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29 October 2014

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The Henry Road
The Henry Road

Hoorah Henry

Interview with Phill Huxley
The Henry Road are creators and pioneers of of the musical genre Wagon Pop. But what exactly is it?

Hello The Henry Road. Who are you, what do you play? 

Bwen Lord: We are The Henry Road - creators and pioneers of Wagon Pop.  There are four of us, a good solid number for a band. Chrisp Henson plays upon a guitar and a bass, I  hit various shapes and write poems, Philip Cog is a classically-trained Wakeman. He also plays Emerson and Tim Spectrum is loading.

What is Wagon Pop? 

BL: An idea that might not work. For me it is obviously our music...but more importantly we never have to use the word 'fusion' ever again when describing our output.

Is the Henry Road a real street somewhere?

BL: Yes it's in Loggy Land.

If you could have a road named after you, where would you like it to be? 

The Henry Road
The Henry Road

BL: We've always enjoyed a cul-de-sac...The Henry-sac... Because they are hard to get out of. Somewhere near Ipswich but not too far from Wales. Or one of those floating roads in the sea... Aircraft carriers.

Tell us about your songs. Are they serious are they funny?

BL: Life is funny, music is seems to work well.

Nottingham rock scene - good or bad? 

BL: It can be wonderful, but at times it's frustratingly cliquey, for this reason I sometimes get bored stiff. Music isn't that serious....have I contradicted myself somewhere? There is a lack of talent, unfortunately.
Philip Cog: There is plenty of desire for a Nottingham band to "make it", even among record companies, but no-one seems able to step up and fill their boots.

What's the best venue in Notts? 

BL: The ice stadium is the coolest venue. Junktion 7 is better but warmer.

What is the most rock and roll thing you've ever done? 

BL: I have thrown a clock quite hard at a copper. I've also sworn at planets. As a band we once balanced seven spoons on a cat. 
PC: I thought about a crack pipe for about five minutes and then visualised some illicit things (including knockers, contraband and ivory).

Would you abandon your principles to get a big fat recording contract?

BL: Of course, does a plumber turn down a chance to install several toilets? 
PC: I don't think we have any principles. We're not some hip underground 'alternative' types, we are a pop band and I think we would jump at the chance to try and entertain a wider audience.

Are there any unusual instruments that you would like to use in future Henry Road songs? 

"I have thrown a clock quite hard at a copper. I've also sworn at planets. As a band we once balanced seven spoons on a cat."
Bwen Lord, The Henry Road

BL: We have just purchased a theremin, and that is the future. Pianos are weird, how do they work?

Which of the contestants in ITV's Hot Me Baby One More Time would you like to record a song with and why? Shakey? Chesney? Someone else?

BL: Saw it for the first time the other day, and I seriously rate Hugh and Cry....his voice is clever.  But, I'd probably plump for that tall lass with all the red hair.... I could braid it between takes.

Would you like to be considered for next years British entry to the Eurovision Song Contest? 

BL: Yes, we have written a song called 'I gone dwat, I gone dwat-gone diddly'  I think Eastern Europeans would dig it.

Describe The Henry Road to an alien in 15 words or less... 

BL: En tatto, bewatto ga ga gad bwatto tittle tet tettle tet tet ooooooooooon ooooddllee  wagon.

The Henry Road play the Maltcross (LeftLion Presents) on Friday June 24th. Entry is free!

last updated: 26/05/05
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who's the guy on the llama? He's fit.

The bob
Wish more bands would go this way, beats the inane rubbish we have to endure in the charts

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