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27 November 2014

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Julia Booth inseminating a cow

Is that a smile or a grimace?

What's Julia Booth up to?

When BBC Radio York's Julia Booth challenged listeners to find her the muckiest job in NY, she never imagined she'd have her arm up to the shoulder in the back end of a cow! Read on to find out why and see the end results.

Jules Booth

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Nine months ago I was persuaded to don an armpit level rubber glove and venture into the nether regions of a jersey cow.

Jersey Cow

What am I waiting for?

I'd issued a challenge to North Yorkshire's farmers - give me a dirty agricultural job - and David and Anne Shaw at Grey Leys Farm in Elvington came up with a corker.

"Come and artificially inseminate one of our cows". Doing a James Herriot wasn't nearly as bad as I'd imagined: it was nice and warm in there on a chilly day and she stayed beautifully still.

Then came the call - 'my' cow had given birth to a top class Belgian Blue heiffer. I was a Dad! Or maybe a Grandad...or a Godfather or a surrogate father.

Julia Booth with calf

Gorgeous - the calf that is!

She's seriously cute, as you can see. She's soft and fluffy and will spend her life as a suckling cow, giving birth to more well-pedigreed calves.

She's an aristocrat in the bovine world. Her real Dad's semen cost a packet. And I made it all happen.

I'm still up for yucky agricultural challenges to rid me of my townie tendencies. Just contact me via the form below.

Julia Booth

Julia would love to hear from you. Send her your news and details of your event.

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You are in: North Yorkshire > BBC Radio York > BBC Radio York Features > What's Julia Booth up to?

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