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23 August 2014
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Don't restore it, blast it!
Brunswick Shopping Centre
Does it make you want to save it, or scrap it?

Is there a building somewhere in North Yorkshire that really deserves to be bulldozed?

Tell us if you've got a particular yen to see a local landmark levelled.


Buildings at Risk: the North Yorkshire Gallery

History at risk: Sheriff Hutton Castle

Regal views from the top of Sheriff Hutton Castle

What would you like to see bulldozed?

The North Yorkshire Gallery

BBC Restoration

BBC Legacies UK


English Heritage

The Heritage Lottery Fund

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The BBC Restoration programmes are all about saving endangered parts of our heritage, but do you ever wish you had the power to knock somewhere down?

Let us know if there's somewhere in North Yorkshire that you think should be demolished rather than restored!

It can be a public building or a neighbour's purple garden shed, just don't give out personal addresses, we don't want to get in trouble!

Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page, and, in the fullness of time, your comment should appear in the space below.

Who wants the key to the bulldozer?

Daniel Gray
Leave Stonebow house alone! I used to hate it, but over time have come to love it for what it is. It's strange and charming it just needs someone to do something interesting with it. Look at Tate Modern: an ugly old power station until someone had the vision to reimagine it as something new.

David Smith
I echo the views of many about the Stonebow in York, a tragedy in architectural terms. Almost as bad, because of its situation on the bans of the Ouse, and its incongruous height, is the Park Inn, near Lendal Bridge. It is brutally ugly, the rooms are shabby and it blights views all the way down the river. Please knock it down!!

Laslo Schmidt
I believe that the Fountains Abbey should be restored with a new roof. Why is a ruin so sacred? I believe that York Minster was restored after a fire. The restored Fountains Abbey could be returned to the Catholic Church.

Laslo Schmidt
Stonebow House is the most depressing example of public grandeur I can think of, and I have East German relatives.

derek nesfield
old gas showroom in filey what a welcome for youre first visit to filey right between train station and bus station and by the main roundabout for gods sake knock it down and skip it its been empty for years i have famley in filey and only have to see it know and then but people see it every day

claire plevin
whitehall landing flats in whitby, resembles the warsaw ghetto not in keeping with the historical buildings that whitby is loved for.

Gloria from Barcelona
The Pavilion building which Charles Smith has mentioned is what was built upon the terrain of the Pavilion hotel: the original hotel building was demolished long ago, I understand.

Former 3M Building in Bracknell, then the rest of Bracknell

The new georgian theatre extension in Richmond- steel framed plate glass windows don't say 18th century to me - demolish it or use it as a building society which is obviously where they got the design. You can't paint your front door without planning permission here so how did that thing get built right on the main road at the entrance to the town? well , better emigrate to Australia now in case I am identified!

Goodricke, Vanbrugh, Langwith and Derwent colleges at York university. Knock them down before they get a stupid preservation order on them and we have to live with them for ever. They were the worst buildings ever designed, and they're shit to live in too!

kev york
eland road stadium make a good allotment with all that s*** on it at the moment

Rosalyn M. Schrag
The multistorey high rise dwelling in Bridlington - just ruins the Victorian look of the town - it's a monstrosity.

Bob Johnson
Not a friendly place to be The Brunswick Centre Scarborough

Chris Maude
What should go from the east coast? Well Hull would be a good start!!

Charles Smith
The Pavilion building which was previously the Pavilion Hotel, Scarborough once owned by The Laughtons. Not a pretty sight when arriving in Scarborough.

Rachel Clayton
Yes, Stonebow has to go!!!!

Pete Sinclair
Although not really a building, the TV mast on the Abbey Headland in Whitby is surely a must for demolition.

Dave Gorman
The prison-like structure called Coppergate. It looks horrendous - and by Christ, they want to build a second one!!

Jonathan morley
Bootham crescent great car park for the hospital

Jonathan morley
York minster it would make a good bus station

Douglas in 2010
Those houses in Bootham Crescent - A community football pitch would be a good replacement !

Matt S - Host
Ok folks we know you don't like Stonebow (who does), but now we want to know what should go from the East Coast!

Andy Payne
That concrete horror down Piccadilly. Oh, and Stonebow!

Stonebow, York (Ok, that's enough votes for Stonebow, we get the idea. Ed.)

June Precious
stonebow york (This one's popular Ed.)

Arthur Noble
Stonebow, York,a blot on one of the fairest cities in Europe

Sarah S
Stonebow in york, yes I agree, the futurist in scarborough, yes I agree, and Pauls Malt near Malton, what a blot on the landscape!

Dr Janet
The defunct Coop Milk office building on Lawrence Street near Melrosegate -- an eyesore for all those entering York from the east...and those of us who happen to live nearby!

Jamie Wright
Selby Police Station. Though only opened in the late '80s, it looks like a 1970s plastic egg box, not unlike the recently demolished Sheffield Town Hall extension. One of the cheapest examples of a public building in the North. Incidentally, leave Stonebow House: it's a fine and interesting example of concrete building. It may not be best suited to York but then I doubt Fairfax House lended itself well in relation to the Shambles when built

Damon Scott
Hmm let me think, Stonebow house, Ryedale house,the old fiat garage next door, the old polar garage and the building opposite (not the tax office) Maybe one day when Coppergate II gets sorted some of those architectural greats may be lost forever
THE DSS BUILDING IN LEEDS ALONG WITH THE GROSS MI6 IN LONDON (Not exactly in North Yorkshire but I think you have a point. Ed.)

Geoff Haw
The concrete monstrocity of Stonebow House, the biggest eyesore in York

Michael Geraghty
Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough.

Adam, York
Futurist Theatre in Scarborough, its awful, delapidated embarassment. A big black hole would be better than what's there at the moment... and as for the backs of the buildings which over look Scarboroughs South Bay... don't get me started. Just take a stroll along the foreshore and look above first floor level and you'll see what I mean - why not force the owners to paint them white or a selection of nice mediteranean colours ? It would make the place look a million times better.

Lasie Croft in Appletreewick, a 1960s dwelling that looks more like a wedge of cheese. Built by the same architect who designed much of Milton Keynes.

Helen Cherry
Chris has the right idea. Stonebow is the ugliest building ever, and coming from a citizen of Japan, that's some criticism. ;-)

Oliver McNab
All of northway, scarborough inc the new police station, it all looks like a 60's urban jungle!

Moat House hotel, York
It runins the veiw across the city, and looks like a concreate cereal box.

Chris Maude
Frog Hall in Layerthorpe (York). Either demolish it or re-open it.

Steve Colley
The Proudfoot Store On scalby Road Scarborough. The Disruption it causes at times on scalby road, and now they want to extend it!

Chris Coughlan
The Harrogate Conference Centre

Roger Hunt
I was going to say Stonebow in York, but Chris got in first!

David Wynne
The Former Total Forecourt,Knaresborough Rd,Harrogate.A Complete Ugly eyesore.

John Mendip
The disused petrol station on Knaresboro Road, Harrogate.

Sharon Pinder
Copthall Tower House in Harrogate. They've just re-claid it to smarten it up, but it blots the Harrogate skyline from every direction. Bring on the dynamite!

Bob Taylor
Brunswick Centre Scarborough

Barney Wise
The "Old Gas Showroom" building in Filey.

Chris Maude
The whole of Stonebow, then start building it again from scratch.

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