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24 September 2014

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Not In Nottingham

Nottingham's latest podcast

Podcast for Nottingham

A group of Nottingham residents have set up their own podcast to promote the art and culture within the city. A member of Not In Nottingham - Sadie Rees Hales - tells us how it all began.

Not In Nottingham was initially created over a year ago by a group of people who have a shared interested in local art and music.

Our relaxed style has attracted a wide audience, who've been downloading the podcast for the past nine shows. It covers local culture and news with a tongue in cheek attitude.

How to... podcast

A podcast can be created by anyone, to be downloaded or listened to online without an mp3 player. An innovative alternative to radio, podcasting can push boundaries as it is free of censure. 

To create your own podcast you need the relevant equipment, basic technological knowledge in order to use it and ideas / interests relevant to your show.

It's important to choose a place where you feel comfortable recording in, as that will come across to the listeners.

The Not In Nottingham crew set up a MySpace account to befriend musicians and to let people know about the show. This was a valuable resource for finding music to use in the programming.


Download a Nottingham podcast

We also made a website and found a host for the podcast.

Once that was sorted, we began recording the show at Nottingham's own Via Vaudeville – an organisation dedicated to promoting and helping create culture and art in the city.

Selling the show

The show plays music from local bands and the occasional track from elsewhere.

It contains a variety of different features, such as Science Outside, where pumpkins have been exploded and dinner has been cooked in a kettle.

Not In Nottingham is lively and (we think) interesting podcast, where no one involved takes themselves too seriously.

Our laid-back approach makes it enjoyable for both listeners and presenters - you can hear that we are genuinely having a good time.

Making a podcast allows you the freedom to do what you want and at Not In Nottingham, we like getting away with doing things that are a bit naughty and probably wouldn't be allowed on a normal radio programme.

The future

With the hundreds of downloads we've been getting every week, we are definitely not going to be stopping any time soon.

The Not In Nottingham crew

The Not In Nottingham crew

Other Nottingham-based podcasts include Sparrow FM and LeftLion Radio. 

last updated: 18/08/07

You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Podcast for Nottingham

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