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13 November 2014

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Goose Fair

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Tsunami Rollercoaster

Dare you ride the Tsunami Rollercoaster?

Goose Fair - virtual rides

Enjoy three of Goose Fair's rides from 2004 in the comfort of your own home without even paying for them!

There's so many white knuckle rides for you to experience at this year's Goose Fair, but if you're too scared, or too broke, you could experience three rides (from 2004) from the comfort of your own home.

By using the video links on the right hand side of this page, you'll get an idea of what you'll experience on the Tsunami Rollercoaster, the Crazy Shake and the gentler Helter Skelter.

Tsunami Rollercoaster

BBC Radio Nottingham's David Jackson experienced the Tsunami Rollercoaster shortly after eating his breakfast. He says:

"It had a slow start as we rose to 80 feet in the air, which was quite pleasant. You had a good view of the fair too which lasted three seconds, before you're whipped around to the right and then in allsorts of directions. There's very little time to catch your breathe!"

Chances of making you sick: 3/5

Crazy Shake

East Midlands Today's Brady Haran went on the Crazy Shake - a ride that spins you around, upside down and all over the place. He says:

"It was a case of the calm before the storm on this ride. It was smooth and enjoyable but with a sting in its tail. It really fired up with 30-40 seconds to go, then it was disorientating and unnerving."

Chances of making you sick: 4/5

Helter Skelter

BBC Nottingham's Neil Heath wasn't very brave at all, he went on the good old Helter Skelter. He says:

"The Helter Skelter was surprisingly fast. If you put your feet on the mat then you go down quicker, you could stop yourself with your feet if you're too scared, but I'm quite brave so I was fine..."

Chances of making you sick: 0/5

last updated: 16/09/2008 at 13:03
created: 06/10/2004

You are in: Nottingham > Goose Fair > Goose Fair - virtual rides

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