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16 October 2014
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Fecarry Range (Mountfield, near Omagh)

I was recently involved in assisting in organising a 'field trip' to Fecarry Range, at Mountfield, near Omagh.

diagram of range

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Andrew Sides writes :

I was recently involved in assisting in organising a 'field trip' to Fecarry Range, at Mountfield, near Omagh.

small section of map of Fecarry Range
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about Fecarry Range

The range was used by the Americans to train for D Day, as was that whole mountainous area. There were ranges all around Mullaghcarn Mountain (south of Gortin) for practising with anti-tank weapons, mortars, machine guns and rifles.

an American flag

American GIs were billeted all over Tyrone and indeed Eisenhower and Montgomery are reputed to have had planning meetings at Knocknamoe Castle on the outskirts of Omagh.

Do you remember the GIs when they were in Tyrone training for D Day? Do you know anything about the planning meetings at Knocknamoe Castle? Share your memories, reply to this article at the bottom of the page or e-mail us:

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Lt. Cmd. Sean Moloney, US NAVY - June '05
My father was in the 7th. Army, and was stationed in southern England. However, he told me about this "place", in Northern Ireland where he would take liberty with his friends.

Growing up in America my dad was always very curious about the social and political climate in Ulster; now I know why. I did not learn about this situation till near his death three years ago, at 81.

Lastly, my dad was shot in the ankle with 10 days to go in the War. He said he wished he had been shot sooner as he had " a million dollar wound" meaning: not enough to cripple you.

By the way...My father was from Derry/Londonderry, and came to America in 1938. You do not need to be a citizen to serve in the forces; another story.

Stewart Morrow - February '05
Was this the range in use by the T.A. in the early fifties for mortar and machine gun practice?

Read more about The GIs in Omagh here.

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