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16 October 2014
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Loughead-Hampton Ancestors

I am searching for my ancestors, who came from County Armagh.

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I am searching for my ancestors, who came from County Armagh. The information is limited, but here is what we know, based on oral history.

Thomas or John Loughead was married to a Rachel Hampton prior to leaving Ireland. One of their sons, Thomas was born in Delaware, USA in April 1799, shortly after their arrival. The only clues to which townland or parish that they came from appear in the 1796 flax growers list, which lists Lougheads in Loughgilly and Mullaghbrack. In the Griffiths Valuation of 1847, Lougheads are again listed in Mullaghbrack, as well as Loughgilly, Kilmore, Ballymyre, and Tynan. The Hamptons may have been from Kilmore.

We feel certain that Thomas/John was married to Rachel Hampton even though we do not have a marriage record because of the naming pattern of Hampton showing up as a middle name of several grandsons, which was a very strong tradition in the 19th century, and also daughters names of Rachel also show up in the family history.

I would love to learn more about the Lougheads from County Armagh.


Your Responses...

James Loughead - May '08
I want to know more of my family's history - if you could you please send me information on the name Loughead. Thank you.

J. Moser - Mar '08
I have from family Bible where Thomas Loughead married Rachael Hampton and a list of their children. I also have Rachael Hampton was daughter of Hugh Hampton and Rachael Holmes and that her mother was Rachael Finnegan. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. (I have this because of tracing my Johnston side of my family.) If anyone wants what I have please get in touch.

Ed Thompson - June '06
I have in my records of a Thomas Loughead born April 8, New Castle County Delaware...died July 23, 1875 in Terre Haute, IN. He was the son of John Loughead. Thomas married a Rebecca Ann Conrad, born February 23, 1806 in Strasburg, VA.

Thomas and Rebecca children: Joseph Conrad 3-2-1831 Front Royal, VA, died 1-19-1907 in West Liberty, MO. Married to Susan Hunsaker born 4-19-1857 from Kiddville, MO.; Lemuel Loughead 2-7-1829 in Maryland; Thomas Loughead 7-23-1833 in Maryland; Mary Elizabeth 10-2-1836 (married a Frank Argost); John Loughead 12-25-1838 in Vigo County IN; Hugh Hampton Loughead 7-21-1841 Vigo County, IN; Catherine Loughead 8-25-1844 in Vigo County, IN; Gideon Loughead email is CEddyT at

Wally Loughead - Dec '05
There are 4 loughead boys born in toronto 1949-1957 and no girls since 1900 or so till 1982 ...2 of the boys had 5 sons and 1 of the boys had 1 son 1 daughter



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