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27 November 2014

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Artists' Quarter

You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > NY Artist: David Yates

Detail from 'Mirror' by David Yates

Detail from 'Mirror' by David Yates

NY Artist: David Yates

Scarborough based photographer David Yates produces some remarkable images without using digital manipulation. The flora of the East Coast provides David with his inspiration...

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01723 589604

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I am an artist working with multiple-exposure photography. I use a Mamiya C330 camera to create my art.

In my practice I step back from modern digital technology towards what is, to my mind, a more authentic, and true-to-self response to the subjects that interest me. The work is created inside the camera by the technique of multiple-exposure.

The negatives are scanned and the images printed via computer. There is no digital manipulation of the images other than the removal of distracting specks or hair. No filtering, no saturation of colour and no fiddling with contrast!

"These are the places I walk past, excitedly, as I have done since childhood..."

The subject of my current work is the flora along the foreshore in Scarborough, North Yorkshire - a step back from the sea's edge (and a step back in time, to bring me closer to my old world). These are the places I walk past, excitedly, as I have done since childhood, moments before I glimpse the sea and sand.

I am depicting life, movement, memory, transience, and the sequence of things as I move. The images are made up of several photographs taken at different moments and from different positions.

The multiple-exposure and the square format intend to deny the reading of images as objects which are PART of a landscape - as they might be in a picture postcard photograph - they live and breathe and decay in their own right.

North Yorkshire artist David Yates

David Yates.

I work with a philosophy based on openness and co-operation, sustainability, and meeting real needs at creative and spiritual levels. I am committed to, wherever possible, conserving natural resources, eliminating waste, recycling and reducing energy use.

I would love to hear from artists with a similar ethos who would like to collaborate on projects or exhibitions.

I recently won The Sands Mural Competition and the finished work can be seen at the corner of Peasholm Gap and North Bay Promenade, Scarborough.

Upcoming exhibitions of my work include Nutmeg Vegetarian Café, Scarborough, throughout August 2007, and Pocklington Arts Centre, starting September 2nd 2007.

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You are in: North Yorkshire > Entertainment > The Arts > Artists' Quarter > NY Artist: David Yates

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