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27 November 2014
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Tales from the Trip...continued
Je Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

The hauntings have continued under new management...

Claire Underwood, now manageress of the Trip to Jerusalem, has witnessed many strange events in the past five years. She is a confident person and expressly denies that previous tales have coloured her views.

About 18 months into her stewardship Claire was moving boxes out of her flat in the pub, as it doubles as the auditors’ office.

Claire took the first box of three which she was moving to the attic to make space for the accounts.

"I was aware that somebody was following some three stairs behind me. I dismissed it as fanciful, but a chill came over me that was hard to ignore."

Sending shivers:
"The first chill I could ignore, but the second time I climbed the stairs I saw a shimmering black shape that had no place in a badly lit corridor. In that light a natural substance could not have shimmered. I did not believe what I saw, I was tired, I imagined it."

"I picked up the third box in a determined mood, but the presence retaliated by seeming to grow stronger. I ran to my flat and locked the door."

She told herself not to be so ridiculous and sat down in the lounge of her flat to relax. But she couldn't, something seemed to hover across the courtyard in the other side of the pub that would not let her or her cat rest.

Always there:
Nothing happened for 18 months and she started to put the incident down to tiredness. Everything was going smoothly until…

Claire was in bed reading. Just as she fell asleep someone pressed their hand on the side of the bedclothes. She doubted herself until she tried to set them straight again…

On Monday, the 8th of October 2001, the landlady was reading in her flat, dug into the castle walls. Some scratching alerted her. The cat was obviously on the roof again.

She was in bed so she threw her dressing gown on, cursing the cat called Daisy. The hairs really stood out when she discovered the cat sound asleep on a windowsill.

Claire walked back up to her flat, growing concerned. The scratching moved to the wall next to her bed. She called the police. They responded within minutes and searched the building but found nothing.

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