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16 October 2014
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Skipton Street

Whatever happened to...

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"What happened to my old street?"


Norah Collins nee Lee - Aug '08
Hi Ella. I am in our Linda's having a girly night looking for old friends and neighbours - just came across your email. Kathy and Vera are coming home next March. We will all get together there are know friends like old friends love you all. Norah Collins nee Lee

Josephine Ronquist - July '08
Hi, my mother Josephine McQuade was born to Elizabeth and Robert McQuade at 36 Skipton St.Elizabeth worked in a mill and died of cancer in Belfast Union. Robert came over to the states and died shortly after.My Mother and 2 brothers went to Dr. Barnardos. I am hoping someone will remember them or at least remember her older brother as he was 15 and walked with a limp.This all happened in the early 1900's any stories or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
My email address is: jaronquist at hotmail dot com. Thanks

Pearl Clifton McHillips - June '08
Hi my name is Pearl Clifton, my mums name is Lily Gorman, but many peaple called her lilybo. I was born in Skipton street in 1963 and my sister Mandy was born in 1965, sadly she passed away in 2001 with breast cancer. We had some great times in the street with our friends the prices, and we all are still friends till this day.

Harold Dinks Baxter - June '08
Hi my name is Harold Baxter ( dinks ) I was born in 85 methuen st in 1955. My mothers name was Minnie Hutton, my uncles were Mick Hutton, Andy ,Jimmy, ta, Joe and there was aunt Nell. My granda and granny were Josie and Aggie Hutton. We lived next door to Vicki Pavis.

My fathers side were Baxters and they were brough up in the skip. They lived in the first house which was a shop at some stage. My father was Harry Baxter or narlie as he was called and then there were Victor, Hughie, Albert, Joe, and ta and aunt Josie.

Diane Hanna - Jan '08
I was born in Skipton Street 1968. My mummy's maiden name is Ellen Gorman and my granny lived near the mission. The fire station and potato factory are away and its replaced by Punjana Tea.

Ella Milligan - Jan '08
This is Ella one of the Gormans from Skipton Street. I remember the Lee's and the Connor's and remember the happy times and fun we had when we played in the street as chidren. Do you remember the Arch at July and the music played through the night. Trouble free days. Can anyone remember Mrs Wattys, Mrs Barrs and Gillespie and Alfies Chippers? I would love to hear from anyone with memories of Skipton Street or the Alberbridge Road Area.

PS We wont mention Geordies the Pawn. Even though many a dinner wouldn't have been had without him.

gerry cupples - Oct '07
Is skipton street carrick hill ? my dad was gerry cupples family still there the kelly's

Julie Allan - Apr '07
I am researching my family tree and my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather Samuel Cupples (or Cuppels) was born in Antrim about 1796. Would anyone have any idea how I can confirm this and where I could obtain records from that time. I live in the North of Scotland so my research is done by internet or post.
Thank you Julie Allan

A Jones - Apr '07
You can see some photos of St Mary Magdalene Church on our website -

Margaret Rankin - Mar '07
H i all i used to work in ewarts mill crumin rd and in gallagers would love to hear from anyone who might remember me this was early 50s i lived in harrison st now called harrison parade [how posh] anyone who lived nearby id love to hear from you .people id love to hear from margater addis ,oliver young .sadie orr.with the beautiful hair .just anyone who recalls the good old crumlin rd in the 50s savoy cinama .stadium .and of course the ranch anyone ever 50 will know the ranch lol .i await some news thank you all the best .

Carol Fulton - Feb '07
I am interested in getting any information or memories of St Mary magdalene Church in Donegal Pass. If anyone has information, photos, stories please contact me.

Michele - Feb '07
I was just wondering! My father was born in antrim and lived in ship street, larne harbour. I am hoping to visit Larne in march next year and wanted to know if ship street was still there. A small row of terraced, forecourted houses. I've heard they may have been pulled down. Can you tell me if this is so?

B Johnson - Oct '06
Hi does anyone remember the McKeowns of 2 Skipton Street and what happened to them or wher they went to. If anyone has any information please email me at ni7031 @ ntlworld . com
Any information at all will help me in tracing my family tree.

Tommy Cupples - Jan '06
My name is tommy cupples.
I lived in belfast in 1971 in Methuen street just behind St.Patricks church on the Newtownards rd.
Does anyone remember any of the Cupples from that day???

Alice nee Cupples - May 05
hi vera alice here. yes i have my big bros bobby he is still in belfast john lives in birmingham sadly albert died two years ago davie lives in skegness i am here in glasgow it is great to hear from someone who remembers the skip happy days ? i remember the macrackens i have heard of the the name gormans i think they were my brothers age hope you get this email as i am new to computers my husband got me this for christmas still learning bye for now thanks for answering alice

Vera Burton - May 05
Hi Alice, last time we were home 1996 the skip was long gone, but the fire station was still there although I'm not sure if it was still in use. my name is Vera Burton, nee Connor,were your brothers John and Bobby? if you want to know about some of the people like the Lee girls Gormans etc., shoot me an email VERA B


Alice nee Cupples - March 05
Hi, I left Belfast 35 yrs ago. I was wondering what happened to Skipton St and the firestation and some of the people?

Diane Hanna
I was born in Skipton Street 1968. My mummys maiden name is Ellen Gorman and my grsnny lived near the mission. The fire station and potato factory are away and its replaced by Punjana Tea

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