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24 September 2014

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King of the hills!

If you're one of the many people who, upon first sight of snow, grabs something plastic and heads for the hills, we want to hear from you. We've all got our top sledging spot, so why not share the knowledge and get some ideas at the same time?

How to have a super sledge!

1) Develop an unhealthy interest in weather forecasts...

2) Wait for those magic words: 'tomorrow, Saturday, your day off, you will wake to find the whole land covered in six inches of snow"

3) Prepare your clothes. You will need: tights / long johns, three pairs of socks, trousers, a vest, a long sleeved top, a jumper, gloves, a wooly hat, a scarf, and waterproofs.

4) Dig out your sledge - it'll be under the blow-up dinghy in dustiest corner of your garage. If you don't have a sledge, gather some plastic bags - these work just as well, though you're more likely to bruise your bum this way!

5) Make a large pot of hearty soup - you'll need this after your sledging session.

6) Get a good night's sleep.

7) Wake up, throw open the curtains, be dazzled, and celebrate the joy of life!

8) Go forth and sledge!

Here in the BBC Radio York office, where the BBC North Yorkshire web team works, there's always a TV switched on - for news and programming purposes you understand. And just before Neighbours, it's the weather forecast...

Now when Paul Hudson comes on and starts talking about great blizzards heading our way, it soon becomes apparent which ones amongst us are keen sledgers - we're the group clustered around the telly, swapping tales of packed snow, great speed, and awesome views.

This year, with several good sledging suggestions between us already, we thought we'd share them with you...

  • York Knavesmire, next to what was the Chase Hotel on Tadcaster Road is one favourite spot.
  • There's a single track unclassified road up the side of Sutton Bank, near the gliding club, that's excellent for sledging.
  • Garrow Hill by the Uni and Walmgate Stray come highly recommended.
  • Terrington bank is the place to go: It's good because it's a long run with generally reliable snow. There are two or three places in and around the village for sledging, so it doesn't get overcrowded.

Well, we've given you our suggestions - now it's your turn! Let us know about your top sledging spot - where is it? Is it a well-known place or a well-kept secret? What's so good about it? Any ideas you have for 'alternative sledges' (bags, tea trays, etc) are also welcome!

last updated: 14/12/2007 at 11:00
created: 28/11/2005

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Tell us about your top sledging spot

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blue bridge lane by the Mecca Bingo in York - the lower half after the car park turn - just remember to stop or you'll end up in the Ouse!

thomas aines
cusworth hill is great

MAny a happy childhood winter day was spent on a wooden sledge whizzing down the slope in front of Cusworth Hall, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Use the lid off your recycle box ! Its a great high speed sledge..Brayton Barff near Selby has a great slope called tap hill

Rob Tai
Its a long drive but the Hole of Horcum is great.

Pam Robson
Studley Deer Park, Studley Roger entrance. Fantastic sledging if it's really slippy you can sometimes nearly get as far as the lake!

halto vally leeds

Just by Ayton Castle nr Scarborough....excellent if your sledge is a black big bag !

Steve Lee
The road embankment behind Poppleton Road school in York. As kids we even used to sledge down it in summer on old washing machine / fridge boxes.Expect injuries !!!

lauren stevens
in the moors a massive hill wive to big hills so you can do realy big jups

conar ramsey
there is a dip wich is fairly big going down from castle howard road in malton. keep going down until you nearly reach the bottom and you will see a gap in a fencego in and your there

Paul Rudd
The reservoir at Osmotherley is always excellent as there is a long steep slope where you can pick up some great speed! Highly recommend!

Paula B
Lots of places round Leavening - 6 miles from Malton - 15 miles from York !

Gill Pycock
Dalby forest is a bit hit with my family for sledging together with spectacular views of the forest.

Joe Spencer
There's a good spot in a field opposite the Broughton turning near Malton. Theres's a few different hills and 2 fairly big jumps.

Neil Martin
The best place I ever went sledging was at Carlton Bank, near Stokesley, and we used a plastic fertiliser sack with some snow in it. It was brilliant.

Terrington bank near sand hutton in york is awesome!! and massive!

Harry C
Just a few miles past osmotherley onto the moors. Along that little lane near sheepwash there are some great sledging hills into the valley from the road.

Si Hudson
Cowling bank, near the village of Cowling just outside of Bedale - although its a few years since i went there, it used to be a fantastic long run down a steep bank - it was a heavy 5-10 minute walk up but a great 1 minute back down!

Stephen C
The Great Knoll. A hill on the outskirts of York. Located just off Foxwood Lane. Fantastic speeds down this notorious bank.

You are in: North Yorkshire > Weather > King of the hills!

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