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29 October 2014

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You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Highlights of 2007

Live music weekend in the Old Market Square

Opening of Old Market Square

Highlights of 2007

The people of Nottinghamshire share their most memorable moments of the last 365 days.

All new Old Market Square

It really has to be Market Square opening – obvious I know but compare the ice rink and this year's Christmas lights to the paltry display during the past two years during the redevelopment work. There have been all kinds of events held there since: the opening concerts and events (I remember the Barney the dinosaur event during the opening week; there were thousands of children screaming "I love you – you love me" at the tops of their voices), the BBC News and Sport on Tour – it really is the focal point of the city (James Taylor, writer).

Nottingham City Music service organized a massive outdoor concert in the new square for all of Nottingham city's newest musicians. There was a huge primary school choir standing at the fountains, loads of concert orchestra stuff from Nottingham music school, djembe players, people on stilts, a great big lion on wheels that wandered around the square roaring at everyone, and I was involved in the Japanese Taiko drumming group made up from Nottingham City secondary school students (they were ace, playing with real passion in the pouring rain). It really showed what could be done in the new space that had been created in the Old Market Square (musician Rob Maddison).

The unveiling of the stunning modern water feature which opened on Old Market Square this summer, especially in the (very short) warm spell when kids could frolic in the water jets. I am also really tempted to have a go at skating on the temporary ice rink, but I think I might be too old, and proud, to slip over in front of a crowd (Lucy Thomas, Royal Centre Press Officer and busy working mum).

The free gig in Slab Square to celebrate its opening was pretty good – and certainly something the Council should consider repeating. Although Nottingham has the arena, and loads of smaller venues, events like this raise the profile of the city, and will hopefully help local bands raise their profile accordingly if they are allowed to play (Rishab Baruah, Nottingham Forest fan and expat).

Oscar-style Awards

The Nottingham Creative Business Awards which was a first for Nottingham and saw over 200 people in the creative industries come together for a photo in the new look Old Market Square. It was great to see there were so many of us doing what we do. I was nominated for an award and it was black tie with a twist at a glitzy Oscar-style ceremony. We had to walk up a red carpet where we got 'papped' and there were fire-eaters and everything (Michael Pinchbeck, Writer / Artist).

Clough Aid

'Clough Aid' gig at the Rescue Rooms - with fantastic performances from many of our notable local bands (particularly The Fakers and Mint Ive), it was a great milestone in the journey an intrepid band of volunteers undertook to raise a fantastic sum of money to erect a statue of, whilst not a native, a bona fide Nottingham legend. For anybody that missed out on this evening, you could do a lot worse than check out the next time The Fakers or Mint Ive are playing locally - because they both totally rock (Alan Fisher, writer).

Nottingham Pride

Nottingham Pride in the Arboretum (Laura Johnstone, BBC Blast reporter).

Welcoming Charlie

The football season ending (Matthew Eyre, Notts County football supporter)... but on a more positive note... The appointment of Charlie McParland as the new manager and fellow former Notts players David Kevan and Tommy Johnson joining the boot room. We might not be having the best of times at the moment, but if they stick with them then in the long term they might just drag our club out of the doldrums and make going to Meadow Lane fun again (Jared Wilson, Editor of LeftLion).

...and a child was born

Corny I know, but the birth of my third child – finally an heir to the throne to go with my two beautiful girls! Watch this space Ashton, Andrew and Co., he'll be lining up for England at the 2031 Rugby World Cup. Before that West Bridgford and Nottingham RFCs (Chris Simon (aka Pel), Director of Perfect Motion and founder of Nottingham Touchrugby, proud father of three and husband to Joanna).

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created: 17/12/2007

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You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Highlights of 2007

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