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24 September 2014

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You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Discuss: Workplace Parking Levy

Man holding a tram sign

Should the Levy fund public transport?

Discuss: Workplace Parking Levy

Nottingham City Council is considering implementing a Workplace Parking Levy. Is this a good idea? Have your say.

A Workplace Parking Levy is a charge that would be made to City of Nottingham employers. Parking spaces liable for a levy would be those employers provide for their staff or certain types of business visitors.

The Levy

On each liable parking space the levy would be in the region of £185 per year starting in 2010 and rising to around £350 at the opening of NET Phase Two, with increases linked to inflation in future years.

A Workplace Parking Levy for Nottingham would mean that employers may encourage and support their staff to look at alternative ways to travel to and from work, such as by car sharing, using the bus, tram, Park & Ride or by walking or cycling which would help reduce congestion.

Nottingham City Council claim they and the Nottingham public must be bold in our next transport steps and lead the way nationally to tackle issues of transport congestion, pollution and the environment by making a contribution to the cost of transport improvements ourselves.

All the money raised from a Workplace Parking Levy would be invested back into funding more and better public transport in Nottingham, which would reduce congestion.

Businesses around the city are worried about the impact the Levy would have on their profits. Some claim that they will be unable to persuade their employees to give up their cars. Others say they'll have to pass the charge on to their work force. Some smaller businesses are keen that any plans for the Levy allow them to pay for spaces at a lower rate.


Monday 1 - Friday 5 October: Public examination at Britannia Hotel, Nottingham.

Thursday 11 October: Final responses to the Public Consultation.

Mid-November: Members of Nottingham City Council will consider the findings of the Public Examination and the Public Consultation and then consider the next step.

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created: 28/09/2007

Have Your Say

Matt W
I totally disagree with the WPL, i work for a residential lettings agency and i have to travel about the city doing visits and property maintenace. But even if I were office based it is still cheaper for me to use my car to get to work than it is to catch the bus the bus would cost me about £10 per week, £10 of petrol in my car would get me to and from work for 2-3 weeks!!

M Ali
Although I agree with the underlying idea of WPL to discourage travel by car and reduce congestion and carbon emissions, but I think its too soon and the Council would have been in far better position to sell this idea if NET Phase 2 had been completed or atleast near completion.

G R Barnes
A very bad idea as it will start to kill off the city centre to many groups who do not have access to public transport of quality.Ensure top quality public transport BEFORE making life more difficult for car drivers.

Carole W
The main problem is that this levy isn't just for the City Centre. They Council plan to extend this out as far as the University of Nottingham, which will affect hundreds of people, most of whom will not benefit from the new tram. Isn't it time that the Council admitted that this is just a money generating exercise?

I do not agree with it mainly because I live near Carlton Square and there is no chance that a tram line will get over Carlton Hill. But I would still have to pay the levy.

I think it is disgusting. Our office is before the park and ride site but we will still get charged. When our lease runs out we will certainly consider moving out of the city.

Captain Sceptic
Do council leaders have access to big, shiny black chauffeur driven cars to get them to work?

J Pendle
It would be ok to consider some kind of levy to discourage the number of cars on the road at peak times, but I think this is only reasonable once the alternative services are actually in place, otherwise it's penalising people ahead of the options being widely available to use, so the public pay the price. Get the buses running reliably, the tram system extended, and the park ride's pushed further out first!

Cliff Carlin
Has the world gone mad , taxing people for Going to work. Who to god dreams up these ideas, lets tax those who Do Not go to work !!!!

Danny Kelly
It will kill the city with companies moving outside the city limits,and others not coming into the city as workers will require large pay risers.

Steve Horgan
I don't agree. You have to change peoples perception and help them believe the city has the answer. The tram is not an option where I live and is never likely to be, from what I understand even though I live less than 4 miles form Nottingham centre. It is too expensive and I still need to use my car to get to it. I recently holidayed in San Diego and their tram let you travel all day for £2.50 and as far as the Mexican border. I still need a lot more convincing.

Alan Snape
I disagree with the WPL on the grounds that many people get assistance with parking costs and this levy will be passed on by the employers to the workers and if not will be taxed as benefit in kind. How many commuters realise that it is the intention of the local authorities to hit them with a triple wammy i.e.WPL; Congestion Charge and Road Pricing as well. How much will it cost a commuter to get to work every day. Minimum wage earners stay at home. You will be better off.

Totally against both the unjustified tax on workplace parking, and the extension to the Council's train set that it is intended to fund, and which will cause more congestion rather than reduce it. The City Council is not fit for purpose.

Pam Makin
I agree that something has to be done. I now work in the city centre and use the tram. As the park & ride is within the city boundary a similar scheme to London would be unfair. The traffic is awful and as the vast majority of cars on the road at the same time as me have one occupant and carry on towards the city you can only assume they have workplace parking spaces available or have more money than sense to pay the obscene public car parking charges. In either case the levy is a money spinner because in the first instance it's still cheaper than the tram and in the second instance it would really make no difference. However, it's unfair to charge those employers whose employees work continental shifts (ie start/finish times away from the usual 9-5 Mon-Fri) as they are not contributing to the rush hour congestion are they?

Richard Kellner
I disagree with the proposed levy. Many people need to park close to their workplace because they are required to carry material to and from work as part of their job. Public transport is also not always available from where people live

christine schofield
what!! charging people to go to work this is the limit, not everyone can get public transport at the time they have to be at work, if my daughter could of got the train she would of, but, train time didnt correspond with her work pattern.Is this our modern day sheriff of Nottingham robbing the poor to feed the rich

You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Discuss: Workplace Parking Levy

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