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16 October 2014
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Room With a View

Look around in Northern Ireland and sometimes it seems like buildings are going up everywhere.

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Room With a View

room with a view

Look around in Northern Ireland and sometimes it seems like buildings are going up everywhere. Luxury homes, office blocks, apartments - who's building them and, more importantly, who's buying them? Is it a developer's dream or a blot on the landscape?

"Room With A View", a new TV and Radio series on BBC NI and Radio Ulster, highlighted the impact planning decisions are having here in Northern Ireland, particularly for those who live along our coastline.

How has your local area been changed by recent developments? Should the regulations which control what is built be changed? Is planning policy interpreted in a different way for different people? Do planning decisions taken here show a consistency? Maybe you are in the building trade and feel only one side of the argument gets highlighted? Unhappy with a planning decision? Do you feel you can influence the final outcome?


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Dermot Nesbitt, Minister for the Environment, Northern Ireland

Click this link to read the live chat transcript of the "Ask Event" with Dermot Nesbitt", Minister for the Environment.The live chat happened after the "Room With A View" programme on Thursday 12th September at 8.30pm.


Find out more about Programme One , which took a look at the controversy surrounding an application for an apartment block in Ballygalley, on the Antrim coast.

Read how Programme Two dealt with an application for a modern Marina in Killyleagh and how residents in West Bay, Portrush felt their stunning view was threatened.

Make your mind up about issues in Programme Three where double standards in building designs with two homes in Glenarm caused concern and the local harbour got a welcome proposal...or did it?

Take to the streets of Belfast with Programme Four as "Room With A View" asked whether the city is in danger of squandering its legacy or whether new development will make it a modern, vibrant 21st Century city?

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