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29 October 2014

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Latchkey (James, Rhys, Adam, Paul)
Latchkey (James, Rhys, Adam, Paul)

Unlock your ears

Interview with Phill Huxley
Global domination is all that matters for Latchkey, Retford's best (and possibly only) punk band. We talk to James from the band.

Latchkey are:

  • James Henshaw - guitar/vocals
  • Paul Jones - guitar/ vocals
  • Rhys Bethell - bass
  • Adam ‘Redneck’ Clark -  drums

Introduce yourselves - how old are you all?

James: Physically we are all 19 years old. Our mental age is something of a dispute though.

So you've got to be the best band in Retford? Are you? Is there much competition?

Well, to hell with modesty, but were the best punk band in Retford, possibly Bassetlaw maybe even the country......

How rock and roll is Retford?

About as rock and roll as my left butt cheek.

Your early success came with winning a local battle of the bands contest, what was that like?

We won? Ace! All I remember from that night was some guy in a hall with a microphone handing us £200 cash then waking up next day with a headache...

You were recently scheduled to support the hotly tipped Vatican DC - did it go well?

They didn't to turn up. Apparently a radio interview with Zane Lowe is more important. The gig was otherwise a great laugh. Another great band called the Lies played. Good fun. Check 'em out.

If you could support any band of your choice, who would it be?

The Clash! I think there are a few obstacles in our way for that one.

On your site it hints you might play in London soon - any news on that?

Errm... A promoter from the 100 Club was handed our CD and liked what he heard, so we'll see what happens...

Why is drummer Adam called Redneck? A nasty dose of sunburn perhaps?

Anyone who likes to spend his days outside in a rocking chair with a bottle of Jack Daniels is a redneck by me. Plus he has sunburn yeah...

Your latest EP is called Idiosyncratic Routine - have any of the band got any routines, idiosyncratic or otherwise?

Friday night out! Hangover Saturday, followed by a cooked breakfast at The Greasy spoon. I would like to say band practice too, but hey!

Tell us about your other CD releases so far...

This our third time in the recording studio, but for legal reasons we cannot disclose that we recorded two really well received albums consisting of the songs Tight reign, 'Cos You Know I Will and Getaway.

How rock and roll are you? Given the chance - would you throw a TV out of a hotel room window? Have you ever suffered any rock and roll injuries?

Of course I would! Got hit by a mic stand during a gig, split my lip and bit my tongue, that's about as rock 'n' roll as the injuries get, apart from my pride on occasion.

Am I asking the right questions here? Got any hobbies?

Rhys from Latchkey
Rhys from Latchkey

I like to sit naked in the dark and video tape strangers walking past my window.

How do you go about writing a song - is it a collaborative process?

Very. One person will come up with the basic idea for a song, we will then collectively decide it's rubbish, and do something completely different.

Have you met anyone famous so far? Any celebrity fans?

Less than Jake. Roger was seen at a gig in Manchester wearing a LatchKey badge after we had sold him a CD.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

Yeah, allow me to plug:
1st of July at The Newcastle arms, Retford with Mint Angels
16th of July at The Grand Centeral, Ollerton with Diver and The Darwin Theory
30th of July at The Broken Wheel, Retford With Diver and The Darwin Theory

Future plans for Latchkey: Are you going to take over the world? Or the East Midlands at least...

Global domination by the end of July, nothing else matters! We just hope to keep expanding our fanbase and playing more gigs.

Have you got anything else you'd like to say to the good people of Notts?

Check out our website, buy the CD, come to gigs, send us mail, visit our house, ring us anonymously and leave messages!

last updated: 27/05/05
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Hey, saw you at Sheffield gig at the Bar Abbey, you sound like sham 69 (that's my oldie person reference) and that's a very good thing in my books. my wife and i danced, a good night was had by all, good party atmosphere.

Nympho Biter
Your good lads I'll give you that but the whole world domination thing can be forgotten,there's a sexy rock and roll band called the Love Rats at Warwick University,and world domination was achieved long ago, you jyst don't it yet.

i've seen Latchkey play and even if they're the support band, they're the ones that really get the crowed going, everybody just goes wild for them and its not only their hottness that creates this it's their unique approach to audience involvement. overall a good night out.

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