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24 September 2014
North YorkshireNorth Yorkshire

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Will you be celebrating Yorkshire day?
View from Sutton Bank
Does this sum up Yorkshire?

With a population of around 5m it seems sensible to celebrate God's own county.

But Matt Seymour asks whether people are really interested or are we just trying to attract attention from the south?


Test out your Yorkshire knowledge with our quiz

See some of the best scenery from across the county


 As a whole Yorkshire's population is around 5m

 More people live in Yorkshire than in Wales

 County boundries have changed over the years.
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Don't let it be said that not many people live in Yorkshire. In fact more people live here than in Wales. The population figures of Yorkshire are also similar to Scotland and Denmark.

In the past it's even been suggested, perhaps not too seriously, that Yorkshire should declare independence.

This part of the UK also has some of the best scenery in the world (just check out the North Yorkshire Galleries).

So it seems only right and proper that we Yorkshire folk stand up and celebrate pride in our county.

And that's where the trouble starts because there isn't actually a county of Yorkshire, at least not in administrative terms.

Let's not forget that large parts of Cleveland were once in the North of Yorkshire. Boundries change for various political and practical reasons.

Perhaps more importantly one has to ask whether there is much in common between rural and more industrial areas.

Do city dwellers from Bradford or Leeds see themselves alongside residents of Redmire as fellow Yorkshire folk? I suspect not.

I'm sure Yorkshire day has a place, but it's probably as a tourism marketing campaign aimed at the south rather than locals.

Whether you support or disagree with this viewpoint to have your say fill in the form below.

Margaret Atkinson
Born in Middlesbrough which was North Yorkshire. STILL and always will be a Yorkshire lass

june parman
lived in the u.s. 43yrs but there is no place like home york is the best. wish i could turn back time. its a true saying you do not know what you had until its too late too change it

Jason hunter
Born in Beverley, grow up in East Yorkshire (never recognised humberside)Live in somerset now and proud to be a yorkshireman, and always will be.

We should be proud of being Yorkshire. It's a celebration in its self.Yorkshire born and bred.I'm also for the invite of Black Sheep, not just to expats!Hope you all have a great day (and night)!Celebrate!! :-)

John Varley (Leeds)
Of course town and country people see themselves as inhabitants of the same Yorkshire. None of the Yorkshire conurbations are so remote from the countryside that you cannot get out by train,, bus or car within half an hour. Indeed, most Yorkshire towns are still a collection of villages with the same neighbourliness as any more rural village. Who says that Yorkshire as we know it was abolished in 1974? re-arranging administrative areas doesn't make a jot of difference to where you belong! By the way, we share 1 August with Switzerland, when she commemorates the first declaration of freedom in 1291 of the three founding states, against the House of Hapsburg. We have a lot in common in that throughout history we have thought for ourselves, been creative and inventive and have a dry sense of humour

I believe in Independance for Yorkshire, the people here belong to a totally different culture to that of 'Britain'. Long live Yorkshire!

Mela Terrell
Born in Askern Support Leeds Utd Proud to be part of both.Be as proud and support YORKSHIRE DAY !!!

G Bennett
Spent last spring in N Yorkshire.makes me want to go back again and again and again. and yes i was born and raised in Askern.and proud of it,

J Timothy Hudson
Only the other day I introduced a colleague here in the other 'NY' to the Yorkshire Dialect web site. He was amazed! There is a certain magical quality about the people and the countryside, which we Yorkshire folk will only ever understand! I’m visiting in October after 18 mnths. away – cant wait! And I agree with Dylan’s Black Sheep proposal! I support Yorkshire Day, every day! Tim

Ruth Spindler
I live in Los Angeles but was born & raised in York; absolutely am proud to be from York & Yorkshire. I especially make sure that other people know how beautiful Yorkshire is. Hope you don't mind an ex-pat's comments.

Dylan Gray
Yorkshire Day is a must for us expats living in Texas. I miss Hutton Rudby, Northallerton and the countryside. Make it an international celebration and send a pint of Black Sheep to every expat Yorkshireman.

Keith Pipe
Very proud to be a Yorkshireman. Even prouder if the old boundaries were re-instated. I live in Guisborough and there's many locals around the East Cleveland area who want to return to North Yorkshire rule.


Thomas peters
Born in Middlesbrough when still part of Yorkshire and been PROUD to call myself a Yorkshireman ever since.

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