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16 October 2014
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Tyrone Images

Send in your photographs of County Tyrone......


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Your photos

The Church of Ireland, Sion Mills, Co Tyrone. Sent in by Pat Gallagher.
The Church of the Good Shepherd, Sion Mills, Co Tyrone.
Photograph taken by Pat Gallagher

Pat Gallagher of Sion Mills sent this lovely sunny picture in. If you have a favourite Tyrone photograph why not e-mail us a copy of it. Once we have 6 or more we can display a gallery of Tyrone images here on the site. The address to send your images to is: .

Take a browse through the photographs we already have on display in our Picture Gallery.

Herdmans Mill, Sion Mills

Celia Ferguson responded to our call for images of Tyrone by e-mailing us this excellent picture of old Herdmans Mill, which she took last autumn. Apparently, the restoration and regeneration of this mill is in the planning process at present.

old Herdmans Mill, Sion Mills.  Photograph taken by Celia Ferguson
The old Herdmans Mill in Sion Mills.
Photograph taken by Celia Ferguson

Show off YOUR part of Tyrone! E-mail your images to

Silent Valley
Silent Valley

A pleasant walk, admire the views, you take a few photographs to remind yourself of a nice day out. But we don't really think of these photos as recording a little bit of history - as snapshots of a place at a given moment in time. They are though and wouldn't it be interesting if you were also able to see how the place had altered from say a century ago. Click here to see 2 photographs taken 80 years apart. My goodness - how the Silent Valley has changed!


Your Responses

Marguerite Hargrove -Apr '07
Beautiful site, thank you so much.

Patrick Vincent McKenna

I have sent pictures of a person for identification. This is Patrick Vincent McKenna from County Tyrone. Served in the British Army in WWII. We believe he served in North Africa and Italy. Married American WAC in Rome in 1945. He is the father of a co-worker and we are trying to find any information we can. Any identification of person or uniform would be outstanding.

Thank you so much.

Patrick Vincent McKenna









Kenneth Allen - Feb '07
Should the Silent Valley picture be in the Tyrone Section?

Bernie - Apr '07
Heard my gr gran and gr granda were from Drumglass anyone any photos to see what its like?

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