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27 November 2014
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How did you meet your partner?

Your stories of love

When we asked for stories of how you met the love of your life, the response was nothing short of overwhelming. Here, complete and unabridged, are some of the stories we weren't able to cover on North West Tonight.

Your stories

Janice Hills

I would like to tell you about how parents met. It was 1939, in Liverpool. My 16 year old mother and friend had gone in to town to the Woolworths store to buy some pick and mix sweets. My father a 17 year old solider was also with a friend, and they too wanted some pick and mix. However, the lady who was serving them got them mixed up. They both realised that they had got the wrong ones but my father was too shy to ask about swopping them, so he got his friend to do it, and to mention that he liked my mother and would she go out with him, and she said, yes. My father used to send  a letter before 8am, which my mother got at 12.30am the same day saying what  duties were so that  they could met up. They will be celebrating their 65th wedding aniversary on the 1st may,and they are still a couple of love birds!

Marjorie and Fred Else

Love story of Marjorie & Fred Else ( ex- P.N.E. , Blackburn Rovers , Barrow A.F.C. 1953 - 1970). Marjorie and I met in 1949 in Douglas, Isle Of Man, she was 14 and I was 16.  She was a waitress in her aunts boarding house where my mother, father, brother, and myself were staying on holiday.  My brother made the first move and invited her to go to the cinema ( pictures in those days ).  Later she moved to Blackpool and that meant we could meet more often,.  We got engaged and discussed our wedding day, I suggested 29th October 1955.  The reason being that Preston North End played Blackpool at Bloomfield Road and the reserve fixture at Deepdale.  We opted for the 29th October and were married on Saturday morning of that day knowing that I could get to  Bloomfield Road or Deepdale whichever team I was chosen for.  I was in the Reserve Team so Marjorie and I travelled from Blackpool to Preston on the local Ribble bus.  No honeymoon because it was during the playing season.  Getting married on match day would not be considered acceptable in the present climate. Even at that tender age I left a note which said " To the one I hope to marry " and I did 6 years later she being 20 and I 22.   Marjorie still has that letter in her jewellery box.

Lynne Faraday

Our love, well hate affair really began back in 1973 we were at school together, in the same class as it happens and my best friend had a real crush on him, she use to send me to ask him out for her and he always said no and told me to push off!!! I use to tell her I didn't know what she saw in him. I thought things couldn't get any worst when I was told to move my desk and sit right next to him! one day we had a disagreement, and when he lifted his desk lid up I slammed it down hard on his fingers which to my horror resulted in 2 of his fingers being broken!!! instead of grassing me up he said it was his own fault. and after that I saw him in a different light we began dating. We lasted all through school and at 17 we got engaged, we married the year after and this year we celebrate our 30th (pearl) wedding anniversary, I love him as much now as the day we married, we went on to have 4 great kids and 6 beautiful grandchildren, we all go on holidays together and spend most weekends together, for valentines day Edwin always buys me flowers cards and perfume and we dine out. I love him with all my heart and feel truly blessed to share my life with him.

Lorna Murdoch

It was 26 years ago this September - I was waiting at baggage reclaim at Palma airport with no sign of my suitcase.  The only one going around was that of an Ian Murdoch who happened to be staying at the same hotel as my friend and I.  I  went to the transfer coach and rather angrily shouted if this person was on it.  He was and had claimed the wrong suitcase.  Later on that night we got chatting in the bar about now having the correct underwear etc etc.  He lived in the same area as me and knew some of the same people I knew.  We hit it off straight away but I never thought he would get in touch with me once we arrived home.  He did and asked me to watch him play water polo on our first date.  We never looked back and I am pleased to say that nearly 22 years later we are still together.  Who says that holiday romances don’t last?

Bryan and Ann Hayes

It was the summer of 1953 we were on our annual youth club trip to Southport I saw Ann with a group of club members on the pleasure  beach; our families had known each other for years so Ann was no stranger to me. I asked her if she would come on the Big Wheel with me, was I fate or not I don’t know but when we were at the top of the ride the wheel broke down and we were left swinging in the breeze for what seemed like ages, being a gentleman I put my arm round Ann to comfort her. As the say the rest is history we had our fist date that November on my 16th. Birthday Ann was 13yrs of age. Now three children, seven grand children and one great grandson later we are looking forward to our Golden Wedding anniversary in two years time. Who said young love never lasts.

Lee and Jessica Hodgson

Well Jessica and my story started nearly 27 years ago. We met at the royal national college for the blind in Hereford, where we were both studying.  Having met through mutual friends, we hated each other.  Neither of us liked the other, we thought the other the opposite of what we liked in a friend or anything. However, fate had other ideas, and time after time, we kept meeting up and being forced together by situations and friends.   Over a period of time we grew closer, but even then, arguements and fall outs were to drive us apart and together many times during the next 14 years. Then, after having spent time together in London, I left and moved back to Haydock, and yet again we lost contact.  But then, when my Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, who was it I wanted to ring.  Yes, Jessica, and from that moment on, she gave up her life in London, and moved up to live in Haydock and hel me care  for Mum.  We grew closer and closer.  helping each other through illness, sadness including the loss of guide dogs, and other such difficult times. Then we married on April 14 last year down in Devon as we love that part of the country.  Our Civil partnership ceremony was wonderful with friends from the college where we met, and London where we lived. We are happier now than ever, living in Haydock with our two guide dogs Andy and Faith, and our wonderful oriental shorthair cat Chester.   And our advice to other couples.  Don't go by first felt emotions, we would not be here if we had.  Also looks are not everything, as we have never seen ieach other, and it does not matter.  What is underneath isimportant. Hope this story meets with what you want.  It would be so lovely for people to see how happy we are and how love can blossom from even dislike.

Diane Walsh

I met my husband on the internet on Feb 22 1998 - he proposed Mar 8, 1998 and we met on what he considered "a very expensive date but worth every penny" by flying to Jamaica in August 1998 from Manchester.  We saw each other during a period of 7 weeks over the next 20 months.  I then became seriously ill just a month before we got married and some of my family thought - yep he is now going to do a runner - but the message to me was "We have date, I will be there … and don't be late".  The ceremony was under a gazebo in the midst of a beautiful garden and the reception was on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea - we have been married for 7 years - and absolutely no regrets.

Mick Ripley

I met my wife Susan 22 yrs ago. She had just left a night club in Heywood and was walking, on her own, along the main road towards Heywood Town Centre. I came past in a Taxi and saw her staggering along obviously the worse for wear. I immediately saw her, pulled up and asked her where she lived. I set off and angled the mirror to see her. She said '' what are you looking at''. I said ''you''. We then went for an early morning breakfast at Birch Services and 12 month later we were married. We had a son eight months later and have been inseparable ever since. She is the love of my life and my best friend.

Brian Barnes

Following on from last nights show I should like to say that I met my wife at Saul Street Swimming Baths in 1952 when I was training for the Helsinki Olympics. I was 18, Gill was 15years old. I knew at once that we would spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged when Gill was 17, I propesed to her on the banks of the river ribble where the Tickled Trout is on the M6, and we married in Preston 2 weeks after her 19th birthday in 1955. We had 3 girls and are still happily married after 53 years. We now live in Wirral.

Lisa Roberts

We met at school, I was 14 and my husband was 15. At the age of 16 I found out i was pregnant with my first son, we stayed together through everything, we married at the age of 19 and bought our first home, then we went on to have another 2 sons and in 1995 when we were both 26 we had our wonderful daughter. We have been married for 19 years on 25th March 08, and can honestly say we love each other more today than we did when we first met. We gave a great relationship and love spending time together with or without the kids. We are both 38 now and our oldest son is 21 and have a fantastic relationship with the kids too. We have proved so many people wrong as we were told that it would never work because we were so young. How wrong were they???

Steve Hunter

I met my wife when I picked her up as a fare in my Blackpool Taxi her name is Michelle and we have been together for 24 years and we have three wonderful children. I have had many famous persons in my cab over the many years including Anthony Ben and Joe Gormley ,however Michelle is by far the most important V I P in my life I love her more than life its self regards Steve.

Bob and Jean Winston

My wife Jean and I first met on New Year's eve 1958. I was the artist at one of our local clubs I was a bit of an Elvis impersonator in those days you know the sort of thing, big quiff, sideburns and turned up shirt collar. I was taking a break and was stood at the bar enjoying a pint when this guy came up to me and ask if I'd sing Elvis's "Young and beautiful" to his girlfriend and I greed. When I went back on stage I looked around for them, they were sat near to the front so I jumped down off the stage and sat next to her held her hand and sang the song. He was dumped a short time after and Jean and I started going out together on February 11th 1959. We've been together ever since. We married in 1961 and have two wonderful children both of whom are professional people. Our daughter Julie, the eldest, is a barrister and our son Michael is a solicitor both have a boy and a girl giving us four loving grandchildren. We've been together now for over 46 years and are still as happy as the day we met.

Anne Rogerson

My love story began in 1945, I was five years old.  My friend and I were walking along the road, when we  came upon three boys who were Ray, Ted and Gordon . They stopped    us and said they would not let us pass unless we gave them a kiss.   We won't go into the full details, but there was a romantic outcome, I am now sixty eight this year and Ray and I have been married forty seven years February 25th. Hope you find my story at least merriting at least a ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Liz Fletcher

We thought you would like to know about our story- One Saturday in October 1994 I came home from after a night out to discover my house had been burgled. One of the local policeman, PC David Fletcher, was deployed to deal with the incident. After a couple of hours taking the necessary details, he left to try to solve the crime. A few days later (on Wednesday) he returned with his sergeant, and some of my belongings which had been recovered. On the following Friday, I received a phone call, in which David asked me out, and three weeks later, on Halloween, we got engaged. It was a real life whirlwind romance and we married in August 1995.
The burglars were caught, and jailed, and David and I are loving our life sentences.  Who says crime doesn't pay!!

Terence and Christine Marsh-Horan

I first met my Wife when I was home on leave from the Army, i  walked into my local Working mens Club and was faced with a new Steward and his Wife and Daughter, The Steward was showing his daughter how to pull a pint, I said if this girl pulls a good pint i will Marry her, That was in December 1962  we have been  happily married for 63 years.

Walter Miller

Aged 19 years, working as a young bus conductor, I went to buy a cider lolly ice in a small kiosk in Longview, Huyton, (then Lancashire, now Merseyside) on the May bank holiday Monday in 1968. The young lady who sold me the lolly ice, Beryl, was working part-time as a sales assistant, to contribute some money to her parental household income, as times were tough for them. Cupid's arrow struck me so hard I became speechless. She hardly noticed me. I may as well have been invisible. I told my older male friend, my driver, Eddie Fitzpatrick, about the beauty I'd just seen. I was never a confident lad. But Eddie, a married man, was curious and broke the ice by engaging her in conversation. I hardly said, 'Boo'. Just stood memsmerised, jaw agape. Three days later I saw Beryl again and found the courage from heaven knows where, to invite her to a friend's sister's birthday party. Beryl turned me down flat. Normally, I'd have just given up, but something within me caused to me invite her out the following week. To my surprise she accepted. The first date took place on Tuesday 4th June 1968 at the now demolished MPTE Social Club in Dovecot, Liverpool. During that evening I tried to tell her I was shy and didn't speak much. I never stopped talking all evening and from that day I knew I'd marry her - and to this day, I know we will always be together. A couple of weeks later I gave her a sealed envelope, containing a note written on the back of an old waybill - telling her (predicting) I'd marry her. Although I wanted her to keep the note unread, circumstances prevailed and its contents were disclosed during teething troubles in our courting. I then thought nothing would then come of my prediction. Another of loves dreams disappeared. During our courtship, I recall Beryl telling me that a fortune teller had once predicted she'd marry a policeman. So I applied to join the local police. I took the entrance exam and was convinced I'd messed it up. Met Beryl after the exam and told her I'd messed up and that I didn't expect that I would be the policeman she'd marry. I was quite downhearted. About a week later, I received a letter from the police informing me I'd passed the entrance examination and inviting me for an interview. I joined Liverpool & Bootle Constabulary on 5th September 1969 and married Beryl on 4th April 1970. Here we are today. Two son's married and living in the region. Beryl a medical secretary and me a retired policeman after 30 years service, now working for the DWP. Lifes good, our health is good and I continually tell people I feel blessed. From my perspective, it's all thanks to the wonderful loving young lady, Beryl, who sold me a 2 old pence cider lolly ice. We've had our moments, some lows and many more highs. I still Love her dearly. Even if this email is not used in any way by the team, I know in my heart that I've expressed my appreciation of Beryl's love and warmth, in the hope she can receive some recognition for all she has ever done for me. Without her I dread to think what kind of man I'd be today. She's lovely. I told her I would respond to your request for emails, but that would have been lazy and unkind of me not to have done so.

Lesley McEvoy

My name is Lesley McEvoy, my partners name is Mark Syme.  We met over a year and a half ago when my friend invited me to her neices party.  My friend got arguing with her brother as you do at family do's, when we got thrown out of the pub. I had actually been quite nice and quiet, and still got thrown out as I was in her company.  Mark was the Landlord of the pub, and we ended up speaking on the way down the stairs.  We exchanged numbers at the bottom of the stairs as my friend was still havning a go at Marks brother.  Me and mark got chatting and left them to it.  After a short while when she was threatened with the police, I went home as I knew I couldn't keep my job as a nursery nurse with a criminal record. Anyway that was May 2006, and we are now engaged and living together all thanks to getting thrown out of the pub.  And who said ale was bad for you!!!

Aissa and Roger Baggaley

Our story was described by a few friends to be very romantic.  Indeed, I met my husband in the train station at Carnforth, Lancashire.  I'm not familiar with the film, but someone mentioned "chance encounter"?  

"Our story was... very romantic. Indeed, I met my husband in the train station at Carnforth."

Aissa Baggaley on husband Roger

Anyway,  He was on board the 11'oclock train to Cartmel, sitting quietly reading the local paper and choosing a horse to bet on,  with his best mate, Bob.  I went on board with my friend Sharon and as there was no seats left,  I had to sit next to his mate, Bob.  Bob waste no time, and begun chatting me up.,  to my horror!   Little did I know, that Sharon and Bob knew each other well.   We were all heading to the famous August Cartmel Races, so Bob invited us to join their group.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but we did enjoy the day.  Roger did the gentlemanly thing and walked me safely home that evening, as we both live in the same village.   I never really think of it as anything special but Roger asked me out a couple of times after me met for which I initially declined but he asked me again and the rest is history. 

We got together in 2000 for a couple of weeks then he went away for 4 months on a ship (he is with the merchant navy).  But when he came back in January 2001 we cemented our relationship and got married in May 2002.  We now have a 3 and a half year old daughter together.  Should I say very happy ever since that fateful day, 28th August 2000.  Not sure if you would think this is romantic but I share it with you anyway.

Suzanne Edgar

I drove through to Blackpool from Lancaster for a girly night out, It was Christmas 1997.   We were having a wonderful time, I went to the bar to order some drinks when i started to chat to this gorgeous dark and handsome man with big brown eyes, he was really nice, i had a weird feeling that i had met him before but i hadnt, we got chatting and he said he worked for an Electrical Wholesalers, i was so stunned as i said so do I, we got on to what the Comapny was called and it was the same firm i worked for, it was so fate He worked for the Blackpool branch and I worked for the Lancaster Branch.  We truely couldnt believe it as so little distance in miles and in our jobs we speak to other firms on the telephone on a daily basis, but not once in the 10 years i worked for the Company i spoke to him. I drove to Blackpool with a weird feeling i was going to meet the man i was going to spend my whole life with. Fate has really played a part in our lives from the moment i met Lee to the 10 years i have been together. On Tuesday Sept 21 1999, i was driving back from my horse when i notice the local papers advert " Gazette" andvertising " Win a £4000 wedding, me and Lee were planning on getting married in the millenium, so i stopped at the shop to get the paper, unfortuately they had sold all of the papers, it wasnt till a couple of days till i finally got a paper from my corner shop and the lady said "i'll have a look in the back", she came out with the grubiest paper you would of ever seen, i didnt care i wanted to enter the competion.   When reading all about the competition it was as if it was mine to win as the description of the prize was what Lee and I had discussed, same venue  and everything.  I entered the competition, of how we met i called it "Finger of Fate in the Fylde...."   telling them how fate had really played a part in our lives. I received a phone call from The Gazette saying i had been selected from 50 people from 5000 entries to come to the wedding fayre, so we did and then we then came from best of three and actually wining the wedding.  It was so unbelievable how two people could meet from such a close distance and never met and spoke to one night being the happiest moment of my life and being together  for 10 years. We have two children Daniel 8 years and Lucy who is 5 years, i really believe Fate has a big part of my life as when i was having my second child i new she was a girl from signs i was getting, for example i didnt know what to call her before she was born and funny enough i went for a kitchen bin for work and the name on the bin was "Lucy's Hardware", i kept that name in thought, but it was not until Lee and I was discussing how Lucy Elisabeth Edgar would be nice, and i said " how weird",  and he said " what", and i said " The initials would be " LEE"  and i thought this was fate again. Also my birthday is on Valentines Day and when i watched Gordon asking people to write in about "how we met" i was overjoyed to share my story of how i met my husband and especially for this special occassion.

Philip Hough

I met my wife 60 years ago when I went on a motor bike to a dance in Barnton, Northwich (the dance was in the village hall) and I had forgotten to take my money, by coincidence she was with a girl friend I knew. My wife Kath loaned me two shillings and sixpence which was the admittance charge, that was the beginning of our romance. We will have been married 54 years on the 17th February 2008.

Helen and Steve Davis

My husband and I will have been together for 20 years this March. I was 18 and he was 22. We met on a BLIND DATE on the 12th March 1988. Our friends set us up and we went Ten Pin Bowling at the Cala Gran in Fleetwood, followed by a trip into Blackpool for a pizza! Back then (many moons ago!) there was no electronic scoring - just a good old fashioned pen & paper!! I produced a pen stating "ST. HELENS R.L.F.C. supporter" much to the horror of my blind date who informed me he was a Wigan R.L.F.C. fan!! However, in 1991 three weeks after sitting together watching Wigan beat St.Helens 13-8 (robbed!!) at Wembley in the Challenge Cup Final we got married. We are still going strong today almost twenty years on and have two children, a boy who'll be 11 on the 27th January and a daughter who'll be 4 in August. To celebrate 20 years since our blind date we are going to Caernarfon in North Wales on the 15th March for the weekend (just the two of us). I did want to spend that weekend in Perpignan watching St.Helens play the Catalans Dragons but my husband was having none of it!!!

Alex and Alison

A well known dating website brought us together but in the most unlikely way, well at  last probably very different from most on line introductions. Our story is simple.One Thursday July 2006, Boy living in Mold, North Wales see's girl (on line on DD), boy likes the look of girl, a lot, boy emails girl with promises of a cultured evening of classical music and beautiful Welsh countryside. Girl politely declines, (well it was short notice and I could have been strange) boy makes fundamental  schoolboy error and takes old family friend with questionable dress sense. Monday, girl emails boy through DD and asks how the concert went? Boy writes  back "music was good, company could have been better". Unfortunately this is where our story goes a little quiet due to one thing and another they followed different paths and no further contact was this point. Life went on, Girl was emailing boys like it was going out of fashion on DD. Boy was also no slouch when it came to sending emails out to would be dates.Many polite dates and no real successes later our hero and heroine of this  tale are out on the town in Liverpool both completely unaware that their paths were about to cross and this would change their lives forever. Matthew Street in Liverpool on a Friday night is a sight to behold, thousands of revellers cavorting in and out of the myriad of bars and clubs, how anybody finds anybody is nothing short of miraculous. Our Boy is out with colleagues on a works "Do" Our Girl is out with friends having a girly night out. Both have partaken of a number of sherbets' number still not clear as is their eyesight or the number of bars they have stumbled in and out of so far. Remember at this stage niether one has any contact other than the two emails in the distant past. Our Girl is propping up the bar of the famous Rubber Soul ; or "Bouncy shoe" as she and her friends like to call it, this is just opposite the world famous Cavern Club. Our boy enters the establishment in his usual outgoing demeanour, he is behind another girl(work colleague) keeping up his end of the back of a lively conger(of two)!. He shimmies past our Girl with a little flick of the ankle, he looks up into her eyes and a spark of recognition penetrates the tequila addled senses of the boy. He recognises her big beautiful Brown twinkley eyes and Cherry lips, he continues in the same fashion though puzzled as to where he knows this other lovely girl from. Our Girl, bored of the usual alcohol fuelled attention delivered by less than sober/polite males was stood people watching when a lively conger of two headed her way. Her attention was caught when she noticed the face of the Boy bringing up the rear, again a spark of recognition as she realised she had seen his face before but not in this kind of setting it was a number of weeks ago staring out at her from the pages of web site lonely hearts hopefuls. She immediately turned to her friend and blurted "Oh my god he has emailed me from Dating Direct". Her stomach doing summersaults. The boy still unsure where he remembered her from returned to his colleagues where he waited looking out for the Girl. She decided to have another look and with a friend for moral support, she made her way past the boy with the intention of checking him out without making contact or giving anything away. (Girl was unsure as to who boy was with and did not want to crash what may have been another date or worse still cross his girlfriend). Boy minding his own business notices girl walking past and without a second thought stops her in her tracks and asked "Why do I know your face?" She looked back smiling and simply said "because you have emailed me" This opened the conversation.. Boy, "OMG Dating Direct I am Alex and you are..." "My name starts with the same letter as yours" with a cheeky grin and a teasing twinkle in her eye said the Girl. Without missing a beat "Alison" said the Boy and the both of them wide eyed with shock and surprise at the chances of bumping into each other began to chatter. Fate I think; Considering firstly the amount of bars, people and alcohol about that night. Alex lived in North Wales and rarely ventured out into Liverpool these days. Alison's girlfriends coerced her into going out that night as she had not had the best of weeks and didn't want to go and lived on the Wirral so was not a local lass. This was just the beginning, since this chance meeting  We have had what can only be described unashamedly as a whirlwind romance, starting with a Birthday trip for Alison in November 2006 to New York where Tiffany's was the setting for a marriage proposal and Alison bringing back her own piece of New York Glitz in the shape of a sparkling Tiffany's engagement ring. On our return we have bought a house together in sunny Hoylake and the scene is set for the next instalment of excitement, we are getting married at the Palm House in Sefton Park Liverpool on 23rd February 2008. OMG next month!!  There is a lot more detail but this is the gist. On line dating gave us the opportunity to find each other however you have to get out there as well to make it happen. We  realised if we hadn't taken the chance and made the effort to put our selves out there, we may never have met. We hope our story makes you smile

Pat Meakin

In July 1963, at the age of 16years and 3 mths, I was allowed to go on holiday, minus parents, with 2 of my cousins, Val and Carol, and one friend, Jackie, to Butlins Holiday Camp in Pwllheli, North Wales.  That night, Jackie met a young lad at the dance hall, and she was with him for that first weekend, until the Monday night, when she decided that she didn’t want to be any more – so she ‘passed him on to me’!!! That was 29th July and his name was Peter.  He was also 16 – just 7 mths older than me. The holiday ended, and I never thought I’d see him again, but, the following February 14th, a Valentine card arrived for me.  Inside was a photo of myself, which had been taken on that holiday, plus Peter’s name and address!!  I still have that card!!  (Not sure if he understood the concept of Valentine cards!!!) I wrote to thank him, as Mum had told me I must do, and on 29th February 1964, (Leap Year!) I went to his home to meet him again, for the first time since our summer holiday. We were engaged on Christmas Eve 1965 and married on 23rd September 1967 and have been happily married for over 40 years now. We have 4 ‘children’ – Janet (b. 1968) Melanie (b. 1970) Andrew (b 1973) and Helen (b 1983).  We are also the proud grandparents of 7 beautiful grand children, (5 girls, 2 boys aged from 23 mths up to 16 years) plus one little girl who, sadly, passed away in February 2001, aged just 18 days. We are about to become grandparents again, the baby is due on February 25th!  (Hoping not to be a Leap Year baby!)

Susan Espinoza

On the 2nd july 1982, I went on holiday to Cattolica Italy, 2 days later 2 of my friends joined me there. On the 5 th of july, my friends met some south american guys in a bar I  was not with them at the time as i had gone to my hotel to change from my beach clothes, they arranged to meet them that night, i  met one of them and i went out with him that night , but i wasn't enthusiastic at all . the day after i had arranged to meet the guy again, but he didn't show which i was glad about, but the guy my friend had arranged to meet came over to me and gave me a kiss and introduced himself as Ivan i was amazed and was worried what my friend would say i didn't want him to upset her. As my guy hadn't turned up i was quite happy to return to my hotel and read. but Ivan had other ideas, he insisted  i go with them to the night club, so i went along , Ivan was only interested in trying to communicate with me and not my friend, she then  she walked off and went back to her hotel, it was obvious Ivan wasn't interested in her. I really enjoyed myself but  i felt guilty about what happened. My friend was upset with me but she said it was up to me if i wanted to see him , i spent the rest of my holiday with him , but on the last night i didn't go out as i was going home early next morning, my other 2 friends did and arranged to come to my hotel to see me off, when they arrived they told me that ivan was looking for me  but he didn't know where my hotel was as i never took him there, as they where telling me this  Ivan came into the hotel as soon as i saw him he beckened me to go to him, he was upset with me as i had gone without saying a word to him all he could say was i want marry with you please don't go, but i did return home but not without leaving my address and phone number, he did keep in touch with me  and i eventually went back to italy to stay with him we have been together for 25 YRS  and married for 22  yrs and have 2 boys  i knew in my heart the day i left him from my holidays it wasn't the last time i was going to see him,   holiday romances do work.

Fred Sheriff

On a Monday night in June 1957 myself and my best  mate { we were both 16 at the time } Were sat in  Bradley's  Dance Hall in Stockport  ' weighing up ' the girls coming in through the door  with the comments  ' I don't think much of yours ' or ' Mine's OK '   according to how we classed them ???? One girl walked in and I turned to him and said ' I've  had enough of this I've just seen the girl I could spend the rest of my life with,   I had to ask her 3 times before she agreed to a date   and we have been together ever since then.

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