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24 September 2014

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Chewing gum constellation

Chewing gum constellation

Art of pavement astronomy

It's become the artistic mission of Julinana Capes to tell her fortune using the pavements of Nottingham. Blast reporter Laura Johnstone investigates.

I have always found the city to be an amazing place for the creative mind. I love to people watch, take photographs are architecturally beautiful buildings, and notice little things which inspire me. Well, last week I found someone who not only had similar thoughts, but had actually put her thoughts into practice.

Juliana mapping her future

Juliana mapping her future

Juliana Capes says that she has always found the city to be a fascinating place, and has recently become obsessed with the spots of chewing gum all over the pavements.

To her they resemble the constellations of the stars which many believe can tell your fortune. So she has decided to put fortune telling to the test... on the pavement.

The art of believing

If the stars can tell your fortune, then why can't the pavement? Who said that we should all believe in constellations and mapping out your destiny? These are all crucial questions within Juliana's art work. 

If her work on pavement astrology is done in public and others see it, does that mean that they will view it as a genuine belief system?

The fact is that many did see these maps as a real belief system, and many even asked how they could learn the art of pavement astronomy. The concept was simple really...

"I had lots of people totally believing the fortunes I was writing and asking how I knew how to do Pavement Astronomy... if I could teach them!"

Over two days there were twelve 'maps', each representing an area of life such as work, family and health.

Family fortune

Family fortune

Using different colours of chalk Juliana was charting the movement through each map as someone walked over the drawing.

She got very excited when someone pushed a pram full of rubbish through one... what could this mean?

The fact is that Juliana didn't know what it meant. That was the whole point of the art. She was making it up as she went along.

Maybe this is how all belief systems start. Whatever the meaning, I found that they actually made fascinatingly abstract photographic images.

Art for the future

After discussing the work and becoming fascinated with the drawings, I discovered that Juliana has made her work even more personal.

A healthy future?

A healthy future?

Just before embarking upon this masterpiece she made a promise to herself that she would let the findings tell her future. Although now a little nervous about it, she was sticking with the plan.

The pavement astronomy took place over two days in the city centre from 10am until 6pm. However, Juliana did not stop working on it even when she left the 'pavement canvas'.

Each evening Juliana was analysing and interpreting the days work in her hotel room in an attempt to discover what her future holds.

Images of each map, along with the key would show who, and how many people passed through it. An example given to me of how this would be done is based upon a male and female analysis.

If males represent analysis, and females represent emotion and feelings, then this provides the reading of that particular area.

Juliana's fate will be displayed on her website where she is also writing a blog. If you want to find out how her fortunes maps out and learn more, keep an eye on that!

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You are in: Nottingham > Blast > Art of pavement astronomy


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