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27 November 2014
North West Tonight

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You are in: North West Tonight > History > Where are they now - Felicity Goodey

Felicity Goodey in the early 1990s

Felicity Goodey in the early 1990s...

Where are they now - Felicity Goodey

"For 28 years I broadcast for the BBC and regularly appeared on Look North/North West Tonight. I was the serious one - most of the time!"

"There was the odd occasion when telecine film projector broke down... when the film snapped or snarled you had no pre recorded material. Everything was ‘live’. Innocently passing the studio during transmission one day I was hauled in to play straight woman to a devilish double act of Stuart Hall and Ken Dodd!" 

"Stuart spent much of his time trying to make me laugh while I regaled the nation with stories of death, destruction and industrial carnage."

"I charted the great recession of the 70s and 80s, right through to the end of the miners strike. It left a lasting impression which I guess is why eventually I gave up broadcasting to help rebuild the region I love which had been so cruelly devastated."

Felicity Goodey today

... and Felicity Goodey today

"I have done a lot of things since leaving NWT, including getting arrested by a communist police chief in a revolution while making a documentary for File on Four!  I went into business and became a director of several companies.  But my great love is what’s called ‘regeneration’ especially in a place which has sort of adopted me – Salford."

"I led the team which won the lottery money to build and run a £127 million international arts venue, The Lowry. I now chair the Central Salford urban regeneration company, charged with helping transform the rest of the old city and recently led the bid to secure the relocation of major departments of the BBC from London to Salford Quays as well as the creation of mediacity:uk, which will become a globally significant media city."

"When I left London, where I was trained by the BBC 30 plus years ago, the editor of radio news said I would be back inside three weeks!  Now London is coming to us!" 

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created: 18/12/2007

You are in: North West Tonight > History > Where are they now - Felicity Goodey

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