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29 October 2014

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Bambino (l-r Tomas, Sam, Karl) Jon not pictured
Bambino (l-r Tomas, Sam, Karl)


Interview with Phill Huxley
Although they are all still at school and college, Bambino are already established as part of the Nottingham rock scene.

Bambino lineup:

Karl Whaldram (bass/ backing vocals), Jon Lees (drums), Sam Paylor (guitar / metal voice), Tomas Pearson (guitar / vocals).

With all four members aged just 16 and 17, Bambino are possibly the youngest gigging band in Nottingham.

In November 2004 they won the Bands in the Sand competition. Their prize for winning the event, was two days in a recording in Confetti studios with a professional engineer.

Tom and Sam from the band tell us about recording their demo, winning the Bands in the Sand competition and mysterious producer Andy from Doncaster.

Aren't most people your age meant to be listening to rubbish bands like Good Charlotte? What are you doing in such a succesful band?

Tom: Well first of all, we listen to Million Dead, Cooper Temple Clause, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, loads of other metal The Haunted, Anaal Nathrakh...It's nice to know we're getting somewhere as well. We just want to go as far as we can with everything we do musically, something to make us feel proud.

How long has the band been together?


Tom: We got together about 2 years ago. Me and Jon (drums) decided to start a band that could actually play together. Bambino is the result of a failed punk band that couldn't hold a note. That band is still together.

You recently recorded some demos - what was it like being in a professional studio?

Tom: Amazing! Using a mixing desk bigger than my bedroom... such a great feeling. It's definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Your very first demo was called The Fudge Sessions, produced by the mysterious sounding 'Andy from Doncaster' - Who is he?

Tom: The full title is: 'The What The Fudge Sessions Recorded By Andy From Doncaster.' He was a lovely chap.
Sam: He looked a bit like Ozzy Osbourne though. Acted like him too.
Tom: Bless him.
Sam: We'd both like to work with Ben Harvey and Ian Beverly again though, the two who engineered the most recent EP, 'Back In The Days Of Tomorrow'.

You are all still at school and college - does Bambino effect your academic work?

Tom: Academic work affects Bambino. This band always comes first. Also, my parents support everything I do. Sure, they worry about how I'm doing in school, but they also know that this is what I want to do.

You won Bands in the Sand last year and Sam has won it two years running - were you surprised to win, what's the secret?

Sam: We were surprised to win. Tom broke down in tears...the girl.
Tom: Yeah. It took my breath away.
Sam: The secret is to put all your effort into what you want to do. In this case, Bands in the Sand was something we wanted to do.

You all seem to be in other bands apart from Bambino. Can you tell us about some of your other side projects?

"Amazing! Using a mixing desk bigger than my bedroom... such a great feeling. It's definately what I want to do for the rest of my life."
Tom talks about recording their first demo

Tom: Me and Sam have just finished our EP for our electronic project SheBop. It's a mixture of drum and bass, intelligent dance music, experimental, industrial and ambient.
Sam: Jon's got a couple of metal bands on the go. I think, being a drummer, everyone wants a piece of him. He is a very good drummer too.

A lot of venues have 18+ policies for people going to gigs - What do you think of this?

Tom: Fair enough, if they don't want underage people trying to get served at the bar, but if someone wants to see a band, let them.

To me you sound very much like early Nirvana and you've covered 'School' and 'Love Buzz' from their Bleach album - Do you agree? If not, who do you sound like?

Tom: We don't really sound like early Nirvana. We did at one point, when we were pulling out the faster, punkier songs like 'Headcase' and 'Qurres Me' (intentional spelling).
Sam: Our songs are a lot more mature now, songs like 'Novena' and 'Silence'.
Tom: Yeah, we've done Nirvana covers... I think we sound a lot more like ourselves now.

Is there a good rock and metal scene in Nottingham?

Tom: There's loads of different scenes. A scene in Nottingham is like a family - a handful of bands that network together. Bands that like each others sound stay together. There are some great bands, you just gotta look hard enough and you'll dig out some gems.

Is Nottingham full of chavs?

Bambino in the studio
Bambino in the studio

Sam: Yeah. Some of them are alright, but most of them are out to cause trouble.

Have you got many fans or groupies?

Tom: I hope so. There is one guy that we've seen almost every day in the past week. He ran down the tram tracks at Cinderhill, pointed and shouted, "Bambino!" Which was nice. And then there's all the lovely faces who manage to turn up at all of our gigs, so thanks, if any of you are reading this...

Other bands that have been made up of people your age: Hanson, Jackson 5, The Osmonds, Ash, S Club 7 - which one are you most like?

Tom: Haha, I like that. I personally have been asked if I were in Hanson at some point, about 5 or 6 times.
Sam: We're probably most like Jackson 5, because we have a song called 'Billy Jean'.
Tom: Ash are our age? I thought they were about 40.
Sam: Fit guitarist though.

What do you write your songs about?

Tom: Hate, murder, beer, prostitution, the great sites of Nottingham, the odd past experience...
Sam: Whatever we're feeling like at the time.
Tom: Usually I write lyrics and THEN relate them to something, instead of finding something and writing lyrics about it. Music comes first though.

What is your favourite kind of cheese?

Tom: I don't like cheese on it's own.
Sam: Austrian smoked, or cheesestrings.

Which song do you wish you'd written?

Tom: 'I Have To Laugh', by Mudhoney.
Sam: 'Come To Daddy', by Aphex Twin.

What do you think of the charts in general?

Sam: It's full of mindless, gormy, same one-chord-wonders.
Tom: Karl and Jon like 'Robot Rock' by Daft Punk though.

Will you still be together in 5 or 10 years, or will you all hate each other by then?

Tom: We secretly hate each other already, ha ha.
Sam: It depends if we're all still alive. If you'd generalise the question, like, "what will you be doing in five or ten years?" My answer would be, "either in a pub, drunk somewhere else, or dead. Or all three."
Tom: Good answer.

How should I end this interview?

Sam: Dancing naked on your PC, listening to MC Hammer.
Tom: Or sit down and watch 'Ichi The Killer'.
Sam: With a kebab pizza. Yum yum.
Tom: You could watch an episode of Burnt Face Man.

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The judges were definitely not biased! but its a good point about having different prizes - this year we are having a prize for singers and a prize for bands. Competition is running 16 17 & 18 November at Sandfield again - see you there...!

i went 2 bands in the sands as 2 of ma m8s wer actuali in it singin, i av no offence 2wards ur music woteva it iz(sori im nt dat up on it) but afta 2 nites of it in a row, n every band my ears wer stil ringin on dat final nite wen da judges annouced da winner, i av got 2 say i think that the judges may av been biased 2wards the bands seen as ad all ad sumthing 2 do with bands in the past, 2 make this fair i think they shuld av judges frm both backgrounds and so therefore i think there shuld be once vocalist winner n 1 band winner. iam jus stating my opinion. Thank You.

polly put the kettle on.
Hi I love your band. The drummer looks like madonna , hey i saw her the other day she had botox on her eye lids and her eyes where all over the place... no im just blind. Yah so luv ya all .... im gonna cry xxxxxxxx

Tom & Ed
Hello Nikki, we concur

Well, it has become apparent that the bbc dont like comments about censorship, so i wont bother.'Bino are great, please continue to rock for as long as possible.

This made good reading. I know we've had our differences in the past but you rock! Good stuff.

Bambino are going sumwher, luurved all their gigs. gotta say Tom stil looks like Kurt tho, even tho they may not sound like 'vana ne more. xx

hey guys..i played against you at that concert at the sandifield centre..well done for winning :)

J + T
yesyes i gave birth to the whole band so im owed 7 quid LOVE YAAAA

Kelly Bee
My mum thinks kArL is the fittest.

Woah, check out Karl's more than desirable "David Brent" pose on the last photograph! I can't believe they spelt his surname wrong at the top though. Careless. Nothing but. Despite that, the BBC deserve a big pat on the back for interviewing a band such as Bambino and putting it up on their website. Thank you.

king k
i better option would be to listen to odd socks they have a new modern sound. But yeh bambano are cool

woo i like you guys i heard some of your stuff and its awsome. p.s. im not sure how to spell mystery

T & S
Well Done! Can we have your autograph plzz- might be worth something in a few years.

Yeh, never heard your stuff.. remind me like a week b4 nxt gig.. i'll be there ... but well done despite... its nice to hear its all going good for you!

paylor and piglet
yeh but they didnt so it proves something. love ur band guys, cant wait for more gigs. n th cd u WON.

my brothers band should off won in the bands in the sands contest ur band sucks

i love you guys, i think Karl needs to smile more at the gigs ive been to he barely smiles.

i love bambino i think there wicked, specially the drummer and for how long hes been playing, oh my thats good drumming, rock on bambino i love you.

gota love bambino! :)

Toms my brother and ive heard them sing and they are brilliant! Hope they're coming to play in donny soon!

Tomas Pearson
You forgot to put the bit about Notts Metal scene being run by a crab! Lol.. but cheers!

These guys are old friends, and deserve the recognition and credit theyre finally getting.

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