself and is killed for it! The BBC are utter fools for not having the foresight to keep Lucy Griffiths signed on for a Third Season because not only has it destroyed for fans what was shaping up to be a rather excellent show, the BBC themselves will lose out when hardly anyone tunes in next series and when dvd sales tumble. And for the record introducing a new love interest would be like adding to insult to injury. This isn't Doctor Who where companions can come and go. BBC you have betrayed the fans, you have cheated us out of the happy ending we were lead to believe in and have made a mockery out of our support of this show. The events of the finale were like a slap in the face. What on earth were you thinking?

i am gutted marian is gone. but they cant exactly brgin her back to life again can they.but i defo dont think they should give robin another love interest! that would be going too far for my liking!!and will has to come bak! it wont be the same without him and his wonderfull carving skills! :)

Marian shouldn't have died until at least the middle of the 3rd series. If robin finds another girl in his life it just won't be the same and will ruin the show completely. The only way BBC can make up for this is that Robin dies in the end and we see him and Marian up in heaven together. Anyway i thought Lucy had signed up for series 3?? The BBC have lost a lot of viewers by killing of a main character, even though they had no choice as Lucy was quitting. I know many of you say it is only a show but i am 14 years old and i hardly ever watch TV shows like this but this one was an exception. I Loved this show! But as they have killed of Marian i am not sure i can watch it any more as it won't be the same. I will watch the 1st couple of episodes and see. It is a trajedy to have lost one of the main characters like this. The ending of series two was so sad i cried. Hopefully the BBC can somehow bring her back...

I was devastated to see Marian die, I even cried... She was amazing, a true heroine. And what is Robin without Marian? I hope they find a way to bring her back, I don't care how, because the show will never be the same without her. And if they don't bring her back, I seriously hope they don't end up Robin with someone else. Robin and Marian belong together. Lucy Griffiths is the best Marian ever. I really identified myself with her... Please BRING HER BACK!!!

This "re-visioning" of a Robin Hood WITHOUT Marian, just plain sucks. And the idea of a "different love" for Robin doesn't go down well at all. I don't think I can stomach s3. The series and the legend of Robin Hood has been ruined for me. They might as well bury the show in the grave next to Marian, since they've pretty much killed it for me.

I read the BBC statement...a new love interest for robin in the future? that's not the legend any more...that's not Robin Hood...

Louise - Member of JAF
I think the BBC has made a HUGE mistake in killing off Marian - if there is definately to be a series 3 I think that they will have lost a lot of viewers as the Robin/Marian relationship was one of the major pulls for many people. Whilst I applaud many of the changes to the 'Legend' that this latest series has brought about, I feel that this is a step too far! Whilst fully understanding Lucy's decision to leave, I am at a loss to see why this meant Marian had to die!? Shame on you BBC!!!!!

Fair enough. If Lucy wanted to leave the show, the writers have probably done the right thing. People would also have complained if they had re-cast role. On the bright side, at least it looks like we're guaranteed a third series. Think that, aside from the last couple of episodes, series 2 was a lot stronger with Jonas Armstrong really seeming to be a lot more comfortable in role.

I think the BBC made a mistake. Although it would be hard to see a new actress in the role, that would be better than killing off the lead female role. The show was at least 50% about the love story/triangle, and I believe at least 50% of the viewers were probably there for that reason. If all three actors wanted off the show, perhaps they should have just ended it with this season. Dont' overstay your welcome, I say. The show that we've all fallen in love with over the past two seasons will come back as something entirely different now. I expect a lot of viewers will not return for season 3, and many of those that do will not stay with it, in that it won't be what it once was. A recast would have been hard to accept, but far easier to accept than this.Bringing her back next season, even with a new actress, in some "Dallas-like" dream sequence might be less absurd than killing her off was.

Cant believe marian dies!! Have no idea how the writers are going to draw in the audience for season 3 now considering they have killed the leading lady! The romance between robin and marian was one of the most important factors to the show and kept people tuning in each week.Lucy Griffiths was a great actress who brought a feisty,daring,enpowering dimension to the modern marain. I feel disappointed that she choose to let her fans and the show that gave her her claim to fame down in the manner in which it was done, and that the writers would end her character as they did. Really disappointed with the entire production of robin hood.

Lauren Wilson
I cannot believe it! Marian gone and so have Will & Djaq. It;s ridiculous. I will watch series 3 because I like Robin and Allan but i think the BBC have spolit it with this new direction. Marian was a good role model for young girls, strong and determind. Who can young girls relate to now, because there are no women left in the show!Please bring Will & Djaq back at least!

I love the series! I watch it for all of the characters and will continue to do so. I was quite upset when Marian was killed off...I had high hopes of a wonderful season 3 for she and Robin. But, I also love watching Much, Little John, Allan, and Robin! Now that I have accepted that what I thought would happen next season will not...I'm now getting excited for what the writers have in store for us. Give us action...but please give us romance too...for Robin...and maybe Much...and most surely for Allan too. I will be watching!!

It seems ridiculous that Marian has been killed off. I most certainly won't be watching next season unless they bring her back somehow. The love triangle between her/Robin/Guy made up a large proportion of the story (all of it for me, I only watched for the Robin/Marian interaction, as i'm sure did many others) and the viewers, so to take that away seems somewhat stupid. I feel a tad let down and betrayed to be honest, as if all the way through the story was building up to a big happily ever after for Robin and Marian, and that was a hope i clung onto and I had placed it firmly in my head that it would come at the end of series 3, but its not going to happen now is it? Not only that Marian died, but she seemed to be so out of character (as did many of the characters) all through ep13, and they got rid of the only other female character.... don't even get me started on the sexist attitudes in the finale...Come on BBC, buck your ideas up.

r.h numba 1 fan ever
see i think the bbc should bring this character back in the way of a dream because if you think about it edward her father said its good to dream when he died so maybe robin thought of that and he had a dream when he was trapped in the barn or when he stayed overnight at djaqs uncles place in the holy land? also bring back will and djaq!i hope they will bring her back but also there was no blood on her dress and she wasent really buried they just layed he next to the hole! please bring her back

well im really upset that they killed marian i might still watch it to she how robin cope without marian and what he does about the sherrif and guy! cant believe djag and will desided to stay in the holy land!!

Rebbeka (again)
and im sorry right, but Marian was SUCH a good role model for young girls. Fromher attitude towards things to as her phyisical appearance. I used to love sitting down on a saturday night with my family to watch RH bu this shall not continue in the future. Millions of CHILDREN watch this show...youve ruined it. really you have.

I was very devastated and disappointed to see Marian killed. Marian and her relationship with Robin are the heart of the show. It might would have been easier to accept if it werent done in so horrid a way. It was very disrespectful to the character. I know I will not be watching the next series as without Marian this isnt the show I loved.

they can;t honestly be thinking about getting robin some new love interest! How absurd! I can;t believe they killed off marian this is a children;s programme for godness sake!

I think it was a fantastic ending to a fantastic series - an ending that no-one anticipated. I'm looking forward to a really evil Guy of Gisborne in the next series, although I think perhaps he won't survive for very long as Robin will be hell-bent on avenging Marian's death. I just can't wait for the next series and I'm so glad the Sheriff and other members of the cast will be returning. It's a pity if Djaq and Will have gone for good but let's hope some new members of the gang are introduced. A Friar Tuck would be useful to replace Marian as "the spy in the castle".

The BBC have made a massive mistake by killing off Marian. Yeah I hate how she shamelessly manipulated Guy throughout the season, but she is a central character.Guy is my favourite character of the show, but to be honest I would have rather see him die, than do what he did. The writers were just cruel to get our hopes up and make us believe that Guy was capable of change, just to have him stick it to Marian at the end.If Lucy has left to pursue other opportunities, good for her, but it would not have harmed to see the series through to the end. It's not like she had a huge back catalogue of work before this series.If the other main characters can stick it out to the end, why couldn't she. The ending of this season was in such stark contrast to the hopeful ending of series 1, that it left a bitter taste in the mouth.Family entertainment BBC? I think not. This woman who has seen plenty of violence on the screen in her time was sickened by the death of Marian and still is.

They kill off Marion and then the announcer at the end calmly says Robin will be back for a third series in 2008!! It doesn't make any sense without Marion. Her relationship with Robin and Guy was the only reason I watched so I won't bother tuning in again. The last episode was really silly anyway - popping over to the Holy Land with no sign of the long arduous journey it was in those days (did they take a quick flight via Easyjet or something??)and then turning up right outside the house where Marion is being held!!! And after all that King Richard is still staying there and not coming back to England to sort out the baddies! Did anyone notice all the clouds in the sky when they were supposed to frying in the desert??!

RH fan
I guess I'll have to believe that Marian is dead according to the new BBC statement. I'm not sure I'll be tuning in to series 3, because I don't want to see Robin with another love interest, so for me the ending was when Marian died. It will just be a Romeo/Juliet type tragic love story.

what a terribly vague comment from the bbc. You haven't explained why you killed her off!! Its a children's programme, surely if she wanted to leave you could have found a more suitable way

I'm tempted to ask "Who cares about Robin?" Personally, I was more interested in the dynamic between Guy and Marian. It really looked like she had feelings for him, even if Robin did have just a bit of an edge with her. And she was changing him, making him more human and less sadistic -- well, up until this episode, anyway. I really thought he was so far along that he could have decided to be good! Marian's death was a shock, of course, but the more I think about it, the more it's understandable to me that Guy killed her in a flash of rage. Great acting by Richard Armitage, all the way through! You could really see the moment when Guy realized what he'd done. But after this, I don't think the series can bring Marian back in a believable way. Having it be a dream or a hallucination would be just plain cheap. I would like to see Will come back, but I'm a bit more ambiguous about Djaq. Her character was a bit underused in the second series. What would I like to see happen in series 3? Well, I would "like" to have much more Guy of Gisborne, but I know that's not going to happen. The show is called "Robin Hood," after all. Seriously, though, what I would like to see is a female "Friar Tuck" character, who could be Robin's new love interest, and a good death for Guy of Gisborne.

An abbsolute desaster, only the BBC could spoil a legend. Do you realise how upset your viewers were the answer to that is NO wake up BBC if you thought more of your viewers and not your pockets, lucy Griffiths would still be playing Marian. I hope it was a dream otherwise BBC I'm one more added to the expanding lot of non-viewers

I love Robin Hood. But it is just a story. I'm sure they will have another female character or two. While Lucy Griffiths is a good actress there are several very fine actors still on the show and should be considered. Robin Hood is a story not history. Some say the legend is based in fact, if that were true than one should read the very early versions of the story and they will learn that it didn't start out with Marian. She was a much later edition. I wonder if the medieval fans through hissy fits when the 14th century legend writers added Marian?

BRING WILL AND DJAC BACK!!!They where so sweet in the last episode, i've been wanting these two to get together ever since Djac arrived in the camp. I love the chemistry. I was really upset that they stayed behind in the Holy Land even though it was very sweet.PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

I know here in the states BBC America ia "A little Brit different" , But that's ALOT brit different. You can't have a Robin Hood without a Marion.

I think it's a brilliant twist in the storyline!! Yeah it was sad and all but i think Marion, Djac and Will all leaving will allow the writers to introduce new characters. The marion, robin, guy triangle was interesting (was I the only one routing for guy over Robin?)but it was getting old-fast.

Robin Hood Fan
I think it is stupid Marian is dead because you can't really have Robin Hood without maid Marian. I was really upset when she died. I think that if Lucy had wanted to leave then they should have found another way to make her leave so she could come back in the future if she wanted to. Will and Djac can come back from the Holy Land but Marian can't exactly come back from the dead! I thought Lucy was really good at playing Marian though!!!

What a shame the two strongest female characters have left - who will female viewers identify with now?

E1 & E2
We're huge fans of the show and the way in which the characters were portrayed, but we won't be tuning in again for Season 3. Robin Hood is great because the legend is great, and it's a bit of a betrayal to the fans to have killed off Marian.

Becca R
I was devasted to see Marian die. I think she was a good role model for young girls and now they have lost that. I doubt I will be watching series 3 now. Robin without his Marian is just ridiculous.

I was suspicious about a new RH series given the fact that the Praed/Connery one was my favourite one and suffered many problems including a fourth series that never happened, change of cast etc. Following from all this I thought the BBC would have done their research and learned from the mistakes that were made by HTV then (including making sure actors sign contracts for the entirety of the show if possible)...furthermore I must say that the writers seemed to take their inspiration from the 80s series too. However after all this I really got into the second season and really liked the modern portrayal if not without flaws. I thought the ending was interesting if upsetting, however it did not represent the story of Lady Marian and RH and the episode of outlaws stuck in the barn seemed derived as if the writers had run out of ideas, not like the outlaws could not talk in the forest. Marians death scene was good and believable however Robin was somehow more relaxed -as much as I loved to there is no way to bring her back now it is like a sword gone trough the legend - to bring her back be like Bobby Ewing in Dallas totally fake - didn't think the Beeb needed to borrow from the US! It is sad that the only RH portrayal to get the story more or less right was Kevin Costner's Prince of Thiev es who already borrowed from Robin of Sherwood. Seems everyone except the British wants to keep the memory of this fantastic story alive! Seems we still need the Americans after all to tell us how to run a good show.

I stopped watching after series one I thought the dialogue and stories were too Hollywood and lacked real substance ( Hercules, Xena etc)It doesn't surprise me that the BBC have done this the writer is probably a spiteful Yorkshireman who intends introducing the Dingles in the next series.

Frankie and Hannah x
we think marian was really great! They can't replace her, she was the best. You can't have Robin Hood without a marian, it's crazy. How can they kill her off, we know it was probably her that wanted to go but its still devastating. We still think they will include her loads though, in Robin's dreams and stuff but we also want will and djak back. x

The BBC have 're-written history' and totally spoilt, what for me, was a good series. I shall not be watching it in future.

I've only just recovered from the ending of Blake's Seven, 25 years ago, where all the main characters got shot - and now this!!! Thanks a lot BBC! Seriously, it is a really cynical way for a writer to treat the audience. We get enough death and grief in our everyday lives without escapist entertainment programmes joining in. Good writing takes you to the edge, shows you the danger and then brings you back, like a rollercoaster.In America the scriptwriters are on strike. I think this is a case for the viewers to go on strike for series 3.

Gosh, now I understand what kind of pressure Conan Doyle faced when he killed off Sherlock Holmes. He did manage to bring his hero back from the dead, so maybe there's hope for Marian. Can't see how though. I would laugh my socks off if she does a Bobby Ewing.

MEL (again sorry im obsessed)
WE ARE ROBIN HOOD !!!!!!BRING HER BACK!!!ITS MY LIFE I CANT STOP CRYIN mits broken my heart me and my m8 ellie are distrought we love the program mor thn anyone marian must riteern

Massive RH Fan !!!
Marion was without doubt one of if not the best actor in the Robin Hood series. I have loved watching their romance develop all the while knowing that one day they would get their fairytale ending. The BBC cannot rewrite history like this - what's robin hood without marion!!I don't care how the writers do it, there have been loads of suggestions such as a dream/hallucination/faked death. Whatever it takes bring her back otherwise I think the bbc will lose thousands of viewers and I will most definitely be one of them !!!!

How the hell can they do this i'm devestated they can't kill marian and gisborn was getting better and then does that its awful and will in the holy land that was great he's one of my fave charectorsyou cant just leave him there he was becoming his own charector and now the whole show is ruined i think they hav gone way to far in trying to create drama.

Is anyone reading all these comments plus thousands of others elsewhere on the web. Bring Marian back. "We are Robin Hood!!

The BBC have made a big mistake, Robin Hood with out Marian makes no sense... they are meant to be together the story is of the love they have for each other. It's not worth watching without her, she was great i really enjoyed them getting together in series 2 but i won't be watching it if they do series 3 with-out her it wont be the same :o((( BIG MISTAKE BBC you have lost a lot of viewers!!!

Friar Tuck
What a pity Gisborne didn't kill all the Merry Men then turn the weapon on the Sheriff and himself! We would then be spared any more of this ridiculous series. It must be, by far, the worst ever Robin Hood film / TV version made. The scriptwriters clearly have no understanding of either the English language, nor of history, even allowing for the fact that the Robin Hood legend is just that - a legend. If John Cleese, Eric Idle etc. were included in the cast, at least we would know it was intended as a Monty Python send up of the Robin Hood story. Bring back Eroll Flynn!

I am really upset that maid marian is dead. They will have tot hink of a way to bring her back or the shows viewings will go right downhill. Robin and Marian deserve each other.

I'm from spain and i follow the serie by youtube. That night i couldn't sleep. Marian is my favourite caracter. I don't know how but bbc must brigh her back, it would not be the same without her. i can't imagen this serie without Lucy Griffiths, he's a great actress. I don't want another, i want her.

I was so upset at the end of season 2 and if Marion is not brought back in season 3 I will certainly not be watching! The Gisbourne/Robin/Marion storyline was the main reason I watched the show and I always believed that they would end up married at the end of the show. I didn't find the last episode believable at all, Robin didn't seem that bothered that Marion had died, it was nothing compared to his reaction when she 'died' at the end of season 1. I'm hoping and praying that when Robin saw marion riding towards him in the desert it was a hallucination. I think the BBC have made a major error with the storyline - you can't change history. I feel sorry for all the children that watched the show, they must have been very upset. If Lucy Griffith wanted to leave the show they should have recast Marion not kill her off !!!!!!

I laughed when I read the letters of people saying that the writers, producers and actresses don't have the right to do what they want with their show and her career. What rubbish.I think the show is still great.

The Writers and producers had the right idea. I don't think they could have made a more gripping episode. Very thrilling. Can't wait to see what they do next. Everyone else needs to get a grip. IT'S JUST A SHOW!

I can't believe people are so upset. It was a sad ending, but to malign the BBC, the writers, the producers and Ms Griffiths because the actress wants to further her career and they need to write her out of the show is childish and silly.Grow up everyone.

I absolutely love Robin and how Jonas Armstrong plays him. I am probably one of the few people who are glad that Marian's dead. Who cares about the legend.I like Robin single and concentrating on fighting the bad guys. There are plenty of pretty actresses our there.

I think it is a really interesting and unexpected ending. My daughters cried, but can't wait to see Season three.

I think it is just fine. I love the show and killing Marian--although I love Lucy Griffiths portrayal--is an exciting new twist. Best of luck to her in her future career.

I was so disappointed with the ending. I watch the show for Robin and Marian. Without her the show doesn't have any heart. They need to bring her back to life somehow.

is lucy really leaving the show

Truthfully, what can they have been thinking?? If Marian is gone, I'm gone.

i think that bbc made a huge mistake killing off marrian!!!! if they are going to have a season 3 they should deffinatly consider using a different actress to fill in for lucy. robin hood won't have nearly half the ratings without Will, Djac, and Marian. PLEASE bring marian back!!!

I was very upset to see that Will and Djaq were left behind in the HOly Land...I'm sorry but you just can't do that!!!! Will is fundamental in the gang!!!!! And so is Djaq!!!!!Besides, the legend is the could you kill Lady Marian!?!??!!? She has to come back too... make it a dream... a plot... a BIG lie... or whatever... but the gang has to be together again...Will and Djaq must return to Sherwood... and Marian too... even if she has to be another actress....the three of them just have to be in season 3!!!! otherwise.... the series just wouldn't be the same and all the things for which many people and myself included watch the show.

It's time to bring in Friar Tuck. Have him revive Marian, and give us our d*mn 'happily ever after'. If Lucy had no intention of signing on for a 3rd series, then so be it. But we deserve to have Marian back, even if that Marian is not OUR Marian!Bravo, BBC, you caught me by surprise. You created an ending that was totally unexpected. Now create a beginning that is equally unexpected--by bringing our girl back from the dead (ahem--via Friar Tuck!).And bring back Will and Djac! You can't get rid of the ONLY two major female stars on the show without created an uproar, and losing viewership (you're very close to losing mine!). It seems to me like the scriptwriter has something against women. Marion's dead, Djac left, and the only other female character who showed any promise was the Sheriff's sister...and we saw what happened to her in the first episode! Stop being evil, and bring us a strong female lead who will NOT leave or die off. I think we deserve it!

they cannot possibly bring back marian now unfortunatly.has series three even been confirmed yet by the beeb?

i was so upset when they killed off marion. Robin Hood is one of the best TV shows but has now been completely ruined. You cannot have Robin Hood without marion!

not happy
i think it stinks they can't kill off Marian! they better make a season 3 and get her back some how. if the writer really think about it there are ways it can be done. Will and Djac can't stay in the Holy Land and king Richard can only come back to Enland when the writers decide to call it quits for good. And can someone tell me why people in Australia see everything like 50 billion years after everyone else? back to marian i think that it should turn out that they didn't really bury her but that a new character (preferably an English woman) who had been in the Holy Land for a long time on the crusades finds her and fixes her up and that they didn't really bury marion at all. i mean they just gotta do something, cause i haven't even seen like even the first episode yet ( being in Australia and all) and i already hoppin mad about it. NOT HAPPY TIGER ASPECT!

i think marian should come back because robin will have no woman in his life

I was SO angry to watch Marian being killed. The only reason I watched Robin Hood was for the Robin/Marian relationship. I do not think that recasting Marian will work because Lucy made the role her own. Please bring back Lucy/Marian!!

By killing Marian BBC effectively killed the show.

I was really upset when Marian was killed, I think that it was a big, BIG mistake (I cried for hours afterwards and failed to get to sleep thet night). I don't think there should be any new love intrests for Robin when he returns home as it would be like he was betraying his WIFE, Marian's memory. I have heared rumors that Lucy Griffiths will be returning as Marian in Series 3 as a figment of Robin's imagination which I don't think will work, fans were really upset when they saw Marian die and I don't think bringing her back as a memory will solve this. However much we see Marian and Robin together in Robins imagianation I don't think it will make up for her being dead. I think the wirtters need to buck up their ideas and find some way of bring Marian back ALIVE or they may begin to loss their fans. I have read many ideas from fans on how to bring her back - you could pretend it was just a dream of Robin or Guy's - I don't really think it will matter what you do just as long as you bring Marian back fans will be happy. I was really glad to see Will and Djaq get together however I thing it was a bad idea to keep them in Acre, it is almost as if the story line is totally wasted - what is the point of the two of them get together if we don't even get a chance to see their love for one and other grow? A show with out Marian is bad enough but a show with out Will and Djac would be disasterous. I have loved every episode of both series of Robin Hood and never fail to miss one so I was really glad when Allan finally rejoined the gang in series 12. However upset and angry I was about the decisions made by the Robin Hood writters in seires 12 and 13 I will continue to support it and will still be tuning in to watch series 3 however I am worried some views may not... BBC YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO WHAT ALL YOUR VIEWS ARE SAYING, BRING MARIAN, WILL AND DJAQ BACK!!!

it was an amazing endin NOT NOT NOT NOT what the hel is the bbc thinking no affence marians death then djaq and will saying in acre its barbaric,BRING MARIAN BACK people are saying that lcy has signed up for the 3rd series and if u ask me i hope its true lucy should come back as marian, not any other actor, it wouldnt be the same without marian but it also wouldnt be the same with a different actor how is robin goin to cope without marian it was one of the main bits why i watch robin hood and i am jonas's no. 1 fan and if u dont mind me saying he is HOT anyway they should bring her back somehow and she should get married to robin hood for djaq and will they should come back to fight for england once again ane hey should hav a kid i also think they should have a kid around 13-14 yrs old in the gang prefurbly a girl to make it more interestin (if you want an actor for tht girl im your girl) thank you and Bring marian back please !!!!

I think it is absolutely ridiculous to kill Marian off. That is half of your viewing crowd lost, just right there.

mel morris
Marian? dead? its barbaric Marian is my idol (along with jonas)i think the bbc should think of a way to bring her back and dajq and will should come back to sherwood to join the gang again and i think they should have a kid. Marian has to come back and if she doesnt i think Robin should be the one who kills guy. bring lucy griffiths/marian BACK PLEASE

they Better figure out a way to bring marian back. but if they bring her back to life then it is just cheesey, because that is what they did in the first series. I really dont know what the screen writers have in mind, but they stuck. Because if they dont bring marian back, then they must have a better story in mind.

Marion cant come back she is dead and if she isnt who would play her.

What were they all thinking?Robin Hood without Maid Marian??The thing is, the way that last episode went, it wasn't as if the viewers would have been any worse off if Marian was simply injured or better still not walked off ok. This was a really stupid thing to have done and has really turned me off watching any more! I've now even cancelled my DVD orders.That last episode was the WORST one ever and it lasted longer than all the others - what a waste!Perhaps they should have just killed off Robin to end it all before it gets worse!!

Marian, Will and Djaq were my favourites. I'll think it difficult to watch Robin Hood series 3 without a Marian, Will and Djaq.If you think about it, they were like the soul of the TV drama ...I am on my knees pleading for Marian to come back and for Will and Djaq to return - please let the very last episode be a dream and Robin will wake up in the barn or the dessert to realise the events that we saw did not really happen, leaving our hero to be able to change the future.

your all out of your minds bbc are you think bring back marian or lose the show

i was totaly devestated when they killed marian off i was thinking what are you on about bbc the legend of robin hood is were they end up geting married and king richard ends up giving her away. i carnt say im very happy with they way the last two episodes were carride out marian is a big part of robin hood you outout marian its stupid they should not of killed her of why couldnt you off just replaced the actress

They may as well kill off Robin if Marian is dead!I wish Lucy Griffiths a great future though!

you just CAN'T kill the legend. at least not in this way. it's too much. b killing Marian you killed the entire conclusion of the legend. you killed Robin's future. what should happen then? when the king returns and Robin save the england. what should he does? live the rest of his life alone? without his true love? it's ridiculous! you cannot change a legend in this way. (and don't even think to another love interest. absolutely not.)this is such a sad story. a hero who after all his sacrifices , after all the pain won't ever be happy, won't ever have love , won't ever have his happy ending. the happy ending he would deserve and that , in fact ,he originally has.oh God this is Robin Hood! you chose to tell Robin Hood's story and that story you should continue to tell. you just can't change the legend in such a huge way.if Lucy doesn't want to sign (and come on, she is young, she could have waited for another season! ) you could just make her alive for the first episode of the 3rd season and than find a way to send her away for the rest of the season. she would come back in the last episode and at least Robin could have his legendary ending. i don't know. do what you want , find a way .just don't kill Robin Hood legend in this way and even more his deserved happy ending.

I am utterly dissapointed, the show will be nothing without marian..Bring her back please utherwise I will not watch the show..BRING HER BACK! BRING HER BACK!

Laura loves RH
I love the show so much..It is really a big part of my weekends and now that lucy griffiths has left the show, I must confess that I am very dissapointed. I think that now she has left not many people will watch the next series, Please bring her back I beg you!

kirsty jones
What were they thinking? I am furious, i encouraged my children to watch it due to romance etc, then they kill marion!!! My children were motified. I will not be watching season 3 - it has completely ruined the show for me. Bring her back!

I'm not killed Marian
They killed marian!!!!It's the only comment i could post...They killed MARIAN!!!!

I am absolutely appauled by what the BBC has could they get rid of is disgusting! Noone will watch it now she has left, please bring her back!

I was so upset when Marian died. I loved the Robin and Marian storyline and the Gisborne and Marian storyline also. Without her it is pointless. In series 1 when she died and rose from the dead Robin just started killing everyone (Sheriffs Men) because he had nothing left to fight for and she came back to life thankfully so there was someone to fight for. But now. Oh no. I love Robin Hood so much I hope like some of you say it was a hallucination from that hot desert or it was all Gisborne dreaming in that Inn when he had a bit of a strange dream before. Usually I dislike those sort of endings but PLEASE make Marian come back.Apparently Jonas is quitting anyway after series 3 dont make it like doctor who, Robin can't regenerate so just bring Lucy back and have one series and then end it. =]Sorry this is long I just love the show so much.

R.H. lover
I read that Lucy Griffiths sighned up for 3 seasons as Marian. So BBC must be thinking of a way to get her back I hope. Becouse without Marian the show would kind of stink.

i was very upset when they killed of lucys marian i hope they will be a series 3 with a new marian but i will miss lucys marian.

the only reason i watched the show was for marion/robin relationship so now she is gone i guess the decison to watch season 3 is made up for me. Lucy was brilliant as Marion and if they bring in another love interest that is worse and pointless.

I was gutted when the BBC killed off Maid Marian. I am a huge fan of Robin Hood and have enjoyed every episode since the new series, especially the love story between Robin and Marian, so when Marian was killed off I was devastated. My sister and I cried for ages. How could the BBC kill off one of the main characters that is as important as Robin Hood. I hope BBC1 come up with an amazing idea to bring her back from the dead and for them to have a proper wedding.

marion is one of the main characters. shes THE REASON robin hood did what he did. in my opinion....

Marian/robin relationship was the only reason i watched, im devastated. She has to return i dnt care what they have to do but they have to bring her back in the flesh and blood, not as a ghost or anything else. im in denial, i cant believe the bbc could be so stupid. i recorded it but my friend told me what happened, and im putting off watching it now. its horrible.

They really need to rethink the ending. Am not interested in watching a third series if it involves Marion appearing to Robin/ Guy as ghost/ vision and Robin moping for entire series until he is reunited with Marion after a glorious death. Not tea-time entertainment if that is what is planned. Romance underpins show and audience won't stomach new love interest for Robin either. Here's hoping that it was a hallucination so that series 3 comes back with a bang! Overall second series was much better than first (ending aside)

i was devastated when Marian died i really was in tears. Marian was practically the main character in Robin Hood and it was her and Robin's relationship that made the programme what it was. It was the main subplot that ran throughout every episode and made it such a wonderful series and so addictive to watch. I loved the first series and the second was even better but the ending spoilt everything. How can they have a third series now without Marian? It'll never work, Marian was one of two characters that made the show and when killing her the bbc effectively killed off the next seriesbefore it has even begun.

Darren B
How can people get so upset by this? there is very little in the show which relates accurately to any of the Robin Hood legends, few have complained so far.Personally im glad she was killed off, it makes the narrative for the next series a more interesting prospect regardless of whether her death was "real" or not.

Glyn Rozier
I'm not interested what happens, now Marian is gone!

Sad, unhappy and incredibly disappointed. BBC shouldn't bother with a series 3 since Marian's gone. It'd be awful if they brought in someone else to play her role (it'll never be the same!!). I just wouldn't bother watching it. And hopefully Will and Djaq will come back. Will was my favorite character! Back to Marian... let's hope the writers can reconcile the situation because my respect level has definitely gone down a few notches.

id like to see Marain brought back but only if its Lucy Griffiths. Will and Djaq have to come back or the season will be barren of peoples favourite characters. Robin, Marian, Much and Will are the best characters. You cant get rid of half of them its ridiculous

Becky F
My goodness - what an ending. We certainly weren't expecting that to happen. The tears didn't stop falling for at least 2 days, how can you have Robin Hood without Marian? I kept expecting her return to life but when she got buried it became clear that she had snuffed it. By any chance does she have an identical twin who also answers to the name "Marian", that way the real Marian is safe hidden in the castle ready to surprise Robin when he arrives back in Nottingham? Now, that would be a good story line for season 3.

I honestly don't think she's dead. Because, well first of all, lucy griffiths had signed up for the 3rd series! (so i've heard and read) And then what? She's gonna be a ghost? Ghost Marian: Guy, why did you killed me?Guy: Don't worry, you're back, aren't you? So you can be a ghost now for the rest of the series.Anyway, I think it was a dream or something like that(Very much in denial)

DEVASTATED, I loved watching Robin Hood depression desends. What's wrong with tradition?

My daughters are devastated! They had only just recovered from the trauma of Gethin being voted off Strictly come dancing, and now Marian meets a sticky end. The main reason they watched Robin Hood was to see Marian, I can't imagine they (and many other 7 year old girls) will want to watch a series without her. She must come back!

Jon Forsdyke
I think killing a main character is like signing a death warrant on a show.

How will there be Robin Hood with out Marian? It makes no sense. I understand updating the legend and making it hip and appealing but to take away the love interest that we've all been waiting two seasons to see... Not to mention, there really can't be Robin Hood with out Marian. These writers better do some quick thinking... like make the last episode Robin's nightmare or something cuz its just too sad now.

This is Barbaric I bought the box set of series one because of Marian's lucky escape of death know she's dead i'm not buying series two and i'm seriously considering if I should carry on watching.

After much discussion here's what should happen in series 3! Robin requests Marian's body to return to Nottingham to be with her father. When the messenger searches, there is no body or the body laid to rest is not Marian! Someone somewhere has tried to save her (there was no blood on the white dress remember so she couldn't have been that hurt!). Meanwhile back in Nottingham Robin contiues to do what he does best and then lets say episode 8 (?)Marian returns to surprise everyone! Hurrah! P.S Something like this better happen or we're not watching series 3!

Sukhvir Duhra
I am very sad about Marian dying i cant get to sleep knowing that marians dead. Please bring her back i like her as much as barney. Marian has to come back

Amrit Duhra
What were the bbc thinking ive bought both series on dvd and i wont be buying the next one if Marian isnt bought back to life. I am disgusted and no ones going to watch it if marian is really dead. Pretend she survived and she returns after all they did have lots of medicines in the holy land. So if you want the public to watch your show bring Marian back! Iam begging you.My whole family are appalled you should reconsider this terrible mistake, for your sake.

FTFA: The changing of the actors from Praed to Connery did not represent a mere changing of hair colour. The two actors portrayed two very different characters; the first, Robin of Locksley, was killed by Robert de Rainault during an ambush and replaced by Sir Guy of Gisbourne's half brother, Robert of Huntingdon, at the behest of the Forest Spirit, Herne the Hunter. They also held very different belief systems; Robin's was in that the divide in wealth across the county was unfair (giving rise to the Legend that is), while Robert's entire being was devoted to revenge and complete anarchy.

After watching the Finale of 'Robin Hood' I was TOTALLY DEVASTATED by the ending. How can the kill off Marian - and how can they change folk-lore like this?They cannot have a third series WITHOUT one of the central characters and the love story between 'Robin & Marian' was the thread that entwined all the episodes. Also the on-screen chemistry between Jonas (Robin) and Lucy (Marian) was brilliant and they complimented each other SO well - and I thought Lucy has got prettier as the series has developed.I also have been on the website and there are thousands of viewers including children who cannot accept this ending - I for one cannot stop thinking about it and although I taped it CANNOT bring myself to watch it again!!The BBC and Tiger Aspect MUST address this and BRING BACK MARIAN somehow for Series 3 - it just WON'T work without her!!!!!!! Did Lucy Griffiths want to leave because EVERYTHING I read and heard all the actors/actresses was willing to sign up for Series 3. With a lot of TV being doom and gloom it was so nice to look forward to a 'family' show on a Saturday night with an old fashioned love story and heroes. But thanks to some stupid writer has obliterated this and hey ho - violence in the death of Marian - Thanks for nothing!!In episode 9 'Lardners Ring' the story/plan (Quote by Marion)" Find Lardner, bring the King home, defeat the Sheriff, and 'Get Married' in that order Robin"(end quote). So writers why don't you fullfil what you started?!!!!!!!!!!For the sake of our children and grown up fans alike of 'Robin Hood' I DON'T care how you do it (dreams/nightmare/hallucinations) - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE when/if Series 3 returns make sure Marion does too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!An Ardent RH Fan

John Shacklock
It really shocked me when Maid Marian was killed. I live in Nottingham and the legend states that, when King Richard comes back from the Holy Land in marries Maid Marian and Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. So at the moment the BBC have changed the legend, are they trying to change what the books state. Even in the old stories it never statered that Robin Hood went back to the Holy Land. So BBC what are you trying to do with our Maid Marian and Robin Hood. Can't you get back to where Robin Hood lives in Sherwood Forest with his ten (10) Merry men and the Sheriff of Nottingham lives in Nottingham castle. SO? Can you PLEASE bring back Maid Marian, even if it is someone else and not Lucy then you will be making everyone HAPPY.

Knowing the BBC of late and it's total contempt for English and Christian tradition, Robin Hood will probably be developing a close friendship with a heavily pregnant asylum seeker in the next series and there will be no room for them in Sherwood Forest as it will be full of illegal immigrants.

Ok, so sometimes characters die, and if your watching a shw with bows and arrows and sword fighting all over the place, then you have to be prepared to deal with it (or screen it before hand!)Having said that...WHAT ON EARTH!!! Getting rid of 2 major chars of the legend is mental. If the actress wants to go, and she can, then fine, but to deal with it like this...Up until that point I thught it was the best episode yet, they didn't need to end it like this. (why does every actor head for the USA the second they can? Ah, maybe the weather? :))

lydia swift
i am robin hood's number 1 fan and i thought lucy shouldnt have gone because she was a good actress and robin will not be hole without her !

Errol Flynn
Dreadful - we have been cheated.

a. barlow
i do not think you can have a third series without marion the bbc should have a re think and find a away to bring the character back

I'm hoping it was all a dream made up by sir guy. He had a dream where first Marian was rubbing his back then Allan then the sheriff. Hopefully the writers have thought everything up before hand because you can't have Robin Hood without the love of his life. If Lcy wanted to leave commit to one last final season since they wanted to end after season three anyway. Bring Marian back listen to your viewers we don't like the road your taking with the Legend. The events could be Sir Guys nightmare in losing Marian

I think that they should have a new Marian If Lucy wants to do other things. In all the other Robin Hoods there was always a Maid Marian why should this one be different? A lot of fans would not watch it anymore. If they do get a another Marian than at the end of the 3rd season Robin and Marian should get married. A lot of fans like Happy ever afters.

Killing Maid Marian was the action of small people, probably the same one who cast that wimp as Robin.

The show has been brilliant -pure pantomime- good versus evil and a great love triangle... but the ending was a huge disappointment and I've never seen my family in so many tears! Series 3 is simple - it clearly needs to have some hint that Marian is still alive to keep the viewers guessing and then BRING HER BACK. This would make a very enjoyable series for me and my family PS.I don't care how the writers do it! From reading all the comments plus endless discussions with my daughters friends - it clearly needs to be done!

I have to echo the comments of everyone else. I was under the impression that someone was going to get killed off, but thought it might be Allan turning from traitor to hero saving the others. Killing Marian off is senseless and has obviously upset many children, let alone me and I'm an adult! Perhaps there might be a twist in the tale though - remember the end of Series 1 of Blakes 7 when we thought the Liberator was destroyed? Turned out to be a duplicate ship! I hope for a variation on a theme here and Marian (and the terrific Lucy Griffiths) make a return for Series 3.

After an excellent second series it was a very bad final episode. If Marian is not somehow revived, I will not be watching the third series.

Jo Chapman
Legends should NOT be messed about with by Any-one... that includes the BBC. Who do they think they are......

minghella wrote this...I always had a great respect for his work but this ending is very disappointing. change the actress if lucy wants to quit the role. but killing off marian is not a solution! how should robin go on without her? she was his hope in better a future after king richards return from the holy land. now he has no future but only revenge? what's the message of the whole story?? there are not only kids who are watching the series! we all fells disappointed and upset.I wish lucy a great career and I hope she could make it in hollywood. is minghella doing this on purpose to keep the suspance high for S3??? but please RH should not become Bold&Beautiful with people coming back from the grave without a realistic explaination.

It wouldn't be the same if they got nouther person to act Marian and it wont be the same without Marian in the castle but it was a cool ending...

That was a ridiculous end to the series, but I can't see any way they could write her back in. The idea of it being a dream or whatever wouldn't be convincing (it's not Dallas). Then again, this version of the story has never been true to the legend (where was Friar Tuck all this time?). In my opinion script writers are using way too much 'creative license' these days.

Death of Marian is ridiculous this has to be a dream! Marian needs to come back - reading reviews from the internet thousands of others agree.The BBC can not change the legend, If Lucy Griffiths wanted to leave then they should bring in another actress to play Marian. As for Will and Djaq they could bring Marian back and surprise everyone including Guy!

Valeria Levati
There can't be a Robin Hood without Marian. Period. Come on, guys, it's LEGEND! I just want her to come back, I don't care how; I don't think there should be a third season without her. Robin with another girl is just...unthinkable.

A. Saunders
They ruined the show when they killed marian, SORRY BBC.....I will not watch the third series.

Tina Glen
I thought the series 2 finale was fantastic. Superbly written and some oustanding acting from the whole cast. I was sad that Marian was killed off but I would like to wish Lucy all the best for her future career and commend Tiger Aspect and the BBC on a brave decision. Personally I cannot wait for series 3, I know it will be amazing.

The Robin Hood's legend without Marian is a big mistake. Lucy is young and she have time to do a career in Hollywood. An the series don't survive without Robin's love interest. Lucy and Minghella ruined the series.

I don't understand killing Marian.. if the Lucy Griffiths wanted to leave the show, my thoughts are that marian should have left too. after being discoverd marian should have gone to relatives or stayed with someone else to be brought back and finally married at the end of season 3... not killed. That is a horrible way of dealing with the show and the legend!

Joanne B
I think what happened in the last episode was very sad, but was a very gripping story. What I think they should do now is bring Marian back, by making us think that it was all an illusion/mirage thought by Robin in the desert. But Robin can still think that Guy killed Marian and so can get very angry and have a massive fight with him! They can always start the episode off by showing flashbacks of Marian and then Carter could throw a bucket of water at Robin to wake him up.Like Naomi said the romance between Robin and Marian was a key part of the show.

It was a devastating blow to see marian go!I find it hard to believe she is dead for good and am hoping it was a dream of robins or something similiar to that.I can't understand why the actress who plays marian would want to go either.Whats Robin without Marian?

I agree with the other contributors. I was filled with disbelief when Marian was stabbed and was sure that Djaq would make her better again, like she did before, and even when she was laid next to her grave I couldn't believe she was dead. Now I am just very disappointed and feel let down by the BBC, for whom I've always had great respect! Please bring her back, somehow... The story makes no sense at all with her gone.

what the hell is dominic minghella thinking?? marian can't die because robin can't exist without's a well known legend and you can't change the ending. I have read on the internet that jonas armstrong wants to quit after the third please bring marian back and end the story after the finale episode of S3!!! I love this show but you cannot change such an important detail and expect the audience to keep watching! we love this couple and we love will and djaq as a couple in the forest with the lads.

Marian just does not get killed. Lucy Griffiths should make a 3rd and final series. The BBC have got it wrong.

I love robin hood but the BBC have really screwd up, robin hood without a marian is not the same. Half of the plot is about robin and marian, they cant just change a legend! I would stop watching the third series if robin had a new love interest! I hope the bbc do something and bring marian back otherwise it wont be the same and they will lose lots of veiwers!so please bring her back!!!

Lola Paul
I believe that Marian's death was devastating. But, i can see her being presented as perhaps a spirit in Robin's dreams? I think the couple Will and Djaq should definately return from the Holy Land because the lack of romance would seriously affect the ratings of Robin Hood, seeing as there is no more Marian...them two should make up for it.

Katie O'Callaghan
BBC and Tiger Aspect have traumatized millions of children with Marian's death. The show is also shown in 52 countries so unfortuntely many more children will be sobbing. If the actress wanted off the show, they could have sent Marian to the convent which would have been faithful to the legend. Shame on BBC and Tiger Aspect!

Naomi Oakley
I think it was a big mistake killing off Marian and that Robin should not get a new love interest. I think the writers should somehow get around marian's death by making her death an hallucination in Robin's mind or she should be brought back from the dead because it is the Holy Land after all. The romance with Robin and Marian was a key part of the show.

There can't be a Robin Hood without Marian. I was devastated when I saw her die. That night I couldn't fall asleep at all. What were the wrtiers thinking? I hope to see in Series 3 Robin kill Sir Guy. Sir Guy deserves it. What will be the story line now, Robin onlyed stayed because of Marian and now that she is gone, what is he going to fight for?

i think it was truly horrible when marian died i was realy sad i cried!!!!but i am very happy aboub will and djac but i think they should have stayed in england!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 6 year old daughter was in floods of tears and is hoping Marian will make a miracle recovery for the next series - are the BBC insane, this show is watched by loads of children!

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