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29 October 2014
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The Rose Lady of Newstead Abbey
the Rose Lady
The Rose Lady

A strong Victorian scent of roses and lavender lingers in the air at the bottom of a staircase in the Abbey...

At one certain place in Newstead, where a passageway crosses the bottom of a staircase there is often a strong, heavy, Victorian scent of roses and lavender.

No-one has actually been seen but there are numerous stories of people smelling the perfume.

It is only in a small area and can vanish as suddenly as it appears.

The staff at Newstead often put on Ghost Tours and one night were doing just that with various members of staff dressing up to re-enact some of the ghostly goings on at the Abbey.

the Rose Lady
Artists impression
of the Rose Lady

The Rose Lady was not on the schedule – but she had other ideas.

All of a sudden the whole group of people who were being shown round on the tour became aware of a very strong scent of roses and lavender.

They were convinced it was just another one of the staged effects and would not believe there was anything out of the ordinary, but the staff knew otherwise!

Since then the Rose Lady has been included in the itinerary.

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