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16 October 2014
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Aghanloo Parish/Dirtagh

Search for information on the Henrys of Londonderry during the 18th Century.

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Dr William Henry says:

I am exploring my HENRY ancestors of the 1700s. My great great grandmother was Rachel Henry, daughter of Matthew Henry and Jennie Long - married her cousin John Henry (1763-1854) who first came to the U.S. in 1788. Rachel was apparently raised in 'Flower Hill' - presumably a farm or other included section of Dirtagh. She reportedly joined John in the U.S. in 1793. Searches for more detailed information (such as for John Henry's ancestors) have not been fruitful.

What I am hoping for is contact with a genealogically inclined person - preferably from in or near Dirtagh - but I suppose anywhere in Derry County - who might be willing to correspond with me regarding the Henrys of Londonderry during the 18th Century.



Dawn Read - Apr '07
I am researching a Henry family in Australia, and I think it links into this family from Londonderry. The connection comes through John Henry, who was the first-born son of John and Rachel Henry that you mention. It was known that when John and Rachel migrated to America, John Jr. did not go with them but stayed with his grandparents Robert and Mary (Woodburn). It seems that he married Margaret Long, and they moved to Nova Scotia, Canada with two children and had a third child there by the name of John Henry. This has been verified using Nova Scotian Vital Statistics. It is down this line that one of the Henrys ended up in Australia and there are now quite a few Henry descendants here. I would love to have contact with anyone regarding the Henrys of Ireland, as I have no information about them other than that I read here. The book that is metioned sounds extremely interesting. As you can understand, it is very difficult to research Irish history from Australia, so any help w!
ould be greatly appreciated.

Russell Henry - July '06
Hello, My father is John Henry, the grandson of Alexander Henry from Northern Ireland. Alexander's mother was Mary. Would anyone know if they are part of the Henry family from "flower hill'? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

K. Anderson - October '05
To Dr. William Henry:
I am also a descendant of the Henrys of Flower Hill (it was the family farm, outside the town of Limavady, Londonderry Co.) and I have a copy of the book cited by Robert Forrest. If you are interested in exchanging information, please reply below.

Robert Forrest - December '04
I know of a book that might be of help:

'The history of the Henry family of 'Flower Hill', Ireland by Margaret Birdenia Henry (main author) and Mattie Miller (added author). Printed in Los Angeles, California in 1926. Although out of print it is, I think, available on microfilm from the LDS (FHL US/CAN film 1036803).

I can also assist by looking up some 18th century 'census substitutes' for you but it is very dificult to trace families in this period as material is scarce. Perhaps, a search of the registry of deeds for the townland of Dirtagh in Aghanloo might be fruitful?

Mike Henry - June '05
I have a John Henry who was born in Pennsylvania around 1788. My hunch is that he was a son or nephew of Alexander Henry of Philadelphia. Alexander was born in Ireland around 1765 -- perhaps a brother of your John Henry. He preceded John to the US by at least two years.

Allegedly, your John Henry had a son, John Jr., born in 1788 at a time when John was living near Philadelphia. However, when the entire family came to the US in 1793, John Jr. stayed with his grandparents, Robert and Mary (Woodburn) Henry in Ireland. When he reached adulthood, he sailed for North America and was never heard from again.

My John Henry was married in the U.S. around 1809 and lived in Shelby Co., Kentucky in 1810 on a lot owned by his relative Alexander Henry of Philadelphia. He later moved to Indiana (1814), then to Illinois (1836).

I am trying to find more details about John Henry Jr., so I can either confirm or refute my hunch. Do have any additional information about this family?

Thanks, Mike.


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