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13 November 2014

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Goose Fair

You are in: Nottingham > Goose Fair > Memories of Goose Fair

A 'cock on a stick'

A 'cock on a stick'

Memories of Goose Fair

All the sounds, smells and rides... we want to hear your memories of Goose Fair.

Chelle from North America remembers looking out for the Goose, Judith from British Columbia recalls scrounging for money for rides, Phil from Castleford loved getting messy with toffee apples while Micky from Mansfield has never returned since getting run down by a dogem... Goose Fair should spark off a whole host of memories for the people of Nottinghamshire and beyond. We want to hear them.

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created: 16/09/2005

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Tell us your memories of Goose Fair

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i remember collecting bottles and getting a refund to go to the fair with my sis . we just lived up the road and you could smell and hear the fair ,we got so excited .i will be there this year ,and i live in Australia now , cant wait .

leila williams
my dad stan used to deliver the coconuts to the goosefair and was known as stan the coconut man unfortunatly dad died on the 20th of september this year i would like to hear from those who remember my dad. many thanks

In Australia for 10 years - but Nottingham always
The smells, the razmataz and noise. Just the anticipation during the week before and then the overwhelming excitement walking along Gregory Boulevard to cross over onto the Forest, the noise getting louder and louder. As a child my mum would start to rev all of us up during the days before 'what day we goin to Goosey then?' Goose Fair and knowing the conkers would be dropping was the only good thing about the end of summer as a kid for me. I remember being in disbelief about the Goose being stolen from the roundabout one year, I was horrified, how could they I thought! Looking back it was probably a good prank by some students they should have sat it in the fountain in O-M-Square.....;-) Yea argh I miss Goosey, one year I hope to take my kids to see the tradition and wonder I had. Remeber the giant Walnut Whips one year, mmmmm

wendy & kevin
our memories of the goose fair go back to the 70s onwards my brov has still got some plaques which he won on the rifle range also a pot clown money box, and ive still got a monkey cuddly toy which makes monkey sound and we still got them now we still love walking round the goose fair for the lovely smells and music blasting out from the sounds of the 70s-80s and 90s an dont forget the good old mushy peas and mint sauce.and goose fair food yum yum !!!

sue limb
i come from a fairground family background as a child i would look forward to meeting up with our family & relations at the fair ,as it was the one time that we would all be in the same place,at the same time. it was hard work but but it didn't bother you,it was a life style that you grew up to accept as normal,but a great life no grandfather david limb did a 1 man protest in the market square some years ago about the high rents the council were imposing at the time,that would have crippled the families of the fair,it was there livelihood and there way of life,i used to love helping out,i still have relations in the business to this day.

Wendy Hollingworth
My dad, who died several years ago aged 86yrs, sold balloons at Goose Fair when he was a about 8 yrs old. He took me to the fair every year when I was a child.

As an old timer now residing in New Zealand I have this abiding memory of the incredible mixture of smells as you first walked on to the Forest from the top end.Particularly enjoyable was the first taste of mushy peas well dosed with mint sauce and the whelks stall.The man selling "walking" mice on a cord, another toy was a simple chalked cord hanging from a box which squwked like a hen when you ran your finger & thumb down it. Great memories of a great fair.

Wayne, Nottingham
I have been to the fair every year since 1960 and seen many changes. My first reaol memoruy was of being bought a bow-and-arrow by my parents and breaking it within 5 minutes - the kindly stall holder imediately replaced it at no charge! And who could go to the fair without indulging in the Boy Scouts doughnuts?Long may this fair continue

Claire, Giltbrook
I love Goose Fair I have been every year since I was born 28 nearly 29. Im goingto introduce my daughter to the delights as well this year. You can tell its goose fair weather when the air smells different (and no I dont mean it smells of fried onions and burgers). The atmosphere is amasing, the lights the sounds and the smells just make it a great nottingham event. The thing that really makes it for me is seeing the Goose in the middle of the island - Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to go and see my grandad

You are in: Nottingham > Goose Fair > Memories of Goose Fair

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