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13 November 2014

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Artists' Quarter

You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > Artist: Zillah Patrick

Zillah Patrick

Artist: Zillah Patrick

Zillah says her paintings evolve organically, are bold, colourful and semi-abstract. She, like so many other NY artists is inspired by the Yorkshire countryside. Find out more about Zillah and take a look at her online gallery.

I am a mature artist trained at a time when Art Schools expected me to be competent in a large range of disciplines. That training has always stood me in good stead, it is ingrained in me.

Chairs hiding

I am still learning and experimenting but with a sound background to work from. When I finished my five years at art school my main areas of special proficiency were in machine embroidery and pottery. Since then I have returned to college on several occasions for refresher courses and to widen my field of expertise. Ten years ago I did a three year course in fine arts.

Painting is now the field I concentrate on, exploring the wide variety of media one can combine and use.

I have taught most age ranges but it is the one to one personal involvement that I really enjoy.

My work reflects what I see and feel around me in Yorkshire and as I also travel to many exotic places that includes a diversity of subject matter. My main preference is for the landscape, plants, chairs, boats and decrepit buildings and machinery. Although photography is a useful aid to creating, I still prefer to paint in situ, sometimes painting one scene on top of another or bits of pieces jumbled up.


The result is a lively response to my surroundings, in collage or a semi abstract way. My paintings give not just one moment in time but several. They are very strong and vibrant in colour, texture and composition.

I am compelled to create on a daily basis from the world around me, but without judgement of or strong political messages to others.

Variety is the spice of life and I’m varied and enjoy life.

Zillah Patrick

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You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > Artist: Zillah Patrick

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