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24 September 2014

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Sophia Di Martino

A Royal treat

Nottinghamshire actress Sophia Di Martino has landed a role in the latest drama spin-off.

You know you are well and truly on the acting map when you can add roles in Holby City, Casualty and Heartbeat to your CV.

Twenty three year old Sophia Di Martino, from Attenborough, is just 25 months out of university but has already appeared in all three.

The Royal Today

Now she's won a role that could make her a household name. She's been signed up to play a nurse in The Royal Today, a spin-off of The Royal (itself a spin-off of Heartbeat).

Unlike its predecessor that's set in the 60s, The Royal Today will feature events in the current day.

"I've been hanging around hospitals," says Sophia. "People are thinking, why is that girl walking up and down corridors copying the way we walk?"

The "star in the making" is more than happy at the potential fame that could go with the series.

"I really hope it does well, not just for me, but for telly," she says tactfully.

Getting started

Sophia's always been into drama. Her 'A' level was in performing arts and when she went to university she got herself an agent.

Her high point so far has probably been an appearance in a special homeless edition of Casualty with Pauline Quirke.

She played a teenage crack addict who'd run away from home and ended up being involved in a car crash in which Pauline's character was killed.

In between shows

Away from popular television series' Sophia's managed to hop on board the advertisement ladder.

She says it's very lucrative as she gets paid every time the advert is screened. Among those adverts she's appeared in is one for a famous building society.

"I sit there in front of the TV with a pen and paper counting," she says.

The Royal Today

The 10 part series is starts on Monday 7 January 2008 and is also set to star Just Good Friends actor Paul Nicholas and former Eastender Jack Ryder.

last updated: 03/01/2008 at 15:19
created: 31/05/2007

You are in: Nottingham > Features > People > A Royal treat

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