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29 October 2014

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No drinking sign
The best hangover cure.

Hangover cures

If you haven't found your own hangover cure, take some of our advice. It might save you a miserable day over Christmas and New Year.


A good brisk walk in fresh mountain air could do the trick, but if you live in Nottinghamshire head for one of our many country parks. Oxygen is meant to help the body by increasing oxygen flow, this improves the metabolic rate and increases the speed at which the poisons are broken down.


Berocca is sold in Australia, specifically as a vitamin supplement, but it's also recognised as a hangover cure. It's now available in local stores.

Hair of the Dog

Some people swear by a drop of alcohol in the morning. The bad news is that the effect is only temporary. Think about it, why revert back to the stuff that's causing you so much pain?


A strong cup of coffee or tea, or even a bottle of cola, are said to give you a lift, but that's the caffeine stimulating your tired body. It's not going to last that long. 

The Full English Breakfast

Most Nottinghamians swear by a good fry-up. It could be because eggs contain cysteine, which can help to mop up free radicals and other poisons caused by alcohol. 

Isotonic sports drinks

These are supposed to replace all the salts and sugars that are released during athletic activity, so a good idea for hangovers. But they are usually fizzy. Look for a still sports drink, or all that gas could make you feel bloated and worse.

Hot Showers

Woman with a drink
Hair of the dog?

Another way of relieving a headache is to sit in a hot, powerful shower. Make sure you get the full force of it on the back of your neck. 

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)

NAC is an amino acid supplement sold in health food stores. NAC works because it's rich in cysteine. This amino acid is used by the body in the manufacture of free radical-eliminating glutathione. This is meant to be good if you need a clear head in the morning. 

Advice from BBC Nottingham staff

BBC Radio Nottingham's Karl Cooper says:

"Drinking half a pint of milk, then a fizzy vitamin tablet full of vitamins (C ideally), then finish off with more water. A great re-energizer and it works for me." 

East Midlands Today's Lukwesa Burak says:

"Milk Thistle supplement is very good. An excellent tonic for the kidneys! Also, Water.. tonnes of the stuff whilst drinking and before retiring to sleep. Even better tip... do a Marilyn and stick to Champers!" 

Radio Nottingham's Robin Chipperfield says:

"You can't beat water before you go to bed, works for me!" 

BBC Nottingham website's Nigel Bell says:

"Take a couple of paracetemol before you go out, and also drink a cup of hot milk to line the stomach."

Bizarre hangover cures from around the world

  • Some Sicilians believe that you can cure a hangover by eating a dried bull's penis.
  • Haitian voodoo people are said to recommend sticking 13 black pins in the cork of the offending bottle.
  • Puerto Rican drinkers are said to cure hangovers by rubbing half a lemon under their 'drinking arm'.
  • Some people say after a heavy night, Native Americans used to run until they got a bit sweaty. They would then lick their sweat and spit it out, to get rid of the 'poison'.
  • In Mongolia, the heavy drinkers are believed to down a pickled sheep's eye in tomato juice.
  • Cowboys in the wild west swore by drinking a cup of rabbit poo tea.

last updated: 04/11/06
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