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16 October 2014
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Aghaginduff: Edward Doyle

Susan Doyle-Reif writes from America .....

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My great grandfather left his family home in the late 1800s and arrived in America in 1889.  Until 1998, I never knew anything about my great grandfather, not even his name.  Not until July 2001 did I learn that he was from a little farm in the townland of Aghaginduff, County Tyrone . (Aghaginduff is located in Cabragh, close to Ballygawley.)

This past August, I was able to visit the farm where my great grandfather and his family lived until about 1949.  What was most special about my visit was an 89-year old man named John Doran, who still lives across the road from my family's farm and who spent many a day alongside my great grandfather's brother, the last remaining member of the family.

I am attaching three photographs. One black and white photograph (c. 1929) was given to me by John Doran, who appears on the right in the photo below at about the age of 16 yrs. The man second from the left (standing next to the young girl) is my great grandfather's brother (referred to by John Doran as "Wee Johnnie"). In 1949, when "Wee Johnnie" died, it was John Doran who buried him in the family plot at the churchyard across the road.

Left to right: Brigid ?, Wee Johnnie Doyle, Patrick Doran, John Doran, c. 1929.
Left to right: Brigid ? (do you know her surname)
"Wee Johnnie" Doyle
Patrick Doran (father of John Doran)
John Doran is on the far right.

Edward Doyle
Edward Doyle
This black and white photograph is a copy of a passport photo taken of my great grandfather Edward Doyle in 1920 when he was preparing to visit his home in County Tyrone.  It is the only photograph of him that exists.

Headstone on Doyle family grave
Headstone on Doyle family grave
This colour photograph is that of the headstone on the gravesite of my great grandfather's family (mother, father, two brothers, and a sister).
John Doran buried the sister as well.

What other families lived in the townland of Aghaginduff? Where is Aghaginduff in Co Tyrone? Do you remember the Doyle family? Share your stories and information about the area here at "Your Place & mine".

Tell us about where YOUR family originally came from in Northern Ireland. Have you, like Susan, been lucky enough to pay a visit to your townland of descent. Are there elusive facts you're still trying to track down with no success. Maybe someone out there could help. Why not put out a call through "Your Place & mine". - NI Editor

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