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16 October 2014
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'Sense of Roots' - Success Stories

Some of the efforts of the YPAM correspondents to find their roots have paid off as neighbours and relatives get in touch....

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Bobbie Gibson - Dec '05
My schooling all took place at lancaster St P E S in lancaster St off York St, during the years1931 till 1940. Would love to hear from any former pupils--------yeese all cant have kicked the bucket!!!!!

Maureen - July '06
It is with great delight I can tell you we traced relatives of both my mother Kathleen Burke of Cookstown and of my Father Peter Earley of Belfast.
We have met with Peter's family in Belfast and been made most welcome. We have yet to met Kathleen's family, but just to know we have uncles and cousins is joy in itself.

Many thanks to all that contacted us with information,


'Sense of Roots' - Success Stories

Further update :

Noel S. Brien - July '06
The visit to Ontario (mentioned in April/06 posting) took place last month. What an experience, as Frank and Rosemary Blair graciously received my wife and me in their Elora home, for two men in their 70s to meet again after 65 years! Thanks again YPAM for this success. Frank and I keep hoping that someday, somehow, we will also find former Strandburn Drive neighbours Margaret and Irene Patterson.

Noel S. Brien - April '06
Immediately on seeing Frank Blair's e-mail address I sent him a message, and was delighted to receive a phone call from him a few days ago - our first contact since 1941! On discovering that both the Blairs and ourselves plan to visit Ontario soon, we have arranged to meet there. Already it has come to light that we even have some family 'connections' and mutual acquaintances, including another former Strandburn Drive resident - Mrs. Doreen Black - who, along with myself and seven other interviewees, appeared in the recent BBC Blitz documentary "The Evacuees".

It is hoped that further information from these contacts may yet lead to finding former wartime neighbours Margaret and Irene Patterson, last known to have lived somewhere in British Columbia, Canada.
Many thanks to BBC/NI and YPAM for making all this possible.

After Noel Brien's appeal for information about his old neighbours, Frank Blair contacted YPAM to leave the message below, and as you can see Noel is keen to follow up on this new development. YPAM has passed on the relevant contact details.

Frank Blair - April '06
Noel, I have been waiting for you to get in touch. My email address is:- orish4000 (replace with @)

Frank Blair - August 2004
The Blair's lived at 29 Strandburn Drive and were very friendly with the Patterson's. Mrs. Patterson & Mrs. Blair both came from Scotland. The Patterson's moved to 74 Station Road, Sydenham. The Blair's and the Patterson's remained friends after the Pattersons moved to Canada, first to BC, they then returned to Belfast and emigrated once again to Canada. At this stage they lost contact.

Noel S. Brien - November 2004
It is a great pleasure to have found (Nov 27/04) Frank Blair's Aug /04 response. I would like to correspond with him about it, if he is willing. Was number 29 next door to the Pattersons, or across the street? I recall the names Blair and Loftus from those days when I was six years old and attending Strand Elementary School. Please pass this message, including my Email address below, to Frank with my greetings. Thanks for the good work of YP&M.


Brian Walker from Eltham, London had e-mailed us saying:

I am trying to trace my relatives who are from Belfast and have had no luck whatsoever. I would be grateful if anyone was able to help. My late father was born in Wier Street, Belfast in 1913. He had a brother Frank who was born in 1908. He may be deceased by now but I know he had a large family. I also think he and his family emigrated but I am not sure. His last known address was 23 Runnymede Parade but the trail went cold from there, apart from talk that the family moved to a place called Dunmurry. I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Brian then sent the following e-mail:

I am very pleased to inform you that I have contacted my long lost cousins. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped in my search for the missing Walkers from Runnymede Parade, notably Mrs Annie Smith of Donegal Avenue and the lovely lady from no20 who did her utmost to help us. I must also add that I felt really at home when I was visiting my father's home city and I only wish that I could have come to Belfast 20 years ago and then I would have met my uncle Frank and Frank's children would have met my father and me. I will look forward to Easter to introduce the rest of my family to their cousins. Best Wishes.

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