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29 October 2014

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Notts logo
The new Nottinghamshire logo

Putting the N into Notts

There's a brand new image to promote Nottinghamshire. But will it have the desired effect?

Nottinghamshire logo
The sport N

A new logo for Nottinghamshire's been unveiled by the people responsible for its promotion as a tourist and business hot-spot.

Experience Nottinghamshire's 'N' will appear in different forms all over the county on tourism leaflets, road signs and local firms' literature.

You can see some images that'll be used in promoting Robin Hood county but will it have the desired effect?

Nottinghamshire logo
The travel N

Experience Nottinghamshire claim our shopping rivals London, Manchester and Leeds, that we have a history that includes a wealth of literary excellence from the romantic to the modern. 

Add to that bars and restaurants serving up some of the best food and drink in the UK.  And an arts calendar that features stunning exhibitions and internationally-renowned dance events.

Nottinghamshire logo
The cultural N

They say the 'N' represents all this.

"The new identity is much more than a logo.  It’s a way of presenting ourselves, creating a sense of place in promotion and on the streets.  As such it relates both to the people who live and work here, as well as to our many visitors. 

It will permeate our tourism leaflets and road signs and material produced by local businesses," says Nottinghamshire Experience. 

True or a load of tosh? 

Nottinghamshire logo
The Robin Hood / History / Legend N

What do you think of Nottinghamshire's new 'N'?

If you had the chance to promote the county what kind of image would you use?

last updated: 02/03/05
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Rob Andrews
Just like to point out the Robin Hood was of course a Yorkshireman, and that the only thing he did in Notts was fight the evil Sheriff - and would you want Alan "cancel Christmas" Rickman as your mascot? Get a grip on the real world and accept that you can't trade off a semi-fictitious past, especially when so much of the best stuff about Nottingham is about the present. I'm from Hull, and whilst I have trouble with the City's Wolff Olin's designed logo on grounds of personal taste, I can appreciate what it stands for - it means that the City Council is trying to engage with desperately needed new-investors into the city, and that it is prepared to take a bold stand to do so. So don't belittle your council just yet - great things might come out of it, even if not a soul likes the logo. And as a graphic designer, don't begrudge the fees. £120,000 sounds pretty reasonable when you consider that, if it does take off, the corporate identity can be the inspiration for the generation of millions of pounds of revenue. Think of it as keeping a team of ten people in work for half a year and it doesn't sound so bad. R.

This new campaign of yours does absolutely NOTHING to entice me to come and visit from Canada. If it was not for the fact I already have good friends living in Nottinghamshire, I would not be enticed to come at all. If the point is to promote and draw interest, I am afraid you have serioulsy missed your mark.

My nephew drew the big N for Nottingham five years ago. Does this mean he’s entitled to some form of commission. By the way he’s now seven.

Nottingham has always been associated with Robin Hood you mention RH to people and they know what city you are talking about stright away. This "N" Means Nothing at all and i and most of notts folk will agree that we should DITCH the "N" and keep with Robin Hood. Its tradition.

i would bring back the oak leaf and maybe tie it in with the N. Oak leaf = Major Oak aNnd the N is well simple really. Best of both worlds. And any way we dont need an image of robin hood because people know he from here anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan Cherry, Worksop
Yet more complete rubbish from Notts council. They haven't got a clue. They've done nothing for Bassetlaw and this just makes it worse.

Wayne Merrin
At some stage along the line,I and thousands of other people will have paid local tax for this,what a complete waste of money.Do I get a refund seeing that I don't like it?

John Poultry
The BBC Radio Nottingham online poll ended up with thousands of people voting for either a Robin Hood logo or the Robin Hood version of the N that the Robin Hood Society did. An 87% majority, thousands of votes and the council have still not given a response! Who put these people in charge, thats what I want to know.

Wendy Lawson
As an ex-pat from Nottingham now living in New Zealand I am amazed at the attempt to downplay the Robin Hood connection with this area. My children were always fascinated by the fact that 'mum came from the same place as Robin Hood', and always enjoyed hearing stories and watching programmes about him. I can't quite see people being as impressed by a wonky N! Regards

Cheap typeface, cheap look and a copy of Channel 4 and BBC 2's contextual themed idents and adverts. How will the logo be executed with the photography? Overall I feel the logo has lacked development, its very weak. Not a great start to a great branding brief. Sorry, its pants, Nottingham has been robbed.

Robin Dutt
The letter N is meaningless and could be Nuneaton or New York. Only Robin Hood counts.

Helena Szkoropad
As an American who was born in Robin Hood Country and grew up in the U.S. hearing about none other than our favorite outlaw, I think it's deplorable and completely insane to eliminate Robin Hood from the Nottingham logo. Robin Hood is Nottingham and Notthingham is Robin Hood. You mention Robin Hood world-wide, and everyone knows of him and where he came from! He is such a vital and historic part of the shire, why ruin a good thing!!!!! The N is modern and simple, but a bit too simple, I think. It doesn't give anyone a feel for what Nottingham is like Robin Hood does. Do not take the heart and soul out of the world our historic/folkloric link.....keep Robin alive!!!!

Judy Weaver
Nottinghamshire does not promote its most valuable asset nearly enough. The 'powers that be' seem to be ashamed of him. Robin is the reason the people of the world know about Nottinghamshire, lets use him more. The 'N' could be anywhere.

Without anything to do with robin on the logo the horrible N could be for Northampton or any other town beginning with N.

Art Champoux
The Robin Hood legend is what defines the history of England....of all the people of the World ...they rank Robiun up there with Jesus Christ and King Arthur, to use the figure of Robin in the Log is a symbol of Truth, justice and chivalry.........if you do not use my mind it is a slap in the face of all those who died for what Robin Hood stood for in your country

What a load of old Tosh. I can't understand why we pay these idiots to swan about all day and come up with something a primary school child could. Embarassing. Bring back Robin.

Great Steven, lets brand Nottingham the City of fun Games and forget about the hundreds of years of herritage these clowns are disregarding. We could have a daft N or any other symbol but dont let them loose Robin!

I live in Nottingham. It's not an attractive city like Lincoln or York with their beautiful castles and cathedrals. What Nottingham does have is a vibrant arts scene, great entertainment and sports. I don't understand the fuss about a centuries dead (if he lived at all) figure of folklore, who in all likelihood live in South Yorkshire. OK so tourists coming to Nottingham expect Robin. They won't be disappointed; there's still enough here to satisfy them, but what's the harm in trying to express what else Nottingham has to offer?

Roger Palfree
I grew up in Nottinghamshire during the 50s and 60s. Montreal, Canada is my current home. I do not see the big "N" as a product of delightful creativity, but rather just a miserable step in the same old design evolution through copycat novelty. Once it was dynamic to put an "X" at the end of brand names (kleenex, windex), or in front as well (Xerox). Later it was more innovative to have "nova" or "novo" somewhere in a name or even as a name (Novartis, Novagen, Novo Nordisk). Then all the good old companies and institutions switched to acronyms, ostensibly to be more global, and to simplify internet addresses (HSBC, TD, BMO, etc, etc, ad nauseam). I guess the new kids in charge think they are really cool using the acronym for Nottinghamshire "N". But since the single N could stand for "Nothing", they had to make it a bit different from other "N"s. What incredible mind imagined such a complex transformation as a small anticlockwise rotation? But it still didn't quite do it, so some sensible member of the team realized the utility of writing "Nottinghamshire" underneath it whenever possible. So now we have a drunken N clomping all over my home county! Sorry, but I am not at all impressed.

n could stand for anywhere, newcastle, northampton, newquay... they need a symbol that relates to the city and the county, not a letter. look at yorkshire's rose. its beautiful and means so much.

Daniel B
The N is only effective when used in the photos, but the big black N looks more like the logo for a waste removal service! I agree with the majority of the comments posted here; the N is such a waste of money. Having said this, perhaps the big black N is a more accurate portrayal of the modern-day Nottingham, which is dark, grey, full of crime and dirty (as opposed to the greener image of Nottingham of yesteryear).

steven lee
I like it. The logo used with the photos works really well. I picked up the new essential nottingham guide the other day and had great fun going through the pics trying to see the N. It's unfortunate that it cost so much but I personally believe it's distinctive yet simple and can only bring interest to the city.

Frank Nieuwenhuys
I am in marketing and have been for many years. I feel this logo is embarassing. I'm sorry, it's awful. What are you thinking about - it is absent of anything and most of all, it misses out on any chance to make people feel good about Nottinhamshire. It is not distinctive and the one thing that Nottm is recognised for around the world is absent.

tim piper
i think it is great and astonishing how this can be done to people

Alan Collison
Having worked a great deal abroad I know that most foreigners associate Nottingham with the heritage of Robin Hood, why on earth the powers that be cannot see that is beyond me,its history and heritage that primarily attracts tourists not the commercial side, that is a secondary element and although important should have been treated as such. The only way to get the tourist's to visit Nottingham in numbers first and foremost make the streets safe with high profile zero tolerance policing, not the current namby pamby politically correct approach and secondly play on its history and heritage. I felt safer walking the streets of Chicago than I do in Nottingham, thats how far law and order as slipped in this city.

The N could stand for anything, it could be anywhere in the world or anything, people wouldnt be attracted to nottingham if they saw an N but they might if they saw Robin Hood, as more people know who he is. i think that robin should be the logo but maybe modernise it, to fit in with new the culture, inlcude something else with it maybe, But the N on its own it stupid - it doesnt say anything about our great county just that it starts with an N. bring the our recognisable symbol

Yasar Tanveer
This so called 'N Logo' is to revive the reputation of nottingham, Huh u tell me who belives on that!!!

Jason Weatherall
The N is just a waste of money! Nottingham would be much better off just promoting the legend of Robin Hood.

natasha savery
i think it is a good idea, i do photograph in college and we are doing this sort of work and it is fun and interesting. but i dont think the letter should be staged it should be over come to find a natural looking letter.

This is stupid imagine if all the citys in England did that it would be insane Robin Hood is Nottinghams identity and they've gone and ruined it!

Dr John Heeley has been on National Television (Richard & Judy) and blatently stated '' theres no prove Robin Hood came from Nottingham'' only being in the job for a month. To me this speaks volumes..Dr Heeley does not want Robin Hood associated with Nottingham. This is a FACT. He has no intention of changeing his mind/oppinion. So now lets change the subject and move onto more positive things.....

Perhaps the coucil should've consulted Nottingham's world renowned designer Mr Paul Smith! I wonder that he thinks of the new logo. N for No imagination!

Veronica - You dont work for the company/ have anything to do with the 'N' logo do you? You certainly seem to have all the pre-prepared spiele! I agree that there are some other great things to come out of Nottingham, but seriously, what on earth was wrong with the old logo? If it did need an update, then a un-inspiring 'N' certainly isn't an improvement. Like it or not, when people think of Nottingham, Robin Hood is never far away. The real challenge would be to maintain the historic feel, but to build all of the many other aspects of Nottingham into the PERCEPTION people have of Nottingham. Something I doubt the logo will achieve.

yawwwnnnn... football rules wednesday til i die

Awful, another example of a council spending money to actually make something worst. Robin Hood is the symbol of Nottinghamshire and we don't make the most of that heritage. Tourists come here and are then disappointed by the castle (with sixties nightmare buildings plonked in front of it)and a none existent Sherwood forest. Now their supposed to be wowed by a capital N!!! I rest my case.

Why not S instead of N - after all Nottingham was originaly called Snottingham by the Romans

andy fox
Its daft ,silly and, frankly, peurile.The best one i have seen is the image of an archer.It was simple and eyecatching and it was the second best representation i have seen.The finest? Oh thats easy.A simple white rose.The sign of my home county.

I work in a 150 bed care home for the elderly in the USA.I'm origally from Aspley Nottingham and when people ask where are you from i reply proudly Nottingham England.Some then have a puzzled look on thier face and i will reply "You Know Robin Hood".Most will then answer "O THAT NOTTINGHAM".Now in the future do i have to say to these people you know Nottingham the one with the big N. Don't change something if it's not broken just improve on it.

When I heard about this - I just laughed - this is the most ridiculous waste of money I have ever heard of. To divorce Nottingham from its historical past is nonense - bring back Robin Hood.

2 designers
nice pics but slightly reminiscent of Channel 4 and BBC2, hardly original thinking. The N? Surely you have more typefaces than that. And how are you supposed to use the imagery in conjunction with the logo exactly?? Have we been robbed?

So: After the "N" fiasco, you lucky council tax payers of Nottingham now have to cough up £7m to revamp 'Slab Square'. I would have thought that there are more important matters to spend that amount of money on just at the moment, especially with the prospect of rocketing Council Tax bills if Labour are returned in April. Down here in Oxford, just ask anyone about the Cornmarket Street shambles along with the £20,000 for each bench. If I were you in Nottingham, I would keep a >very

Don Powell
You say Nottinghamham to anyone person in the world and Robin Hood comes to mind . You look at a bow and its arrow and you think Robin Hood / Nottingham . What and where does the N come from and what do people think when they see the N abc song that is what they think of . Just think someone got a nice pound or two just to come up with N . HAHAHA what a waste of money that was.

I have lived in Nottingham all my life and never have I seen such negative media about Nottingham and more so from its local people and I don’t understand why for the first time we have something positive to help us showcase what a great city we live in, to hear people being negative AGAIN. I personally think the brand is a great idea, it looks modern and easy to use. It is about time we start to be proud of what we have on our doorstep and yes, we have Robin Hood but we also have Lord Byron, DH Lawrence and great sporting heroes like Brian Clough and Torvill & Dean that are known internationally. Why are people not shouting for these figures to be the new logo for Nottinghamshire? These people actually lived. But like a Robin Hood logo these will not help portray ALL that is great in our city. This new brand brings everything together under one roof 'N is for Nottinghamshire' all of it shopping, culture, history, legends, sports, the list goes on. So let's not be N for negative about a company and a city that are trying to be positive about all these great things and lets get behind them and the brand. Surely, they have to take one step at a time to encourage visitors to our city, spending in our shops, staying in our hotels and visiting our attractions, lets bring in new investment and get more local people back into work. In turn saving money that could be better spent on education, health & policing and creating a united friendly city that visitors will remember.

I just cant belive it, i just went for the weekend in Oxford - and discovered that the town symbol is the OX - this is how the town name originated from, Nottingham has a great history of robin hood - we whould keep this symbol - we should have a gold statue of robin hood - held high in the town square - just like nelson colum in london - we should try are best to oust the idiots in the council who have lost touch completly with local peoples opinion - they are more interested in making a statment / trying to be radical and trendy - wheich never usualy works with council officials!! - please for god sake - keep robin hood

I just cant belive what it? the council need theire heads examining - The symbol of notts should combine colur / imagination and flare - the letter n lack all 3

Why aren't Experience Nottinghamshire putting as much effort into promoting Nottinghamshire as a visitor attraction as they are into justifying the unjustifiable? There have been so much bad publicity about Nottingham but where is the company whose job is to promote the area? Steve Green seems to have no trouble in getting mentioned. Surely more time and money would be better spent promoting the area as a visitor attraction rather than boasting about something which is neither original (see Birmingham from where Dr Heeley and his management team originated from and were responsible for its logo) nor worth the money.

David Toms
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire IS Robin Hood, good or bad he may have been, but by his picture, or logo, you know exactly where anyone is talking about! Dont use an "N" as I dont think your Council are Nutters from Notts.. Keep Robin Hood Dave Toms, Cheltenham, Glos.

The Chief Executive of Experience Nottinghamshire said in a letter to the Nottingham Evening Post today "It would be absured to have a person who may not even have existed driving forward a 21st century visual identity" I think this comment says a lot about this Brummy's understanding of the deep felt feeling about Robin Hood locally and internationally. It also makes me doubt his ability to understand the very basics of Marketing and components of a brand, did Mickey Mouse exist or is he a worthless brand, perhaps Dr Heely would advise Hamelin to replace the Pied Piper for a big "H" as he has not met the Pied Piper? Say NO to the big "N"

Ken Brand
It was John McEnroe who once said 'You can't be serious!'That's how I reacted when I saw the variations on the N for Nottingham and the County Whilst I have never rated the existing 'Robin Hood Man in Tights' logo very highly it had rather more substance than the tottering N now on offer. I have often said that many people wouldn't recognise a 'Wow' factor if they say one, with these designs there's no problem, it is just not there. At least Robin's arrow had speed, thrust, direction and a target in mind. 'Alphabet Soup anyone?'

What ridiculous nonsense. It is worse than the Oak Tree, at least that was representative. N means absolutely nothing.

Nottingham is a growing economic and cultural city. The stone age days of Robin Hood are over. If the city needs to progress in to the new millenium, with a positive business minded approach, a new logo is an ideal start. Although, the effort gone in to the idea lacks imagination, I concur that a new city image, is very useful in persuading growing business that the city is expanding at a faster rate than the potential of economocally expanding business. Nottingham has a history to be proud of, as has Britain. If tourists are passionate enough to come to England, they will undoubtedly make Nottingham an early stop. Having grown up in Central London, I can see Nottingham growing in to a very similar place. Investment is pouring in to Nottingham, and its people, should be proud that the council has the intiative to make the city a more attractive place to be based. Who says the increased economic revenue from business ventures and tourism won't be injected in to a needy police force and a needy education budget?

S. Walker
I can't believe that something as important to nottingham as robin hood had been scrapped as our symbol! not only that... it has been replaced by a large shiny..! N.... *looks confused* It says nothing about nottingham except for the letter it begins with...

Dr Beeching.
I'm assuming for £120,000 we get a substantial marketing 'package'. I'd be interested to know what exactly the £120k has bought us.

Iwan Williams
If they wanted to improve Nottingham's image perhaps they should have spent the £120,000 on more policemen to tackle the widely reported gun crime and drunken, anti social behaviour in the town centre. N for nonsense.

£120K for a N what's the Point??????

Sue Cale
The N logo is absolute rubbish, and someone earned thousands of pounds for something a 4 or 5 year old could do! An utter disgrace and waste of public money. There is nothing wrong with Robin Hood, it is Nottingham's legend, people all over the world have heard of it and associate it with us. What will N be associated with?

Absolute nonsense. From a marketing perspective,. how can any sane person ignore a brand that is already world famous? Tha reason the Robin Hood brand is not working is because our pathetic 'leaders' do not know how to use it. Oh what would the Americans do if they had the Robin Hood brand - theme parks, a rebuild of the original castle (maybe as a facade to the current 'Mansion House), millions of visitors and the income they would produce every year? I presume that the road signs, instead of saying 'Welcome to Robin Hood Country', will list a backward N, standing of course for Nonsense as I said at the beginning. I would like a question answering by the Council please - Were the people asked to come up with a brand for Nottingham, asked to do just that, or were they asked to come up with a brand that was not Robin Hood? I think the answer to that is very important and I suspect the latter but will they admit it? Perhaps we can inform the Council of our views in the forthcoming election?

Ian Atkinson
What a load of old twaddle. couldnt they come up with something better. I think Nottinghamshre deserves better and so do the people of this great county. When you tell People in America you are from Nottingham they immediately say things Like Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, the Sherrif of Nottingham ect. Why cant the people of Nottinghamshire be consulted before you go to the expense of waisting our taxes ect.

Brian D
If the powers that be want to attract tourism they might want to design an adequate police force

How much did this 'inspiration' cost? Is this the best the creative minds could come up with, an off set N which could just as well represent Newcastle, Norwich, Northampton, Nuneaton, Newport (I'm sure you get the point)

Gordon Patten
I have only lived in Nottingham for 3 years or so - previous to that I was in St Ives Cornwall. Quite a vast difference I know. However I am agast at the money that has been spent on try to reinvent nottingham. There are more problems in the centre of nottingham that need to be addressesed seriously if Nottingham wants to become like London. At the moment from what I see on the news, nottingham is already like manchester - full of guns, drugs etc. I have to admit though that the city has achieved a great deal in regard to begging and homelessness, as well as the litter problems. I use the one year old trams on a regular basis and they are, in my opinion a vast improvement and do credit Nottingham - however on a Wednesday - Saturday I do feel somewhat intimitated as I use the trams and travel through the drunken mobs of the city centre - I breath a sigh of relief when I get home. I refuse to even step foot into Nottingham city centre on a saturday night, and as for a football day!!!! In conclusion I feel more needs to be done before continental tourists and tourists in general will treat and respect Nottingham as a tourist area and attraction.

Ali Smith
Natasha Kaplinsky on BBC Breakfast News clearly found the whole idea idea hilarious.. Below is my letter to the BBC: To whom it may concern I was happy & proud to see Nottingham featured on yesterday mornings BBC News with Natasha Kaplinsky & co. I'm not originally from Nottingham, however I moved here when I was 19 & remained here for 8 years because I love the city, friendly locals, shopping & it's nightlife. The feature was regarding Nottingham having an image transformation (re-branding - call it what you like!) in order to attract more visitors, business & students into the city. The aim being, to make great efforts to promote a more positive image of the city when it has unfortunately been featured so negatively in high impact documentaries such as Panorama, covering negative subject matters such as gun crime & binge drinking. The work underway to improve public perception of Nottingham & to create a positive first impression for newcomers will include many worthwhile initiatives, far beyond a new logo. I frequently notice ignorant and rude comments made by poor News presenters on other channels & therefore choose to watch the BBC News in the morning as I believe the presenters to be serious, intelligent professionals. I felt offended when I saw the reaction in the studio. They were laughing and deriding the idea and the city.. It was made worse by the length of time they made a joke out of it. I would have been similarly offended had they made a joke about ANY city in the world attempting to "work harder" to create a positive impression. What is to be gained of mocking positive efforts? If the city featured was a city that had a negative image associated to it due to press coverage of war & conflict & was rebuilding itself & it's image, would they make a joke then? If they did, viewers would be outraged. It's an extreme example but the principle is the same & with this in mind I hope that Natasha & co presenters can find it in themselves to understand why their behaviour was rude, immature, unprofessional & demoralising & SINCERELY apologise to all their viewers if they haven't already done so. Thankyou for taking the time to read my comments, I would appreciate if they could be passed on to the presenters involved & the producer of the programme. I would also be grateful of a response. Kind Regards Alison Smith Nottingham

Lee Bentley
Haven't the council got better things to spend there money on? Like public services? What was wrong with the original archer logo? After all isn't Robin Hood what Nottingham is famous for?

de Mello
Oh I forgot - design-wise, it is a crude execution which is a shame. I suspect the designer had too many people to satisfy but it can work better through the images and if the idea is a big N, the typography can change whenever. Good luck

de Mello
Relax, people of Nottingham. You can have Robin Hood as well as the big N as neither of these are a brand. They are visual images associated with the city and county of Nottingham and are not mutually exclusive. As I am from Norwich (and not envious of the big N thanks, Notts can keep it) I agree with those that say that it is not unique and doesn't 'say' anything about the place but maybe people will notice it if enough effort is spent on PR and advertising. But it doesn't tell you anything about a city and what a true brand does is provide you with a set of values that everyone in the city (broadly) identifies with and that permeates all the activities of the city, not just its leaflets and roadsigns. If you think of Prague or Barcelona you don't think of their visual identity or strapline (do they have one) you think of a place of culture or a place of fun, even if you have never been there you have an impression which is constantly being reinforced, and that is priceless. My advice? Concentrate on the good things about a place and keep telling people about it. Barcelona, Dublin, Glasgow all have loads of street crime and poverty but that's not what people think of first. That'll be £120,000 please

Mrs Hood
Robin is Nottingham and is recognised the world over as representing Nottingham. Bring him back. You shouldn't have got rid of him in the first place, a costly excercise I think and very stupid.

Well that's why clients will not pay for design because they get ripped off by this kind of rubbish. Let that be a lesson to all you budding designers, a little more thought please.

Bring back Robin!

Yes, I agree with James, BRING BACK ROBIN!

Bill from Nottingham

Phil Cooper
There did not seem to be too much mention of the county. The theme should be Nottingham for the nightlife and the county for the traditional i.e. Rufford Abbey, Clumber park, Edwinsotwe and the Major Oak etc. To me the n looked like N for Naff. If Nottingham is to be an international attraction it needs international events, sporting or cultural. One thought what about opening up the tunnels and caves below the castle?

Alan and Shirley
We believe it is a retrograde step to downgrade Robin Hood as the symbol for Nottingham. Robin du bois -Robin Hood is known by all our neighbours and French friends here in France and is presumably known by tourists all over the world. If Nottingham and Nottinghamshire wish to increase tourism in the county perhaps they could persuade BMI Baby not to reduce the flights into East midlands Airport.

Colin Bullock
What a load of waffle being spouted about what a letter N will do. The comment was it has worked for other cities. Why do they have to spend a fortune copying someone else. Robin Hood is unique, everyone the world over knows Robin Hood. Lets take advantage of what we already have and its mystery but then somebody might not make so much money.

Peter Calvert
What utter rubbish! Nottingham with an "N" and without any mention of "Robin Hood" is ludicrous. I am Bulwell born and bred. I attended Mundella. I am now retired and live in Crawley West Sussex. For 25 years I worked for British Airways who wasted in excess of £122,000,000 on a ridiculas paint sceem for their aircraft. I am now retired but my bank, the Abbey National, having already wasted £11,000,000 turning themselves into "abbey" are about to spend another "£11,000,000 or more turning themselves into "Abbey". Where does such stupidity come from? Nottingham is already linked with Robin Hood even if he is a fairy tale so why abandon him for "N" which could mean Norwich, Newcastle, Northampton or simply No No No! Get sensible please and throw out the brain storming lunatics who come up with these silly ideas.

Barrie and Diana Richmond
Regarding the new logo for City and County I find myself appalled and amazed at the waste of taxpayers money in spending £120,000 on a lopsided N which could mean anything. I have been involved in the Scouting voluntary sector for many years and been active in the planning and carrying out of numerous International events and Jamborees. It has always been quite plain that the visitors know Nottinghamshire firstly as Robin Hood Country and have a desire to visit the Major Oak and the Castle. So despite comments the Robin Hood image is dead I am sure this is what draws people to the County To strike this from the logo seems silly, and for a PR company to spend two years designing the new logo appals me, as I am sure that non professionals could have come up with a better idea even quicker.

Kate McKenzie
Firstly, - are they mad! That capital 'N' for Notts. new logo is, I'm sorry, just c..p! Robin Hood is fab! At least they should have made the 'N' Sherwood green! I am a 37yr old teacher from Scotland who loves Nottingham and I have lived here for 16 years.

Since when has Nottingham been a brand. I for one am extremely pissed off that something like 130,000 pounds (taxpayer's money being wasted again) was spent changing "nottingham : our style is legendary" to a big, red, tilted N!!! The council only seem to be doing this because of all the bad press we've been getting recently but how on earth is a big red N gonna change that...........the mind boggles

£120K? 'N'ice work if you can get it....

Colin Bullock
N for what? Could be Northampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Newport, Newbury, and they could use it likewise with the same waffle given as a reason for this. I bet the junior schools could have done better, if we need something at least let us have something unique. At least Robin Hood is Nottingham's and everyone abroad knows it. An "N" will not rid us of the drugs, booze, yobs and gun crime which causes the problem. Sort that out and we will not need anything and we can still keep our fantasy legend Robin Hood.

For a start, you can't own the letter N - it's not a tangible thing that's up for ownership. Secondly, I'm moving to a more culturally-aware city that doesn't rely on an off-kilter 'N' or nasty little bars and clubs to become visitable. After the pre-raphelite exhibition has finished that is...

Why throw away an internationally recognised symbol and replace it with something totally nondescript and nonspecific. This is a spoof, isn't it??

Ralph Deakin
Most places in the world know that Robin Hood was a Yorkshire man, who also spent a lot of time in Derbyshire... So the logo of Robin is no loss ... We were in Nottingham on Saturday night and the huge number of teenage 'drunks' was just amazing.... As for the 'N' - well it could be a N of, SRYINGES, GUNS, Spitters, Knives, Knuckle dusters, Drunks, etc - you name it- they would all fit the N image.. Sad but true.

This is really the limit of ridiculousness... this could stand equally for Northamtonshire, Northumberland, Norfolk etc etc. Is there no one in the council with any real imagination....what was wrogn with Rong Hood, the whole world knows about him...I think this attempt at promotion beggars belief!Grow up!

What does the "N" stand for? Norwich? Newcastle? Northampton???

How on Earth can someone have allowed this to cost the tax payer this much money..?! I think we deserve full disclosure of how that money was actually spent - but will they? - I think not - do they have something to hide? - I think so..!

In response to JM's positive comments on the new N and her thoughts not relating N to No! May I point out that the cricket image actually spells No! - Pessimistic?

So: after the infamous Collar traffic scheme, Lilac Leopards and other wastes of money, we now have "N"..... for nutters?

david martin
Toal rubbish, waste of money , logo's are supposed to stand out and make an impact. this is bland, could have been drawn by a child as a bit of dottleing to pass the time in class.

i think the N, is a complete waste of money, the money behind it should have gone to the whole of the nottinghamshire community, WHERE DID THEY DREAM UP THIS IDEA, back to the drawing board please

james brouwer
i think that the letter N has a Negitival fell, like NO! anyway what was wrong with 'nottingham our gun crime is legendary '!? anyone?

Craig Bradley
"N"? what does this stand for NOVICE if we are supposed to rival London and Manchester why is our logo looking like something out of a childs alphabet?

val hallam

n is a good logo but what happened to our style is legendeary

Patricia C.
People the world over recognise "Robin Hood" as the symbol for Nottingham. Even small children will have learnt that there are forests and green fields and lots of wildlife in this county together with the odd castle and castle ruins to be visited. However, not any one of them will know what a fat "N" stands for, and neither will our own citizens! What an infantile "change for changes" sake has been perpetrated without our prior knowledge or consent.

michael hamilton
The real measure is whether the implementation and evolution of the N is made to work. It lacks personality and difference as it is but can it evolve?


Don't be too quick to knock it, lets give it a go. People should remember that Robin Hood was a only small part of Nottingham's history. However, It is alleged that Robin Hood was in conflict the authorities of the day, didn't pay taxes, was a thief, a crook and possibly a murderer who gave some but not all of his ill gotten gains to the poor. Had cocaine and guns been around in his day he probably would have been involved with those too. That image could fit quite well with todays crime statistics, however it's about time this City moved on. Newstead Abbey and the balloon looked great on TV, this combination of old and new with a few bright colours could work well. Putting the Logo into the sky above the City's competitors may well be a good idea. It may encourage people to look at the web site, visit the City and spend some money here. Cool idea!

paul d
well they say Robin robbed from the rich and gave to the poor - it's nice to see they've held on to one tradition at least

Jill Mowbray
The new logo is unimaginative, meaningless and bland and much inferior to the previous one. And in any case GREEN is the Nottinghamshire colour, not Red!

peter andrews
I'm told this is the same marketing team that put the "B" in Birmingham what can we expect next a picture of a urinal so they can take the "P" out of Preston

David Hempel
It's not surprising that this brand and logo is so similar to Birmingham's 'b' brand when you consider the fact that Dr John Heeley, Chief Executive of Experience Nottinghamshire and many of his senior staff were working for Marketing Birmingham when their brand was launched. Obviously, Dr Heeley and his team have had no new ideas since they left Birmingham and are just re-hashing what went on there two or three years ago. You would assume that their second attempt at re-branding a city would be better than the first, but in actual fact Birmingham's brand is far better. They must be getting lazy.

Maid Marian, West Bridgford
I don't believe Nottingham's new brand succeeds in effectively distinguishing the city apart from any other UK city. The results of creativity and innovation would normally provide points of distinction, but the choice of the letter 'N' as a logo doesn't seem very creative or innovative to me (and many other posters on this forum). Although the logo isn't the whole brand, I can't see how it even begins to communicate anything real about Nottingham. It would be interesting to hear Experience Nottingham's response to many of the postings given here. A previous poster claims money for the rebranding campaign hasn't come from local tax payers. So do Experience Nottingham mint their own money? Follow the trail of funding and it'll almost certainly end at the taxpayer's pocket.

Sue Hall
The bottom line is: Red for danger, Red for stop; N for Northampton, or Norwich. No, it's N for nothing. And this is precisely what it conveys. Nothing at all.

I am extremely dissappointed in the change of Logo. I am not sure how many "consumer research groups" have been used, but from a person born & bred in Nottinghamshire and extremely proud of the fact - this is appalling. I would ask the people of Nottingham to register their views on the matter and I feel very confident that "N" will not be the winner. I believe that Northampton, Nuneaton, Neath all start with N - do these places have the heritage of Nottingham or proud association with Robin Hood. I am in favour of modernisation - but only when it is benefitial or an improvement - this branding is clearly NOT !!!

Wow, spending all that money on a single letter. So have all our problems been resolved? Maybe the money could have been used to improve the area to attract more people to visit? Yet again the council seem to spend our money without asking us.

Jane - designer
Design .... wheres the design - I could have designed that in 5 seconds. Where is its uniqueness or the wow factor. Where is the creativeness? The logo is OK but not for the amount of money spent. No logo is worth that. They don't take that long to design and something like that takes even less. Nottingham should have had an open competition to all designers and the people of Nottingham. They could have had an exclusive prize costing a fraction of the cost and lots of entries would have come up with more original and more in quantity of designs to pick from .... and saved a lot of money. The photographs are nice and probably the whole image in the end will be OK but for the people who commissioned this, you could have got the same and not wasted any money ... you have been done.

Christopher Frost
It is a waste of money & at the end of the day all Nottinghamshire is known for is Robin Hood, possibly Boots & the high crime rate.

Dear oh dear the council have found another way to waste our cash.£120,000+ for a Naf symbol.This company will now probably go and hawk Robin Hood to Sheffield and offer a few cheap road signs they will just have to turn round.A Naff choice by a NAFF COUNCIL who appear to operate in Never Never Land.Thank goodness we have an election shortly

The N is just the tip of the iceberg. A brand is more than just a logo and goes alot deeper and Nottinghamshire is much more than just Robin Hood. The brand is about all that goes with the logo, the images, colours and font. Nottinghamshire has 2 great Universities that students attend from all over the world, we are always within the top 5 shopping destinations. History & Heritage (Nottinghamshire Lace). Legend and culture (Robin Hood , DH Lawrence, Lord Byron, Lakeside Arts Centre). We have some award winning conference facilities in Nottinghamshire, we need to shout about these to generates more business, the more business we bring, the higher need for bigger and better facilities – this creates more jobs for the local people. We have something for everyone. Eating out, nightlife, beautiful countryside’s and market towns (Mansfield, Newark, Retford and Southwell). Not forgetting we have some internationally recognised sporting venues (Trent Bridge, the oldest league football club – Notts County, National Watersports centre and the new NIC). The ‘logo’ may not inspire everyone, but the images that are part of this brand represents all that is great in this county we live in! Be proud...

martyn tongue
fancy wasting my hard earnt council tax and that load of rubbish that a 5 year old could have come up with. Go back to Robin Hood country. And how much for new road signs!!!

The New Nottingham logo is tacky & money wasted. A logo should mean something, should be something everyone feels strongly about. Should be linked to the history of the area, should represent everyone in it & where they come from. By changing Nottingham's logo to this so called "N" we forget our history & where we're from. Instead of making Nottingham stand out this "N" will just make Nottingham like eveywhere else & obviously there is nothing unique about that! People remember Nottingham for Robin Hood it doesn't matter if they don't really know where Nottingham is, (that's what directions are for) it's the fact that they remember Nottingham and what it stands for! This "N" doesn't stand for anything & wont mean anything to our visitors, the idea should be scrapped & we should stick with the logo we already have, the money should be spent on something more worth while! Who ever came up with the idea for this new logo should be sacked and banned from Nottingham forever & who ever thought it would a good idea to pay the idiot who came up with the "N", should be shot!!!

Sue Congreave, Stapleford
What a waste of time and money! The city council have taken Nottingham off the map by omitting Robin Hood from the city's logo. Mention Nottingham to anyone abroad (especially the Americans) and they immediatly associate it with Robin Hood. Are the council in league with the Yorkshire lot who are always trying to claim Robin as their own? I for one will be furious if they now adopt Robin Hood as the symbol of their county. Bye the way did anyone ask the people of Nottingham their opinion about the change? Capital N - Capital nincompoops!!

Simon, from a not so well known design agency
Thank god for Helvetica!

Graham Kelsey
Sorry but the first thing I thought of on seeing the tilted N was the sign outside the doomed Enron company from a couple of years back.

Steve Harrison
I thought when I heard this on TV last night that it was an early April fool! You have got to be kidding, right? Nottingham is famous around the world for Robin Hood so what do our clearly stupid and inept council spend £120,000 of OUR money on, without consulting us? Yes you guessed it change the image to a "N". Who in their right mind could sit around and discuss such a stupendously idiotic decision. The mind boggles!

Why a sans serif letter N ... surely it should be a serif for Nottingham?

The Robin Hood emblem is now outdated. With an unwanted, but growing reputation ,perhaps his bow should be removed, and replaced with a smoking gun.

Dale Mellor
I'm sure money could be better put to use than this!

Waste of money - Robin Hood will always be Notingham.

Stephen Smith
"N" is for "No Go" as in the no go areas on Nottingham. While I normally suport Nottm I have to say that on this occasion I think we have gone one "N" to far.

Sara H
What a waste of money! I wouldn't visit an area because it had a brand logo in fact I can't think of a logo tied to any place. Since when does a city need a logo to make itself known?

Chris McCann
There are drug dealers outside my house, collecting, delivering or whatever, right now ! and the drug squad at Radford Road P.S. have almost admitted they have no funding to persue. Nottinghamshire County Council should be ashamed of themselves....I'am, and we, are paying for the pointless and very expensive re-branding of Nottinghamshire. A Panorama investigation is needed into the City and County Councils waste of public money. Send 'em round here and I'll show 'em how wasteful they really are. It's amazing how far a degree in Sociology within the Councils of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire can get you..where is that Izal.. Chris.

Morgan Stuart
"much more than a logo", "permeate our leaflets and signage", "a way of presenting ourselves" - this smacks of a body that realises the new identity DOES NOT speak for the people of Nottingham OR the county's true or perceived personality - I've worked in the Marketing and Design industry (client and supplier), all my life and understand that sometimes an image (they always seem to call them 'brands' now), becomes established not through its appeal or design effectiveness but often through its saturated application. It seems the people responsible for the new image are already communicating this using the language quoted above. Reading between the lines: oh we know what Nottingham means to its people and the wider world, but we want to build more bars, shops and apartments. Hence the 'emperor's new clothes'. What vision... One could argue that in some way using one of the world's most widely known legends would have been an obvious, tired constraint. Personally, I believe Experience Nottinghamshire should reflect on what message this new image communicates about the creativity and imagination of the county's promoters. As a brand, the new image is strong and easily brought to mind, though soulless and cold. As an effective piece of design that communicates the personality, appeal and spirit of the region it is weak. Those are the two approaches I assume the people charged with its creation considered. It seems that even with the wrong side of £100,000, Nottingham's certainly NOT the place to come for the latter...

Rebecca Place
Oh PLEASE. Like this sooperdooepr N symbolises all the wonderful spiffing things in Nottingham. I'm sorry, but Robin Hood is what put Nottingham on the map, and we sohuld be proud! An image of Robin Hood is something everyone can relate to. A big fat N means nothing.

Ian Hunt
Hats off to those that sold this concept to the Council, perhaps they could try and sell sand in the Sahara

Craig Harper
I believe it’s a waste of tax payer money and should be left as it was !

The King's clothes comes to mind!

Surely this money would have been far better spent cleaning up the City Centre. That may have persuaded people to visit Nottingham. Yet again the good burgers of Nottingham have failed again!

This pathetic logo creates the impression that it has had no real effort or imagination put into it, a lot like Nottingham itself in recent times. Compare the Leaf Stem fountain with the Trevi, Nottingham Castle( or should I say house?)with almost any other proper looking castle, Nottingham's increasing dirt and crime with other cities,etc, and we can see why Nottingham is NNot a major tourist destination. And yet it could be, with proper effort and ideas. Nottingham has a lot of the ingredients already here to make it a great tourist destination, but these need enhancing and adding to. By the way what happened to that other waste of taxpayers money- the ridiculous metal shed with holes structure that for some reason was built for the castle grounds and then mysteriously vanished after much criticism?

Jeff Crouch, Designer
hmm. ok the actual log is plainly boring. so much more could have been done - i mean, once an N had been decided on, surely a little imagination would not have gone amiss. I agree the photos are fab - nice. I have to say though that £120,000 is seriously over inflated - in my opinion, no rebranding (epecially for councils) should cost more than £60k. I think the problem is that Nottingham could have used the money much more wisely, to bring more tourist facilities. All in all, great idea to be rebranded, poor logo, but potential for the marketing materials.

'N' for Nottingham - on the piss! How many of Notts 25 largest business ratepayers were asked for an opinion on this re-branding exercise?

Robin Dutt
So the Exprience Nottinghashire team wants Nottingham to be a great European city? When relatives come over from France they want the Robin Hood connection. The Robin Hood logo was superb, as was the caption "Our style is legendary". Wasting £120,000 for a meaningless logo that ANY city could have is crazy in this increasingly globalised/Americanised world. What sets Nottingham apart? It's Robin Hood.

Ian in Wollaton Park
N is for NO I could have designed that on my computer for 50p

The Robin Hood association with Nottinghamshire is undeniable, is acknowledged throughout the world and has taken hundreds of years to develop. If Experience Nottinghamshire had used the priceless headstart Robin Hood gives as a foundation for the brand, then we could have been up there with Disney, with a priceless image. It seems that all this County is to these Purple Faced imports, is just another one of 26 letters. According to EN, we are now like any other County with a capital letter; nothing unique to offer but good shopping and nightlife (and there are many that are better than us). Every City in the world trying to develop a brand would give their left arm for Robin Hood and these idiots are happy to relegate him to a vague association. Any marketing person could build a brand with a stronger element of Robin Hood in and capitalise on the recognition that is already there. Reject the letter, send the powers that be at Experience Nottinghamshire back to Birmingham to spend £££'s on a big 'B' and bring back Robin Hood before Yorkshire grabs him!! Lose or Relegate Robin Hood: Lose our Advantage!

nice to see Robin Hood from the Experience at the laubch. Fancy losing him - the true symbol of Nottingham! well, the county used to have a lower case "n", so, speaking as a consultant, an upper case "N" is the only way to go! can I have the money now please? Otherwise, the N reminds me of the white and blue "M" for Munich Airport, shame Nottingham had to appropriate an airport in Leicestershire with a Derbyshire postcode! why not incorporate an AK47 into the logo to remind us what Nottingham stands for today(!)

N for Nottingham? Wow - that took some devising. How about N for NEGATIVE, N for NOT A CLUE. So poor old Robin is betrayed by the bosse of Nottingham - yet again! Seeing as Robin being so universally recognised was the reason for ignoring Geography and calling EMA - Nottingham EMA and now Robin has gone, presumably EMA will be returned to LEICESTERSHIRE, where it has always been. Het - how about C for Nottingham (Crime) or G for Nottingham (Guns). THat,s what Nottingham is known for!! - That and nicking airports. Still, if N for Nottingham is the best you can do - no expense spared - maybe you just didn't realise! A Leicestershire lad.

J Jenkins-Jones
N.. for Not Worth The Money!

Martin Farmilo
I thought the guy on TV had it right - is it April 1st ? I cannot believe an entire council would be daft enought to spend money on something so ridiculous. No, hang on .... perhaps I *can* believe it ! I think this must have been decided by the same crowd who can call a pile of bricks 'art'.

keep robin hood logo not the n give the £180,000 to old people home or shcool who need it not to her i bet she dose not live in nottingham

marcus jackson
well what can I say? words fail me! utter utter rubbish idea, which like the post office changing to consigna, will fail and cost alot of money. what the hell do these people do all day? is there any wonder why council tax is going up? if you asked any tourist.. what makes nottngham famous... I'd guarantee lots would say robin hood! so why change? if it aint broke don't fix it thats what I say! what a very expensve waste.... N ? more like NO!

James Mayfield
i think that nottingham needed a new logo but this is a joke people are't going to think of nottingham and think of the big stupid N they think Robin Hood. they say we are "OUT LOUD & PROUD" we are pround to be from nottingnham but we are not out and loud get it sourted. they also say they have but the N in Nottingham i think they have put the N in Naff so sort it NOW.


anthony laird
Once again notts city council have got it wrong. Robin hood is known all over the world.people relate robin hood to nottingham.not a big N

James A
This is an extremely disappointing waste of money and resources. The money should have been spent on helping local councils instead of this pointless waste of a great deal of funding. No wonder there’s any money for the things that really matter. I have been appealing for a recreational area in my village for 2 years and have yet to see any action being taken. Then people wonder why there’s so much crime when kids have nothing to do. What about the roads where people need to die before speed restrictions are imposed due to lack of funding? I'd love for anyone to be able to justify this. Did the people who came up with this idea get it from the k on kellogs products?

Paul Rice
Where are we going? I would like to know just what started the hunt for a 'New Logo' in the first place. What is wrong with keeping a bit of tradition anyway, are we going to see more spend when they dig up the City Coat of Arms in Market Sq. to replace it with a big Red 'N', or perhaps a Red laser playing onto the Council House dome maybe!!! What about the rail link, don't tell me,- the Robin Hood line it going to be the 'N'line. Lets go back to the old one before it's too late.

Sheila from Bramcote
What a waste of money and such an uninspiring logo. Wherever you go in the world Nottingham is always linked with Robin Hood and whoever idea this was should be sacked and the money used for better things for our great city.

Rene' Dunn

Mrs. Shirley Tacey
£120K wasted again. when will the powers that be learn that we want reduced council tax, more police better lighting rather that these daft expensive ideas. More common sense please

why dont we just put a big china flag insted we seem to have enough of them around and will invite more of them in! what a waste of cash i could of thort of a thousand ways to spend that money on better things such as more police as it was just today that a stone the size of my fist was thrown through the bus window as i was returning home! WHAT A WAY TO SPEND MONEY AY

Martin White
"N" stands for Nothing, the "N" doesn't even match the style used by the County Council. I personally feel that paying any money for that design is an insult to the people of Nottingham. I have lived here for 60 years and was born in the Lace Market. This new image is not my idea of promoting the City !

lorraine & ade coates
we feel that the money spent on this rebranding would be better spent reducing our astronomically high council tax!!!!!!

I think the fact that Nottingham people weren't consulted about the new logo is outrageous! It is an absolute joke - can the decision be reversed before we become the laughing stock of the country! The designer obviously has the brain of a pea!

Neil Gardiner
This county and city have never ever done enough to promote themselves as a major tourist centre, It has always been left to individual companies and places. This rebranding was a major opportunity to put that right. But what have they done. Nothing . The N now stands for Nothing. It is abysmal and pathetic and yet another waste of taxpayers money.

alan from toton
N stands for "Naff", I had to pay £4000 to have an operation done privately.Spend the money on the QMC to lower waiting lists.

Martin White
"N" stands for Nothing, the "N" doesn't even match the style used by the County Council. I personally feel that paying any money for that design is an insult to the people of Nottingham. I have lived here for 60 years and was born in the Lace Market. This new image is not my idea of promoting the City !

Peter B
Our City Fathers are behaving more like village idiots; they have been comprehensively conned. The big N stands for Big NO. Robin Hood is an international symbol; it's idiotic to discard him.

David Wilkinson
The'N' for Notts County is me; I'm rather unbalanced you'll see' As for poor Robin Hood, Though ever so good, I'm worth thousands of pounds more than he!!

Rubbish , waste of money . A big "N" could mean anything , you see Robin Hood and think of Nottingham .

Gejo Canovas
I am a graphic designer and I have to say that, from the design point of view, I think the new Nottingham logo is boring and ugly. It doesn't do justice to the city.

Paul Boden
Who pays for this? £120,000 for a symbol that no-one will ever take seriously (also looks similar to the symbol for the Royal coledge of nursing). The 'brains' behind this will be laughing all the way to the bank. Perhaps Robin Hood is still stealing - but from the poor public this time!

paul mitchell
What an absolutely DISGUSTING waste of public money! £120,000 would have been far better spent in the community on more valuable & deserving projects. The Council should be ashamed of itself. Whoever thought it up should be sacked immediately! Nottingham has & always will be linked to Robin Hood & his band of men & its castle! Why not spend the money improving the existing logo to represent those icons? It didnt need doing so why???

Sylvia Annetts
I have never seen such a ridiculous non-descript exchange of image associated with nottingham, please go back to Robin Hood so people know where we are

peter horril
It looks like a packet of breakfast cereals

Mandy Dickens
What a waste of money surely for that amount they could have come up with something more memorable than N. A picture of a knot with an 's would have been better

Michael Jackson
£120000 for this-absolutely rubbish and the Council should try and spend our money on better things like cleaning the streets and providing toilets in the centre of Nottingham

N ?? for Nottingham you mean N for Nutters £120.000 No wonder the general public are fed up what a waste of money

Robin Weatherall
I think the whole idea of an N is stupid. Nottingham IS Robin hood. Not N for Nathan

Graham Whitehead
As an adopted manchunian I love Nottingham and the Robin Hood logo what the hell do we have to do to get common sense in this country N I dont think so

Mike Rickard
Whoever signed the chequq for the £120k of Nottinghamshire peoples money, should be sacked and made to pay the money back ... what is this world coming to?????

Steve Jackson
Someone has conned the people of Nottingham out of an awful lot of money. I'd like to see all of the research that went into this waste of an excercise. Who has the money?

Hmmmmm where do we find these people who consider this "Design" ? What a waste of money !

I think we are all agreed that the photography is excellent. Apart from the gate which is really hard to recognise as a N on viweing. However, the logo is cold and doesn't communicate anything about us that is different from anywhere else than begins with an N. We shall see if it works and it did in Birmingham - where the lower case 'b' was created by the SAME PEOPLE!!!! Dr Heeley and Ms Poultney have just copied the idea. Why did they need to spend £120k to copy an idea they had already?

If they can afford to blow £100,000+ on this then they won't miss my Council Tax when I refuse to pay it. I can't believe they would spend our money on something so daft when there are so many problems in the city that could sorted with this sort of cash.

This is a joke right? N, costing over one hundred thousand, how many more police could we have had on the streets for that? N stands for the nutters that have found a seat on the Council!

Craig Jones
Great photographer, decent art director, the librarian, archer and bowler look as if they might have been pretty handy too - what happened with the designer?!

Another waste of "our" money! Suppose we can look forward to another council tax rise in the coming couple of weeks

Mrs Eileen Bradley
As a resident of Nottingham all my life I think that the new "Logo" is a load of rubbish as it is indestinct and does not really show anything of the Nottingham history or culture. We are linked throughout history with the Robin Hood Legend firstly and Nottingham Lace secondly as most visitors and residents remember. In no way will this logo have the desired effect and anyone who thinks so, needs to go back to school or college to look up promoting your work for the desired effect.

what a waste of dosh! we've got enough iconic figures without some stupid advertising campaign trying to make us 'cool'

N for nonsense. Is the best you can do? And when will somebody realise the revitalised BIRMINGHAM is the real shopping & tourist threat to Nottingham, not Leeds or Manchester.

Helen Parkin
Maybe a rebranding is what Nottingham needs. The new logo may not be very imaginative, especially with its price tag, but it's time to focus on what this fantastic city can offer. There is no much more to it than the gun crime and binge drinking that is so over-hyped by the media. Give Nottingham a chance!

Nicky Mee
I think it's a great execution - and I lecture on marketing and branding to post grads - as well as being employed in marketing in local government - well done - a terrific job.

Andy, From a well known agency
I wonder how much client intervention this had? Because surely there must have been better concepts than this produced. Hardly unique!?@$% But well done for getting that kind of fee, for that!

mary from Notts
It's very strking and it's about time Nottingham used some nice images to promote itself! Cool...

Richard Burgess
Inane waste of time money and energy - some clown probably got paid thousands for pressing the latter N on a keyboard. Glad to see my rates aren't being wasted - NOT

What a complete waste of tax payers money. The Council have briefed an apparantly "leading" Marketing Agency who, judging by the reaction from the BBC Breakfast hosts, couldn't organise a knees up in brewery!

Mike Jeynes
As a struggling designer, it makes me sick that someone got paid a fortune for something so rubbish. The developement of the N with arrows, suitcases, books etc is "ok" but thats about it... the initial design is awful, did they use paint?

Have listened to the coverage from Exeprience Nottinghamshire and saw the "hot air" balloon @ Newstead on the lunch time TV news, what an apt choice of launch vehicle for the new logo and brand!

Gary P, Notts
Why not give it a chance before we slag it off. if this works, it could make the city a much better place for all of us.

Maybe now the real Robin Hood county, Yorkshire, can welcome one of it's best know sons home for good. Yorkshire, Robin Hood county!

Everyone should listen to what Chris, Tom and Steve Leach have to say. Nottingham/Nottinghamshire does have more to offer than Robin Hood - going to Sherwood Forrest shouldn't be the sum visit when people travel to this great county. 'N' only means 'No' to those who are only ever pessimisitic, to me it represents new horizons, a Nottinghamshire united. And, even the sceptics must admit, the images are fantastic!

For the first time we are getting the media to look at Nottinghamshire positively, through this marketing campaign they will realise we have something to suit everyone. Binge drinking and gun crime is a national problem not a Nottinghamshire problem. I say well done and lets keep building on this positive press. This will encourage more tourist to our great city.

Barry - Birmingham
I think it is brilliant. Much better than the rubbish stuff that has been done in Birmingham. Well done Nottingham!

Michelle Antwonette Martine .. Vevey . Switzerland
Lady Godiva = Coventry Robin Hood = Nottigham Aca tourist = Enough Said !! They would have been much better of using the 120,000 pounds for a decent toiliet in the town centre for tourists like me to use

I think the brand is great, it will give us a sense of place and unite City with County for the first time. It is more than the 'N' and Nottinghamshire is more than just Robin Hood. Born and bred in Nottingham I personally think we live in a fantastic place! Shopping, Culture, Sport, Bars, Restaurants... we have it all and the brand images symbolise all that is good with our great county.

Emma Kelly
It's about time someone got up and shouted about the place. Why should we keep quiet, we are about shopping and fun not outlaws!

Idiots !!!! See a picture of Lady Godiva one instantly thinks Coventry ... See a picture of Robin Hood and one instinctively thinks Nottigham. Where were these 'N' planktons when intelligence was given out.

Joe Mills
Just to let everybody know, This logo was not paid for by the Experience Nottinghamshire, not the council. My thoughts on the look of it - the 'generic' version is... well, just that - but the photographic ones are very nice indeed. With any luck more things will stop piggy-backing off Robin Hood, and we will be recognised for something else. And about the 'N' currently symbolising 'No' (you load of pessimists!) - I'm sure the intention is for the letter 'N' to become synonymous with Nottingham. In essence, Nottingham will 'own' the letter N. (But only if they do a good job of marketing this logo.) And as for those saying they could have done it themselves - the fact is, you didn't. You didn't do the research, you didn't come up with the idea. You didn't see the potential of it. You just saw it as a letter. I'm glad Purple Circle weren't afraid of being criticised for making a simple, recognisable logo. Because it's all too easy to dismiss it as 'just an N'. We need to be recognised for more things than Robin Hood and gun crime. Even if it's just a logo.

J Newey
I think its completely mad. what a waste of money, to come up with a letter. Is a slanted 'N' supposed to increase tourism somehow? How many counties in the UK begin with 'N' anyway? Newcastle, northampton etc etc. Nottingham's famous for Robin hood for goodness sake, thats where all the tourism comes from! Bring back the Robin Hood logo!

Allen W. Wright
The other pictures do look somewhat tastefully done. But would you immediately associate the bookshelf with N, unless you were reading an article about the N logo? Maybe a good campaign will do something with it, but as a logo by itself, it's meaningless. I love New York and Glasgow's Miles Better experessed pride in the very logos. Something this N does not do.

We lose an instantly internationally recognised icon and swap it with a meaningless 'N'.I have to wonder who the outlaws are in this mess, its not like its really creative logo in anyway.It looks plain ,dull and with nothing to offer unlike the robin hood I know

I think a lot of people are missing the point. This is a logo that will work in any size format, colour and media. Thank god we have got rid of the appalling Robin Hood logo that never worked in anything, and was very obvious. The photography is excellent. First class.

Patrick Chapman
It is very easy for people to mock something they don't understand. It will work as a branding exercise when it is used as a common platform for getting lots of different messages across. Robin Hood albeit legendary is history, this will help create Nottingham's 'Future History'

Tony Anderson - Designer
Excellent branding, Excellent photography. Great to see a positive reflection of Nottingham

Trying to brand a county is like trying to copyright a gene or DNA strand - it's meaningless. A county is a county. This is just stupid, and as with most daft municipal ideas, will of course be paid for out of council tax.

Paul Fillingham
The angled letter 'N' looks like its been binge drinking in town on Friday night or maybe its keeling over after getting shot or stabbed. In which case, it would appear that the new logo accurately sums up our troubled county.

Andrew Thomas
I think the new rebranding of Nottingham is a wonderful idea. I live in South Wales, but I will now be thinking of coming to Nottingham for my summer holiday - it sounds wonderful. Well done those clever people who came up with the idea!!

Tim Mee
Giving Nott'm 'brand' is a good idea ....but the 'N' is rubbish as it feels like 'Y' = yes and 'N' = NO !! Very negative.

Miss Gillian Tracy
Don't you think that the uneccessary jibe at "men in green tights" is a sexual derrogatory term? Men could do worse for their image by re-adopting doublet and hose in place of those awful baggy pants and shorts.

sophie bowering
Nottingham is in desperate Need of something to boost its image but I agree with other comments to whether a Letter can really make a difference. Nottingham needs to catch up with other cities. bye then

Oliver Murphy
'N' is for NO I hope the council and those resonsible for the waste of money will be accountable to the rate payers! Improve the crime rate then we might think about visiting Nottingham.

N = Nothingham

Bring back the 'Robin Hood' Logo

Tracy Mardell
It's a real shame that the Nottingham new identity is a direct copycat of the Birmingham Identity. I can't help thinking that the citizens of Nottingham will be left feeling cheated by this immitation when they would have had so much in ther own County to be able to inspire a truly unique brand identity for the City. An opportunity... missed!!!!

matt pilling, designer
£180,000? seems an awful lot and has not even resulted in a very clever solution! hardly a 'wow' factor. Corporate but without the 'identity'!

Why don't the tourism people learn that NOTTINGHAMSHIRE IS ROBIN HOOD. We are lucky to have such a unique marketing image already so why dont they just use this before Yorkshire nicks it! When someone in the USA sees robin hood, they will think of Notts. When someone thinks of the letter N, nobody is going to say 'ah notts'.

David Litchfield
If they paid £120,000 for N, I'm willing to let them have a job lot of 25 other letters for a reasonable price! Sorry, don't mean to be Negative ;-)

John Sampson
I'm sure *someone* in the council could have thought of a better use of public money?

Robin Hood
that logo is amazing it must of took the whole of 1 second to press that letter on the keyboard and save as a image nice one to the bloke that took nottingham for mugs and mugged us of 120,000 would love to be him

Allen W. Wright
As someone who has spent the better part of the last decade running a Robin Hood website - a site that has directed quite a few tourists to Nottingham - this strikes me as a terribly silly idea. No kid in America, Canada or Australia dreams of the giant purple N. But they have seen Robin Hood movies, TV shows and read Robin Hood books. Why ditch a global icon? And for an N? That could easily be promoting Newcastle or dozens of other N-related cities. New York was already known for many things before their great campaign, and I Love New York is far more distinctive than an N.

Wasting public finances on re-branding Nottinghamshire will do nothing to solve the problems of drugs, crime and gun culture which already affects the county’s image.

Colin Huntley
I like it!!! Hope all the other counties follow suit with a race to claim the rest of the alphabet!

Ian Gill
Absolutely pathetic. Was it created by somebody on work experience? If this was done by a professional marketeer they should be ashamed. It says absolutely nothing about the uniqueness of Nottingham (whatever it is meant to represent, it is just a letter N) and could equally apply to Northampton, Newcastle or Nairobi.

Ask anyone around the world if they know Nottingham - usually get blank faces - mention Robin Hood - Aha!!

Neville Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Northumberland will not need to spend out on a new Logo.

What a joke! What can the letter N tell about the city? It is such a waste of money, whoever who made the decision should be made to pay for it out of his own pocket !

some of images are a bit vague unless you know what is being said - waste of money

Mel Bradley
What an absolute waste of time.It gives nothing to Nottingham and is actually an Embarrassment.

Roland Depper
Where's the boozing and fighting 'N'?

Roger Williams
This is deeply unimpressive! Looks forbidding and threatening - not welcoming or friendly. I guess they had to come up with something that united City and County, but this is hopeless. The County Council's N with the oaktree and the the City Council's "Our Style is Legendary" logos are much better.

Kev, Nottingham
I understand they want Nottingham to be comparable to Dublin, Glasgow and Paris in the tourism league. I wonder how many all-expense paid fact finding trips to the big tourist cities of the world for Notts CC Councillors were needed to come up with this. Marketing is often a very effective investment but only if realistic objectives are set. I think Notts is aiming just a little too high at this stage. That said, the pictures depicting the letter N are excellent and innovative, although the black and white N logo is very cold and corporate. The city should first of all sort out problems associated with Notts such as gun crime and binge drinking as these are getting media coverage and have a negative effect.

I no longer live in Nottingham but was back last weekend to visit my family - it's such a shame to see that the only nice part of the city is the old part. Instead of spending money on a new brand image for Nottinghamshire please can we spend it on planning departments with taste and stop the dreadful new developments that are springing up across the city centre.

Notts Man
Very poor. What is there to distinguish this from any other place beginning with the letter N, or even to suggest that it is supposed to indicate a place?

As a marketing professional, it’s important for people to understand that a brand is more than a logo – it covers everything from positive language to images. But this can’t be the end of the brand – the key to its success is how it’s applied in the future. As a business owner in Nottingham, I think it’s just what we need. Nottingham’s a great place and it’s about time we told people about it. Personally, I’ll be watching with great interest. Chris, Commercial Director, Nottingham.

What a load of old tripe. Where do these people get their ideas from? I was born in Nottingham and think this 'N' business is just plain NoNseNse!

Ken Hazard
We'll be a laughiNg stock! ComediaNs will have a field day... The Big YiN will eat the Big N! We will have to choose a theme soNg for the CouNty, caN I suggest "Big N the Big N."

I think Nottingham has much more to offer than just Robin Hood. I think that all the shots of the city and county really represent this and its about time we had a new image.

Nottingham born and bred. What a pile of utter rubbish. Robin Hood is Nottingham - always has been, always will be. STOP WASTING MONEY!!!!!!

Steve Leach
I think we have to stop being smallminded about the cost (which is minimal compared to other cities rebranding efforts) and remember that this is not 'just a capital N' - its the start of an ongoing promotion which will do us all good. Besides it's about time Nottinghamshire shouted about its positive elements rather than letting negativity get the better of it. The branding launch and all the publicity its generating can only be a good thing for the city and country as a whole - because of the media attention, people across the country are now talking about us - today Nottingham is on the map and we ought to be proud about it.

N means no don't come here - unless you like, vomit, chewing gum, beggars, pigeons, binge drinking and fast food. ps What literary excellence?

N for naff

The big black "N" looks fairly uninspiring - but the photos that accompany it look more encouraging. Why not see how the whole campaign works *as a whole* before making the ususal obvious Evening Post Letters Page comments like "a three year old could have drawn it". A (clever) three year old might draw the N - I'd like to see the three year old that could conceive the whole campaign.

John Pearson
Absolute garbage, Pathetic,"N"o relation to anything whatsoever. Experiance Nottinghamshire should be ashamed of themselves, rather than patting themselves on the back. they should BIN the whole organization for wasting however many thousands devising this pathetic Logo, these are probably the same bunch of hero's that helped put Nottingham in another county,( East Midland Airport).If they don't know where "N" is how will anyone else, Disgraceful

N. Lister
I'd like to see more of the event at Newstead Abbey?!! Especially the Hot Air Balloon. Funny how itlooks like the dance floor at the Palais!

Dennis Simmons
What's wrong with Robin Hood,every one knows the legend.

I do not blame Natasha for her views at all... Barcelona, Dublin and other European cities are successful in getting tourists because of what they offer, no because of supposedly trendy logos. We need to examine why so many people in this country never come here and why overseas visitors go to London Oxford, Stratford etc amd never see Nottingham. We have lots to offer but people do not know that and no logo will solve that.

People have heard about Nottingham on the news this morning for a positive reason for the first time in a long time. Sure, the 'N' is just a logo, but why not try and embrace what it stands for? Nottingham has a lot to offer.

james turner
the way the logo has been presented by the media is just "a big letter N". But the pictures on your website (the books, arrows etc.) show it's much more subtle and capable of being used in many different ways, now and in future. That's makes it a clever piece of design. I approve.

Rob Devereux
As a creative type, I feel like laughing at this logo! I would be very concerned if one of my team had produced this. If the logo is to raise the profile of Nottingham it has failed! It looks like a student's first project. Wish I could have had a chance to design the job!!! I would have given more passion. Take off the word Nottingham and what does it say? Apart from that...I think it's great.

bill phipps
juvenile- a single letter hardly unique

it's pathetic! my nephew could have drawn an N for £120.000. bring back robin!!

Kevin Taylor
How many millions have been wasted on this marketing gem I wonder?

cynical, notts. (cm)
instead of giving us a letter of the alphabet, why not actually compile and (more importantly) *maintain* a directory of tourist information - that way nottingham(shire) would be more than able to promote itself without some silly marketeers cashing in on some very simple and frankly naive advertising images. ive lived in nottingham for 5 years and have some friends visiting this weekend. apart from shopping clubbing and drinking, there's not much to do for the over 21s. im sure there are things out there, but i just dont know where they are. current tourist information is ineffective to boot.

Ok, I'm a foreigner, I see a big N, what do I see? No, non, nao, no, nej, nu, nein, nyet, nem, nee, nie, ne... a big fat NO, probably just those English telling Europe to go away.

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