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24 September 2014

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Robin Hood

You are in: Nottingham > Robin Hood > The Best Robin Hood Theme in the World...Ever!

Robin Hood

The Best Robin Hood Theme in the World...Ever!

What's the best Robin Hood tune? Help us determine the number one. Vote now.

Over the years Robin Hood has been portrayed many times in the cinema and on television.

Each new production brings with it new music to accompany Robin and his Merry Men.

Classic themes

There's the classic Erich Korngold score from the Errol Flynn film. How about "Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the glen," from TV's The Adventures of Robin Hood or Clannad's "Robin: The Hooded Man."

More up to date Bryan Adams was number one for ages with "Everything I Do, I Do It For You," from the Kevin Costner movie.

And who could forget the Disney film with "Robin Hood and Little John walking through the forest."

Recently we've had the BBC television show with Jonas Armstrong that's introduced a stirring theme from composer Andy Price.

Top tune

But which is the best? To celebrate the composition of a new score to the 1922 silentĀ Robin Hood film, starring Douglas Fairbanks, we're holding a vote.

You've got the choice of six of the best. If we've missed your favourite, tell us about it by using the form below.

last updated: 04/07/2008 at 15:18
created: 18/07/2007

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without any doubt it is clannads score for the 80ies series "robin of sherwood"!

Definately Elton Hayes and Whistle My Love with Richard Todd.I was born at Sherwood Hospital and remember my Father taking me to see this movie. I especially loved the music and together with the rest of the cast was the best ever Robin Hood movie as far as Im concerned.

Bethan Jones
BBC Robin Hood theme tune is the best with Jonas Armstrong.

Clannad's music on the Robin of Sherwood series is my favourite! Looking forward to the Robin Hood movie in 2010 though...

The BBC Robin Hood theme song is the best one of all!!! :-)

Brandon Gilmore
By far it would have to be the score from Jonas Armstrong's "Robin Hood." I absolutely love the show, and the fantastic score brings it to life!

Clement of the Glen
Elton Hayes as Alan-a-Dale singing 'Whistle My Love' and the 'Tale of Robin Hood'- from Walt Disney's original 'Story of Robin Hood (1952) Technicolor Magic!

Definately the BBC tv series one. It's great.In fact the whole soundtrack is. The disney one is great too and brings back memories :)

Steven Eisenpreis
"Once upon a time when things were rotten,Not just food,but also kings were rotten..."Remember Mel Brooks' Tv version before "Men In Tights?"

Leah Day
"Everything I do, I do it for you" it's just so lovely.

Karla A
With out a doubt--Clannad; Robin the Hooded Man

Chris Wind
Clannad-Robin the hooded man. The whole soundtrack is fantastic.


Chris Gomes
Robin Hood - The Hooded Man by Clannad

Robin Bray
The Errol Flynn Adventures of Robin Hood is good but I vote for the Men in Tights Theme by Mel Brooks. "We're Men, manly Men!"

Greg Abbott
Clannad has the magic and Errol Flynn has the rousing action adventure.

carol burdett
my fav. will always be Robin hood -riding through thr glen.... It just brings me back to my childhood- and the fact I remember all the words...........

Clannad's "Robin: The Hooded Man."

Disney's Robin Hood with that jolly southern twist has got to be the best theme

Bryan Adams's "Everything I Do I Do It For You" is the best theme for Robin Hood.

Brian Adams's 'I do it for you'

The new bbc robin hood is awesome! By far the best robin hood music ever.

There is only one real Robin Hood - Michael Praed with Clannad. It is the best Robin ever. I don't care any others - false. The biggest disappointment- J. Conery

Anne Harrop
The best song in my mind is the one from the TV series, and the best ever robin was Richard Green !!!! Tops by far!!

Clannad...The Hooded Man ia the best song..but the new verson w/Jonas Armstrong is the best!

Pamela Cheadle
I like them all but I think the best is "Clannad - The Hooded Man".

Saskia Ingham-Jerrey
My grandfather Barrie Ingham appeared in a film version called achallenge for Robin Hood the theme tune forthis is my faourite,i know its a version that is not often remembered but i hope that people hink its a good version, i certainly thinkthat it is even if nobody remembers it!

Stephen Basdeo
The Jonas Armstrong version tops them all!

i really like the bbc one but i also like the whistling theme from the walt disneys robin hood =]

i think the best one is definaltly bryan adams one from the film robin hoood the prince of thieves because i grew up with that film !! but i think the bbc version is really good it sets the scene and makes the whole program more enjoyable well done bbc

I like the theme from the new BBC, but I also like the one with Bryan Adams.I voted for the BBC, because I also really like that show. The Kevin Costner-movie is also good, but I prefer the new one, and the musik makes it all good :-)

i like the tv virson of robin hood best ou of all six and also i like this one better because i like how it's set out and also how the actors and actorses present the show.

the new one is good, but I love the walt disney one, the one I grew up with!

You are in: Nottingham > Robin Hood > The Best Robin Hood Theme in the World...Ever!

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