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29 October 2014
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Girls playing instruments on stage
Tilly and the chequered skirt!

Review: Tilly & the Wall

Fibbers, 17th May 2006
Nebraskan quintet Tilly and the Wall brought their folk-pop harmonies and a tap dancer to York's live music venue, Fibbers, with London's Semifinalists providing a unique supporting show. Wanyu Lin was there to watch the spectacle.

Semifinalists are Chris Steele-Nicholson (drums/vocals), Ferry Gouw (guitar/vocals) and Adriana Alba (keyboards/vocals) and they are certainly a joy to watch. All three of them singing, Ferry and Adriana dancing their fabulous moves, they successfully impressed the York crowd with their lollipop-like singing voices - a splendid surprise from a supporting band indeed. 

The song 'You Said' could remind people of music from The Magic Numbers, and the trio were happy to hear about such comparison. A couple of tunes, including their 'Whispering Mice' seem to have ended when they are about to develop into completion. Not sure this is out of mischief - they might like to leave their audience unsatisfied - or simply peculiarity in a good sense. They formed the band after meeting each other at their film studies course, surely they know something about performance art. Mint!

"The song 'You Said' could remind people of music from The Magic Numbers, and the trio were happy to hear about such comparison"

Then came on the stage Tilly and the Wall all the way from Omaha with 'pockets full of melodies' and their melting smiles. And pairs of tap dancers' shoes! Without a drummer in the band, this show is never without fast strokes provided by Jamie's amazing feet, together with the other four shaking or kicking this and that. 

Although Derek (guitar) and Nick (keyboard) did not dress up in a dramatic way, Kianna (vocal and instruments) and Neely (vocal and instruments) definitely made some effort to look like stunning musicians jumping out from another age, perhaps the 60's; not to mention Jamie's outfit, which caught the most attention.

Positivity and cheerfulness in their music could cheer up everyone, and watching them one could not help envying that they have the fount of joy from playing music!

A drummer and a singer
Nice lighting!

'Bad Education', one of the best from their latest album 'Bottoms of Barrels' made the audience go 'Teeter, tatter, I'm a believer, I'm solid matter!'. Such lyrics are said to have some rejuvenescent effect on us. Interesting enough. Apart from that the audience were given a couple of chances to join in by clapping or echoing back, almost carnival-like!

Nick from Tilly and the Wall said the band have been enjoying touring around the UK playing music but he also revealed a little homesickness. (Big hug to the amazing keyboardist!). He also said he hopes there will be more bands like them. Tap dancing rules, no drummers necessary!  

All the CDs they brought to York with them sold out. They surely have found it a great gig too.


last updated: 30/05/06
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