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24 September 2014

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Babyshambles' Pete Doherty at Glastonbury
Babyshambles' Pete Doherty at Glasto

What a Shambles!

By Laura Wetton
Pete Doherty, an idol, a poet, an addict, sensitive, an intellectual offered a place at Oxford, a tortured soul? which one of these would you have pinned on the Baby Shambles's star Pete Doherty? Well I've changed which label I would have chosen.

Pete Doherty facts

-born March 12, 1979 in Hexham, Northumberland, UK.

-He grew up in Shepherd's Bush, but has lived in Liverpool, London, Belfast, Germany, Coventry, Dorset and Cyprus.

-He got 11 top GCSE'S, four top A levels and an offer from Oxford university.

-He founded and was part of "The Libertines", he was then kicked out by his best friend.

-He now is the front man of successful band Baby Shambles.

-His first album with the Libertines was critically acclaimed. His second album with The Libertines went straight to number one!

-His recent tour with Baby shambles was a sell out!

- He is dating Kate Moss, they were voted THE couple people would want to be at a party this year!.

"He is amazingly creative, a beautiful poet and a very sensitive person"

A controversial BBC Three show was aired last week. I watched it on the 28th, I had pre-conceived ideas about Pete Doherty, I know I should not believe everything I read in the papers, but it is hard not to when there is photographic proof of a man so out of it on drugs he looks like a zombie.

When I saw that this program was going to be on BBC Three, I decided to be open minded and watch to see who the real Pete Doherty is and if it would change my mind about him.

Some of the parts of the show showed him to be the attention-hungry drug addict we all see in the papers, but what it also showed me was a lot of things I did not expect.

Pete seemed like a soul in search of something. He is amazingly creative, a beautiful poet and a very sensitive person. In the show you catch glimpses of it and it is the total polar opposite to what the media portray him as.

Pete Doherty
Pete Doherty poses for a fan

Pete was offered a place at Oxford after college before he became a professional musician. I did not realise how smart the man was and how truly creative he is. He is a very passionate musician, singer, song writer and show man. But you can't help but think how much of a shame it is that it's over shadowed by the drugs problem.

This show has changed my opinion about him as I saw a good side, but the bad side was still there and he didn't look like he knew he had a problem or like he wanted that much help about it.

I feel that it is a shame that he will probably be remembered for his drug taking and not for his music. After all he is a music icon. His recent tour sold out and in the programme it showed fans going wild for him.

Pete Doherty needs to be shown in a better light to the public, but maybe if he cleaned up his act, the press would have so much bad stuff to write about in the first place!

I would really like to see what you guys think of Pete Doherty and if you like his music, please have your say!

last updated: 31/08/05
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John Lennon, Paul Mcartney, George Harrison, Ring Starr, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Jarvis Cocker, John Squire, Ian Brown, Mani, Reni. To name a few. All of these artists have taken many drugs and haven't been bugged by the media (with the exception of Jarvis). What do you think the song Cold Turkey is about? Thankgiving dinner gone wrong! Hell no! It's about Lennon trying to deal with his Heroin addiction. Lennon took many drugs but people remember him for the music he created not for the things he did. Yes, I think Pete should get off the drugs but it's his life. If he want's to take heroin, he's allowed to!

andrew welsh
i agree with the article. i believe that his drug addiction in time will pass and he will get on with his life.

Jamie McKay
Pete is probably the most talented poet, songwriter alive.... now that said he does have a drink/drug problem whcih breaks my heart to see, he more than likely will be dead within the year! but in his twisted mind it probably all adds up...... and who are we to argue with that? Go to the other end of the spectrum and support a bunch of clowns? at least he wears it on his sleave!!! msg me if you want to talk more about it?!?!

i love him lol. his lyrics are the stuff of genius, though i think he was better and happier performing with carl. i would love to see them back together as i think thats where the real magic lies.

Lisa Pearson
Hi just 2 let u all no. I love pete Doherty no matter what people say about him. All he needz 2 do iz sort out his Drug Habbits then itll be fine then people cant call him. People just leave him alone coz hes a nice guy o.k and leave Kate alone about the cocaine thing.

will harvey
why is it a drug problem? he doesnt have a problem with what he does. its nobody elses business to have a problem with what he does. he is a well educated adult who has been around drugs long enough to know the dangers. he is a rational adult making an informed adult choice. to take drugs. if he choses to do drugs that is his choice and not for the shallow media obsessed public to judge him for. let the man live his own life and let his music speak for itself.

Ed Minor
I completely understand what you are talking about. People like us can see through the facade of drugs which he has a problem with, and can see how truly inspirational, intellectual, poetical and musical he really is. I find it immensely annoying when people say: 'I hate Pete Doherty. He is a heroin addict'.

Jasmine Bright
I luv Pete and I always have. He's a legend. I cannot live without my Libertines and Babyshambles cd's. Maybe the press should just butt out. Most people take drugs at sometime. He's still an amazing man

Jon Smith
I think Pete Doherty is a idiot. Plain and simple: An idiot.

Dan Walmsley
I think his musical talent is different and amazing I listen to his work from Babyshambles and the Libertines every day. Not everyones perfect. Shame he is over shadowing his success with his drug problems though

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