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13 November 2014
North West Tonight

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Eno Eruotor

Eno is your weather presenter on North West Tonight’s late bulletins.

Eno Eruotor

Eno Eruotor

Eno forged her first career not in broadcasting, but in fashion. She was one of the first designers to produce concessions for Topshop nationwide and she also showed collections at London Fashion Week.

She made the move into broadcasting after watching Trinny and Susannah and thinking “I could do that!” The first steps into this new world were taken with a community radio station before placements at the BBC’s Local websites in Manchester and Lancashire.

Eno’s first job with the BBC came at Radio Leeds where she worked on the breakfast show, doing everything from producing content to presenting.

Coming back over the Pennines, Eno was then North West Tonight’s autocue operator for a short spell before she applied for the late weather presenter position.

She now works as a multi-platform weather presenter, which involves producing forecasts for TV, radio and online. Eno says she enjoys her job because “it’s a subject matter that affects everybody everyday.”

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You are in: North West Tonight > Presenters > Eno Eruotor

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