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22 September 2014
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Have your say on RAF Fylingdales (2)
Protesters at RAF Fylingdales
Protesters at RAF Fylingdales

The United States has made a formal request to use RAF Fylingdales for their controversial missile defence system.

Should permission be granted? Would this make North Yorkshire a terrorist target?

The UK Government has confirmed that the United States wish to use the RAF Fylingdales radar base on the North York Moors as part of their controversial Missile Defence Shield.

 Take a look inside RAF Fylingdales.

Peace campaigners have objected to the UK's involvement with the proposed system and say that the use of RAF Fylingdales could result in North Yorkshire becoming a target for terrorist attacks.

Others argue that the request will do little to change the operational purpose of the base, which has acted as a radar tracking station for over 30 years.

So should America be given the go ahead? Could the proposals result in an expansion of the base? Would North Yorkshire become a target for terrorists?

If you want to have your say then join in the discussion on our Message Board.

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War need never be a final option, or even an option at all. To prepare for peace, we have to dismantle the structures of war. Time the UK set an example.
Margaret Melicharova, Norfolk

I think that Fylingdales should NOT be used for the intended US purpose. The world needs to be made safer, not more dangerous, and the proliferation of weapons is an enormous danger in our lives today. Ammassing weapons does not give real security. We need to address the causes of terrorism at the most fundamental level, by continuous peaceful dialogue and the eradication of poverty and injustice. A tall order? Naturally, but we have to be realistic about what is really going on and why. We have to start somewhere, and there are already brilliant people involved in conflict resolution at the highest level.
Helen Roberts, Bury St Edmunds

HI, As far as I understood the American wish to use the York base for expected stars war. Why should the UK government give this to the USA for war purpose. If it was for good aim there will be no objection on that. I think beyond the security aspects of UK citizen on this regard due to potential terrorist attacks, we have to ask if the UK is an independant country or 52 states of USA. No for the use of Yorkshire base for war purpose. Peace & Love
Issaka Herman TRAORE, Dublin

NO. We should not allow Fylingdales to be used for the US so-called NMD project. The real US aim - as detailed on the US Space Command web site - is military domination and use of space, as part of its military domination of the globe. Any half-competent military or technical will tell you that NMD is unworkable. It is a smoke screen for the real aims of the US.
Mike Davies, Leeds

We should follow the example of the Bavarian Government in Germany. They objected to US plans for an extension of the US base at Bad Aibling. This base was part of the same military spy base network as Fylingdales. The US is now pulling out in a huff and is looking for somewhere else to put their spy equipment. Everybody should be clear that these bases are not used to support any humanitarian purposes. They are used by the US to spy on their friends and enemies and will ultimately be used to support the National Missile Defence system. This system will defend the US from attack while it pursues the doctrine of 'Pre-emptive action' or in other words, "we'll attack anybody we want whenever we want for whatever reason we want."
Jason Whitelegg, London

The USA has military bases in most coutries of the world, but NO foreign military bases are allowed in their own country. They use their power to treat the UK, other countries and the United Nations in the same way as colonies - Fylingdales and Menwith Hill are American outposts to give more control of communications and space to America. We should not tolerate such behaviour and kick them out now.
Bill Waton, Leeds

No objection to 'son of Star Wars' if SHARED fully with all NATO/EU countries, but not just to offer protection to USA or USA plus favoured allies.
James Bovington, Horsforth, Leeds

All the equipment at 'RAF' Fylingdales is purchased and installed by US Space Command. The Operations at the base are only for receiving the information from the radar pyramid and relaying it to US Space Command HQ, Colorado USA. The Ballistic Missile Early Warning Radar does not function to give early warning of missiles incoming to the UK, but to the continental USA. It looks at objects coming up over the horizon. We would get no warning whatsoever if these objects were missiles aimed at us. The likelihood of an enemy of the USA identifying Fylingdales as a target for attack is real. The security at the base is pathetic - several peace campaigners have breached the electricfied security fence during the past sveral months.
Anne Lee, Fylingdales Star Peace Camp(aign)

Missile Defence is extremely dangerous because it will lead to an escalation of the nuclear arms race. The use of Fylingdales will make North Yorkshire a target for terroritst attack.
Jenny Maxwell, Birmingham

It should be pointed out that in essence, Fylingdales will be providing an early warning system for the US. The "Son of Star Wars" program therefore won't help us, as by the time the information has been passed to the US, the missile will either have landed upon us or being heading across the Atlantic.
David Waldock, UK

First of all for you people bashing on America and feel it is trying to take over the world. To some degree it's already happened. I bet you touch a piece of America every single day of your life. food, drink, cars, medicine, inventions, etc. The list will shock anyone who researches deep enough. Hell, I bet you even feel the echo of everything that happens to them in your investments, as stocks fluctuate. Please try to look at a bigger picture on this subject. What happens to the U.S. WILL effect us on many levels. As far as the fanatic protestors are concerned. You people need to get a life. Let me point some things out concerning this upgrade and the surrounding area. 1. This thing is designed more for the one crazy man with one missile. 2. If the crazy man gets his hands on one missile and wants to use it. why the hell would he shoot it at Fylingdales? or England for that matter? He'll want to go for the big kill in America 3. If we come across someone who has a lot of missiles to use and decides to fire them all. I'm pretty sure we all will have more things to worry about than how this upgrade has effected local tourism. Call me crazy
I love fish, whitby

I would vote for Fylingdales should not be used by the USA and that we should not be involved in a war with Iraq
Jacqueline Mulhallen, Norfolk

The Ami's didn't invent charity - no way. I mean they are only reading your emails at Menwith Hill to protect you ! Why don't people just open their eyes. The Americans only do anything for their own profit !!!
Nigel Kraus, Karlsruhe

If your really that concerned about your precious radar station, you do not understand either it's purpose, it's capabilities, nor it's value. Though useful, it is not crucial. What if the u.s. stops sharing satellite recon and detection as well as the north am based warning system? Please, by all means, shoot your own foot off. And if you think one little radar station will prevent either the development or deployment of probably the most sophisticated and sorely needed defense technology (which the uk is currently entitled to by virtue of our long standing relationship) ever, go crawl under a rock and try to hide from an incoming nuke.
james, riverdale

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If you want to have your say then join in the discussion on our Message Board.


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