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24 September 2014

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Artists' Quarter

You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > Artist: Neil McBride

Detail from Flood by Neil McBride

Detail from 'Flood'

Artist: Neil McBride

Neil's expressive landscape paintings are the result of his fascination with the play of light over this disparate landscape of ours. And, he has an affinity with Picasso!

I was born in Yorkshire on 25 October (same date as Picasso but a few years apart, which is quite fortunate because Picasso is dead and I am very much alive).

Detail from Reader by Neil McBride

Detail from 'Reader'

Most of my pictures show a raw passion for colour and are predominately abstract expressionist colour fields, coupled with a minimalist use of figurative references; three sheep (each with three legs) or architectural references often giving a hint of scale and nothing more.

A further dimension is added by the use of tactile impasto textures and subtle colour glazes. Many people viewing these pictures for the first time are compelled to 'read' the surface of the paintings like a blind person reading Braille.

I'm now developing an interest in people's relationships with each other within urban spaces and relationships between people and those same spaces. Enough! Please look at the pictures and see for yourself. Best leave the prose to the critics.

Detail from Tea at the West End by Neil McBride

Detail from 'Tea at the West End'

I have exhibited in open art shows and commercial galleries in Yorkshire, Scotland and Cumbria. Currently at Look Gallery, Helmsley, and currently at Phoenix Gallery, Richmond

As an art college trained advertising and graphic designer, I worked for many years in Manchester, Leeds, London and York; my formative years as an art student were spent in North Yorkshire. Now, having made my home here, I've realised the ambition I had as a young lad and I am actively involved in exhibiting locally.

Neil McBride

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You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > Artist: Neil McBride

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