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13 November 2014

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Dr Rockin all over the world

The raucous cackle of Dr Rock is heard by far flung fans around the world. Find out who listens where below.

Dr Rock's world map of listeners

1. Fernando, Sao Paulo State, Brazil

2. Peter Wellburn, Almeria, Spain

3. Marie, Victoria B.C. Canada

4. Roger -  the villain – Manners, Qatar
'I'm in Qatar, a little peninusula off Saudi Arabia. The Qatar Broadcastic DCorporation should buy the DR Rock Show, there's a lot of old Brits here who'd appreciate the music.'

5. Cameron, Australia

6. Bey Vanda, Slovenia

7. Chris Wharam, Thailand

8. Claude Lemasson, Dunkirk, France

9. Mike Dick, New Orleans, USA

10. Mike Kenny, Portland, Orlando, USA

11. David Blackburne, Mt Holly, USA

12. Paolo, Venice, L A, USA

13. Søren Stensvig, Denmark

14. Tom Roche, Kyrenia, Cyprus

15. Paul McPhail, Prince Edward Island, Canada

16. David Watson, Ottowa, Canada
'Tuning in from the great white North, the second cldest National Capital. Keep up the great work.'

17. Bob Sanders, Brisbane, Australia.

18. Don B, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

19. Richard Found, cape Town, South Africa.

20. Uwe Koopmann, Hamburg, Germany.
'From rockin old Germany - keep on Rockin!'

21. Christer Crantz, Michigan, USA

22. Les Nation, Chattanooga, USA

23. Mark Carrington, Washington D.C. USA

24. Bolte, Strasbourg, France

25. Luke Patten, San Francisco, USA

26. Steve Jackson, Plattsburgh, New York, USA

27. TR King,  Los Angeles,  USA

28. Colin in Berowra, Australia.
'Brilliant Carl Perkins Show. What a great celebration of his live music & friends - please play more. Thanks the Good Dr!'

29. 'Eddie listening in Zurich, Switzerland, where else? I just lo-, lov, love you show!!!

30.  John A. Williamson listening in Sunland, California USA. Checking in to thank BBC & Dr. Rock for carrying the roots music torch "All Around The World" as Little Richard says! "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" Best Regards from "The Superstitions" Conjur Root Records,CDbaby, Calif. USA

Let us know where in the world you listen to Dr Rock?


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created: 15/01/2007

You are in: North Yorkshire > BBC Radio York > Our Shows > Sunday > Dr Rockin all over the world

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