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16 October 2014
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Birthplace - Ballyshaskey

I wonder if anyone out there has ever heard of Ballyshaskey?

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I am the ouldwane. I live in Ontario, Canada.

I wonder if anyone out there has ever heard of Ballyshaskey? It is in Co Derry, where I was born, but can you tell me what part of Derry?


Padraig Duncan - Jan '08
My grandfather came from the Berryburn. He was Michael McCormick. The whole of the Ardmore area is beautiful and I go there often to visit family graves when I am in Ireland.

Bernard Mc Grotty- Feb '07
Bernard Mc Grotty here,I whould like Josephine to let me know what the Surname was. I am sure i would know it.

Graham Fisher - Nov '06
My grandfather Jimmy Christian worked as a shipwright in the yard. As an apprentice my grandfather had the honor of presenting Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth) with a bouquet of flowers at the launch of HMS Eagle.

Mary Marshall - Nov '06
I wonder if anyone knows what happened to Millvale, it was situated about two miles from BESSBROOK goimg towards Newry, MILLVALE ROAD is still there but no trace of the village, i am told it was near a sewage works and also near the railway arches. It seems to have been swallowed up. I need to know about it as I am researching the BARR family who lived rhere from early 1900s, Matilda Barr died there in 1974, I have no idea where to get her death certificate from. Thank You.Mary Marshall, if anyone has information please E Mail me. mrsm.marshal l@ tiscali

Bernard McGrotty - March '06
Hi Gerard, Bernard Mc Grotty here, I was trying to find out when the Mc Cully family Lived in Ballyshaskey. I was hoping Josephine or Madeline, whould let me know. I will be there sometime this year. Ben.

Gerard Ward - March '06
i also lived in ballyshaskey,(the bleachgreen), for the first 23 years of my life and live only 2 miles away now. ballyshaskey is a townland in the ardmore area of county derry and is approx. 3 miles from derry city. it used to have a large bleach works once upon a time but alas that is now gone,however a local developer is building houses there in the near future. the river faughan flows through the area and it is truly beautiful.

Bernard Mc Grotty - March '06
Hi Josephine Mc Cully. I am the Ouldwane, my name is Bernard Mc Grotty, I live in Ontario Canada. I dont think you would know me, my mother was Mary Mc Dermott, Beech Hill cottages, Ballyshaskey.

Madeline McCully - February '05
Ballyshaskey is in Ardmore just on the outskirts of Derry. The house there is now the Beech Hill Hotel and country club but the townland is still Ballyshaskey. Go on to the hotel website and you will find the history of the hotel and surrounding area. i am a storyteller presently in residence in the local school Glendermott School and presenting a storytelling evening in the Beech Hill, originally the site of Ballyshaskey house.

Josephine - June '04
Beautiful place, Ballyshaskey, Ardmore, Co. Derry.
I lived there when I was young, many moons ago.

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