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24 September 2014

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Devilish Presley (pic: Tina Korhonen)
Devilish Presley (pic: Tina Korhonen)

Devilish Presley @ Junktion 7 8/4/05

Katie Finch
The deathrock ‘n’ roll duo, bring a touch of Hammer Horror Glamour to Notts.

There’s been an amazing amount of hype on the goth scene recently about the relatively new explosion of psychobilly, horror rock, and death rock, often influenced by 50’s rock n roll, and b-movies.  Devilish Presley are at the cutting edge of the scene.

Jacqui Vixen, Devilish Presley’s glamorous bassist and backing vocalist has cited her influences to be more Chuck Berry and Robert Johnson than traditional goth.  Tonight, at Junktion 7 there’s going to be some serious rock ‘n’ rollin. 

Abigail’s Mercy are a good fusion of goth metal, and no doubt influenced by Lacuna Coil.  Powerful female vocals are contrasted by grunty male backing vocals, although melody prevails.  One song features the lyrics to ‘Paint It Black’, although  this is probably referencing the Inkubus Sukkubus cover of the song rather than the Stones’ original.

All Gone Dead are aesthetically brilliant and portray the typical death rock look with lots of black and white.  However, they don’t really live up to their appearance; they are a mish mash of the Virgin Prunes and other more trad goth acts such as the Clan of Xymox.  The highlight of their set is a cover of Adam Ant’s ‘Ants Invasion’ with them replacing the word “Ant” with “Death”. Style over substance.

Devilish Presley’s Johnny Navarro gets the crowd going with his chant of “Hell Yeah” before they begin.  Jacqui Vixen looks stunning in a short black skirt, as she wields her silver glittery bass and prepares for action.  After a few unfortunate technical problems, they begin with ‘She’s not America’ from their ‘Disgraceland’ album, which delights the crowd.

Johnny’s vocals are slightly reminiscent of Brian Molko’s from Placebo although the sound is a lot more raw, whilst Jacqui’s vocals are actually the more traditionally rock of the two.  This is followed by ‘Levi’s Dog’ from their first album ‘Rust Garden’ which features a great guitar solo by Johnny. 

Although Devilish Presley are a two piece plus a drum machine, perhaps it’s a little too far to call them “the Gothic White Stripes”, but it’s understandable how such comparisons have been drawn.  But there are many more diverse influences here, ranging from T-Rex in their most recent single, ‘Hammer Horror Glamour’ which has got to be the stand out track of the night, to The Cramps, to plain old rock n roll. 

They wind up the evening with ‘Black Leather Jesus’ featuring more fantastic riffs from Johnny and is certainly one of the crowd’s favourites.  Whatever you want to class Devilish Presley as, they are an extremely entertaining and engaging live band, and the crowd were left begging for more.

They didn’t get an encore though. Devilish Presley had already headed to the bar.

That’s deathrock ‘n’ roll for you!

last updated: 11/04/05
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John Spears
I THOUGHT ALL GONE DEAD WERE THE BEST THING EVER!!! Not only they looked amazing but they also sounded very good too. Whoever reviewed their act has no clue about this particular music genre whatsoever. How can you compare Clan of Xymox with the Virgin Prunes??? And how can Goth compare to Deathrock?? Get your point straight and do some research before critizising others.

Darren Jones
Yes, All Gone Dead certainly did have style but I believe they also has has plenty of substance to back that up! Having checked their website and other online presence i've just realised that it was one of their very first few gigs! Considering this I certainly plan to keep my eye on them and check them out whenever they come anywhere nearby again. In my opinion they definately deserved their place 3rd up on the lineup. As usual Devilish Presley were very polished, you can tell these guys have been going for some time now!

You mean it wasn't the Echo and the Bunnymen version? My illusions are shatterd!!

"Grunty"? Did the reveiwer run out of grown-up words?!

I disagree with all these messages and agree with the reviewer, I didn't rate All Gone Dead at all. They should spend less time going their makeup and more time practicing their instruments!!! Devilish Presley on the other hand were rocktastic!

Diva from Abigails Mercy
Actually, the song that featured the words to Paint it Black, was the song Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones and not Inkubus Sukubus whom we supported a couple of weeks ago. Thought Devilish Presley were fab, Johnny's guitar broke at the end so they werent being ignorant! Didnt manage to get a CD but will get my grubby little hands on one somehow!! :-)

I was at the show aswell, and I thought All Gone Dead were great! I don't know what your on about when you say they didn't live up to their image. It's bull. Also, of couse Devilish Presley rocked! I mean, when don't they?

The Masked Marauder
I was at this gig and I thought All Gone Dead were great. Yes, they are visually striking - theatrical even - but their music is original too. A band to watch!

The maidenhead massive love Devilish Presley!

Sarah Walker
What are you talking about! i saw All Gone Dead for the first time this Friday and thought they were one of the most unique acts i have seen for a long time. Not only did they look stunning but they sounded so fresh compared to all the typical depressing goth bands on the scene at the moment. I still have two of there songs stuck in my head and would have bought a CD on the night if they had been available. Watch out these guys and girls are going to go far.

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