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1 August 2014
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The Davy Fitzsimons WWII Collection

Article by Bob Crookes

(June 2004)

Davy Fitzsimons with his collection

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Matt - Jan '08
Nice collection, I am a collector too - I collect helmets, bags, gasmasks, ammo, pouches and more.

Ron - Dec '07
Well done Fitzy. Don't know if you are aware but there's what was once an american militry buriel site beside me. Although the bodies were exhumed, there still remains a memorial plaque. The site is at Rocky Road/Lisnabreeny.

Joshua McCarragher - Oct '06
Davy you have a great collection of war items. I have some items that you would like.

Herbie - March '06
Hi David
What a fantastic collection you've got. You must have worked so hard to get it all to-gether, how long has it taken you to get so much? This is a great important part of Caledon's History, and as an Old Caledon boy i'm thrilled to see it. David, with your knowledge and enthusiasm I was wondering if you was giving the local Schools, especially the Juniors, a history lesson, I'm sure they would love it.
The Old Village could certainly tell a tale or two, if the walls could only talk.
It was sad to see the Old Mill go, in my opinion -- A criminal act.
Keep collecting David, and as a Fellow of Caledon, i Salute you.

Peter Graham - June 2004
I have a great interest in WW2 in Northern Ireland and especially the American contribution. I have visited and photographed many WW2 sites and I was amazed to see your collection on this site. I would love to get together for a yarn whenever it would suit you and maybe help in some way.

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