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13 November 2014

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You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Come On England - our World Cup song

World Cup fans

Singing out for England

Come On England - our World Cup song

Fed up with all the useless World Cup tunes on sale one Nottingham man has embarked on a mission to create the best for Sport Relief. Scroll to the bottom and you can singalong when you buy the song.

Hi, I'm Mark Shardlow and I work for the BBC in Nottingham. Like many, I'm not a fan of the official England World Cup song by Embrace. 

But that's not the worst on offer. Have you heard the Tony Christie one? And I almost crashed the car when I heard Neil and Christine Hamilton.  I thought if they can do it, so can we.  A song for Sport Relief, sung by listeners to BBC Local Radio with Fame Academy style auditions. 

My colleague Dave Cheeseman is a semi-professional musician and a football fan.  "Can we do it in two weeks?" I asked. Now regular users of this site will know Dave's featured in the music section quite a lot. He's what you call a multi-band man - playing anything from heavy rock with Twin Zero to funk.

But listen to what he delivered.  An old fashioned football song.  A bit of Chas and Dave; a John Barnes rap; a blast of football commentary; crowd chanting and a catchy tune. All I needed now were some singers.

Hear the auditions

So to the line up.  Our Pop Idols.  Allison Kemp, a Nottinghamshire youth worker who was a full time County and Western singer. There's Roy Watson a retired bus driver from near Kimberley. His dad played with Jack Payne in the dance hall days of the 1920's and 30's. The Rev Tony Luke is from Derbyshire.  The singing vicar who was an X Factor finalist last year. And students Tom and David Dyson from Leicestershire who didn't seem to know how they got involved!

Greg at the Electric Mayhem Studio in Nottingham answered a call for help finding a studio and engineers. Karl from Media Hut in Nottingham rang in to offer printing and making the CD's. So there we have it.  All done in less than two weeks. 

All for charity

Every penny from sales goes to Sport Relief. Copies available from BBC Nottingham reception from Tuesday June 6th 2006.

Sport Relief Mile

The Sport Relief Mile takes place in Nottingham on Saturday, 15th July 2006. Victoria Embankment is the place to be. Thousands of milers will do their thing along the riverside route towards Trent Bridge. Want to know more about the Sport Relief Mile?


Bought the song and want to singalong to more than the chorus? Here you go...

Come On England by Route One

Lyrics by James Jirgens and Dave Cheeseman


Come on, come on England

Come on, come on England


Can you hear the Engerlund fans sing?

We're singing cos we know we're gonna win

All the other countries know

That they might as well go home

When all the England goals start flying in!

Brazil and France and Germany all know

That this world cup's the England football show

The Spaniards and the Dutch

Are gonna find it all too much

When it's time for England's lads to have a go!



Remember back in 1966?

In the final Hurst put 3 between the sticks?

Since then we've had some ups and downs

We've been knocked out in early rounds

But this year we're gonna win it just for kicks

The England team are holding in their hands

The hopes and fears of every England Fan

Through missed penalties and tears

We've still believed for all these years

It's time to win so sing for Engerland!



What would happen if we won again?

I think about it every day

We'll talk about it for another 40 years

And this is what we'll say...


Did you see our super strikers strikin'?

Owen like lightnin', Crouch excitin'

Tapper Wolcott the secret weapon surprise

Rooney off crutches couldn't believe my eyes

When Lampard gets it he always nets it

Other teams get sick with Beckham's free kicks

John Terry rock solid like a brick wall

Robinson never takes his eyes off the ball

Whose this sprinting for the goal?

It's super pint sized Joey Cole

His brother Ashley is just too quick

Rounding full backs and taking the mick

Other teams just can't compete

With Steven Gerrard's magic feet

When goals fly in, celebrations begin

(and) This is the chant we'll sing:



last updated: 23/09/2008 at 10:34
created: 02/06/2006

You are in: Nottingham > Features > Miscellaneous > Come On England - our World Cup song

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